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This is an important, though discouraging article. I hope the situation on earth changes to make soul communication easier.
If you are not developed, soul communication is almost impossible. Development is a genetic upgrade and more that will improve your ability to do soul communication. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.
Souls. Souls are the smallest and most important units of consciousness. They contain a spark of life and between 5 and 42 tiny 'bodies' that are arranged around the spark.
Souls animate and control all living bodies - human, animal and plant. Souls are very small and an average adult body has about 100 trillion of them.
Souls do thousands of jobs in our bodies, from controlling our movements and working with the DNA to digesting our food.
Soul communication. This is the process of tuning in and communicating with souls. It is a radio type of communication. It is also an example of mental telepathy.
Souls are intelligent beings and should communicate. However, they often do not communicate well and they often lie. Human souls lie. Animal souls may lie. Let us discuss these problems.
Soul communication is very difficult at this time. This is why most guidance is wrong and many psychics are wrong. Reasons for this are:
1. The alien group called the rogues on this website jam all soul communication as best they can. Jamming means they send out radio frequencies that interfere with soul communication.
2. The souls are sick and injured. The same alien group has beaten and raped most souls, so the souls do not function well.
3. The enforcers. The same alien group puts enforcers or thugs into all creatures who tell the souls they must not communicate or tells the souls to lie when they communicate. If they don't follow orders, they get shot with a painful weapon.
For these reasons, soul communication is very, very difficult!
What to do. If you hear something from a soul or creature, ask “Does everyone agree?” if you hear no, then you must ask more questions.
Whenever I communicate, I also ask each time, “Is this the absolute truth.” Often, I hear no.
One method is to ask to speak to a path soul. This is a more advanced soul and they more often will speak the truth.
The basic method I use at this time is:
1. Relax and make sure you are not hungry, thirsty or too tired.
2. Do the pulling down procedure. That is, move energy with your mind from your head to your feet. I cannot do this immediately. I start doing it and slowly I empty my body of energy by moving it all to the feet and I feel the movement and empty feeling. Then and only then I attempt communication.
3. A person, animal or plant has millions of souls. In general, I think it is best to ask to speak to a path soul. This is a more advanced soul. You are more likely to get the truth this way.
If you hear, “I am a Path soul”, then ask if this is the absolute truth in the name of the One.
Only if you get a yes can you proceed to ask your question.
For health-related questions, you may need to speak to planning souls. They are in charge of health.
Because the rogues don't want it. They do not want people to know that soul communication is possible and they don't want people to know how to do it.
A related and much larger article on this subject is Receiving Guiidance.

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