by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Definition.  The rogues, sometimes called the friends or others, are a vampirish phenomenon or perhaps better understood as a disease that exists throughout space and on planets such as ours.

            The rogues use very harsh measures to achieve their goals, including lying, beating, raping, stealing, poisoning and more.  Their methods are extremely high-tech, often coming from other planets, and they are extremely organized and efficient.  They are electronic geniuses, in particular.


Satans.  One of their methods is to rape and beat a human being until they break the person’s will.  Then they have a way to blend the human being with a fine-matter creature and an angelic being.

This forms a hybrid creature called a satan or satine, in some languages.  The body looks human, but the being is much stronger, hardier, smarter, much more difficult to kill, and easily controlled by them.

They bring these beings to earth by the thousands.  They roam our streets, looking just like everyone else.  However, they rape and kill, and have no scruples.  Some are government and business leaders, others are housewives, and some are even children.


            Similar to the Judeo-Christian doctrine that Satan rules the world.  This article will be less unusual to those of the Jewish and Christian faiths.  The reason is that its premise is the same as the idea that our world is not run by God at this time, but by “fallen” beings who are called Satan in the Bible.


            Conspiracy theory, fantasy or paranoia?      You may think this article is just paranoia or another “conspiracy theory”.  It is not.  It is the truth.  We ask that you review it with an open mind.

If you follow along, this article will help you greatly to understand the chaos, disease, corrupt politics, social upheaval, and other problems on earth.  That we promise you. 


A Biblical perspective. This article perfectly parallels the Biblical idea that “Satan rules the world”.  Just substitute the word rogues for Satan.  It is the exact same idea, except I explain it in scientific terms, not spiritual ones.


Shape technology.  One of their main control technology is shape technology.  It is an aspect of witchcraft.  For details, read Shape Technology.




            The rogues are from many different planets, and most do not live on earth.  However, they have “friends” here, and they recruit local people to carry out their schemes.

            They also use many groups on earth whom they influence to carry out their projects.  Prominent among them are the socialists, communists, the KGB and other secret police groups, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, and others.

They also use some gullible environmentalists, at times.  They even use some religious people in the Mormon and Jehovah Witness groups.  Most people in these religious organizations are excellent, but some at the top are not.




            Energy vampires.  They steal vital force or energy from everyone by upsetting them.  For details, read Energy Vampirism.

            Slave holders.  They believe they are superior to us and therefore have a right to do anything they like to us and with us.  They believe they “own” us and we are basically their slaves - useful for entertainment such as sex, and for “supply” – to make products and perform services for them.  Some of them also consume human flesh.

              Rapists.  The rogues use rape a lot to instill fear, control women, as a reward for their agents, for brainwashing, and more.  This is described in more detail in the Rape article.

Selfish.  This is a good word to describe their behavior, although it is on a massive scale and very sophisticated.

Liars.  Lying about almost everything is a critical part of their methods.  They do this to confuse, isolate, alienate, divide and upset people.

            Elitists.  Psychologists would call them psychopathic or sociopathic, narcissistic, elitist and arrogant.  Of course, they do not see themselves that way.  They see themselves as basically benign leaders who just “know better” than everyone else how society should be arranged, and who should be in charge.

            Secretive and deceptive.  In order to achieve their ends as easily as possible, they are very secretive, even with their own operatives.  Everyone is on a “need to know” basis, meaning no one is told any more than is absolutely necessary.

            Ruthless and brutal.  They prefer to accomplish their goal of total control without using violence.  That is, they try to control us using electronic implants in the head, fine wires through which they speak with us, and other subtle methods.

When necessary, however, they can be extremely violent.  They do not hesitate to use murder, rape, torture and other means to achieve and maintain control of planet earth.

They live by the Communist adage, “The ends justify the means”.  In practice, this means they use whatever means that best serves their purposes.  However, they like to rule by stealth and deception because it is a little easier than ruling by pure violence.

