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For acute poisoning.  The best procedures are the coffee enema, the oral coffee hold, and foot reflexology, especially rotating the toes in a circle – counterclockwise on the left foot and clockwise on the right foot - with emphasis on the part of the rotation that move the toes downward from the front of the foot toward the heel.

One can do up to 4 enemas daily safely and most people can tolerate up to eight tablespoons of coffee daily in enemas. The oral coffee hold can be done every hour, if needed.  Foot reflexology should be done every hour, as well, in acute poisoning. This combination can easily save a life in a case of acute poisoning.

Also excellent are methods that move energy downward from the head to the feet. These include the Pulling Down Procedure and the Hand Trance, in addition to the coffee enemas and foot reflexology done correctly.

Sweating in a red heat lamp sauna is also good, but this method works more slowly and the procedure is more debilitating because of the heat. Therefore, we would be cautious about its use for acute poisoning.

Exceptions are acute sepsis, meaning certain infections with viri, bacteria, fungi or parasites. In these cases, it can be excellent to heat up the body a few degrees because this stimulates the immune repsonse.



Poisoning is common on earth. This article is an introduction to the large subject of poisoning and how to handle it.


Poisoning. This is any act or event in which a substance is introduced into the body that is harmful for it.

Poison. This is any substance, item or frequency that is toxic or harmful for the body.

Toxicology. This is the study of poisons, poisoning and how to remove them and heal the body from them.


There are at least 10 basic types of poisons. These are:

1. Toxic metals. These are extremely common on earth. In our experience everyone has some degree of toxic metal poisoning. Today all children are born with some toxic metal poisoning acquired from their mothers. For details, including the twenty-four methods we use to remove toxins from the body, read Toxic Metals.

2. Toxic Chemicals. Thousands of these are in our food, air, and drinking water. They are also found on clothing, household products, cosmetics and body care products, and they are used in industry and work situations. For details, read Toxic Chemicals.

These also include biological poisons such as venoms and other substances made by living organisms.

3. Ionizing Radiation. Sadly, this is a very common poison on earth today. Sources are A-bomb testing, nuclear power plants, medical and dental x-rays, especially CT scans (avoid if at all possible), and deliberate spreading of radiation by the alien group we call the rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. For details, read The Rogues and Radiation Poisoning And Its Correction.

4. Electromagnetic Frequencies. These are harmful microwave, radio and other frequencies. Cell phones, cell phone towers, computers and television sets emit these frequencies. They are a major problem today!

5. Witchcraft. This is a huge area of poisoning and a major reason we highly recommend coffee enemas. For details, read Witchcraft.

6. Auto-intoxication. This is poisoning that occurs inside the body due to improper intestinal flora, infections and other causes. For details, read Autointoxication.

7. Development poisons.  These are poisons that specifically stop the process of development. This is a genetic upgrade of the body that causes the unfolding of the higher energy bodies and special abilities. For details, read Introduction To Development.

8. Mental, Emotional And Spiritual Poisons. For example, lying is very damaging to the mind. Teaching or instilling fear, anger, division or hatred are ways to poison a person emotionally and spiritually. It is a very important reason not to send children to school today and to stay away from most colleges.


Poisons enter the body by mouth, by contact, breathing, water, injection or rarely by other means.

Thousands of poisons exist, and they vary in intensity, duration, types of effects on the body and brain, and more.


Acute or chronic.  Poisoning can be acute or chronic.  Acute means a person has one or a rapid experience with a poison, such as drinking contaminated water, or eating contaminated, infected or spoiled food.  Another example is touching certain pesticides or breathing chlorine fumes.

Chronic poisoning means that one is exposed over a period of time to a non-lethal dose of a poison.  For example, one might live in a moldy home, or someone could put a little arsenic in your salt and you eat some every day for years. 

A common chronic or slow poison occurs when one has silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings.  These slowly release mercury and other metals into the body that slowly poison the body.  Medical drugs often slowly poison the body.  Infections secrete toxins that usually slowly poison the body, although some cause acute poisoning that kills quickly.

Lethal or non-lethal.  Lethal poisoning ends life either immediately or after a short period of time.  Examples are some snake venom, or too much exposure to ionizing radiation from an atomic bomb or too many x-rays.

However, often poisoning is non-lethal.  It does not kill.  It just slows down a person, weakens a person, controls a person, impairs thinking or impairs development, for example.

Congenital poisoning.  Today, almost all babies are born with a lot of poisons inside their bodies.  These are passed on from their mother during pregnancy. 

For example, hair mineral tests often reveal high levels of toxic metals in a baby who has never touched food or even water.  This type of poisoning is called congenital, which means present at birth. 

This is one reason why every young woman needs a development program for at least two years, ideally, before she becomes pregnant.  The babies and the mother would be much healthier, the pregnancy is much easier and birth is safer for both mother and child.

