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A father spoke to his teenage daughter about the danger, carelessness, indignity, and stupidity of wearing short shorts.  However, she continued to wear them.

So one day he made a pair for himself and walked around the house dressed this way.  The daughter was distraught at seeing her Dad in short shorts.  He said, "If you ever wear them again, I will come dressed this way to pick you up and drop you off at school."   It worked!


              How to dress is an important area of lifestyle.  Here are suggestions:




Problems that occur when women wear sexy clothing are:


1. Safety!  Reasons why dressing sexy or dressing down is extremely dangerous for women are:

- It excites men sexually very much.  This is never safe for women.  It is also harmful for men.  It is never wise for women to excite the male sexual organs unless you are alone with your husband and it is all planned.  See below for more on this topic.

- It makes it easier for a potential rapist to undress you. 

- Wearing sexy clothing is considered “signaling clothing” by male predators looking for sex.

Even if you are not going out in public, you should dress modestly.  You never know when someone will come to the door, or your car will break down, or another emergency will require that you must walk through a bad neighborhood.  You should always be prepared for this, because it happens.

Dress like you are going to walk through dark alleys alone and you need to be covered up adequately.


2. Professionalism.  It is always wise to look like a professional person, even if you are a student, a housewife, or anything else.  It gives you respect, and people will listen to you far more.  You will carry a certain authority. 

It should not be so, because people should listen to you no matter how you look.  However, it is true that uniforms carry authority with them.  You need not spend a lot on the clothes.  It is more about the look than the actual design or even condition of the clothing.


3. Attracting only what you want and need, and nothing else.  The way you dress can either cause people to be more interested in you, or it can turn them off to you, meaning it makes them walk away.

This is called signaling.  It is very real, and women all over the world do it unconsciously.  So decide what and who you are looking for, and often, though not always, you will get it – or him, provided you have integrity – meaning you look the part, also.

So ladies, if you want a fine man, look like a fine woman.  If you want a man of decency, and I hope you do, then look like a woman of decency.  If you want a man of wealth or means, then look like a woman who deserves, desires and cares for money.  It does not mean to “look like a million dollars”.  It means to look modest, wholesome, and healthy.


4. Putting others at ease. It is often very helpful to help others feel at ease around you.  They will treat you better, smile more, be more helpful to you when you need help, and so on.

Did you know that many people feel very uncomfortable around others who are dressed in seductive or sexy clothing?

Also, You never know when you will need to deal with authorities like the police, the firemen, or others.  It is always helpful to dress nicely, and look older and responsible.  They will treat you with far more respect.  Otherwise, they may treat you like an immature person, even if it is not so.


5. Causing people to pay heed and listen to you, and do what you tell them.  This may seem like an odd reason, but it is very important to appear, look and talk like an authority figure, at times.

For example, you might see a little girl wander into the street, and you yell out, “Come here at once and get out of the road”.  If you are dressed too sexy, some people will not pay heed.


6. Avoiding a wrong focus in your life, and in what you project to others.  If you are not a prostitute, why dress like one?  It is not “cool”, as some think.  It is stupid and demeaning.

It is also a wrong focus.  It is a focus on the lower energy centers of the body instead of on your heart and above.  It is a focus on your physical body rather than on your head and your brain, which really define a human being.  It is a focus on the flesh instead of spirit, and a focus on the ego, rather than a focus on you as a child of God.  Dressing slutty is a completely wrong focus. 


7. Staying warm.  Do not dress in a way that you might become chilled.  Becoming cold just weakens the body.  Also, letting yourself get cold activates the sympathetic nervous system, and this is harmful in the extreme for your health.


8. If you are ever attacked, being covered up well makes it harder for someone to remove clothing.  It is horrible to think about, but it is true.


9. What message does it send to you?  Dressing always sends you messages about yourself.  Sadly, many young women say to themselves and to the world with their dress:

“I am a woman now.  Look at me.  I have a great body.  I can do and say and dress any way I want.  I am free.  I am liberated and what’s wrong with showing off a little”.