Stealers.  They steal everything, from food and water resources on planets, to technologies, bodies, and subtle energy.  They do not view it as stealing, of course, because they believe they own everything and everyone anyway.

            Stop development.  The rogues cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage to the souls and other bodies that effectively stops development.             Development is a specific process of completing the genetic potential of a human being, creature or plant.  They don’t like it because developed beings are more powerful and could threaten their domination.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

Top-down command and control structure, or a slave system.  Their goal is a hierarchical slave society.  They use many words to disguise their goals, and describe the slave society in modern terms. 

Some of their current favorite false and confusing doctrines include socialism, Marxism, black liberation churches, fabianism, utopianism, communism, theocracy concepts, social justice, moral relativism, liberalism, progressivism, divine right of kings, diversity, multi-culturalism, economic justice, and wealth redistribution.

You might answer by saying that these are not false doctrines.  At one level, you are correct.  Karl Marx actually lived, and he explained history and society in a certain way that is called Marxism.

However, all the doctrines are false in that they are all fancy words for tyranny.   They just explain it differently, or cover it up with fancy explanations.  That is what I mean when I say they are false and confusing doctrines.  This is explained in more detail in other articles on this website such as What Is The Political Right And The Political Left?.

These lies are now taught in our schools and colleges.  They thoroughly confuse and often brainwash the students, which is the goal.

Extremely advanced technology.  The rogues are wizards with electronics, which they use to control people.  One of these is the widespread use of implants, which are tiny computer chips placed inside the bodies, in the food, and on all sorts of products people use in their homes and offices.

Implants are placed in most babies soon after birth.  They are beamed into the body, somewhat like the transporter system shown in the Star Trek television series.  They are tiny and very hard to detect.

Use of rape and exaggerated sexuality.  They encourage sexual activity and use rape as one of their major weapons.  It helps spread disease, terrifies women, in particular, upsets marriages, ruins the brain, causes unwanted pregnancies and many abortions, and disrupts the morals of society.

They also encourage homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, and other similar behaviors.  The goals seem to be to weaken traditional marriages, spread disease, confuse the people and weaken society.

Exaggerated sexuality also wastes people’s time, distracts people from productive activity, and often degrades women and the human body.

Anti-Biblical, anti-soul, anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish.  The rogues teach this type of bigotry, disguising it and justifying it in many ways.  The true concept of the soul, and the teachings in the Bible, for example, get in the way of their agenda.  So they hate the Bible, and oppose Biblical teachings any way they can.

Work on all levels.  The rogues are active at the level of souls, plants and animals, human beings, the planet herself, and much larger bodies in space, as well.

Witchcraft.  They use this extensively.

Give them credit.  Do not underestimate their intelligence or skill.  Many people do this to relieve their own fear and anxiety.  However, this is not wise.




            The main methods are:

1. Poisoning.  This is used to weaken the bodies, which makes the people much easier to control 

They are behind the systematic poisoning of our air, water and food.  The list of poisons is familiar to readers of this website such as car exhaust, pesticides, fluoride and chlorine in the water, bromine in the bread, mercury in the oceans and rivers, chemtrails in the air, and several thousand chemicals added to  foods  For much more on the topic of poisons, please read two articles, Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals on this website.

Hormonal attack.  Chemicals are also used to upset the hormonal balance of men and women.  For details about this problem, read Hormonal Attack.


2. Deception and lies.  They specialize in lying while they seem sincere.  They spread false information, half truths, phony medical and other studies, phony environmental information such as climate change, and they are experts at confusing people.

            3. Fakery.  This is a particular form of deception.  They imitate real businesses, real ideas, real political stances, and most everything else.

4. Violence.  This is used to upset people, weaken the nations, and keep people frightened.  This makes people much easier to control.  All types of violence are used.  Some is against individuals, such as school shootings, rape and organized killing such as that done by ISIS and similar groups around the world.

