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I. Introduction

II. More Details Of The Problem

III. The Solution




A slave of God is a person who has completely given his or her life over to God and actually practices the Biblical idea of Thy Will be done, or God's Will be done in my life, and not my ego will.


First, because it is the truth. We are never independent beings, although it can seem that we can control our own life. In truth, we are fully dependent upon our Creator being.

It can appear that we are independent beings and it may seem that we make our own decisions. In truth, however, we are always fully dependent upon and led by a greater force. The idea that you are your own boss is an illusion.

As a result, our only real choice is to decide who will control our lives.

An analogy. Human beings are like railroad freight cars. Freight cars have no engine. They must be hooked up to a locomotive in order to move. For this reason, the only real choice each one has is, who will lead you or be your master?


We now know that most, if not all, human beings on earth – especially women - have been poisoned, beaten, and raped as part of a large program of control and brainwashing. The perpetrators are an alien group we call the rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. For details, read The Rogues and Satan.

The beatings have caused terrible damage to the nervous system of most people. As a result, most of our decisions are influenced by this conditioning, even if we do not realize it. This is a type of enslavement. The drastic step of becoming God's servant or even God's slave may be the only solution to this brainwashing and subtle enslavement.



The body is really just a shell or machine, although it is an amazing one. Souls operate and control the machine. This is how life works.

Director souls. A small group of souls called the director souls together form the outer personality of who you think you are. They are capable of independent thought.

However, they tell us that they are always led or guided by other souls or voices that they hear. Most of the time, they follow this advice in order to stay safe and be successful in life.

Oversouls. In part, guidance should come from more advanced souls called oversouls. These souls connect to our souls and each one directs about 800 to 1000 souls.

Fathers. Oversouls, in turn, are connected with a source of guidance that are are fairly small, fine matter creatures called fathers. Thousands of these creatures exist in space and all of us connect to one of them. They are, in fact, the source of the spark of life that is at the center of each soul.

Higher levels of guidance. The fathers, in turn, receive guidance from higher levels of intelligence and wisdom.


The above system of guidance is very disturbed at this time in history. Instead of guidance from the oversouls, fathers and other levels of loving intelligence, most people receive their guidance from rogue operatives who are placed in their heads or who are in touch with us through electronic implants. For details, read Implants.

Guide creatures. Our director souls should also receive guidance from a group of creatures that surround the physical body at all times. These are called the guide creatures.

We believe they are spoken of in the Bible, although in the Bible they are not called guide creatures. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures and Ezekiel’s Vision.

Creator guidance. Another source of guidance are large beings in space. Two very important ones are 1) our local creator who directly birthed our planet, and 2) the big creator, a much larger being who gave birth to our entire universe.

The concept that space is alive with fine matter creatures and that our planet was created, and is not the result of an accidental explosion in space, is called the biological concept of creation. For details, read The Biological Concept Of Creation And Space. For more about guidance, read Guidance.

The problem is that the group we call the rogues damage the connection we should have with the oversouls, with our father being and with higher levels of guidance. For details, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

Also, the beatings cause many of the guide creatures to leave. The development program helps bring them back, but it takes some years on the program for this to occur.


Many people attempt to overcome their conditioning and enslavement by the rogues. However, so far it is not easy. This article proposes that one decide that “I choose to have God or The Radiant One as my master”. This is a very powerful statement.

The Bible expresses this truth very well in John 5:30 (King James version): “I can of mine own self do nothing; … I seek not mine own will, but The Will of the Father …”.


First, one needs a deep understanding of the humbling truth above - that you never really control your own life. In each moment, you either serve God or you serve the negative forces, sometimes called Mammon in the Bible and elsewhere. Mammon was the name of a pagan god.

Once you have the understanding above, there are three practical steps to becoming a slave of God.

Practical steps. These are not easy for some people, but they are essential:

1. Forgive everyone that ever hurt you. This includes the brainwashers. These may have been the rogues, your parents, a teacher, a friend, or others. Forgiving is a lengthy and ongoing process, but you must begin it. For details about this, read Forgiving.

2. Give over your entire life and heart and brain to God or to the Creator. You must essentially throw yourself on the mercy of the Creator of all life on earth. You must say “Take me, use me this day to do Thy Will”. You may then say, “Thy Will be done, not mine, on this planet and everywhere in all the universes”.

3. The final step is you to ask that your life be spared so that you can serve God. You can say to God, “Take me and kill me if you like. But I will, if left alive, serve you forever and will be forever yours”. Some would say this is the same thing as asking for mercy.

These are the essential steps. If you are ill and you do the above correctly, with full heart and full mind, then usually a channel will open and your life will be spared. You must have no other thoughts of selfishness or gain, other than to preserve your life, which is a selfish thought, but not if it is to truly serve God.


You no longer live your own life. A new Life lives through you. You become an Agent Of God or God’s little helper. This means you are sent here and there, you are told to read this or that, and you mysteriously connect with certain other people for various purposes.

You may be told to marry a particular person, or you may be told to stay single. You may be sent to college to learn physics when you have little interest in the subject, or you may be told to stay away from schools, at least for now.

A teaching I learned says “You may be asked to speak before 10,000 people and you may be asked to sweep the streets”.

In short, your preferences are violated badly! You may seem to be thrown into constant confusion. In part, what is really occurring is you are having your ego torn down so that you will be a better slave of God. For more on this topic, read Giving Up Your Preferences.

When you give up your preferences, your ideas, your beliefs, and your knowledge, they are replaced with God’s wisdom, knowledge, thoughts and ideas. This is quite amazing! More and more, you will begin to find your way through the morass of lies, deception, and half-truths that are everywhere.

In my experience, life becomes much more interesting, exciting and wonderful. Related articles are Turning Your Life Over To God, Thy Will Be Done, Metanoia and The Turning.

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