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            This article is an overview of our world, and of this website.  Some of the topics may seem unusual.




There is an organizing, loving, ordering or anti-entropic (syntropic, or moving toward greater complexity) force.  Those that deny this are not thinking clearly.  If you doubt it, just look at your hand, or any other example of a living being. 

The Creator or God has nothing to do with religion, which is an organized group of teachings, rituals and traditions.  Religions may be said to be explanations of God or the Creator, and information about His actions, intent and effects.

The Creator or God has divided Himself into trillions and trillions of tiny pieces or sparks.  These have gathered tiny bodies around themselves and these are the souls.




            Souls are the basic units of consciousness.  They control all the activities of all bodies, including ours.

The true answer to the question: “Who am I?”, is that you are a group of souls.  They function together to keep you alive and they direct all bodily functions, as well as all emotional and mental functioning.

There is a powerful movement on earth to deny the reality of the soul because it is a very empowering concept and souls are not visible with our present microscopes.  As a result, the fact of the soul is not taught today in schools or in the media.  However, the idea of souls is real.

Souls live a very long time and are not too affected by disease, starvation or death of the physical body.  When a body dies, the souls simply move on to a new task or body.  Thus, for the souls, all events are fairly neutral.

Souls want to have experiences in order to learn various lessons.  A number of articles on this website describe souls such as Soul Science, Soul Upgrades, and about four other articles.




There are two main types of bodies on earth and throughout the cosmos.  They are coarse matter bodies and fine matter bodies.  Ours are course matter bodies.  Souls, elves, angels and others have fine matter bodies, which are difficult for most people to see.  However, they are real.  For more details, read Bodies In Space, Elves Or Fairies, Angels, and The Life Chart.

Almost all bodies, including plants and animals, are nutritionally deficient and toxic.  This is due to the conditions on earth, including the food supply, and environmental contamination.  For more on this topic, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.




              All souls are needed and are created equal.  None are better than the others, although some are older than others, so they are more mature and wiser.  These are important principles of life.

              Harming others, or taking advantage of others in any way is completely stupid because at the highest level, we are all part of one mind/one body, and we need each other healthy and happy.  Thus, war, stealing, murder and rape are completely idiotic.  However, war teaches many lessons so it is used to provide experiences for souls.

The nations need strong defenses because wars will not stop for a while.  America’s military is a powerful force for good in the world, and no other nation or military force can fulfill their role at this time.




            What is space?  Space is filled with an energy called ether and is mainly populated by fine matter beings that can tolerate the cold conditions of space.  Some are tiny, while others are huge.  They have different forms.  Some look like our plants and animals.  Others look human-like.

              There are also billions of planets in space that have human beings on them who look very much like us.  Some of them travel in space with rather simple electrically-powered ships that extract energy from the ether in space.  They make our spacecraft seem very primitive.

            Our planet is a tiny speck among literally trillions of planets, stars, and galaxies.  Space is truly enormous, much larger than our telescopes can see.  For details, read Outer Space, Intelligent Life On Other Worlds and Exopolitics.




            There exist developed, advanced human beings who assist this planet to maintain herself in many ways.  This is most important to realize.  These beings are making themselves known more, and this is a trend that will continue.  As it does, we can expect some improvements on the planet.  For details, read The Hierarchy.




This is a way to organize material of many kinds.  It is based upon the organization of a human or animal body, which is built around 7 energy centers.  Here is a rough understanding of how it works:


First Center = SURVIVAL 


            The truth is that living creatures require not just food and water, but another substance for survival that some call ether.  We are born with a certain amount of it, and we can obtain more of it by eating good food and drinking pure water.  We also obtain some through breathing.  We can bring in a lot more of it by doing the pushing down exercise recommended in all nutritional balancing programs.

For details, read The Ether Theory and Etheric Energy.  For a less scientific and more philosophical view, read What Is Life About?

            Survival also involves rest, cleanliness, sexual restraint, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.




