by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              Several areas related to sex are important to consider in relation to development.


1. Limit sexual fluid loss as much as possible. Sexual fluid is very rich in nutrients that are needed for development. Loss of this fluid causes nutritional problems and makes the body more yin in macrobiotic terms.  For development to occur quickly, the body must become more yang. 

To speed up development, have sex with orgasm as little as possible.  (WomenÕs sexual fluid is the secretion from the vagina that accompanies sexual arousal.

Instead or ordinary sex, do Down Sex, which does not waste sexual fluid and which heals and develops the body quickly.


2. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases.  These diseases slow or stop development.  The best way to avoid them is to avoid all casual sex, no matter what the person tells you about whether they have diseases.

Condoms are helpful, but donÕt always stay on and even if they do, they can break.  If you use them, always use two or better yet, three of them at once.

Also, strictly avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and public saunas, steam baths, locker rooms and other places that are often filthy even if they appear clean.  They can easily spread STDs that go to the brain and impair its functioning.


              3. Change your attitudes about sex.  Let go of the idea that ordinary sex is required for your self esteem, your ego, your mental health or anything else. 

To do this, one must tune out most of the television shows, books, magazines, music and even many teachers and doctors.

            Another attitude to change is that more ordinary or regular sex is better.  In fact, it is the opposite.  Know that those who wish to control you will often encourage sexual activity.  They know what you do not – that regular sexual activity weakens and detracts from your health, beauty and length of life.

Ordinary sex tends to throw people out of control, especially women, which makes them far easier to control.  Instead, have down sex only.  For details, read Down Sex.


4. No homosexuality.  There are several reasons for this.  Homosexuality is associated with more disease, and the energetics or aura patterns with homosexuality are not conducive to development.  Also, one cannot do down sex with a person of the same sex. 



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