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This article is about the core beliefs of this website.  A belief is something we think is the truth.  However, we are not completely sure because we are still learning.  So this article is about what we have learned and what we share on this website.




Many people who live upon earth are asking for more knowledge and for healing.  A group of souls have responded to this request.  They are the planetary helpers.  This is their website and the author follows their instructions.




The planetary helpers wish to bring a lot more truth about many subjects to this planet.  This will bring more peace, more love and more healing for the people and all the creatures that live here. 

Our intent is that hopefully, studying the articles on this website will inspire you, uplift you, broaden your knowledge and help you distinguish truth from fiction.

No truth.  A pernicious teaching on earth is that there is no truth, but just opinions.  This is totally false.  Truth is real and is the basis for all civilization, all science and all technology.

Where is truth?  Another pernicious teaching on earth today is that truth is found only in schools, colleges or on the internet.  This is also a complete lie.  Today, much of the information taught in schools at all levels and on the internet is incorrect and malicious.  For more details, read Truth and Integrity.




The Bible, both the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles, are essential guides for living.  They are also true history books, unlike the school textbooks used today.

The planetary helpers assisted in writing the Bibles, which are needed to guide society in the correct direction.  Societies that live by the legal, moral and social concepts of the Bible are the finest in the world.  Those that do not live by its principles are much sicker, much poorer, and much more oppressive for women and everyone else.  This is a truth.

How to view the Bible.  One need not memorize the Bible, as some teach.  There are several ways to understand the Bible:

- Some view it as God’s holy word and take every word literally.  We do not recommend this method because of the next paragraph.

- Some people realize that the Bible as we have it today suffers from two problems: translation problems and the influence of the Roman Empire.  They changed some of the original teachings of Jesus and this creates conflicts in meaning throughout the Christian Bible. 

- Still other people ignore the Bible or have a negative view of it.  They believe it is fake, too warlike, prejudiced against women and homosexuals, and has other problems.  The planetary helpers say this view is very foolish.  For more about this view, read Complaints About The Bible.




              A very important area of the Bible is the laws regarding food and eating.  These have been expanded too much.  What matters are the basic rules:

- Eat whole, fresh food only.  Do not live on frozen or canned food (except canned sardines), protein or other powders, smoothies, food bars, refined food, or GMO food.

- Avoid all refined sugar, honey, maple syrup, and most fruit.  All of it is too sweet and not healthful.

- Do not eat products of the pig.  This includes pork, ham, bacon, lard, pork rinds, chorizo or other pig products.  For some reason, these foods are less healthy and may contain parasite eggs, even if they are well-cooked.

- Do not eat duck, goose, bison, and buffalo.

- Avoid sprouts, spirulina, chlorella and other algae.  These foods are less compatible with human physiology.




A movement that is trying to build momentum for the 2020 election in the United States is the view that socialism is a better system than our free market, capitalist, Republican form of government.  This movement is motivated only by a desire to take power and is an effort of the Rogues, the most evil force on the planet.  We discuss this topic later in this article.

This website opposes this movement vigorously.  We urge all readers to do likewise and instead make an effort to stop them and support the president in his bid for re-election.




            Our current belief is that there exists a Source or God of our universe.  This just means that life and the universe is not just an accident or random event.  Instead, life and the universe are ordered or orderly.  They are governed by the laws of physics, biology, mechanics and other sciences.  This is one meaning of the word God.

You can learn these laws or God’s laws and you will be healthier and happier because you will be working with the order in the universe and not opposing it.

We further believe that the God of our universe is an ancient and powerful living being.  It is not just a force or a machine of some kind.  There is evidence for this that we discuss below.




We believe that the basic units of consciousness in the universe are the souls.  They are the basic creatures of life, and trillions upon trillions of them exist. 

Seeing souls.  We cannot see the souls because they are tiny and because their bodies are of a lower density that is more difficult to see.  However, we speak with them and they tell us about themselves.

They also tell us that they can be seen with a scanning electron microscope if the right stain is used.  They say this will be discovered soon.  Until that time, we must rely on other sources of information to learn about them.

