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Definition Of Sexy

Why Dress And Act Unsexy

Being Unsexy Speeds Up Development

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Hair, Clothing, Fragrances, Nails, Makeup


Flirting, Parties, Dates

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A Difficulty With Being Unsexy

A Vital Principle For Relationships

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Sexy means dressing, grooming, acting and thinking in ways that draw attention to oneself as a sexual being.

Looking sexy is not the same as looking nice or beautiful. Beauty is often due to having excellent health, cleanliness and perhaps other quallities. For Details, read How To Be Beautiful.

Many people think it is normal and fun to make themselves look sexy. However, our guidance is that it is not okay. In fact, it is a lie that puts one in danger, harms the one doing it and harms others, as well.


The reasons are that:

1. The purpose of the body is to glorify God. The purpose is NOT to glorify yourself, show off, manipulate using the body, or anything else.

2. Sexy is a physical focus and does not bring lasting happiness.  You are much more than your physical body. Sexy only emphasizes the transient physical attributes of youth. Acting sexy is lying because that is not who you are.

3. Looking and acting unsexy is much safer for women, although it is not enough, by itself, to keep women safe.  One must still take precautions as to where one goes, with whom, when and more.

4. Being and acting unsexy causes much faster development.  This is discussed below.

5. Dressing sexy is damaging for men and for other women.  Most men try hard to stay focused on their work and their families.  When women act and dress sexy it distracts men and leads them away from a focus on their family and work.   It also causes other women to become afraid that they might lose their husbands to other women. This is not good at all.

5. Dressing and acting sexy causes some souls to leave the bodies of men and move into women. These souls can lodge in the woman’s vagina and/or hips. When this occurs, the woman feels unclean and it can cause her to desire sex. For more details, read the The Prongs and The Wells.


Development. Development, as the word is used on this website, refers to the amazing process of increasing the size and brightness of the energy field of the body.  It is a genetic change or therapy. For details, read Introduction To Development and other articles about development on this website.

Being unsexy speeds up development for a number of reasons:

1. Sexy is concerned with the lower energy centers of the body – mainly the first and second energy centers.  These are very important for survival and reproduction.  However, they have little to do with one’s spiritual evolution.

Attention placed on the lower energy centers pulls your attention away from the higher energy centers.  Yet your attention must be on these higher centers, numbers 5, 6, 7 and above, in order for development to occur.

Sexy is a physical body focus, whereas development is about moving past the physical body and viewing oneself in a new way as a spiritual or metaphysical being.

2. Anything sexy causes a reaction in the body in which subtle energy moves upward, outward and with a left spin.  This is the opposite of what is needed for development.  For details on this subject, read The Pulling Down Exercise and Downward Movement And Healing.

Very important exceptions to the above are Down Sex and Down Hugging.  These activities moves energy correctly through the body and are extremely healing.

3. Broadcasting.  Dressing and acting sexy are part of human attraction.  This is okay, but development requires one to become a broadcaster or radiator of energy, not an attractor.  For details, read Broadcasting and Women And Maturity.

4. Acting sexy is all about “across energy”.  By this we mean energetic interactions that occur between human beings

For development to occur, one must focus on downward-moving energy, and not on across energy.  Think of a Christian cross as representing these two types of energy.

5. Being and acting sexy pulls the attention of other people, both men and women, away from their higher energy centers, harming their development.  At some level, all people resent this.  It causes them to become angry with you, which they project on to you and which harms you and your development.

6. Being and acting sexy puts women in more danger or abduction molestation and rape.  This tends to keep women in more fear, which slows development.

7. Being and acting sexy infuriates other women.  They then feel they must compete with the sexy women just in order to hold on to their husbands or male partners.  This anger is projected onto the sexy woman, and slows her development.

A problem with development. Development always makes a woman or man more beautiful by improving health. This makes one more sexy. For this reason, as you develop, pay more attention to the information in this article in order to stay safe.


Some will react to this article by saying the author just wants to take away a woman’s enjoyment of life.  However, that is not the intent. The purpose of this article is to help women to be safe and to help women to develop as fast as possible.



A woman’s hair is very sexy.  Here are some principles about how to wear your hair.

- The more hair you have, the more sexy you look.  This is often the most difficult fact for women to admit and act upon.  Keeping your hair very short is not only much less sexy, but it saves a lot of time washing the hair.  It is also much safer because it is harder to grab and hold you by your hair, an old trick of rapists. So we recommend a ‘boy haircut’ hair style.