            All material things or created things involve a balance of complementary opposite forces.  The most basic of these are described near the beginning of the Book Of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible.  There it says that God created the light and dark, the heaven and the earth, the land and the waters, and male and female.

Other words used to describe these forces or really states of matter are hot and cold, fullness and emptiness, contracted and expanded, and movement that is centrifugal or centripetal.

The same idea is also taught in the Oriental culture as the concepts of yang and yin.  For details, read Understanding Yang and Yin, Yin and Yang Healing, and Yang and Yin of Food.

The second energy center, located near the sexual organs on the body, also has to do with sexuality and emotions.  A number of articles on this website discuss these important topics.




            Nutrition is the basic structural science of human beings.  Medical care is completely wrong in this area.  So-called medical diseases are mainly states of nutritional depletion, toxicity with metals or chemicals, or some combination of the two.

Doctors are not taught the truth – that we are what we eat and digest.  This website contains hundreds of articles describing and explaining this basic fact of life.

The third energy center also has to do with the ego and mental control over oneself and others.


Fourth Center = SOCIAL MATTERS, such as FRIENDSHIPS, and social sciences such as POLITICS AND ECONOMICS


            These are very important subjects, and they are not particularly complex.  Some seek to make politics and economics complicated by using long words and mixing people up.  They have also concocted false theories and doctrines, which are sometimes taught as “truth” in our schools.

            These include communism, socialism, progressivism, liberalism, social justice instead of real justice, group rights, hate crimes, and more.  For details, read Words Often Use To Confuse People and Basic Politics, Left-Wing and Right-Wing, Political Parties In Amerca, Europe and Australia and Politics And Nutritional Balancing.  Others are Capitalism And Freedom, Austrian/Free Market Economics, The Case Against Medical Licensing, and others.


Fifth Energy Center = WORK AND SERVICE


            The fulfilling life is one of service, in all cases.  It can be service to your family, community or nation.  It can be about a business that is set up to be of service first, not to make money first and do a little service, if possible.  If you understand this concept and are careful with money, your business will prosper because you will offer real service and value to people.

            Giving service does not mean one must volunteer one’s time to help the poor and downtrodden.  That can be a trap, although volunteer service is certainly fine.  For details, read A Life Of Service, Giving And The Life Of Service, and The Light Workers.


Sixth Energy Center = KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM


            We are here to learn and experience.  This website discusses a number of sciences that are not taught much on earth.  They include The Aura, The Merkabah, Nutritional Balancing Science, Rape, The Energy Centers, The Dantiens, The Central Channel, Trance States, and others mentioned in the article, Advanced Sciences.




            The seventh energy center is located at the crown of the head and points upward, away from the earth.  It is our connection to the Holy Spirit, God, higher realms, the high self, guardian angels, divine guidance and the oversoul.  This is a composite soul that supervises our souls.

            Our culture does not understand this aspect of creation very well.  Yet it is critical for our mental and physical well-being and it distinguishes us from the lower creatures.

For details, read An Ancient Hebrew Language, Introduction To Development, Religions And Their Meaning, the Real Self, Angels, Guidance, and a number of other articles on related subjects.


Beyond the first seven energy centers are seven more, and then seven more.  Each has to do with an aspect of life.




As stated in the Bible and some other holy books around the earth, there is a war that is being fought out in space and on earth.  Essentially, some want to control everyone else and use thousands of nasty methods to do this.  On this website, we call them the rogues, though they go by many names such as Satan.

They are very active on earth and use murder, rape, stealing, poisoning of the air, food and water, monetary manipulation, very advanced electronic implants, mind control techniques, and other methods to control the planet and everyone on it.  It is all done quite secretly, unless you happen upon their representatives, which is usually fatal or very harmful.

For details, read The Rogues, How People Are Influenced Mentally, Entity Attachment And Release, Soul Loss And Recovery, Psychotronics, The Psi War, Hypnosis, Satanism, Trance States, Cults And Terror Societies, The Cult Or Rape Diet, Rape, Brainwashing, Identifying A Brainwashed Person, Criminality, Forging, Zombies, Energetic Vampirism, Implants, Witchcraft, Soul Upgrades, Stockholm Syndrome, Prostitution, Female Genital Mutilation, “Breaking The Neck”, Curses, Hexes And Spells.