This is true, to an extent.  But here is what is wrong with this all too common attitude:

The world is not about you.  So showing off is not really liberation, except on a teenage level.  On an adult level, you are much more than body parts.  You are a whole person, and focusing on your body is actually depressing and immature because it denies who you really are.

Hidden messages to yourself.  The above attitude that “I can do what I want”, and “What is wrong with flaunting the body a little” also contains hidden messages to yourself and others.  These include:

1. I am in competition with other women to attract the boys or men.

2. I am really insecure about my body so I must flaunt it.

3. I am attractive if can turn heads.  (Your beauty is much deeper than this.)

4. I want to raise penises.  (This is a big ego trip and it is Energy Vampirism, meaning a desire to tease, upset, and get a little energy off the men.   It makes some men very angry.  It is not a wise idea unless you want to be raped, beaten and maybe killed.

5. Maybe I want to be raped or beaten up so I can hate men like I hate my Dad, so I “invite trouble”.


10. You will get more Prongs, which make you feel dirty and ill.


11. It is very bad for boys and men.  Men are programmed to notice women’s body parts, especially when the parts are exposed.  Dressing sexy takes men’s attention away from more important matters and directs it to you. 

It also tends to weaken their relationship with their wives, most of whom do not like your sexy dress style.  They rightly view it as competition, which they do not need or want.

Many women don’t care about all this, but they should.  It is part of the selfishness and thoughtlessness of dressing sexy.


12. Setting a good example for others.  Wherever you go, and whatever you wear and do, you are setting an example.

You set an example for other young women, for men, for older people and of course, for the children and those younger than you.  Do you realize that you have this power, every one of you?  Therefore, be careful about the example you set.

For example, you might lead another young girl into prostitution because you are dressing like a whore and she doesn’t realize that you are just “playing”, meaning you are not really a prostitute you are just dressing like one.

She may not realize it and think that prostitution is cool because you are doing it.  Be careful – beware - because you may be responsible if this happens.  You can lead others astray, and this is a serious spiritual crime.  Stop it now, even if you don’t want to!

Also, what kind of example are you setting for your society – for the way you want society to be?  Ask yourself this question and decide if you really want the women looking like whores.  It may help you change your ways.


13. Letting go of the “innocent maiden” lie. Many young women, especially, but even older ones, think they are just innocent maidens who can do what they want, and dress as they please, because they are so innocent and sweet.

            Don’t fall for the innocent maiden idea.  No one is that innocent, no matter what you believe or see on television, or in the fake movies, or other media.  At one level, all are innocent, but at another level you are not innocent at all.

And sex, by the way, is never an innocent pursuit.  It always carries consequences, and  women are almost always the losers.  The women get pregnant, the women get the worst diseases, and the women get the shame.  Some are killed, too.  So we repeat, don’t fall for the innocent maiden trick.  The media loves it, but it is a lie.


            14. But is it not okay to dress down for fun?  Dressing for fun is fine.  Dressing down is not wise, even if it is fun for pretty young girls.  That is the bottom line, as they say.  Dressing down gets you in heaps of trouble, so it is not worth it.  Do it in front of your husband, perhaps, or maybe with girlfriends only.  But not in public, and that includes Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.




Any clothing that is tight to the skin, torn, sheer, see through, mesh or a sexy or “cute” design.

Any suggestive designs – metallic, shiny, red, or emphasizing the breasts, pelvis or legs.

Dresses: Any that are hemmed above the knees, tight, see through or very thin or sheer, strapless, one strap or thin straps.

Pants: Any that are tight, especially blue jeans, too short so as to show ankles.

Shorts:  All are bad, especially if they are less than ¾ thigh.  It does not matter if the temperature is scorching. 

Tops: tight, sleeveless, exposed shoulders, too thin, an open top button or missing the top button, low cut, showing cleavage, open backs, tank tops, thin straps, or bare midriff.  Also, bra straps showing or wearing no bra, or a push-up or padded bra.  A bra may not be needed if the breasts are small and nipples are well-concealed.

Socks:  Wear them and wear the older type that covers up your ankles.  They keep you warmer and are less sexy.

