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Welcome. This blog is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain fairly safe from a certain group of souls called the troph, the otros or the rogues who cause most problems on earth. In the Bible, they are called Satan. For more details, read the Rogues.

The rules we were told to follow are: the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Golden Rule (behave toward others as you would have them behave toward you), and work together with others.

Also, all animals and plants are loved equally by the Creator, all are needed, and all are to be respected equally. This does not mean never eat meat or never kill a bug, for example. However, realize that all are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Some live as food creatures and eating their flesh in no way damages or harms their souls.

We are also to seek and speak the truth. This is not always easy. The only exceptions are rare situations when speaking truthfully endangers our lives or that of another.

Also, everyone must develop themselves - for safety and for purposes of becoming a leader. We are being told that the earth is a special planet that requires developed souls and developed bodies.

Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet, particular nutritional supplements, specific detoxification procedures and a healthful lifestyle. Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For Details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

The rules above are together called the COVENANT. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. The more closely one follows them, the safer, more successful and happier one will be. For more details about the covenant, read the post dated 2/16/20.

Those in charge of this blog, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. For the past 50 thousand or so years, the earth has been in a dark age controlled by the rogues, as we call them. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this website and blog.

The author does his best to relay information from them to the public through this website because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this blog is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.


1/23/21. We received more information about the subject of the curses. The article has been updated and improved. For details, read The Curse System.


1/22/20. There exists overwhelming evidence the recent American elections were rigged and that the American people did not vote for the people now in power. There is also a pending Supreme Court case regarding the outcome of the election.

We believe the US Supreme Court has been seriously derelict in their duty to quickly review the extensive evidence for cheating. They are also derelict for refusing to hear a number of other cases besides the one filed by Mr. Trump.

The Supreme Court should have issued an injunction stopping the certification of the election and inauguration of the new administration until they rendered a decision. Their failure to act properly amounts to treason and fits with the widespread evidence of illegal election-related activity in the 2020 US elections.

This website and blog believe the certification of the election and the installation of the new administration were legally improper and therefore fraudulent.

We strongly disagree with those who say the new administration was properly sworn in and the legal case can proceed at its own pace. This is not the way things are done in a republic based upon fair elections.

For this reason, we say that the new American governments, at all levels, are fraudulent. Therefore, their actions are all null and void.

A new election. The people of America need to demand a new election at once. The new election must be handled fairly with no voting machines, no mail-in votes, no absentee votes and strict photo and other identification required for voting. Other safeguards are also needed, such as receipts for voting and producing multiple copies of ballots that are carefully locked away for recounts, when needed.

Treason. The American people also need to demand that those responsible for the widespread election fraud, including those who helped them in the media, be put on trial at once for treason. This is the serious crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation.

Mr. Trump and others. We further believe that the former president, Mr. Trump, vice president Pence, the former United States Congress and courts of the United States in among guilty parties.

We know this is upsetting to some people. However, to save the nation, any of these people could have stopped the crimes.

For example, the president has had the evidence of the crimes for two months, but hardly informed the American people about it. He organized one press conference, when there should have been 100 press conferences to present every shred of evidence.

He also could have used his power as commander-in-chief of the armed forces to stop the fraudulent and criminal inauguration and instead to hold a new election. Some will say this is not his job, but we disagree. Allowing cheaters and liars to take over the government is an extremely serious crime.

We are well aware of the good the former president did, but letting the new administration be installed cancels a lot of it. The unraveling of the Trump economic recovery, for example, has already begun within two days of the inauguration. The new president cancelled an important national security and economic program, the Keystone Pipeline.

Need for a new court. For the trials above, the American people need to demand that a new court be set up properly and safely because all existing courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, are clearly infiltrated. Otherwise, they would have stopped the fraud and treason.

The fraudulent cvid-19 response. There also exists overwhelming evidence that covid-19 is a relatively mild illness. Statistics prove that the recovery rate, for example, is at least 99% in most age groups. In fact, its severity is similar to the annual flu or less.

This blog and many other websites have documented how statistics have been manipulated to blow it out of proportion. For example, the medical authorities continue to cite the number of new cases as evidence of seriousness of the disease when, in fact, most of those infected have few, if any symptoms and almost all recover easily without complications.

This website and blog assert that the economically crushing and, in the case of America and some other nations, thoroughly illegal actions of the state governors and others are further evidence of treason.

In America, they would be crimes even if the illness were much more severe. There is no provision in the American Constitution giving the government the power to shut down legal businesses or peaceful assembly or worship for any reason, including to supposedly halt a mild illness.

More treason. The people of America and other nations need to demand that those guilty of lying and violating the rights of the people to assemble, to worship and to do business under the guise of protecting us against the Chinese virus be tried for treason. This includes the media and many other organizations that have supported the illegal shutdowns and other government actions.