            The souls and the bodies are maturing.  This is their primary goal and activity.  It is a slow process that involves learning, perfecting their personality, working with others, and developing love and the will.  The souls and bodies are developing as individuals, and as Composites, or as groups.

            Development.  This is more advanced maturing and growth of the subtle energy fields of the body.  It is extremely important and is the goal of all nutritional balancing programs.  It causes the deepest healing of the body and mind, and greatly extends the lifespan of the body. 

It is a lengthy process that first involves the growth of the Seven Physical Energy Centers, and the correct spinning of the three Dantiens

.  Later, it involves the growth of the Merkabah, and growth of the energy centers 8-21.  This knowledge is not taught much on earth. For many more details, read the section of articles on this website entitled Development.

Also read How To Mature Faster and The Will on this website.

For much more about the 7 system, read

the many articles about the 7 System on this website. 




            This is a newer, precise method to promote the development process described above.  It consists of specific techniques that include diet and nutrition, nutritional supplements, and a set of procedures that speed up the process.

            Nutritional balancing science is a rather technical physical and chemical science that is part of the future.  It therefore seems very strange to most people, especially those schooled in the older “remedy methods” of healing.

These include most healing methods such as conventional allopathic or drug medicine.  It also includes most holistic or alternative healing as well such as herbalism, most nutrition, most naturopathy and most holistic medical methods. 

Remedy methods are not as safe or powerful.  Remedy methods are okay, but they are not nearly as powerful or as safe as nutritional balancing.  Nutritional balancing science does not require diagnoses, and does not suggest many remedies.

Instead, it suggest ways to balance and strengthen the body.  When this is done, most “diseases” and symptoms go away on their own.  This may seem similar to the remedy sciences, but it is not the same at all.

  Many articles on this website discuss this method of restoring and developing the body.  Click here to go to this section of the website articles.




            This is required to measure the body and to guide the design of nutritional balancing programs.  This test is not used much in mainstream medical care.  However, standard blood, urine, feces or other medical tests do not reveal enough information to serve as a guide for setting up nutritional balancing programs.  The tissue mineral biopsy is the best we have found, so far.  It is also simple and inexpensive.




            The earth is very toxic, at this time.  This includes the water, the air, the food, and many items produced on the planet.  I believe this is no accident.  It is, in fact, an attempt to keep the people of earth weak and sick, and it is working well.  It shortens the life spans and weakens all the bodies.  However, do not despair because you can avoid most of it.

            To escape the toxicity, you must spend a little extra effort to avoid toxic air, food, water and products.  How to do this is detailed in various articles on this website.




            All the bodies are nutritionally depleted today, not just some of them.  The main type of depletion to be concerned with is depletion of the alkaline reserve minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, manganese and a few others.  Vitamin depletion is minor, by comparison, although low levels of vitamin D are rampant because our sun is not emitting the correct frequencies at this time to enable the bodies to produce enough vitamin D simply from sun exposure, even if one sunbathes every day.

Low levels of the omega-3 fatty acids is another fact in the population of the developed nations.  This has more to do with agriculture and the livestock industry today.  Calcium depletion has to do with pasteurization of all dairy products, and a few other facts about agriculture.  Magnesium depletion has to do with food refining – and the list goes on.

There are no exceptions to this depletion.  All of the babies are born depleted in modern society.  This is less true in some primitive cultures that live on unadulterated food.

            As a result, nutritional balancing suggests several methods to offset this depletion.  Mineral intake is primary,  However, we do not like most mineral supplements.  We find it much better is to eat a lot of cooked, not raw vegetables, to use sea salt and kelp, to take a powerful digestive aid, and to completely avoid drinking much liquid with meals.  Many people do this when they drink smoothies and shakes, and too many juices, for example.  So we avoid all smoothies, no matter how nutritious they seem.




