by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Charging is a basic activity of the body. It is a nervous system activation. It occurs most easily with sexual or sensual touching.

Just touching the body anywhere has little of a charging effect. However, gently rubbing and stimulating the genitals, breasts, thighs, legs, feet, and certain other parts of the body causes a happy tingling sensation that slowly spreads throughout the body and lasts for a few days or more. This is the feeling associated with charging.

Other things may cause some charging, including drinking coffee or using coffee in an enema or as a vaginal implant. The use of stimulant drugs may cause a little charging.


The happy feeling associated with charging opens up the energy field of a person and causes that person to be more receptive to guidance. We believe it is part of a deeper understanding of the human being.



Charging occurs easily in women. It can occur just from a massage, from sexual foreplay or from sexual intercourse. It often occurs by accident during sex, for example.

It does not occur during Down Sex, unless there is foreplay to cause it. This is a reason some people don't like down sex, but it can be added to down sex. We strongly advise down sex because it has a powerful healing and development effect upon both partners.


Men can also charge, but it is more difficult. The reasons are:

- Men's skin is less sensitive to touch and massage than that of most women.

- One cannot stimulate the genitals because this causes an orgasm with fluid loss and this is not desirable. Fluid loss is not desirable in women, either, but it is less serious of a problem if it occurs only occasionally.

- Men do not hold their charge as long as women. In women, the charge can last for up to two weeks. In men, it lasts a few days, in most instances.

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