by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            We have just become aware of two disgusting types of poisoning that exist on planet earth.  We are calling them mass poisoning because they affect most everyone on the planet.  Parts of this article may seem right out of science fiction, but it is not fiction.




            More than 50 locations on earth, inside and in the space around the earth have been found where the Rogues have constructed prisons.  Inside are trillions of creatures who have been genetically modified to produce a powerful venom.

The creatures are fine-matter, which means we cannot see them.  They are about the size of a standard 40-pound dog and are shaped somewhat similarly.

The rogues spread the venom everywhere on earth, especially in large cities.  Higher concentrations of this poison are also placed near the seven physical energy centers of the earth.

            The poison is colorless, tasteless and fairly odorless, although it does have a slightly foul odor.  It acts on the nervous system of most creatures and human beings.  It has a general weakening effect.  The effect is not so marked that one feels it immediately, but it is slowing down the thinking and depressing the minds of most people on earth.

            The rogues have to supervise the creatures to make sure they continue to produce venom.  The rogue ‘supervisors’ literally shoot the creatures with an EMF weapon that emits a frequency that is very painful for the creatures.  This is necessary or the creatures will stop producing the poison.

            Those who are cleaning up the earth have cleaned out the 50 or so these prisons and are trying to prevent the rogues from bringing in more of them.




            The rogues implant millions of microscopic creatures into most earth human children.  These tiny creatures are bred to produce a powerful venom.

Often, the greatest concentration of these creatures are found in one of the person’s legs and one foot.  However, they are also scattered throughout the body.  One cannot feel their presence.

In fact, the creatures do not want to harm anyone.  The rogues must send in souls that are ‘supervisors’ that shoot them with an EMF weapon to force them to keep producing their poison.

            The creatures produce a type of snake venom that has a general weakening effect upon the bodies.  People may experience fatigue, malaise, debility, slower or poorer quality thinking, crying spells, depression, mental dullness and other mental illnesses.

By adjusting the blood flow to the infected leg, the rogues can vary the concentration of poison that fills the entire body, damaging the kidneys, liver, heart and all body organs.

As the amount of this toxin builds up in the body, it can give rise to almost any disease imaginable because the body is generally weak.

            We have just begun to clear these creatures from a few people.  So far, it is a tedious job.  Millions of souls and tiny creatures are being trained to assist with this massive job.

The last section of this article provides the detoxification method we are currently using.  The creatures are fine-matter, so they difficult to see.  They are also cloaked, in all cases, which makes detection more difficult.




These two types of poisonings appear to be “baseline or basic poisoning” of planet earth and her inhabitants by the rogues.  They are used to make the planet and her people easier to control.

Once they weaken all the bodies with these poisons, it is easy for them to attack the bodies with other electronic and chemical methods to mentally influence, brainwash, and to inflict many types of damage on the bodies.  If they release a lot of the poison, they can easily kill a person, and they often do this when they want to get rid of someone.




            Both types of poisonings appear to include arsenic compounds.  The rogues love arsenic because it is largely odorless, colorless and tasteless.  It also causes general malaise rather than clearly identifiable symptoms.

One may ask, Why do the hair tests of most people not show higher arsenic levels? Two possible reasons are that the poison may not come out much in the hair.  Also, the ideal arsenic level is probably lower than what we currently use as our “normal” or acceptable arsenic level.  The same may be true of our mercury and aluminum levels, two other favorite rogue poisons.

            We would set the ideal arsenic level lower if we felt we could reduce the arsenic down to a lower level.  With more research, this may be possible.




            We do not yet have enough control over the rogues to prevent implantation of the microscopic creatures inside the bodies of our children.  This, of course, would be best. 




            The development program.  A complete development program is excellent.  This involves the Development Diet and about eight targeted nutritional supplements.  Some of these are based upon one’s oxidation type and the hair tissue sodium/potassium ratio.

            In addition, one needs to go to bed between 8 and 9 PM every night and get plenty of rest.

            The development program also includes the use of two to four Coffee Enemas daily, the use of a Single Reddish Heat Lamp for one hour daily or better, the use of a Reddish Heat Lamp Sauna for at least ½ hour daily.  It also includes the Pulling Down Exercise for at least one hour daily, Foot Reflexology two or three times daily, Deep Breathing for at least one hour daily, and twice daily Spinal Twists to keep the spine aligned and limber.  These can be combined in the Spa Routine.


              Other measures.  If you follow a development program, we will let you know when the other part of the detox program is needed.  At this time (December 2019), it involves the use of Black Salve to help find and remove the body toxin.  However, the timing must be correct or it won’t work. 

We will update this article as we continue to research these poisons and their removal.  Other articles about detoxification are Toxic Metals and Detoxification.



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