The most well-known source of information about them is the Hebrew Bible.  However, the Biblical descriptions are vague.  So we speak to them to get better information.  Some can do this and they tell us what the souls have to say.  The next section is a brief summary.


Basic description of a soul.  Souls are very small living beings composed of 21 fine-matter “bodies”.  These are blobs of a hard material that is less dense than the material that composes human bodies.

Souls are not made of the standard chemical elements such as calcium and magnesium.  Their bodies are smaller than the atoms of the chemical elements.  There exists a smaller type of matter.  It is called adamantine particles in the book, Love Without End – Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green.  Other authors use other names for the same thing.

They say the 21 tiny soul bodies congeal together and function as one body that looks something like a human being with two arms, two legs, a head and most of the same internal organs.  They are extremely small, but they function.  Souls must eat, drink and breathe a little air.  There is enough food, water and air in space so they can live either in space or on planets.

Souls can fly around using a ‘power unit’, which is an organ in the middle of their chest with which they can move about easily, both in space and on planets.


The connection to the Father.  The souls tell us that an extremely thin wire comes out of the mid-back region of every soul.  It connects at its other end to what the souls call their Father. 

The fathers are a type of creature that is also made of fine matter.  They are not human beings.  The tiny wires are actually living tentacles or extensions of the Father.

Anatomically, the wires or extensions are similar to the axons of nerve cells in our bodies.  Each Father has several thousand of them that emerge from all over his body.

Functionally, the design of the wire or extension is that of a wave guide.  This is the same design as the common television cable found in most homes with one conductor inside another.  It conducts a tremendous amount of information quickly and easily. 

For example, a regular television cable can transmit more than 10,000 television stations all at once!  For details, read Wave Guides.  For more about fine matter bodies, read Bodies In Space and The Life Chart.


Happiness is knowing the Father.  Souls with a good connection to their Father are healthy and happy.  Those with a bad connection are ill, unhappy and usually pathological in their beliefs and behavior.

Finding one’s way back to a healthy connection to one’s Father is a critical task for every soul.  Helping souls with their connection to their Father is one of the main purposes of religion on earth.

In fact, the word religion, from the Latin language, means to re-link or to restore one’s connection to the Father.  Similar words in English are ligament and legal.  They mean linking something together.  Ligaments join muscles to bones.  Legal systems bind together societies.

The connection between a soul and its Father can never be broken or the soul dies.  This is important to know because Judeo-Christian theology understands this connection.  We are never separate from our Father or Source.  This is a very important truth.

Some people would have us believe that either there is no Father, or we are separate from Him.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a pernicious secular and “liberal” teaching on earth that needs to be stopped.




We believe that there is a covenant or agreement between the advanced being who is in charge of our planet and the people of the planet.  This covenant stipulates that if a person follows certain rules, that person will receive more protection and help on many matters.

The rules are quite simple:

- Boys and men must be circumcised.  This is mainly to reduce rape, although it is also cleaner.

- One must follow or obey the Ten Commandments Of Moses, discussed later in this article in some detail.

- One must live by the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

- Love God and love thy neighbor, meaning care for your neighbor.

- One must follow the basic kosher food laws that are described later in this article.  In the future, everyone will also be required to follow a development program to enhance their health and increase their longevity. 






A human body is an amazing DNA configuration that is home to several hundred trillion souls.  The souls operate every body system.  Without them, the body would not function.

The outer personality of a person is determined by a group of about 20 to 40 souls called the directors.  One soul is the main soul, also called the coordinator or entity soul.

Our flesh is made of a type of matter called coarse matter.  It is rather delicate and must live on a planet to have enough air to breathe.  It must also be kept warm and safe from all sorts of harm. 




All bodies on planets and in space have a blueprint that is coded in the DNA (desoxyribosenucleic acid).  The code is almost always perfect.  What are called genetic diseases and defects are mostly due to problems in the RNA or other problems with the many steps of protein synthesis.  

Current genetic testing cannot distinguish these steps, so doctors tell many people their DNA is defective when this is not true.  This is just another rogue trick to depress and discourage people.

The real problem with people’s genetics is genetic expression, which is due to nutritional deficiencies and toxic metals.  For details written in plain language, read Genetics and Genetic Testing.