Rape is used to weaken women, in particular, and infect them with sexually-transmitted diseases that they spread to their husbands, and even to their children.  Rape also instills fear and makes the women much easier to control.  For much more on how rape affects people, please read Rape on this site.

Other types of violence are mafia-style tactics, including grabbing control of corporations and whole industries illegally through killing people, threatening people, raping people and other means.  They now control most important companies and industries, most media outlets, the medical establishment, real estate, finance, and most important positions in government, education and other key areas needed to control people.

5. Psychological warfare methods such as character assassination, divide and conquer, isolate and alienate, crowd psychology, and other techniques.

6. Financial control.  They have plenty of money, most of which is stolen from governments around the world.  With the funds, they bribe officials, take over companies, schools, and entire industries such as the media industry and others. 

Their financial control is quite complete.  People are rightly upset about the corruption in government and elsewhere, and do not realize it is part of an organized plan, and not just due to human weakness.

7. Nutritional depletion.  They influence the government to allow harmful refining of food such as the sale of bleached white flour, white sugar and white rice.  They also are behind the ‘green revolution’, superphosphate fertilizers, and GMO foods, which are often nutritionally inferior.

By controlling the medical boards and medical education, they make sure doctors do not know much about nutrition and thus do not warn people against eating the poor quality food.  Once again, the goal is to weaken the bodies and minds of the people.

8. Damaging the natural rhythms of the planet such as its spin, wobble, and magnetic fields.  This is a subtle area, but an important one that basically damages the peace and normal operation of the planet, harming all living creatures on the planet.

9. Holding back beneficial technologies.  These include using water to power cars and everything else, and the so-called free energy of Tesla technologies, among many others.

They retard these by murdering, raping and torturing the inventors, or through government regulations, or other acts of violence such as destroying laboratories and companies.

10. Brainwashing and hypnosis.  They are experts at mind control techniques of many types.  Much of it is done using high-technology methods such as implants in the head and elsewhere, electronic, radio and radionic or psychotronic methods, and more.

11. Other.  They have many other methods of weakening and sickening the people through noise pollution, rock and roll music on many radio stations and elsewhere,  electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and cell phone towers, damage to the souls, and more.


            They particularly target freedom philosophies, the rule of law, and they target America and Europe, in particular, as the leader in these areas.




            A logical question is to ask how any group can do all of this?  The answer is that they can because:

1. There are trillions of them. 

2. They have thousands of years of experience.

3. They have extremely advanced technologies, many of which we would find amazing.

            Films.  Some of their methods are depicted in science fiction and horror movies such as Independence Day and “V”.  Others are the Blade series, The Matrix, The Manchurian Candidate (excellent), Brain Storm, and other films.




            1. Be aware that “something is up” and negative events on earth are not random and not just due to corporations, or greed, for example.  This is not the truth.  It is much deeper and mainly about control of the population.

2. Don’t get caught up as a patsy in one or more of their schemes.  For example, do not give up your freedom, and do not give up on finding truth, on goodness and on love.

Do not get caught up in phony movements such as socialism, climate change, or some of their other schemes designed to confuse people.

3. Exposing the truth is one of the most powerful ways to defeat them.  Their entire plan on earth depends upon secrecy, lies and deception.  This is the reason for this article.

4. Nutritional balancing is an antidote for many of their schemes to poison, malnourish and sicken people.  You must strengthen your body and brain or you are even more prone to all their poisoning, confusions and horrors.

5. Never give up.




1. Perhaps they are here to teach us various lessons.  These might be to seek truth always, to care better for our bodies and learn about health.  Others may be to learn patience and persistence, to be careful and clean, and to never give up.

2. Perhaps we project our violent and illicit thoughts, and they pick them up and act them out.  By so doing, they may help us to learn not to project our negative thoughts.

3. Perhaps we have sinned or acted badly in the past in some way, and the rogues mete out punishment for this.  This is expressed in the Biblical phrase, “You reap as you sow.”

4. Maybe they make life more interesting and exciting.



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