by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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To have more fun with nutritional balancing, think of it as your personal daily spa experience.  Below are several basic spa routines. 

Ideally, do your routine in the morning.  The best is to go to bed by 8 PM and wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 AM.  This will give you some time to do your routine in peace.  (It is okay if you wake up once or twice during the night, drink some water and go to the bathroom.)




Upon awakening:


1. Turn on your red heat lamp sauna to pre-heat it, especially if it is in a cold room.  Pre-heating the sauna is not absolutely necessary, but it will enhance the sauna session and it will save time.


2. While waiting for the sauna to heat up to 90 to 100 degrees F or about 33 to 38 degrees C., drink a few large glasses of water - up to a quart of either spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water. You could also drink while in the sauna but it is a little better to drink before going into the sauna.  For details about water, read Water For Drinking on this site.


3. While waiting for the sauna to heat up, go to the kitchen, rinse and cut up 5 to7 vegetables.  These will be for breakfast, or you can make enough for breakfast, lunch and even dinner, as well.

Ideally, you will pressure cook the vegetables when it is breakfast time.  You can add meat to the pressure cooker, as well.

Another alternative that is not quite as good is to place them in a plastic electric steamer.  Set the timer for about 40 minutes so that your breakfast will be ready when you are done with your sauna.  You can add some chicken, lamb, or hamburger to the steamer.


4. You could also brush your hair and/or brush your teeth while waiting for the sauna to heat up.


5. Then get in the sauna.  To save time, during the sauna session, you can: 1) relax, 2) rub your feet (foot reflexology), 3) do the Pushing Down Exercise, 4) brush your skin, and 5) roll your neck and twist a little.


6. After the sauna, either shower quickly, or just towel off and you will shower later, after your coffee enema.  If you shower, you should not need a lot of soap and do not clog up your skin pores with lotion or other toxic products.  Also, do not make the water too hot in the shower – it should not be needed.


7. Then rest at least 10 or 15 minutes to allow the body to readjust.  While you are resting after the sauna, twist your spine as recommended on this website to make sure the spine is adjusted properly.  For more on this read How To Help Adjust Your Spine.  You can also do more of the pushing down exercise while you are resting.

After your rest, either do a coffee enema and vaginal coffee implant if you have time, or go eat breakfast.




              1. Prepare the coffee.  Preferably boil the coffee for 12-13 minutes.  You could use a coffee maker instead, which shuts off automatically.  However, it makes fairly weak coffee so you might have to run it through twice and use a little more coffee.

A very powerful method is to make enough for two enemas and do them back to back.  Women can also do a vaginal coffee implant while they do a coffee enema, which is also very powerful.

            To make the coffee cool quickly, use a small amount of water when boiling the coffee.  After it is done, add more cold water to cool down the mixture.

            While waiting for your coffee to boil, you could cut up your vegetables so they are ready for pressure-cooking, or you can put them in an electric steamer to cook them. 

              2. Lie down and retain the coffee at least 10 minutes and preferably for 15 to 30 minutes.  For instructions on how to do this, read Coffee Enemas.  At the same time, women can do a vaginal coffee implant.  Men can do a penile coffee implant, but it is not as easy or as effective as the vaginal implant for women.  Read about this at the Vaginal Coffee Implant article.


3. Aim a red heat lamp at your abdomen during the coffee enema (s) unless you have a red lamp sauna.  The red heat lamp energy is excellent for most everyone.  The best idea is to use a red lamp sauna.  However, another less-expensive option is just to shine a red heat lamp or two of them on your abdomen and chest while you do are lying down doing a coffee enema and/or vaginal coffee implant.


4. The pushing down exercise.  The best time to do the pushing down exercise is during your coffee cleanses.  Ideally, do this exercise at least one hour every day or more – and avoid other meditations and mental exercises.  This is important because most meditations are interesting, but will not produce the healing and mental development of the type recommended on this website.

Meditations are like vehicles.  They will take you places in your mind.  Some relax you, some take you to amazing journeys inside the mind.  Some will give sexual or kundalini effects, and so on.  The pushing down exercise, done properly, breaks your programming, shows you the truth about yourself and others, grounds and centers you, and undoes confusion in the mind and the body.  However, the most important benefit is to bring in a lot more etheric energy which will develop you and extend your life.  Time spent on any other meditation may be fun and exciting, but does not do the same thing, and some are dangerous by causing uneven development.

Most older meditations are not working as well today.  The same is true of other popular procedures like yoga, chanting, TM, affirmations, chi kung and so on.


4. Expel the coffee, clean up, and either do a sauna session or eat breakfast.  See the information about sauna sessions above.