We believe that all human bodies today are nutritionally depleted and toxic.  This is due to nutritionally depleted food and modern chemical agriculture, pollution of the entire planet, exposure to ionizing radiation, exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields, medical drugs and vaccines, and other toxic exposures.  We know this is true because we regularly measure the levels of nutrients and toxins in body tissues.

This is our starting point in helping people regain their health.  It is unlike the medical and naturopathic professions, which think otherwise.  The twin problems of nutritional depletion and toxic accumulation affects everyone, without exception.  For details, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.




Development is a healing process and a lengthy Life Path that we promote because it gets rid of the nutritional depletion and toxicity described above.  It is also your birthright and it is not taught widely on earth. 

Development is the fulfillment of the complete genetic potential of a human being or creature.  It is coded in the DNA in the roughly 97% of our DNA that scientists call junk DNA because they do not understand it.

Development causes people to become much healthier, eliminates most diseases, extends life and enables people to have better sensory and other abilities.  It requires the opening and growth of the Seven Physical Energy Centers.

It also involves the growth of the Merkaba, a very interesting energy field that is described in the Bible.  For more details, read Introduction To Development, How To Mature Faster and The Will.




This is a healing program that causes rapid development.  It may seem like other nutrition programs that many doctors offer, but it is quite different.

The development program has only one goal – to feed the genetic requirements for the full unfolding of the human potential.  In this sense, it is completely unlike all other healing methods.  This is why the recommended foods and other aspects of a development program may seem unusual.

The development program differs from all medical, holistic, alternative, naturopathic, and other healing methods in another way.  It does not require diagnosing, prescribing, treating or curing diseases and it does not require remedies.

Instead, one identifies imbalances on a properly performed hair mineral test, (not a blood serum or other test).  One then corrects the imbalances in a special way.  When done properly, development occurs automatically and symptoms disappear.

The program consists of a healthful lifestyle, the development diet, 8 to 10 very specific nutritional supplements, and 6 or more specific detoxification and healing procedures.

For dietary details, read Daily Foods, Occasional Foods and Forbidden Foods.

To read about the nutritional supplements used in the development program, go to Nutritional Supplements Used In Development Programs.

For details about the healing procedures, read The Pulling Down Exercise, Coffee Enemas, Sauna Therapy, The Spinal Twists, Reflexology, The Neck Pull, and The Accelerators.

One can do as much of the program as one desires.  The more one does, the faster will be the genetic changes required for development.

Research and updates.  We continue to learn more about development and we add this information to this website almost daily.  For the latest changes, read Updates.

Retracing.  Most problems with a development program occur due to retracing.  This is a reversal process of disease in which all unhealed illnesses and all traumas inside a person are brought up or become acute to be processed and healed at the deepest level.

At times, this produces unusual temporary physical or emotional symptoms.  Most symptoms are mild and pass quickly such as fatigue, a cough or a headache.  Occasionally, a symptom is vigorous and we can intervene and sometimes slow it down or speed it up to get it over with faster.

Emotional retracing is also usually mild.  However, if one has experienced a trauma, the feelings that arise for release can be hateful or ugly.  However, they must be faced and all involved must be forgiven in order to proceed with development.  Then deep healing occurs.

Unfortunately, many people stop their development program when these feelings or other symptoms arise.  Then they tell others that the program did not work.  We recently added Lecithin to some people’s programs and this is helping some people with anxiety that can occur when ugly feelings arise on the program.

Many articles on this website discuss this method of restoring and developing the body. Click here to go to this section of the website articles.




This is a small, private foundation incorporated in the state of Arizona, USA in 2007.  Through it we offer:

- This website.

- Healing and development programs for human beings and animals.

- Research about health, nutrition and development.

- Education about many sciences that are not commonly taught on earth.  This is presented in the 1500 articles available free of charge on this website, as well as in a number of audio programs.

- Book publication.

- Training for those who wish to assist others to undertake a development program.

- Financial support for children and young women who cannot afford a healing program.  Someday, we hope to be able to assist older women and men, as well.  However, our resources are limited at this time.

- Free telephone and email support to answer inquiries.