- The more teased or “processed” the hair, the more sexy it looks.  So keep your hairdo very simple.

- This is less important, but we suggest avoiding buns that are on the top of the head.  These give a sexier look, as do bangs.

- In general, we suggest having very short hair – a boy haircut. Also, don't add highlights  These are usually done to make your hair more sexy.  If your hair is grey, tinting it is okay with a natural hair dye only. Standard hair dyes are quite toxic and best avoided.


Dressing unsexy means covering up the body well. 

Tops.  Low-cut anything is bad.  You need not cover up every bit, but it means no low-cut blouses, no cleavage, no see-through anything, and no sleeveless blouses or shirts.

Also, keep your midriff or belly button covered at all times.

Be sure to button the top button on shirts and blouses.  An open top button definitely sends a sexy message.

Another way to send a sexy message is to wear clothing that is torn or falling off.

Avoid very sheer clothing, tight clothing, mesh or other clothing that flatters the figure. Instead, wear more simple, roomy or baggy clothing that does not emphasize the figure.

Straps. No strapless dresses or tops that expose the shoulders. Cover the shoulders, which are a sexy area. Also, avoid tops that just have thin straps and tops that allow the bra straps to show.

Dresses. Most dresses show off a woman’s legs and ankles and are not okay.  Long dresses are better. Also, dresses are less safe because you can't run in them.

Pants and skirts. Do not wear shorts or skirts. Also avoid tight pants.

Sport jackets and other jackets.  It is best if these are long enough to cover the buttocks.

Scarves.  These often send a sexy message, especially if they are red or reddish. A scarf is okay if it is cold outside and you need to stay warm. Preferably do not wear one that is red or reddish in color.

Sports outfits.  These are usually very sexy – too tight, too sheer or have other problems.  Avoid most of them.

Underwear. Always wear panties for cleanliness and less sexiness.  We suggest regular underwear, not sexy bikini style underwear.

A bra may not be needed, but it is important to cover up the breasts well.  The best bra is one that is not padded and does not elevate or separate the breasts.

Instead of a bra some women prefer to wear a swath or band of natural material around the breast area. It does not make the breasts stick out and it covers up well. For details, read Breasts.

Bathing suits. Do not wear just a bathing suit. They are all rather sexy. To swim, wear a tee shirt (not white) and a pair of shorts over a bathing suit. Avoid bikini bathing suits, in particular.

Socks. It is best to wear socks all the time. The best are regular length socks, not the ones that are cut off at the ankles.  This is for warmth and to avoid showing off your ankles.

Shoes.  Wear shoes without heels, and do not wear flip flops.  Avoid cute-looking women’s shoes and if needed, wear men’s footwear, which is not usually cute looking. Avoid shoes that basically have your feet on the ground and naked. These are common women's shoes – a thin, flat pad and tiny straps that hold the pad on your feet. Much too sexy.

Other.  Be careful with “cute” outfits and other items of clothing such as scarves, pins, bracelets and other things that are designed to attract attention.

However, wearing a Christian cross and a promise ring are excellent.  They can send a message of innocence and non-sexuality, but only when combined with an overall non-sexy look and non-sexy actions that are described below.

Colors.  The best colors to wear are white and light blues, greens and yellows.  These are less sexy than reds and pinks. 

We suggest wearing white or very light colors only, but this is for other reasons.  White shows the dirt and helps keep you clean.  It also is best to reflect the negative energies of other people away from you.  It also allows unseen angels and other helpers to examine your body and clothing for implants and other add-ons that should not be there, so they can remove them.  For more details, read Color and How To Dress.


This is a difficult issue.  If a woman stands up straight and tall, she will be more sexy because her breasts will stick out more.  However, good posture helps one’s health and one’s self-esteem, as well.  So this can be a dilemma for some women.  In general, we suggest having good posture and focusing on being unsexy in other ways.


Avoid all strong-smelling soaps, lotions, shampoo, cologne, anti-perspirants, deodorants, oils and other body care products.  These all send a sexy message and many women do not realize the power of odors on other people. 

Even if another does not like the odor, it arouses their attention and focuses it on you.  The worst is often perfumes, which should be avoided altogether because they contain toxic chemicals, as do all anti-perspirants.  For details, read Cosmetics.


Avoid it all! Some women feel naked without it. However, it all sends a sexy message and focuses attention on your body in a sexy and superficial way. Body paint includes on the toe nails or finger nails, hair creams, rouge, eye shadow, lipstick and perhaps more.

