by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The wells.  These are two oval-shaped areas, one in front of, and the other behind the lower abdomen, hips and upper legs of every person.  They cannot be seen with the eyes because they are not physical.  They are areas where certain energies collect.

The wells of women, more than men, tend to fill up with tiny, fine matter creatures that the group we call the Rogues bring to the earth by the trillions. 

The purpose.  Having the tiny creatures in the wells makes all women, to some degree, feel somewhat dirty and contaminated.  It also tends to make them want sex because this temporarily cleans out the wells.

This occurs because the creatures irritate this area of a womanÕs body.  Also, having sex tends to reduce their numbers for a week or so and this also makes some women want to have sex more often. 

The effect on the energy field. Those who can see the human energy field or aura may be able to see the wells.  They give the aura of most women a bulge at the waist and hips and they darken the energy field. 


The prongs. These are a name given to the same damaged souls that collect in the wells.  However, when they find their way into the vagina, they are called prongs. 

This occurs in all women and teenage girls, at least to some degree.  As with the souls in the wells, the prongs inside the vagina make woman feel somewhat dirty and contaminated.




1. Prongs and full wells slow womenÕs development.  This is extremely important.

2. They make some women want sex, even with men who are not high quality.  The reason is that having sex clears the prongs and the wells better than most other methods.  Along with charging and sexual fluid craving, prongs cause a powerful sexual addiction in some women that can even lead to suicide in a sensitive woman.

3. This can make teenagers and some adult women promiscuous because they feel cleaner after having sex.

4. This is one reason why marriage with consistent sex is helpful for many women.

5. Rapists know about the prongs and wells, and can sometimes confuse a woman terribly by clearing them during a rape.  The woman actually feels cleaner after a filthy rape, which confuses her badly.

Other causes of mix-up due to rape are the pleasure of the rape, the zing from the sexual fluid of the rapist, and charging that occurs during a rape.

6. Prongs and full wells may cause negative feelings, depression and even suicidal thoughts in teenage girls and women that are hard to understand.

7. The prongs are worse in underground bases and closed in homes, and can make these places miserable.




These may include feelings of being dirty, or sexy in a negative way.  One may feel contaminated and full of anger and hatred.  Other symptoms are feelings of depression and even despair and suicidal thoughts.




1. Yin. The hips and upper legs are the most yin part of a human body.  Yin tends to attract things to it.

Most women are much too yin today.  Reasons for this are congenital yin (born too yin), improper diet, unhealthful lifestyles, too much stress, and to some degree sexually-transmitted diseases and some other traumas to the pelvic area.

Other yin influences today are toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment, breathing impure air, and electromagnetic stress from computers, televisions, cell phones, cell phone towers and other devices.  Another source is ionizing radiation from power plants, smoke detectors and other sources.

2. An underactive thyroid gland.  This appears to be a factor, in some cases.  This is related to a sluggish oxidation rate, malnutrition and toxicity.

3. The rogues.  They bring in the tiny creatures and the goal is to make everyone sexy, which depletes their energy and slows development.




1. Having sex, or even just a long hug with a man.  The womanÕs body is polarized and attracts the aberrant souls.  If a man is close to her, his energy negates her attractive charge and the souls fly away.

2. Become less yin.  This requires a nutritional balancing program, eating no fruit or sweets, and taking only the proper supplements, because most supplements are yin.  Herbs and homeopathy are even worse. For details, please read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing on this site.

2. The nutritional balancing procedures.  Be sure to include these with a nutritional balancing program:

The reddish heat lamp daily.  This is most helpful.  Sit in front of a reddish heat lamp for at least an hour every day, or the sit inside a red heat lamp sauna for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.  The effect can be remarkable if the wells are very clogged.  Many people report extreme improvement in symptoms by this method.  For more on this topic, please read Sauna Therapy on this website.

The pulling down exercise.  This means pushing energy downward through the body from head to feet, and/or pulling the energy downward from the head to the feet.  Doing this daily for at least two hours is extremely good to empty the wells and keep them empty.  Over time, one can become very adept at clearing the wells using this exercise.  For more, read The Pushing Down Exercise on this site.

The coffee cleanses.  Daily coffee enemas and moreso, vaginal coffee implants, are extremely helpful to move energy downward through the body, and to clear the wells.  For more on this topic, please read Vaginal Coffee Implants and Coffee Enemas.

* Vaginal peroxide implants.  These clear prongs very well and keep them away from days, at least.  This is one reason women feel very clean after doing this procedure.  For details, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants.

Deep breathing.  This has a very positive effect on the wells.

Heal traumas.  If rape, molestation or any other traumas occurred in this area of the body, then healing the traumas is most helpful.  A nutritional balancing program is extremely helpful to heal traumas of all kinds, as can be counseling and other methods.

Learning to forgive everyone for everything that has occurred in your life is a key to healing all traumas.  For more on this topic, please read Forgiveness and Trauma Release on this website.

Chiropractic or the spinal twists.  Releasing misalignments of the lower back and hips is excellent.  For more on this, read Chiropractic on this website.


How come the idea of the wells and prongs is not found on the internet?  I believe because the wells are not visible to the naked eye, the concept is not well known, and the rogues donÕt want it known.



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