- Community outreach and assistance for policy makers and our community and national leaders.

We welcome donations to the Center For Development.  They are much needed so that the foundation will grow.  For more information and to donate, click here.




To understand events on earth, one must know that there is an ongoing war on earth between her people and a group of beings from other planets who want to control this planet.  This is not conspiracy theory and it is not paranoia.  Some call it the culture war. 

In Judeo-Christian theology it is called the battle with Satan.  In an ancient Hebrew language, the word Satan means the secret ones.

On this website, we call the opposition force the rogues.  They are vicious, brutal, cold-blooded killers who work to confuse and undermine everything wholesome and holy on planet earth in order to control life on earth for their own purposes.

  To explain the events on earth, they want people to blame anyone but them.  They want you to blame your problems on:

- Governments and corporations.

- Certain groups of people such as Jews, Christians, white people, rich people, capitalists or others.

- Natural forces such as climate change or global warming.

- Other races or colors of the skin. 

All of this effectively sets the people of earth against each other.  It sets rich against poor, men against women, the religious against the secular, heterosexuals against homosexuals, light-skinned against darker skinned, religion against religion and nation against nation.  This is nothing but the ancient method of warfare called divide and conquer.

The rogues are extremely smart in the areas of brainwashing, witchcraft, lying, propaganda, brutality and torture, micro-electronics, invisibility or cloaking, and many other sciences.  Their weapons, computers, space vehicles, communication systems and other infrastructure are much better than ours.

Just a few of their major programs on earth are:

- Poisoning the air, food and water.

- Massive monetary manipulation.

- Implanting people with tiny electronic devices for the purpose of weakening and controlling them.

- Murdering all whom they do not like.

- Exploitation of women, whom they find especially threatening to their cause. They want all humans on earth to be weak and sick in order to better control them.  In order to produce sick humans, they must rape and exploit those who produce the children.

Rape infects the women with diseases that are passed on to their husbands and children, depletes nutrients, adds toxic metals to the body, removes important souls, and more.  For details, read Rape and Healing Rape.

They have worked quietly on earth for 20,000 years.  However, recently they have had to become more visible.  They have stolen control of most large corporations, most national governments, the United Nations, most colleges and universities, and most of the mass media on earth.  This is how they control the thinking and actions of most people on earth.


Their politics.  In the United States, they control the Democratic Party, which they have taken over quite completely.  In Europe, they control some political parties, and especially the labor parties.  In many nations, they are the government.


Their teaching.  They teach many fake doctrines such as socialism, progressivism, liberalism and communism.  We say they are fake because they are nothing more than fancy names for authoritarian rule or tyranny.

The rogues were responsible for the rise of the Nazis in Germany and the rise of communism Russia, Red China and North Korea.  They are also behind the socialist governments of South America and elsewhere.

- They teach identity politics and group rights, which are nothing more than schemes to divide humanity and set people against one other.

For more details, read The RoguesHow People Are Influenced MentallyEntity Attachment And ReleasePsychotronicsThe Psi WarHypnosisSatanism, Trance StatesCults And Terror SocietiesThe Cult Or Rape DietRapeBrainwashingIdentifying A Brainwashed PersonForgingZombiesEnergetic VampirismImplantsWitchcraftSoul UpgradesStockholm SyndromeProstitutionFemale Genital MutilationCurses, Hexes And Spells and

Soul Loss And Recovery.




Our planet needs a lot of clean up from thousands of years of poisoning and other damage.  This is a major task of those who are assisting this planet. 

The environmental movement is very important for this.  For example, we agree that nuclear power is total filth, extremely dangerous due to having fissionable material around and radiation leaks, a huge waste of money and totally unnecessary.

However, the rogues have infiltrated the environmental movement and now they spread lies and fear.  For example, human beings are not “killing the earth”.  This is complete nonsense, no matter how many scientific studies the rogues produce to prove it.

In fact, the truth is the opposite.  Human activity is saving the earth, mainly through prayer, which is the power of positive thought.

Also, climate change is not the problem on earth.  We, the planetary helpers, regulate the climate on earth in accordance with the needs of all her people and creatures.  Burning fossil fuels or driving gas-powered cars is not the problem.  The problem is the rogues, who have poisoned the air, the water and land.  They try to interfere with the climate, but this is minor in comparison with the damage they do via poisoning.

