by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Crying can be an extremely useful and necessary method for releasing acute sadness, primarily, and perhaps some anxiety related to sadness.  It is a natural body function, in fact.  Babies and children use it spontaneously.  Adults often have been trained not to use it, or have literally forgotten how good it can feel and how therapeutic it can be in some situations. 

Tears also contain certain chemicals and may be a way the body eliminates some toxins.  The fact that tears flow from the eyes, which are near the brain, is important and has to do with the release of sadness, primarily.




Sadness is a feeling of loss, basically.  It can be the loss of innocence of some kind, such as may occur after a robbery or a rape.  The feeling can be due to the loss of a person whom you were attached to such as a parent, brother or sister, good friend or partner.  It may also be due to the loss of something else such as wealth, fame, a pet, even a piece of clothing or perhaps loss of an opportunity, such as being rejected from a college where you wanted to go, or loss of a job.

Another type of sadness stems from loss of a part of the body, interestingly.  People can develop sadness after an operation to remove a gall bladder, or female organs, or even the appendix.  In this sense, sadness can be of the body, the mind, or even the spirit.

Sadness of the spirit, sometimes also called poverty of spirit, is when you feel cut off from God or from the universe or from others, in general.  It can be a profound sadness that causes mental depression and can even cause feelings of wanting to kill oneself.

Sadness, in moderation, is not harmful.  When it becomes deep, profound, all encompassing and depressing, it definitely affects the body and the mind.  Crying can help release some of this feeling.  However, more is always needed after crying.




This is somewhat different, but not totally.  The crying of a baby is a signal of bodily discomfort.  Maybe the child or baby is ill, or needs a new diaper, or is hungry or thirsty, cold or hot.  Here crying is the only way a baby knows to get its motherŐs attention.

Crying in children, especially, when they fall and scrape a knee or something else like this is also an effort to gain attention.  However, it is also a feeling of loss and disaster.  So it is more like the crying of the adult after a loss.




The answer is no.  Crying may relieve tension, and is wonderful for this.  However, people who just cry all of the time often are stuck in what may be called chronic sadness.  They are often unhealthy physically or mentally, or they are not taking the right steps in some way to overcome an imbalance in their lifestyles, diets, careers, marriages or something else that is causing pain for them.

In these cases, crying to oneself, usually, and usually at night, may be the best they can do.  However, they must also at least pray for guidance and direction.  They must also try hard to move out of the situation that is causing them so much pain and feeling of loss.  This is quite important for those who cry a lot, and cry easily.  Usually there is some emotion, physical imbalance or problem in the personŐs life that needs attention.

Physical problems are often nutritional in nature, and the mineral copper is associated with them.  Lifestyle issues can be anything to do with work, home life, social life or perhaps professional life.  Emotional problems can be mental fixations, hidden anger and resentments, holding grudges or something else.

A nutritional balancing program with the Roy Masters meditation exercise daily will often help most physical and chemical imbalances, and can often bring up emotional and mental fixations that need to be released, often through forgiveness and moving on in life.  Other counseling may be needed, at times, to help a person make lifestyle changes that are needed to stop constant crying spells.




            Crying a lot is using crying as a remedy, usually, but not able to or willing to remove the cause of sadness and loss.  Too much crying can actually deplete a few nutrients, and can cause feelings of depression, interestingly.  So if you are crying a lot, try to look for deeper causes.  I recommend a nutritional balancing healing program because they will address many issues, though not all issues in a personŐs life.



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