1/22/21. Newer research on the development diet indicates that all squashes and quinoa that were on the daily food list are best moved to occasional foods. They are both too yin to be on the daily food list.

Also, soft goat cheese and goat yogurt need a little unrefined sea salt added to them. Otherwise, they are too yin.


1/21/21. We restored some of the names of our Helpers to the Find A Helper page. More will be added as our souls do more cleanup on the Helpers.


1/21/21. A problem most people have is they do not move their mental or subtle energy downward from the head to the feet nearly enough. In many instances, this is caused by fear, especially in women.

FEAR. Living in fear moves one’s energy upward rather than downward. At times, you can feel it. When you move energy upward, you will feel up-tight, up-set, mixed-up, and messed-up. READ Fear As A “Place”, Fear and Fear Of Death.

The Real Self book discusses an ancient philosophy that says there are only two basic emotions – love and fear. An attitude of love moves energy downward, while a fearful attitude moves energy upward. Please read about fear in this book. You don’t have to buy it – it is online at the above link.

This philosophy states that one always has a choice as to which of these two attitudes will prevail inside of you. Outer circumstances affect your decision, but are not the determining factor.

The house of the Lord”. You choose in every moment “where to live”. The 23rd psalm says “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord”. I repeat this phrase many times each day because the house of the Lord is a place of love.

Moving energy upward may also be caused by other negative emotions such as anger, up-set, confusion, or being told lies. Listening to music tends to move energy upward, as do most sexual thoughts and activities. An exception is Down Sex and Down Hugging, which is a major reason we recommend these rather than ordinary sex.

Another simple exercise to help develop the habit of moving energy downward is whenever you walk, as you take each step say the word down. Also, imagine you have a suction cup on the bottom of each foot that you compress whenever you take a step.

The development program. The entire development program including the diet, the nutritional supplements, the healing and detoxification procedures, and the mental/emotional aspects all help move your energy downward.

This is a major reason why we recommend only certain foods, supplements, and procedures. It is also the reason that certain thoughts and emotions are more healing than others.

Why does moving energy downward work? One reason is that our bodies have millions of tiny channels that run from the head to the feet. These are hollow tubes through which move ether or subtle energy. A book about reflexology, Zone Therapy, has a drawing of these channels on the cover.

In fact, healing, clearing and opening these channels is the basis for a number of healing sciences such as reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, and others. For your health and development, learn to become aware of whether you are moving your energy upward or downward. For details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing and the Seven Movements Of Development Science.


1/20/21. A way to make use of hydrogen peroxide for healing is to place a piece of cloth in a small plastic or glass mixing bowl. Then pour a little 3% peroxide on it to wet the entire cloth.

Place the bowl near your body. Some souls in the peroxide will move into your body and assist healing and development. You could even go to sleep with the bowl of peroxide next to your head.

We are still researching this new method. It is not quite as good as vaginal or penis peroxide implants. However, it is extremely easy and clean, and seems to work well.


1/20/21. The inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States is fraudulent because there is a pending Supreme Court case – Trump v. Biden - that challenges the election results. We are sad that very few commentators or news outlets report this fact.

We also believe there is a challenge to the Georgia Senate runoff election. As a result, the results of this election are unclear. This means the two Democratic Party senators who supposedly won should not have been sworn in and seated in the US Senate. It also means that the US Senate vote to certify the presidential election was fraudulent, meaning null and void.

In addition, there are several dozen other pending lawsuits regarding this election in various states. We pray that legality returns to the electoral process in America.


1/20/21. New Apple computers have been cheapened and can only connect to the internet via wi-fi. So for now, at least, we suggest keeping older Apple computers and, if possible, fixing them if they break so that you don’t have to use wi-fi. You could also buy a refurbished older Apple computer if yours breaks. Any from about 2015 or newer will do.


1/19/21. This is an unusual system of rating of our behavior. It is an outworking of the Law Of Cause And Effect. It also helps to explain why we removed the names of some of our Helpers and why some will be back on the list in the future.

I hesitated to post this article because it sounds unusual. We are still checking if it is all true. It involves some interesting fine matter creatures that call themselves the curses or curse creatures. For details, read the The Curse System.


1/18/21. Another powerful entire music album to assist development is Bloodwood – the art of the didjeridu. It is by Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton, Small Music World, 1993. You may use the same listening methods as described in the post about sound therapy on 1/17/21.

The Bloodwood album has powerful effects and causes somewhat uneven development. Therefore, it needs to be combined with the rest of the development program for safety. Listen to it for no more than two hours a day.

The Australian aborigines. This is one of the most important groups in helping heal and develop the people of the earth. Most live in the interior desert regions of Australia and prefer to remain hidden. A few live in the urban and suburban areas of Australia and other nations, as well.

They feel sad about the condition of the people on planet earth, whom they say are spiritually quite primitive.