Also, the cause of environmental problems is not capitalism.  Capitalism is the advanced science of self-governance in the economic sphere and is the best method of producing goods and services the world has ever known.

Also, the problems of earth are not due to corporations, greed or farting cows.  The problem is the rogues.  They want you needlessly afraid and they want you to blame anyone you wish, but not them, for many of our problems.




The moral code of a society determines its strength, its quality and its future.  The moral code of a nation and its people is the bedrock of the nation or civilization.

This website believes the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule are the best moral codes.  Another very important moral idea is cleanliness.  This means cleanliness in your home, your dress, your language, your writing, your friendships and all else.  Here is how to understand the Ten Commandments:


#1. Recognize that the concept of God is real.  The word god means an advanced being, in this case.  Such beings are real and there is such a being in charge of the earth.  This is the truth, no matter what you have learned to the contrary in school or anywhere else.

Many people are taught today that life is an accident, or just random, or that God is dead or no longer cares for us.  This is all totally wrong.  Get this wrong thinking out of your head and run from any book, teacher, television program or anyone else who says it is true.  It does not matter that it is standard teaching today in most schools and colleges.

Also, learn to ignore the rantings about the evils of God and religion.  This is sickness and the ranting of arrogant people who think they are God.  They are not God.


#2. One must make no graven images of God.  God is not visible to us.  At one level, God is a principle or concept.  At another level, there are advanced beings who supervise us but they are fine-matter beings, which most people cannot see.

This commandment says one must not try to make God visible using imitations that are statues, monuments or other objects and calling them God.

Many people set up other types of “images” of gods that are also forbidden.   For example, they make money their God, or their job, their friends or even their family.  This is all wrong and forbidden by this Commandment.

Seek first the Kingdom of God in all things and at all times.  Never put anything in your life ahead of God and you will remain much safer.


Even worse is to worship an image or statue or other likeness or representation of God.  To worship can mean to bend over or bow down to a statue.  Worship can also be to kiss a statue, talk to a statue, touch a statue lovingly, put money next to a statue, throw water on a statue, light a candle before a statue or do anything else that is a form of worship.

Worship can also be to revere or honor something very highly.  People often revere their doctor, their child, their parent, their car or home, or something else as though it were God.  This is also incorrect and not allowed.

Worship can also be to fawn over or spend too much time worrying about someone or some thing.  Do not worry much about the look of your body, for example.  Keep it clean and neat and not sexy.  Too much attention to these things is another form or worship that is not allowed.  Worry about pleasing God and little else.


#3. One must never misuse the name of God.  This means no lying by saying “I swear to God” this or that.  Many people say this and then they lie or then they steal, or then they kill their baby.  This is all forbidden.  God is holy and only use the name of God when you intend to follow His rules.

This commandment is somewhat involved because it is about self-deception.  Some people think that God wants them to do this or that, so it is okay. 

However, this is not a good reason to do things.  One must use good judgment at all times. 

This is a common trick used by deceivers to get people to do things they would ordinarily not do, such as having sex outside of marriage.  People are told or believe that God wants this, so they do it.  No!  God wants you to follow the commandments.


#4. Observe the Sabbath Day every week and keep it holy.  This means to set aside at least one day every week in which you put God and God’s work first and only in your life.

This means that one day every week there will be no purely secular activities.  This requires:

- NO using the computer or the telephone unless it is for religious or spiritual purposes.  This will be the most difficult prohibition for most people.  It includes chatting with or texting your friends for most purposes.  The only phoning or texting can be for religious purposes.

- NO shopping for clothing or other material things unless they are essential and in great need that day.

- NO secular work unless it is required by law, essential to safety or health, or required by your job.  Essential repairs, for example, are okay.  However, it means do not tinker with the car motor, do not mow the lawn, do not read the secular newspapers or magazines, and do not listen to the news on the secular television stations on the Sabbath.

This commandment is very important because everyone on earth needs a new mental and spiritual “diet”.  Otherwise, the din of the television and the phones is continuous in most people’s lives and it leads most people astray.