Shoes: Avoid all high-heeled shoes or medium-heeled shoes, flip-flops, or sexy sandals with no socks, especially if you paint your toenails, which is a toxic and sexy habit.

Other: A few big buttons holding you together, tattoos, piercings, the “clothing falling off” look, the sexy sloppy look, or not enough underwear – thong or a bikini that can be seen through your clothes.

Ties or zippers on top, especially if they come undone easily.

           For more on this subject, read How To Be Unsexy.




The reasons are:

1. White and light colors tend to reflect energy.  Dark colors tend to absorb energies.  As you move about, it is best to reflect away most people’s energy.  You will feel better this way.

2. Light-colored or white clothing shows the dirt.  Some don’t like this, but it will help you keep yourself cleaner and you will know sooner if you have gotten your clothing dirty.

3. It is also easier for your guides and helpers to check you and remove tiny and hard-to-see objects that may attach themselves to you.

4.  White and light-colored clothing tends to contain fewer toxic chemicals such as dyes.  This is important if one is detoxifying the body.

            For more details, read Color.




Natural fiber clothing is generally best.  It does not block the flow of subtle energy and has other benefits, especially cotton. 

Be sure you wash ALL clothing first before wearing it.  Even organically grown cotton clothing often has chemicals added to it.  Ideally, leave new clothing out in the sun for a few days before wearing it.  If the clothing smells of chemicals, definitely leave it in the sun for at least 2 days.

This is also important if you “inherit” or buy used clothing, since you never know what sort of infections lurk in the clothing. 


            Organic natural fibers. These are very good.  Buying organic clothing also supports organic agriculture, which is excellent for the planet.  However, it is more expensive and not needed unless perhaps you are sensitive to the chemicals in clothing.  For example, cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides. 

Avoid permanent press, anti-bacterial, anti-stain, and other chemical additives.  This is a new trend in clothing, and getting more difficult to avoid.  However, the chemical-impregnated clothing usually does not breathe as well, and the chemicals are absorbed into the body through the skin. 




Always dress warmly enough.  Wear socks if it is at all cold outside, for example.  If you do not dress warmly, the body goes into a fight-or-flight mode, and this is extremely harmful for health and development.  Simple hats are a wonderful idea to keep your head warm in the cold, as are long pants and long sleeves.

Always wear loose-fitting clothing.  Tight clothes are not only too sexy.  They can cut off your circulation and tend to transfer more chemicals from the clothing into your body.






We do not recommend that women wear dresses.  The reasons are:

1. Too open below.  This is always somewhat unsafe for women and makes rape easier.

Never wear a dress or skirt on a date.  It is definitely asking for trouble because you are “wide open”.  This means that wearing a dress or skirt may be considered a signal that you want the man to put his hand up your dress or pull up your dress.  It does not matter that you are wearing it just for fun or because you have nice legs to show off.

2. It is difficult to run, kick or fight in a dress.  This is sad to have to talk about, but women should be able to handle themselves as well as possible.  Dresses and skirts make this more difficult.  Tight skirts, such as those worn by business women, are the worst in this regard.

3. Too sexy.  Most dresses and skirts expose your legs, which are usually bare, and the knees, which are another sexy area.

4. Somewhat dangerous.  Dresses catch on things more easily than pants.  They also can blow up if a gust of wind catches them at the right angle.

5. Harder to stay warm.  Staying warm is critical for women’s health.  Even on a warm day, a dress is much colder than wearing a pair of pants.

6. Harder to wear socks with it.  Socks just don’t look as good with a dress, but socks will keep you warmer.

7. Sitting problems.  Unless it is a long dress or skirt, when you sit people will stare at your underpants.  The only solution is to cross your legs all the time, which is not ideal.




We do not recommend tight belts for women or men.  Women, however, wear them the most.  Tight belts can cut off circulation, impair digestion, cause constipation, impair breathing and impair your movement.  For women, they can make it difficult or even impossible to run fast.  They are also sexy.




