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The Center For Development, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, religious, educational and charitable foundation.  It was established in 2007 and is based in Prescott, Arizona, USA. 

We are a worldwide ministry.  We research and teach Biblical values and nutrition, primarily. 

The main worker is Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  He grew up in a Hebrew home in the state of New York.  Due to illness in his family, he became interested in nutrition at the age of 20.  He has researched, studied and taught medical care, Biblical values and nutrition for the past 49 years.

He received a Bachelor Of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, class of 1972.  He also earned a medical degree from the Centro De Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xochicalco_University)

He passed the ECFMG exam for foreign medical graduates.  He chooses to work as a nutrition consultant without a medical license because licensing greatly restricts what a doctor can do.  For more details, see Dr. Wilson’s Bio.




Current members of the Board Of Directors are Dr. Lawrence Wilson, (MD) president, Dr. Bonnie Friehling, MD, secretary, and Dr. John Himinkool, DC.




These are:

- To promote Biblical values including the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule.  These values are needed to build and sustain any wholesome, just and free society.  They also greatly assist the health of the human body.

- To research, teach and promote excellent nutrition everywhere on earth.  This includes promoting healthful agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as human nutrition.

- To regenerate the soils everywhere on earth.

- To research and promote development.  This is the fulfillment of the complete genetic potential of a human being. 






            We do a lot of research on:

- Consumer protection in the fields of medicine and nutrition.

- Many topics in medical and nutritional science.

- Nutrition products, modalities, testing and other procedures.  Among these is a lot of research on tissue mineral testing.

- Research on the regeneration of the soils of the earth.  The latter is a major topic of interest.

- Bible interpretation and history.

We quickly publish all research findings on this website and, at times, in other publications.




The Center For Development offers short-term scholarships for those who wish to follow a full developmental healing program and cannot afford to do so. 

At this time, the scholarship program is available for children up to age 18 and women up to age 30.  The purpose is to bring forth much healthier children on planet earth.  This is absolutely required for the rejuvenation of the planet.

In the future, we hope to offer scholarships to men and women of all ages.  We accept tax-deductible donations of any size to help with this effort.




            The website.  This website contains over 1600 articles about religion, health, nutrition, and related topics.  All are available at no charge to the public.  The website also contains 24 audio programs and several audio interviews on various health and wellness topics.




The foundation currently publishes four books in hard copy.  All books are also available free of charge to read or download on this website.

The hard copy titles are The Real Self, Development Science And Development Programs, Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed practitioners, and Sauna Therapy For Healing And Detoxification.

 In addition, the website contains at least a dozen book-length articles such as Rape, Detoxification, Copper Toxicity Syndrome, And Adrenal Insufficiency.




Each day, at no charge we answer about 20 email and telephone inquiries from the public.




The Center offers basic and advanced training for those who wish to assist others with a healing and development program.  To be considered for this program, one needs to follow a development program with one of the Approved Helpers listed at Helpers for at least one year.  

(We have temporarily suspended the training program for about 8 months for administrative reasons.)




The Center offers two types of healing programs:

1. The basic or ‘free’ program.  This is done at home on one’s own without outside supervision.  It is designed as an introductory program.  We estimate that 100,000 or more people follow this program worldwide.  For details, go to this link.

2. The full program.  This is individualized and guided by one of our 120 or so Helpers and by Dr. Wilson.  We estimate that about 3000 people worldwide follow this program.




Dr. Wilson occasionally writes for other publications and occasionally does radio interviews on the subjects of Biblical values, health and nutrition. 




Almost all funds for the above activities have come from Dr. Wilson’s personal savings, an inheritance, and his consulting and commission income. 

The foundation is currently valued at $2.6 million, all of which are invested at USAA Investment Advisors.   There are five paid employees (four teachers or coaches and one office person). 

Dr. Wilson does not take any salary.  He has a small inheritance and lives very simply.  

We greatly appreciate donations of any size to help with these activities.  To donate, please visit Donations.



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