Planets are living creatures with energy centers, just like humans, animals and plants. As a group, the aborigines or abs, as they like to be called, are assigned to the upper, more spiritual energy centers of the earth - #18, 19, 20 and 21. These are found in the South Sea Islands such as Tahiti and Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, the Southern tip of India, and surrounding areas.

Recently, more abs are returning to the earth and having children to assist the task of healing and development on our planet. They know about and are sharing many methods of development, including the development diet. Another method is the sounds on the above recording.

There are few books about them and no accurate movies about them of which I am aware. An easy book to read is The Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. You can also read the book review, The Mutant Message – A Book Review.

Beware! This little book was quite upsetting to me when I read it about 30 years ago. It made me realize that “modern civilization” is not as advanced or wonderful as I had thought. (The abs call us the mutants!)

For example, the author of the book had a cell phone, which the abs threw away. They told her she won’t need it because with their help (meaning with development) some day she will be able to communicate telepathically, as they all do! Most abs are born developed, communicate telepathically with each other, the plants and the animals, and live quite an enchanted life.

The book discusses junk food, healing, religion and many other subjects related to development. The abs say the book is actually a composite of events that illustrate a number of qualities about development. We highly recommend the abs sound therapy and reading The Mutant Message Down Under. The abs also love the topic below!


1/17/21. Telling the truth is a basic value of Western civilization. It is under severe attack today. The attack is given many fancy names such as socialism, communism, Marxism, intersectionalism, political correctness, emergency powers, social justice, environmental justice and group rights. Other lying terms are woke, fact-checking, the cancel culture, supposed political phobias such as homophobia or islamophobia, and more.

Perhaps the worst we are witnessing is what occurs when government and medical authorities lie in a big way.

Truth and lying are also time concepts. Understanding time is a theme for this blog for this year. For details, read Lying.


1/17/21. This is a fairly simple but very powerful healing, development and rewind method that anyone can do at home. We will be writing more about it.

The method requires a music system with decent loudspeakers. You can buy a good enough music system for very little money at a thrift store, if you prefer.

The basic procedure is to either turn the volume up high, or sit on the loudspeaker so it vibrates your body, or do both. You can also lie on a bed or massage table above the speakers.

If you want to spend lots of money, you can buy a vibrasound table. It is a massage table with loudspeakers or sound transducers mounted underneath. One could also build such a table. If you buy one, do not use the attachment for your eyes. This could be dangerous. However, you don’t need a fancy setup. We just use a 9” to 15” loudspeaker and we sit on the speaker cabinet.

The piece of music to play right now is on a compact disc titled All Is Forgiven by Ashana, Angelic Tones/Barkowitz Music, 2006. Just listen to the second piece, The Embrace.

This compact disc has a sexy picture on the cover which we don’t like at all, and the musician looks sort of new age. However, the second piece is quite powerful if you turn up the volume and have a decent set of loudspeakers. You will feel it vibrating the body in quite a special way. It is a development method.

While you are sitting or lying down on the speaker or table, do the pulling down exercise and you can press all along the arch of the foot. These will enhance the effects.


1/17/21. There is now additional information in the Rewind Science article. This is a basic development science article.

We added the sacred movements of each dimension and more rewind points on the feet and that a number of clients are using a massager or their hands to press on the entire arch of the foot every day with excellent results.


1/16/21. I took down the recent posts about the US army because we don’t have sufficient confirmation about it. I do believe there exists a war with China and I am working on confirming the information about the US army, but so far we cannot confirm it and the American forces are not that strong.


1/16/21. This is a short article about a subject that women care about a lot. Some men won’t like it, but it is a simple habit once you are used to it. For details, read Bathroom Hygiene For Men.


1/15/21. A problem almost everyone has when they begin the development program is that digestion is very weak. This is due to nutrient deficiencies and toxicity. As a result, even though one eats very well, nutrient absorption is poor. This slows healing and development.

To help this situation, we recommend a digestive enzyme for everyone and we recommend supplements for everyone. Some health authorities say these are not needed, but we strongly disagree.

After a number of years on the program, digestion improves greatly. As a result, development occurs much faster. Also, later on one needs fewer supplements.

Many clients ask if they can have a smaller or less expensive program. We tell clients that if one cannot afford all the supplements, one can take them just once or twice a day instead of three times daily.

The weak digestion trap is somewhat similar to the clogged toilet syndrome. This is the fact that when one begins a development program, the organs of elimination and detoxification are congested and nutrient-depleted. As a result, no matter what one does, detoxification proceeds slowly, at first.

This is one reason for the use of coffee enemas and the red lamp sauna. After a few years of following the program, the detoxification organs begin to heal and the elimination of toxic metals and chemicals begins to occur more rapidly.

This explains why development is slow, at first, but its speed continues to increase the longer one remains on the program.


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