by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Paralleling is a powerful healing method in which two people, a person and an animal, or two animals, align their hair mineral readings to be the same or very similar.  This sets up a resonance between the two bodies that assists healing and development.

A crude analogy.  To save gasoline one can drive behind another car or truck.  Your car is drawn along more easily because one does not have to oppose the force of the wind that tends to slow down the car.  Birds use this method when they fly in formation.  They rotate who leads because the leader has to handle the most friction of moving through the air.

Paralleling shares some qualities of this method.  By aligning oneŐs mineral levels with those of another, each body helps the other navigate the changes that must be made to progress through the mineral patterns.

Who parallels?  Babies and young children can sometimes hold the same hair analysis pattern as one of their parents.  The purpose is to assist healing of the parent and of  the child.

            It is also common among siblings and married couples.  The better the relationship, the more effective the technique.

            It is also common among developed people.  In fact, it is a mark of development that some look for to evaluate a personŐs development level.  The more one develops, the more it occurs.




            Paralleling requires a certain flexibility in order to maintain the alignment of oneŐs mineral levels with those of another person.

Who sets it up?  Certain planning souls, which are present in all bodies, arrange and coordinate the process. 

Age.  Paralleling works best when the two are about the same age.  However, it can be done with someone of any age.

Location.  Paralleling works best when two live together in the same home.  However, it can be done with another who is further away, even thousands of miles away.  It is actually an advantage of living in a city. However, we donŐt recommend living in unsafe and often polluted cities for other reasons.

Animals.  Many animals use paralleling with other animals or with human beings to facilitate healing.  For example, dogs are very skilled at paralleling and use this method to help their owners.






            When two share the same hair mineral values, they share certain frequencies of energy.  This sets up a rapport or resonance between the two.  When this occurs, and especially if the two are in close contact such as living in the same dwelling, they can balance one another in unusual ways. 

              Wires. I am told that, at times, two who are paralleling have a very fine silver wire running from the body of one to the body of the other.




            Planning souls inside the body can control, to a degree, the mineral levels.  They basically do this by altering the levels of certain enzymes, hormones and other chemicals inside the body.




            Physical healing.  For example, if one of the participants has weak kidneys of lungs, he or she can utilize the stronger kidneys or lungs of the other person to facilitate healing.

Mental and emotional healing.  The resonance or common frequency idea also applies to psychological qualities.  A happier person can assist someone who is depressed or who is in a difficult situation that is causing stress or unhappiness.

            Friendship.  Clients who parallel report feeling as though they have gained a new friend or family member, even if they are unaware of who it is.

Greater safety.  Clients who parallel report feeling safer.  They say they feel more protected, even though the person or animal with whom they are paralleling may not be physically present or even close by.

Smarter.  Clients who parallel report feeling smarter.

Better nourished.  It is possible to transfer the energy and souls present in quality food to others through a resonance phenomenon.  This is critical on earth today because most people eat so poorly they would hardly survive without this method of sharing nutrients.

Detoxification.  It is possible to assist another to release and eliminate toxic metals and toxic chemicals through paralleling.  We are not sure how it works, but it occurs.

Better rested.  One can another to rest.  Perhaps one person just helps the nervous system of the other to relax, or perhaps it involves other mechanisms.

Ideas and wisdom. Paralleling can be used to transfer ideas and wisdom to others.




            One reason we do not use computers to set up healing programs is paralleling.  At times, the hair mineral levels and ratios are due, in part, to paralleling.  In other words, the patterns on the test are not simply those of the person who sent in the hair sample.




            As one develops on the development program, one becomes more able to parallel with others.  In fact, it is a quality we look for to let us know that a person is developing correctly.

If paralleling is not occurring, then either the person is not that developed or something is blocking the paralleling.




 We see it most often when reviewing the hair mineral charts for several members of the same family.  One notices that on two of the family membersŐ charts, the levels of some of the minerals, often including the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium), are very similar or perhaps identical.

Paralleling need not involve more than two or three mineral levels.  However, the more levels that are the same or similar, the more powerful the effects.

In other cases, especially with dogs and cats, the mineral charts do not look at all similar.  In these instances, the animal can still assist a human being with healing.  This is not technically paralleling, but the effects are very similar.

The animal tunes in and entrains or vibrates at a frequency they both share.    Having the hair mineral levels similar just seems to make the entrainment and resonance easier.




   Methods that share some of the same qualities as paralleling include the healing that occurs between twin souls.  Most people have some twin souls inside them, meaning two souls that were birthed at the same time from the same Father (a type of creature, not the Father in Heaven).

These two souls have an easy time coming into close rapport or resonance with each other, after which they can share nutrients and more to facilitate each othersŐ healing and development.

 The Rogues, as we call those who have come to our planet and who have a lot of power on earth, donŐt like twins and empathic healing.  They have captured and imprisoned trillions of souls in an effort to limit the benefits of having twin souls close together.

As a result, everyone on earth is missing many twin souls.  Finding your twin entity or main soul on earth at this time is extremely rare.  DonŐt be misled on this point.

Paralleling is often the best one can do, and works exactly the same way.  For details about twinning, read Twins.




Down sex and down hugging also take advantage of the phenomenon of resonance and entrainment to greatly enhance healing and speed up development.  These methods are best done in person, but the method also works well by visualizing hugging another.

Differences between paralleling and down sex are that paralleling goes on 24 hours a day, occurs at a distance, and does not require a person of the opposite sex although I am told it helps.  For details, read Down Sex, Down Hugging and Visualizing.




            Two methods are:

1. Just reading this article and becoming aware of paralleling will help certain souls to connect you with another person who lives near you for paralleling.  As more people join the development program, this will become easier.


2. Ask in prayer to parallel with another who lives near you who can assist you to develop faster.  This will attract souls who will help set up paralleling.  You will not be aware of it, but it will occur.


            For more information about blending of energies between people, read Empathic Blending.



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