by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure of any disease or health condition.


            For the safest and fastest healing and development, wear light-colored clothing.  Also, as much as possible, be around light-colored environments.  White, or very close to white, is best.

            This principle applies not only to your clothing.  It also applies to furniture, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, countertops, appliances such as refrigerators and stoves, beds, desks, and even floors.




            The six reasons are:

1. Absorbing.  Light-colored and especially white surfaces and clothing tend to reflect subtle energies directed toward them.  Dark colored surfaces and clothing all tend to absorb and hold energies directed toward them.

The problem is that most people’s energy is very fearful, and sometimes predatory, lying, treacherous or even murderous.  Therefore, it is not best to absorb other people’s energy.


2. Toxicity.  Dark-colored dyes used to make dark clothing and dark-colored surfaces are generally more toxic than white and light-colored dyes used to make light-colored clothing and other surfaces. 

Dark dyes usually contain iron, manganese and certain other metals in biounavailable forms.  They are oxides that we call the ‘Amigos’.  They are all toxic, and best not worn on the body.


3. Tracking.  We are learning that the Rogues may actually use the iron in dark-colored pigments for tracking and other purposes.


4. Hiding devices.  The rogues can also more easily hide tags and other tiny electronic devices on objects that are dark in color.  Our forces simply cannot see them to remove them.

They use these devices to damage the bodies, slow development, monitor conversations, influence your thoughts and actions, and for subtle brainwashing. 


5. Cleanliness.  Dirt and grime are more difficult to see on some dark surfaces such as dark clothing.  As a result, people do not wash dark-colored clothing nearly as often and it is often filthy. 

It is much better to see the dirt and keep your clothing clean, and this requires having light-colored clothing and other objects.  For more details about the importance of cleanliness, read Cleanliness.


6. Invisibility.  Dark colors make you more invisible.  This is why some who are overweight wear dark colors so as not to attract as much attention to the body. 

However, we are here to be “the light of the world”, not to be invisible.  We are here to radiate, not to absorb or to hide our light.  For details, read Broadcasting and Women And Maturity.  The book and audio program, The Real Self, also explains this concept.

We do not think wearing light-colored clothing is more dangerous for women, provided it is not see-through.


7. Yin. Black and other dark colors are more yin than white and lighter colors.  Yin is a word in the Chinese language that refers to a quality of particles of matter.

Yin means slower moving particles of matter.  This produces a colder, darker, and today a much less healthy product.

The problem is that all the bodies are already too yin due to environmental pollution, electromagnetic stress, ionizing radiation, and nutritional depletion.

It is best to be surrounded by a more yang environment, including the color of one’s clothing.  This is not as important as the yin or yang quality of one’s food, but it is still a factor that either enhances your health or can damage it.  For details, read Yin Disease.




            It is best to get rid of all dark-colored objects, clothing, and even shoes.  We think you will find life will improve when you do this.  We know this is a financial hardship for some people, but it is best.

At this time, some objects such as stereo equipment and even computers are fashionably black or dark in color.  We hope this will change soon, as there is no reason why the colors need to be dark.




Cleanliness.  Light-colored clothing and surfaces are more difficult to keep clean.  Dirt simply shows more.  We do not think this is a problem, however, and in fact, it is best to see the dirt.

See-through.  Light-colored clothing needs to be thicker than dark-colored clothing in order not to be somewhat transparent or translucent.  Once again, we do not see this as a problem, and in fact it is often less sexy, which is good.  Thicker clothing will also weigh a little more, but this is not too important.



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