Very rarely, a woman needs a little eye shadow or other makeup to highlight the face, but this is rare.  In almost all cases, rather than wear makeup, improve your health with a development program.  Then your natural color, sparkle and fragrance will shine forth.


Keep your fingernails and toenails short, and don’t paint them.  Nail polish, even clear polish, is very toxic and quite sexy.


The following tend to be sexy activities that are best avoided if you want to be unsexy:

Avoid flirting, flashing, signaling or 'playing' with others for any reason. This is very important. If you are interested in another person for a relationship or friendship, walk up to the person and introduce yourself directly. Women, in particular, are often not good at doing this. Instead, they 'drop hints' with their hair, their clothing or their gestures. These are usually sexy. Don't do this. Men don't like it and it is quite sexy.

Avoid parties, unless you know everyone who will be at the party and you know it will be wholesome. Many parties turn sexy.

Be very careful with dating. Beware that the rogues use dates as setups for rapes. For details, read Dating.

Avoid working at jobs or spending time where people undress or walk around scantily clad. This includes certain waitressing jobs and working as a lifeguard at a pool or beach. It also includes working as a massage therapist or in the field of body work. It includes some nursing and medical jobs, as well. Also, some jobs in the arts such as dancing and acting are quite sexy and best avoided.

Sports. Some sports are somewhat sexy. Particularly sexy are swimming and any sport where you wear a skimpy outfit. We don't encourage sports. They don't tend to favor development and healing.

More about behavior is in the section of the Rape article entitled Preventing Rape.


We will discuss this topic in accordance with the 7 system:

1. Survival. Unsexy in this area means not thinking you must be sexy to survive and be successful in life.  For example, some women think they need to dress sexy to attract a mate. 

In general, te best men are not looking for sexy and too sexy is a negative quality.  Meanwhile, sexy tends to attract a lower quality type of man to you.  This is quite dangerous and harmful for your survival and happiness.

2. Emotions.  Unsexy here means do not continuously entertain sexy thoughts and attitudes.  This includes sexy fantasies, viewing sexy movies and photos, and more. Also, do not have loose sexual attitudes and loose sexual behavior.

3. Power and control.  Some women dress and act sexy to control others, usually men and perhaps other women.  This is arrogant and just feeds the ego. Do not flirt, flash, play or tease men or other women!

4. Social. To be unsexy, do not just follow the crowd if they are all dressed scantily or talking or behaving in a sexy way.

5. Work and creativity. The fifth center is about self-expression. Some women, in particular, dress and behave in sexy ways as a means of self-expression. Do not do this and don't think of yourself in these terms. Avoid sexy activities, as discussed below.

6. Ideas.  Avoid sexy philosophies such as “if you have it, flaunt it”, “if it feels good, do it”, “the more sex, the better” and “anything goes”. We recommend the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule as guides to thinking.

7. Spirituality.  Adopt an unsexy lifestyle. Follow wholesome Biblical religious philosophy and practices.  Avoid other spiritual paths such as witchcraft and goddess religions that are often of a sexy nature.



Being and acting unsexy is not natural for women.  Women are programmed biologically to attract men. In addition, advertisers teach women to be sexy, movies and other media often teach one to be sexy, and even doctors, counselors and others often teach that sexy is okay and just good fun.

As a result, it is not easy to be unsexy and most women fail to do it, even if they desire to do it.


Some women will say they must act and look at least a little sexy in order to attract a husband.  However, our experience is this is not true. We contend that if one follows the suggestions in this article one will still attract a partner, and in fact a much higher quality one than if she acts and dresses sexy!

The reason is that healthy, happy women are always attractive.  You really cannot help it.

When you think about attracting a mate, think of the Biblical quote: “Set your mind on God’s kingdom and his justice before everything else, and all the rest will come to you as well”– Matthew 6:33. Sexy is not the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather the lower kingdom of the flesh.


Most of this article is for women, who are often unaware of their sexy attitudes, dress and behavior.  Avoiding sexy is less of an issue for men, but is important in a few cases.

For men to be unsexy, don’t stare at women, especially below the neck.  Don’t think sex when you see a woman, no matter how attractive she is.  Also, do not lie to a woman to get her to talk to you, go out with you, or anything else.

Some men need to avoid sexy styles of dress such as tight shirts and tight pants.  Also avoid opening the top button of your shirt, and ideally avoid see-through styles and reddish colors.

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