by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people are more familiar and more interested in cars than they are in their bodies.  For this reason, car analogies can help one understand the body very well.  Here are some examples:




Driving at high speed on the genetic highway to full human potential.  This is very different from taking a remedy to get rid of a symptom or disease.

As you move along this highway, the body becomes less compatible with all disease.  It is a way of ‘outgrowing’ your illnesses and even your traumas, although one must bring up the illnesses and traumas and resolve them in order to keep moving on this highway.

These purification reactions or healing reactions or retracings are like side roads that one must follow, at times, to undo damage to the body or brain.  They require slowing down for a time.  This is a way to understand why one must reduce the amount of supplements during healing reactions in many, though not all, cases.

Once the healing reaction is completed, then one can return to the highway – the full program – and move at high speed.




- The car engine is running too fast and the engine cannot slow down.

- The engine is running too “rich”.

- The gas pedal is stuck in the down position so the car can’t slow down.

- The engine is not relaxed and keeps thinking it is “under attack” all the time.




- The engine is turning too slowly.

- The engine is not getting enough gas, so it will not go very fast.

- The engine is running too lean so the engine coughs and chokes without enough fuel.

- The person is driving with his parking brake on (this is a calcium shell pattern).

- The engine is simply all clogged up or gummed up (or toxic) and is not capable of much speed.




- The car is stuck in a ditch with its wheels spinning.

- The car is in neutral gear (not Drive) so the wheels are disconnected from the engine.  The driver keeps trying to go, but nothing happens except the car shakes with the vibration of the motor going at high speed and it wears out the motor.

- You are a Corvette Stingray or a Ferrari or perhaps a Maserati.  Your beautiful car absolutely requires a smooth road.  You have not understood this, and you have treated your vehicle as though it is a pickup truck.  As a result, you drive on rough roads of life and you have damaged your beautiful racing car so it does not work well.  Keep up this mistake, and it won’t last long.  Fix the mistake and you will be amazed at the performance of your vehicle.

For more details, read Four Lows Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.


To be continued …



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