            It is important for many reasons:


1. It can provide a longer, happier and healthier life for anyone, at any age.  In other words, as one develops oneself in this way, one becomes less compatible with all illnesses, and with all negative feelings and emotions.

It can even reduce the possibility of other life challenges such as divorce, rape and auto accidents.  This is because as one becomes healthier and more aware, one thinks more clearly and accurately.  As a result, you will learn to make much wiser decisions.  Also, you will reduce your stress level and reduce your distractions.  This always leads to a safer life with much lower risk of potentially deadly accidents and other negative situations.


2. The more centered, aware, and healthier that a person is, the more easily one will handle any type of difficulty.  Many people today are quite fragile or ill.  This is not a good way to face life, if one can do something about it.

Nutritional balancing science, unlike most medical, naturopathic and holistic therapies, toughens and strengthens the body and brain, and is not simply a method to remove symptoms.  This is one of its greatest benefits.


3. This knowledge will assist anyone to handle a great shift is occurring at this time on planet earth.  It is a gigantic movement of consciousness from scarcity to abundance in material and industrial terms.  It is a movement from fear to self-love, from doubt to real confidence in oneself, from continuous wars over land and resources to peace within and on the outer level. 

If all continues well, it will result in a movement away from secrecy and horror to transparency and openness in all things, and from oppression and tyranny to self-government and self-rule for the nations.

Any information that leads to more fear, more self-doubt, more depression, or more violence for any reason is opposed to these changes and needs to be stopped, both inside of yourself and in the outer world.  For more on this topic, read The Great Shift on this website.


4. You will be better prepared to oppose negative forces in yourself and in the world that do not want the great shift to occur.  We all need to understand that powerful forces do not want people to be joyous, free and safe.  So they stage terrorist attacks, blow up buildings, poison the population with toxic metals, chemicals, medical drugs and vaccines. 

They do much more to slow or stop the change described in the paragraphs above.  One of the most devastating is rape.  Please read the key article on this subject on this website entitled Rape, and its companion article, Healing Rape.


5. This understanding will give you a new motivation for living and for devoting yourself to your healing.  Everyone needs worthwhile motives for living and existing.  Older motives for living well such as to avoid going to hell, to have fun, to make money or to have more friends, are not working as well for many people.

Developing yourself is a very noble goal and motive for living that brings great rewards and does not diminish anyone else.  In fact, as one advances in this way, one automatically assists everyone else to follow suit.

This was the teaching of Jesus and all the great teachers in history.  They proved, by their lives, that mankind can advance further and do more and greater things.  So this opportunity will be used by many, I suspect, as a way to enjoy life more, learn more, develop oneself more, and in this way help others to do the same.


6. Developing yourself is a new way of loving others.  This may seem odd, because on the surface it may seem like developing yourself is a selfish endeavor.  However, by raising oneself, one automatically improves life on earth for everyone in a subtle way.  This is actually a very unselfish way of living.  In contrast, just caring for the sick and dying, or giving one’s money to the poor, is a rather crude method that is okay, but in fact not as effective.

This is discussed in the Bible and elsewhere.  The great teachers of humanity have always suggested working on oneself, and not just giving what you have to others, which is a materialistic level of loving others that is fine, but just one level of loving others.

The poor and the sick need role models, teachers and comforters who really understand their plight, and not just handouts.  This is important for our politics as well.  Wealthy people can and many times are excellent role models, and this is needed, too.  Taking the wealth away from the rich is therefore not the answer, as some of our leaders insist upon.  Instead, why not encourage everyone to become rich.  This is the true teaching, not the false idea that the answer is to make everyone the same in wealth.  The latter is called income redistribution and so-called social justice.  It always reduces productivity of a society, and this is what has occurred in Europe, in particular, and in America, as well.




            It provides a guide and summary to help anyone navigate the large changes that are taking place, to help you distinguish fact from fiction, and reality from prejudice and lies.  It also cooperates with those who are assisting the earth at this time.



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