Slow or fast.  Some poisons act quickly, while others take days, months or even years to damage the body and brain.

Depleting and congestive poisons. (yin and yang poisons).  Many poisons work by depleting a nutrient or other essential chemical in the body.  Another group of poisons work by adding something to the body, such as a toxic metal.


The best way to deal with poisons is to keep them out of the body.  However, there is no way to avoid all poisons today.  They are found in our food, air, water, and many objects we need to touch such as plastics, metals and more.  The steps to prevent poisoning are:

1. Adopt the non-toxic lifestyle.  Be careful with your, diet, drinking water, what you touch, injections you receive, whom you associate with - especially sexually, where you live and travel, products you buy and handle, and the work you do. 

This is quite a challenge today and requires washing your hands often, changing clothes often, wearing white or light-colored clothing only so you can see dirt and smudges, and always wearing socks and shoes.

It also means keeping your home very clean, restricting who enters your home, and more.

2. Work for better laws.  Other factors are the environmental and other laws of your nation and even the situation of the planet, in general.  For example, living with nuclear power plants nearby, or even in another nation, is not too healthy, no matter what anyone might say about the merits of nuclear power.  They all leak some radiation, require uranium mining, and require long-term storage of dangerous plutonium and other nuclear waste.

3. Make your body very balanced, strong and well-nourished.  There are several reasons for this. A principle of preventing poisoning is that if your body is well-nourished, it will tend to pick up fewer poisons from the environment.

Also, a healthy body is much more able to eliminate all poisons to which it is exposed. Both these principles are critical for prevention and for healing from poisoning.

4. Learn about poisoning and how to handle it from this article and perhaps other sources.


The development program, only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website, is one of the best ways to prevent and correct poisoning.  This is especially true if one does the detoxification procedures we suggest such as daily coffee enemas, daily near infrared lamp sauna sessions, daily foot and hand reflexology, the spinal twists, and the pushing down exercise.

For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


Chemical poisoning.  There are six basic mechanisms for handling most chemical poisons.  They can be classified as either more yang or more yin.  This is very important because more yin methods deplete the body of vital nutrients and are best avoided!


1. Development.  This program uses at least 20 methods to remove poisons from the body.  Among the most important are those listed below.

2. Fiber. Vegetable fibers, and some fruit fibers such as apple pectin, absorb and bind some poisons and help them to be eliminated through the digestive tract.

3. Coffee.  This is a remarkable herb.  When used in an enema or as a vaginal implant, it contains souls that are excellent to bind and remove certain toxins from the body.  At least 10 different mechanisms are at play when one does a coffee enema.

4. Sauna Therapy.  This powerful method uses 10 different mechanisms to help remove toxins from the body.  They include improving circulation, hydration and oxygenation, sweating, reducing sympathetic nervous system activity, near infrared frequencies, heat shock proteins and other effects of heating the body.

5. Other. The development program also enhances the activity of the eliminative organs, uses antagonists, and restores the alkaline reserve minerals. The program also balances the pH, provides many detoxifying chemicals, and greatly improves methylation in the liver, the brain and elsewhere. This is most important.

In addition, the program greatly improves digestion, which reduces toxin production in the intestines. It also balances the autonomic nervous system, reduces overall stress, and greatly reduces toxin intake from food and drinking water.


1. Distilled water.  This can attract a number of poisons to itself and then flush them from the body.  Do not drink distilled water for any length of time, as it will flush out good minerals along with poisons.  However, it is fine for a day or two if you are poisoned with certain chemicals.

2. Charcoal.  This is a powerful adsorbant material.  Be very careful with charcoal.  It will absorb and remove vital nutrients from your body.  Use it only for emergencies.

3. Chelators.  These include EDTA, DMSA, DMPS, penecillamine, deferoxamine and a few others.  These are chemicals that can bind certain toxic metals and help remove them from the body.  Do not use chelators, as a general rule, because they always remove good minerals along with the toxic ones.  Chelation to remove mercury and other toxic metals is not needed.  A development program will do the job in a much safer and better way.  For details, read Chelation Therapy.

The next section discusses how to use the above to handle various kinds of common poisoning.


Handling acute poisoning is very different from dealing with chronic poisoning, so let us discuss them separately.


Go to an emergency room or poison control center.  If you don’t know what else to do, this is usually the best idea.  In fact, it is one of the best uses of the emergency room of a hospital.  You can also call an emergency room or poison control center for advice if you or someone else is able to do so.

The doctors and nurses at these places are usually familiar with many common poisons, such as taking too many medical drugs, touching or swallowing household chemicals, insect bites and more.

They are prepared to pump out your stomach or do whatever is needed to remove the poison.

They also have life support systems to keep you alive, if needed, until the poison is cleared from your body.  These include shots of adrenalin, cortisone, other life-saving drugs, oxygen masks, respirators, heart stimulators and more.

