by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The development program may appear very similar to what we call disease or remedy programs. These include medical, nutritional, holistic and naturopathic healing programs. In fact, however, the development program is completely different from these.


1. Different goals. A major difference is that other programs focus on removing symptoms and diseases. Development programs have development as their goal. Better health is a much more limited goal in comparison with development. For details, read Introduction To Development.

2. Different symptoms. Other programs may relieve symptoms, but do it in a way that always unbalances the whole system of the body. We call this the remedy approach.

Retracing. Development programs are a whole system approach. They cause the unusual effect we call retracing, which is a deep unwinding of imbalances in the body. Dietary programs rarely cause retracing.

Development programs, when followed long enough, cause many other rather unusual and amazing changes in the body and brain.  Some of these are described in the article entitled The Stages Of Development.

3.  Commitment.  The development program requires more commitment than simple dietary or medical programs because development is a lengthy and very complex process.

4. Guidance.  Dietary programs are usually able to be followed fairly easily on one’s own, for example from a book.

Guidance by a Helper is more needed with the development program, although one can begin on one's own with the Basic Development Program. The reason for getting more guidance is that there are many details that all need to be attended to, or the program won’t work.

5. Time factor. Most medical and natural programs are short-term. The development program is a life-long project.

6. Procedures. Most healing programs usually do not require many healing procedures. The development program require not only dietary changes, but also works much better if one does the healing and development procedures.

The core procedures recommended as part of every development program every day are the Coffee Enemas (most important right now), Pulling Down Mental Exercise, Red Heat Lamp Sauna Sessions, The Pulls, Pops and Twists, and Foot And Hand Reflexology.

We realize these procedures take extra time and energy, but they are needed or we would not recommend them.

7. A path. Other healing programs allow one to stay on one's current life path – usually the path of the world and following the crowd. The development program is a different life path, called the golden path or the straight and narrow path in some books. For details, read The Path Concept.


Labeling and false identities. The disease approaches often end up labeling people by their diagnoses or symptoms. This is usually a very negative focus: I am a cancer sufferer, a diabetic, a leper or a depression case.

The development program does not label people in this manner at all. Instead, each person is viewed as one on the path to becoming fully enlightened, or godlike, or fulfilling their complete potential – being all you were born to be.

Much more positive. The disease approach is always quite negative and often morbid. This is because it is based on the study of problems in the body or mind, some of which are fatal.

Development is a much more positive and joyful experience because it does not focus on problems or diseases. It focuses on one's progress on the golden path of becoming all you can be.

Most all diseases heal as a byproduct of development, but that is never the focus of the program.


The disease approach has as its main process the elimination, killing, starving, cutting, burning or suppressing of unwanted symptoms and diseases.

The process of the development approach is very different and quite unusual. It is a reversal or retracing of the causes that led to the symptoms or diseases.

It is quite involved and complex, requires more effort, and can take more time that simply taking a remedy to kill off or eliminate a symptom. It also occurs on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, often at the same time. For details, read Retracing.


A major challenge for some people is that if one follows the development method, one cannot just go to a physician or nutritionist or the library or the internet and enquire how a particular symptom fits into the development program.

If one tries to do this, the physician or internet articles automatically and quickly tend to move the person back into the disease approach because it is all that the physician or author knows about. Reverting to the disease approach is often quite opposed to the development approach. For details, read Hazards Of Visiting Doctors and Your Doctor's Priorities.

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