- NO driving around in the car unless it it is for religious purposes

- NO regular sex.  This is a secular activity, in all cases.  Down Sex, however, is a spiritual activity and is acceptable.

Only religious or spiritual work is allowed on the Sabbath day.  For example, it is fine to prepare food on the Sabbath day.  This is currently prohibited in the orthodox Hebrew religion, but this is not right.  Cooking and eating are holy activities, not secular ones.


#5. Honor your father and your mother at all times in order to live a long life.  To honor is similar to loving, but not the same.  You need not feel love for your parents, especially if there was abuse or neglect or other problems in your family.  However, they gave you life and they gave you a home to live in and this merits your respect of them.  It is never an easy job.

No parents are or were perfect.  Honoring them means recognizing this fact and honoring them anyway.


Obeying parents.  This commandment means that children and teens must respect and obey their parents to stay safe.  Otherwise, you will often die young of rape or accidents. 

To all teenagers - your parents usually know a lot more than you do.  Pay heed and do what they say unless they put you in danger.

If your parents let you stay up late on the weekends, use drugs, drink alcohol or have sex outside of marriage with someone of the opposite sex, feel badly about this but use your good judgment and refrain from this and all other bad habits.

  This is very important to know and it wrecks many lives.  We encounter disobedience to this commandment almost every day in our healing work with development programs.  The program brings up resentment against parents and siblings.  If a person refuses to let them go, which is the same as not honoring the other person, we find that one will be unable to continue the program without becoming sick or crazy.

This day (June 2019) someone we know literally went insane and is in a hospital simply because she refuses to let go of her anger at her parents.  A friend of the author’s just committed suicide for the same reason.

However, honoring your parents does not mean you must call them every week, or even at all if they are unpleasant to speak with.  Nor does it mean you must spend your time or money with them or on them.  Many people make this mistake! 

Honoring is a mental attitude, not a specific behavior.  Behavior must depend upon circumstances.  For example, calling your parents could cause your death if it allows them to tack your location and they want to harm you.  Behavior always depends upon circumstances.


#6. Do not murder in cold blood.  This means don’t kill anyone except if your life depends upon it, such as during a war or if the other person would kill you – meaning in self defense.

This can be subtle.  For example, it means the killing of unborn babies must stop at once.  The Supreme Courts of the world should be overridden or even disbanded if they don’t agree.

Also, putting a person to death if convicted of a deadly crime is a good idea.  It frees several hundred trillion souls who are often trapped in a faulty body.  Efforts to do away with the death penalty are always an effort to destroy a society.

One can also kill the spirit or the life in another without destroying the body directly.  This is done by lying to another, yelling at another, constantly criticizing another with no good reason, and other behaviors that are sometimes called emotional or mental abuse.  Do not do this.

On the other hand, do not listen to children or other people who say that one must not criticize people because they are minorities, or sick, or for any other reason.  It is necessary to point out the truth.


#7. Do not commit adultery, which means any sex outside of marriage.  It includes fornication, which is sex if you are unmarried.  In other words, this Commandment does not apply only to married people.  No sex is permitted unless you are married, and then only with your marriage partner. 

Also, marriage is only between a man and a woman.  It is a special arrangement that is only possible between two of the opposite sex due to the energetics of the bodies.

Unfortunately, most people cannot see the subtle energy field of a human or animal so this is not clear.  However, marriage between two of the same sex is not energetically healthful.  The energy fields become confused and damaged by it, no matter what one may believe about it.

Therefore, all homosexual sex is forbidden since it is all outside of true marriage of a man and a woman. Incest is also forbidden.  This is marriage or sex between close family members.  The purpose of this rule is to preserve genetic diversity, a requirement for a healthy society.


#8.  Do not steal.  Stealing means to take what is not yours.  At times this is obvious, such as stealing money or material goods.  However, the commandment also means:

* Do not steal information from others and put your name on it instead of giving the credit to others.

*  Do not steal the good name of another person and use it on your website, pretending that it is your name, too.

* Do not steal the good work of another person and call it your own.

* Do not steal the words or thoughts of another person and call them your own.  Much better is to give credit to those whose thoughts, words or other things you borrow.