This section is mostly for men, so they will understand women better.  The reasons women wear bras are:


- For warmth.  Women often don’t wear undershirts, as they should.  At least they wear a bra, although it is not a good substitute. 

- For simple modesty, as part of covering up.

- To be less sexy and more protected.  The bra is a layer of clothing that makes many women feel safer in public.  This is particularly true of sports bras, which are hard to take off.  Wearing a bra on a date, for example, is definitely for safety and is always recommended.

- To hide prominent nipples.

- To stop larger or floppy breasts from moving around.

- To protect against excessive sweat or milk production during the day.  Some women release milk spontaneously, especially if they are breastfeeding a baby.  Some women also sweat a lot and without a bra the sweaty breasts stick to one’s shirt, which is embarrassing and too sexy.

- Part of an outfit.  Some women’s clothing is cut so that they require a bra.  Otherwise the clothing does not fit, might fall off, or the outfit just does not work.

- To move men’s eyes upward so as to avoid men staring at their crotch and vagina.  This is unpleasant for women, and quite unsafe since it tends to lead to rape.

- To reduce breast sensitivity.  Some women’s breasts are so sensitive to touch that if a woman accidentally runs into something or someone she can have an orgasm.  This may sound unusual, but it is very unpleasant because she becomes wet down below and it can show through her pants or dress.

- To help her posture.  Some bras are designed to do this and really help a lot.

- For appearance to shape the breasts.  Many women’s breasts are triangular or other unusual shapes that are not attractive.

- To enhance sex appeal.  Examples are push-up bras, separating bras, padded bras and cleavage bras.  This is not just a superficial matter.  More attractiveness on top also keeps men’s eyes looking up, and not on her crotch.

- Other.  Some women like wearing a bra as a location to store items such as an extra feminine pad or an extra ten dollar bill in case she loses her wallet.  Unlike men’s clothing, some women’s clothing does not have pockets, or have fewer pockets than men’s clothing.


General tips.  Try to find a bra that is comfortable first, and do not just pick one for good looks.  In general, push up bras are not comfortable and should not be worn.  Many kinds of bras exist.  Please check them out - do not settle for ill-fitting or uncomfortable bras.


Bra dangers.  Bras easily cut off blood and lymph circulation to the breasts if they do not fit well, are too tight, or the wrong shape.  Some have tight straps that cut into the shoulders.  Use pads underneath them if this is your problem.  Some make breathing difficult, which is not good at all.

Even if they fit correctly and are shaped correctly, if possible, always take off your bra when you come home at night to give the breasts time to relax and for circulation to be restored.  Do not sleep with a bra on, not even a small one.  Give the breasts a rest at night.






Some young and older women feel like tramps, or feel unclean or loose, even if they are not.  This can be due to entity possession, past traumas like rapes, incest or molestation, or even just for “fun”.

Deciding you will dress modestly and professionally can be literally painful for these women, and obnoxious and even odious or burdensome.  But that is because dressing modestly begins to send different self messages that the woman is unprepared to accept, or perhaps an entity is unprepared to accept.

It will help to save you, dear ones, really it will.  Fight the urge to rip off the nice clothes and play whore.  Fight it hard and you will win back your soul, in some cases.  It is a struggle that young teens and others must often face.


Resisting peer pressure and societal pressures.  Many attractive women feel that it is expected of them to dress sexy, or dress slutty.  Sadly, their fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends and even mothers tell them it is okay to dress ‘stunning’, ‘knockout’, ‘cool’, ‘nifty’, ‘babe’, ‘chick’ and other such descriptions.

The immature boys and men like the penises to go up, and the fathers can be “proud” of their daughter’s body parts. 

Why would mothers ever suggest or go along with dressing sexy?  Some are too weak or busy or just don’t care, sadly.  Others are afraid to challenge you for hear you will hate them forever and they will lose you.  A few are secretly resentful, hate men and boys, and secretly love their daughters to “shine” and “stick out”.

Some mothers and fathers even want to ruin you.  They want you to go down in flames, so to speak, to make them feel better or to satisfy their entities, and it gets even more complex than this.