Home measures.  Before you go to the hospital, or if you cannot go for some reason, there are excellent measures you can do yourself.  A lot depends upon knowing the poison.  Using common sense is also very important.

Ingested poisons. For example, if you have ingested contaminated food or water, you can make yourself throw up by putting a finger down as deep as you can into your throat and tickling your throat.  This will usually cause vomiting and take care of the problem. 

If you have not eaten or drank much, it may help to drink some water and then throw it up.  Then drink more water and throw it up again.  Repeating this two or three times will wash and clean out the stomach.

Ingesting an irritant such as acid or concentrated hydrogen peroxide.  In these cases, vomiting is not good, as it will irritate the esophagus even more.  In these cases, it is usually best to dilute the poison by drinking plenty of water or milk.

Using laxatives or purgatives.  If you have just ingested a poison, it is almost always sitting in your stomach and can be eliminated through vomiting.  However, if it has been more than one hour since you ingested the poison, it may have left your stomach and is traveling down your small intestine.

In these cases, it is best to empty the contents of your intestines.  A safe way to do this is to mix a large glass of water with 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate).  This is sold at most supermarkets and drug stores.

Children require less Epsom salt. However, it works very well on babies and children and is safe, which is most important.

Epsom salts draw a lot of water into the intestines.  This causes diarrhea and emptying of the entire contents of the intestines.

The only problem with Epsom salts is they may not work immediately.  Other substances that cause emptying of the intestines are tincture of ipecac, an herb that is still used at some hospitals.  Castor oil is also used in some places.  However, these are more harsh and thus have a little more danger.

Charcoal tablets.  It is wise to keep a bottle of charcoal tablets at home and even in your car at all times.  You can buy these inexpensively at most drug stores.

Charcoal absorbs many poisons in the intestinal tract quickly and safely.  It is also a safe substance, meaning that if you took the whole bottle you would not be too adversely affected.

Not all the time.  Some doctors advocate taking charcoal tablets on a regular basis, or during a retracing or healing reaction on a development program, to eliminate poison from the body. 

We do not recommend this because charcoal will absorb some of your nutrients, especially minerals.  This is horrible, in fact, so please do not take charcoal unless you have been acutely poisoned.

Contact poisons.  If you have touched a poison, immediately wash the area thoroughly with plenty of soap and water.  Don’t stop washing too soon, and don’t wait to start washing the area, even if you will go to the hospital.  It can be too late by the time you arrive.

Snake or insect bites.  If you are bitten by a snack, scorpion or other poisonous animal, simple home measures are:

1. Let the area bleed so some of the poison leaves your body.

2. Suck out the poison by putting your mouth or a suction device over the wound.

3. Reduce the blood circulation to the area if you are bitten on your arm or leg, which are common sites of bites.  Do this by tying a piece of string near the bite, but between the bite and the rest of your body.  You can make it tight, but every few minutes you will need to release it quickly for a few moments to allow a little blood to flow through.

4. If possible, get the insect or animal and bring it with you to the hospital.  They may have an antidote for that type of bite.

5. If you have some hydrogen peroxide, put some on the wound.  This will help prevent infection in the area.


Everyone is toxic.  Bodies chronically poisoned with two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals describes most people today.  This is unfortunate, but absolutely true.  Exceptions are extremely rare and only occur in isolated, pristine, usually very primitive areas of the earth.

Medical tests are deceptive!  They often indicate they one is healthy because the blood, urine or x-ray looks normal.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Hair mineral testing more accurate.  This is one reason we use hair mineral testing.  It is a much more accurate measure of chronic poisoning.  However, even with this test, one must know how to interpret the test or one will miss the presence of many toxic metals.

For example, many people have very low toxic metal readings in their hair.  This indicates an inability to eliminate the metal, and NOT that one is free of the toxic mineral.  For details, read The Poor Eliminator Pattern.

Removing chronic poisoning.  This is more difficult and requires more effort than handling acute poisoning.  In fact, it is an entirely different process.

The reason is that the poison is throughout the body, and the poison weakens the body, making its elimination more difficult.  This is true even if the person has no symptoms whatsoever.

The medical profession is often good at removing acute poisons.  However, they are not very good at identifying and removing chronic toxic metal or toxic chemical poisoning.  This is important to know!

Development.  The best answer, in our experience, is a complete development program.  This includes a healthful lifestyle, a particular diet, several well-chosen nutritional supplements, and several detoxification procedures.

The program then balances and renourishes the body, improves the eliminative organs and one’s energy or vitality level, and reduces sympathetic nervous system activity.  In addition, and most important, it causes Development, a very unique method for eliminating all poisons from the body.

For many more details about toxin removal, read Detoxification. For details about toxin removal through the skin, read Skin Detoxification. An article related to this one is Yin And Yang Healing.

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