Carrot juice.  This is less important than the procedures above.  If you want to have carrot juice, fifteen minutes or more before breakfast or before another meal, you can drink 10-12 ounces of carrot juice, or less for children. 

Do not have more juice than this per day, as it is much too yin.  You can make it fresh, preferably, or buy it at the store.  Do not add fruit juice to it.  If you make it fresh, you can add a few green leaves such as spinach or chard to it, though this is not necessary.  Once or twice weekly, you may have an ounce or two of wheat grass juice instead.

If you have trouble drinking all the carrot juice at once due to its high sugar content, drink a little and put the rest of the glass in the refrigerator to drink later in the day.


G. Wait at least 15 minutes after carrot juice before eating anything else.  Then eat properly (9 cups of cooked vegetables daily), resting a little before and after your meals.


H. Take your supplements. The correct ones are essential and will move you ahead much faster.  If you are going through a severe healing reaction, skip a day if you like.


I. Rest and relax as much as possible, and take life easy.  If possible, take a nap or two every day.  This may only take 15 minutes, or at times, it may take an hour or more.


J. A short, gentle walk every day is also excellent.  If you prefer, use a treadmill or lift light weights.


K. Most important for many people, follow the nutritional balancing lifestyle.  This is explained in the section below.


This spa morning takes about 2 hours or a little more.  If you must work or have other obligations, then go to bed early and do as much of the spa routine as you can.




              1. Live, rather than exist.  Did you know that most people just exist.  To live, you must first come alive inside with nutritional balancing science.  Otherwise, the body is usually dying, and people run through their lives trying to make a living, find a partner, have a family and career, and have “fun” before their time runs out.

              The alternative.  This is to first “come alive in Christ”, extend your life, and rise out of the short, earthly, sickly life.  Then you can more safely and more happily participate in society. 

You can rise out of the sickly life easily with a nutritional balancing program, although it may not be apparent at first.  It will take at least 5 years, however, and maybe much more.  However, when you are healed to a certain degree, life on earth becomes much easier, more fun, less worrisome, more profitable, happier – and you will outlive your foes.  The rest of the suggestions below will help you to do this most easily.


2. Live a quiet life.  This is actually not the case if you follow the NB spa experience.  Your body will undergo a kind of revolution, with drastic improvement of your health.  However, it will not be that apparent to others, as most of it happens inside the body.  So it will look as though you are living a fairly quiet, mundane life.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but it is often best to do the spa routine quietly.  You need not share it with many friends or even extended family.  They won’t understand and may ridicule you or ostracize you, neither of which is helpful.


3. Stay at home most of the time.  Do not waste your energy and time traveling a lot, shopping a lot, or other pastimes.  These are nice, but they take your energy and your time.  We only have our time, and if you fill it with too much shopping, friends, exercise workouts, yoga classes, tai chi classes, chi kung classes, Facebook, long phone calls, or projects that take hours and hours, your progress will be slow.  Even charity work is not a good use of time if it interferes with your spa morning routine.


4. Men, in particular, but both men and women need to limit sexual fluid loss.  You can still have fun with your sexual partner, preferably your spouse, but limit sexual fluid loss because too much loss, particularly early on in your development, will stop development.  This has been known for millennia.  Ignore the psychologists who tell us the opposite.  They are wrong.


5. Pray daily.  The pushing down exercise is, in fact, a type of active prayer or power prayer in which you bring heaven to earth as you move energy downward as forcefully as you can from your head to your feet.

So this should become your daily prayer session.  Just repeating words in church or at home is fine, but does not have nearly the same effect.


6. Relax a lot.  This is critical.  There is no problem in the world that God and the angels cannot solve, so relax.  There is no disease, no war, no famine and no disaster that the Creator cannot avert or heal.  So please relax.  In fact, try to imagine that “All is happening for your good”.  This, in fact, is the truth, although it is often not apparent.  The souls are in charge, not the bodies.




Other nutritional balancing procedures can speed up your progress if you have the time and inclination to do them.  They include:


1. The peroxide bath, but only two or three times weekly and only for a year, usually.  This is excellent at the beginning of your nutritional balancing program to speed healing, oxygenate the tissues, and particularly it can usually get rid of ALL sexually transmitted diseases if you do a complete nutritional balancing program with it.  For more on this, read about it in the Baths article.


2. The kelp application.  This is also excellent to do each day for about a year when beginning your nutritional balancing program.  It will help remineralize your body much faster.  For more about this, read about it at the end of the Kelp article.


3. Down sex.  This is excellent for couples, much healthier than regular sex and extremely healing and good to promote development.



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