All of this puts extreme pressure on many young women, and even older ones.  However, you have a choice.  You can bow to these insane pressures, often unconscious, and often due to entity possession, trauma and other dark forces.  You can also pick yourself up, stop playing the patsy, and live your life as a dignified lady.  You can realize that you were playing into the hands of the media and the dark forces - the lower forces in society, maybe including parents and others.  You can choose again to be on the side of the light.

Dark forces are real, and they love invading women and making the women walk, talk, and look like sluts and whores.  This is a hard truth to swallow for many “innocent young maidens”, but it is true.  All are subject to forces that seek to corrupt your morals.  So beware that maybe your dress is not really your dress, but is what others want – others that you can see and hear, and others that influence you in subtle ways that the Christians call demons or entities.


            What to do when Dad, and even Mom, tell you it is okay to dress sexy, or when they just let you get away with it.  Basically tell them it is not okay, and you are sorry they don’t understand the world better.  Leave it there, or you will become even angrier that they are not disciplining you as they should.




This is an unusual topic, but we find it contains some truth.


1. Cadmium and dressing immodestly.  It sounds strange, but cadmium toxicity can encourage a woman or man to dress sexy.  This is a nutritional problem.

If you are not succeeding in overcoming the dress problem easily as you read this article, most likely you are high in cadmium.  Cadmium is called the “macho” mineral.  It is associated with more risk-taking.  It may encourage you to be a showoff, vampire-like, “tough” and hardened, so you don’t feel exactly what you are doing.

This is one effect of this extremely toxic and hardening metal in your body.  It is very common today, as it is used in brake linings of cars, cigarette papers, marijuana cigarettes, and it gets into the air, water and food. 

Especially if you eat refined and junk food like sugars, soda pop, white breads and white rice all the time, the cadmium replaces zinc and other minerals that are low, and builds up in the body, and affects the brain in the ways described above.  It is a fascinating mineral, but one that will tend to make you dress up like a whore and enjoy it when it should repulse you.

If you think your body chemistry is off, do something about it.  This website has the answers.  Begin with the article The Healing Lifestyle, which sets out a basic program.  If you can afford it, send in a hair sample or visit one of the Approved Practitioners to get on a program to clear out the cadmium from your system.


2. Copper and dressing immodestly, sassy or slutty.  Copper is another mineral that, when in excess, causes young women and men to dress in unseemly ways.

Copper is different than cadmium.  It is a ‘female’ mineral that makes women more emotional, more spacy, not as aware, more into “fun”, for example, in a sloppy way, and more interested in excitement, happiness and joy, to the exclusion of common sense in many cases. 

Get copper into balance and you will calm down, relax, see things clearly and realize you’ve been kind of stupid and a “space cadet”, playing with things you should not be playing with.  This is the copper story.  To balance copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome and look at the same article as above, The Healing Lifestyle.


3. Iron imbalance may contribute to dressing sexy.  Iron is somewhat like cadmium in this regard.  It insulates you, makes more a little macho, gives you courage that is false, makes you “righteously angry” or so you believe, and makes you somewhat aggressive sexually, and even more attractive sexually than you would otherwise be.

So get this one into balance, too, ladies.  A nutritional balancing program will balance all the minerals – at least two dozen, and remove the toxic ones.  That is the beauty of this program over others that just focus on copper or lead, or something else.


4. High and low calcium slutty clothing.  High calcium immodesty is a common imbalance.  These women or men are out of touch and suppressed, so their emotions, desires and secret attitudes come out in odd or unusual ways, one of which can be their dress.

Low-calcium immodest dressing.  These are fast oxidizer women and men.  They are fortunately rather rare.  They have higher male hormone levels and may be quite sexually aggressive.

Some are energy vampires.  This doesn’t mean they suck blood.  It means they get energy off others.  It is done by upsetting others.  This can include sexually enticing men, angering women, ruining children’s innocence, and generally creating havoc.  One way they do this is dressing in immodest ways.  To read about these vampires, read Energetic Vampires on this site.  

I know this article sounds like a downer, but it is only because I don’t want you to be down for any reason, if you know what I mean.



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