* A very subtle way of stealing is taking on responsibilities that are not yours.  Some people take on the problems of others when this is not appropriate or correct.  This actually blocks others from learning and growing.  It can even cause the death of the other person that one thinks one is helping.


#9. Do not bear false witness or give false evidence.  This means stop lying to yourself and others.  This includes the little white lies that many people tell to hide their real intentions.

Lying or bearing false witness is a very bad habit that is now taught in school.  For example, political correctness is lying.  One is taught today that lying is better than offending others.  This is completely incorrect.

Telling the truth is most important.  If another chooses to become offended at the truth, that is his or her problem, not yours.  Politically correct speech is nothing more than a way to silence people and spread lies that the rulers want spread.

The school textbooks now lie, which is one reason we don’t advocate sending children to public schools or to most schools or to college, for that matter.

Tell with the truth always, and to the best of your ability.  This means don’t omit important details and don’t exaggerate or embellish the truth with hyperbole, emotion, anger or other things.

Lying is subtle, at times.  For example, you may think that your anger is justified because someone slighted you and therefore it is okay to lie about the person.  It is not okay to lie for this or any other reason.

The new Testament of the Bible has a wonderful line – “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”.  To know the truth means to understand it and to speak it, as well.

The only time to speak or even think a lie is if your life or that of another is in definite danger, and by lying you can save a life.  This could occur, for example, if a man comes to your door looking for your daughter with the intent to harm them.  Then lying is a good idea.

Another example is that if someone asks if your children vaccinated in order for your children to participate in a worthwhile program, we say to tell them yes, even if it is not true.  Otherwise, you may cause the death of your child - so it is a matter of lying to save a life.

Vaccines harm the body badly and are used today to poison the bodies and to put electronic implants into the body without your knowledge.  Please do not doubt this, as it is the truth.

Another subtlety about lying concerns “spilling your guts”.  Some people say that when asked a question such as “How are you, today?” one must tell the whole truth about how you spilled milk on your shirt that morning, and someone yelled at you, and the car did not work right and someone at work stared at your breasts, and so on. 

Telling the truth does not require spilling your guts each time you are asked a question.  It also does not mean giving out more information than is necessary. 


Two personal stories.  This author recently visited a dentist for a minor problem.  The dentist asked for his social security number and for his driver’s license.  The author questioned this, but made the wrong decision because he was in pain. 

He should have refuse and explained that asking for personal papers for dentistry is illegal in America.  According to the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution and similar protection in every State Constitution, the privacy of one’s papers is guaranteed.  Showing personal papers to a dentist is not required for dental or medical care and such requests should not be allowed. 

Requesting papers for dental or medical care is just dangerous snooping on the part of these people and it is wrong and illegal, in our view.  We don’t care if it is a widespread habit, which it is today.  If the dentist had refused to give him service for not handing over his driver’s license, then go elsewhere.  If they all do the same thing, then one has a dilemma that one must pray about.

The other day the author made the same mistake when he sought to return an unopened food item to one of his favorite food stores.  The item had cost him about $8.00 USD.  Once again, the clerk said he needed to see his driver’s license to do the return.  The correct response would have been “Unless you are a duly sworn officer of the law in pursuit of a crime, it is illegal to ask for personal papers.  They are not needed and you are snooping.”   This author should have refused and if the clerk wouldn’t return the money, he should have taken the item and left the store, ideally never to return to a criminal enterprise of this type.

The government also snoops on people all the time.  This is illegal and should be stopped.  Some businesses snoop on people in other ways such as putting tags or ‘cookies’ on your computer.  This should all be illegal and should be stopped, as well.

A difficult area of lying is whether to tell the truth if it will get you in legal trouble due to a bad law.  For example, the laws in many nations require you to file special papers just to get married.  This is none of their business and some would say lying about these matters is therefore okay.  This is not always clear because it is good to follow the laws of your nation and if they are bad laws, work hard to change them.


#10. Do not covet.  Coveting means to envy others and try to take what they have.  This is another subtle commandment.  It does not mean one should not appreciate what others have, such as a fine home or a nice car. 

This command means that one should not want have items handed over to you illegally or immorally. 

For more details about the Commandments, read The Ten Commandments of Moses.


Anyone who questions or seeks to disparage, discredit, weaken or remove the moral code above in any way is a rogue agent, even if they don’t realize it.

For example, lawsuits to remove plaques and statues containing the Ten Commandments, and efforts to stop teaching it to every child in school, are among the most destructive acts imaginable.  Their real intent is to destroy civil society.  Never accept the phony argument that these laws might “offend” someone.  Too bad if they do!




- All souls are needed and all are created equal.

- No soul is better than the others.

- Some souls are older than others.  This often means they are more mature and wiser than others, but this is temporary and the others will catch up.

- Souls must also obey the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule.  Any that do not obey must be imprisoned so they do not cause harm to others.




Harming others or taking advantage of others in any way is completely stupid because at the highest level, we are all children of the same God, and we need each other healthy and happy.  Thus, war, stealing, lying, murder and rape are completely idiotic.

However, war teaches many lessons so it is used to provide certain experiences for souls.

The nations of earth need strong defenses because wars will not stop for a while.  Among the nations, America’s military is the most powerful and a force for good!  It needs to be maintained.  No other military force can fulfill this role at this time.  Any efforts to degrade, demean or damage the military of the United States, and that of the other free nations of the earth, are among the most destructive acts imaginable.

The current American president, Mr. Trump, understands this well and thoroughly supports the military.  The former president, Mr. Obama, weakened the military and attempted to take away the people’s personal weapons of self-defense.  This causes him stand out as the worst president in the nation’s history.  Every child needs to learn this in school.

Perhaps it seems unusual to judge a leader by the way he treats his military.  However, anyone who thinks about it knows that this is a valid way to judge the leader.  Without the military on earth, a nation is weak and at the mercy of its enemies.  This is another lesson that every child needs to learn.






Deuteronomy 28:58-61 discusses this view of the Bible:


58 If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name—the Lord your God—59 the Lord will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. 

60 He will bring on you all the diseases of Egypt that you dreaded, and they will cling to you.

61 The Lord will also bring on you every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book of the Law, until you are destroyed.


More about translation and Roman Empire influences on the Bible.  We do not suggest hanging on to every word in the Bible.  Two reasons for this are:

1. Translation problems.  The Bible has been translated and translated again.  As a result, so one must be careful in interpreting it.  For example, we believe the first word in the Hebrew Bible is mistranslated.  For details, read An Ancient Hebrew Language.


2. Roman influence.  The Christian Bible or New Testament was set up with the help of Emperor Constantine at the meeting at Nicea in 325 AD.  This is well-known history.  It was not set up by Jesus or his followers alone.

As a result, the Roman Catholic religion and the standard Christian Bible contain a mixture of Christian doctrine and Roman tradition and Roman doctrines.  This is being corrected at this time, and has been slowly corrected over the years by people such as Martin Luther, considered a founder of Protestantism.

Martin Luther and others changed the Christian religion and got rid of some of the Roman aspects of it.  More recently, the evangelicals and other groups have continued to move Christianity away from its Roman influence.




The bible teaches that we must care for the body.  First Corinthians 3:16-17 states:


“For do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in you?  If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him.  For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.”


We could not say it better!  For example, based upon the above vaccination is a terrible thing.  Levitticus 17:15-16 states that:


15 “‘Anyone, whether native-born or foreigner, who eats anything found dead or torn by wild animals must wash their clothes and bathe with water, and they will be ceremonially unclean till evening; then they will be clean. 16 But if they do not wash their clothes and bathe themselves, they will be held responsible.’”


Vaccines are often made from the blood of animals that are injected with diseases and then, when they die or are close to death, the blood is made into vaccines.

In addition, vaccines are often made from the blood or tissues of Biblically unclean animals such as pigs and monkeys.

Many Christians think that the kosher or cleanliness laws in the Old Testament no longer apply, but we do not agree if one wishes to develop.  For development, dietary regulation is essential.

Two products we use have a tiny amount of unclean products in them – Thyro-complex and GB-3.  This is only because we have not found adequate substitutes at this time (March 2019).




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