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I. Introduction

II. Causes

III. Prevention




A miscarriage is the death and expulsion of an unborn child. It can occur at any time during pregnancy, and for many different reasons. Miscarriages are a normal part of life and a way to avoid damaged bodies.

This is an important soul topic, so the souls are writing it, and they are brilliant!


If it is early in the pregnancy, a pregnant woman may experience some bleeding and she might notice that she passes fetal tissue. If it is later in pregnancy, one might notice that one's baby is no longer moving around and kicking.


Miscarriages are often a source of sorrow for women and their husbands. However, the correct attitude about them is very important to hold in your mind at all times.

Miscarriages can occur for many good reasons. Therefore, it is best not to judge oneself or anything else in regard to miscarriage. Let us discuss the causes of miscarriages.



Soul problems. Miscarriages early in pregnancy occur often. One reason is that the souls were not able to assemble the right conditions or the right group of souls to accomplish the desires of the souls for this person. I am told that each body requires about 100 trillion souls who operate all parts of the body.

Most people do not realize that, especially early in pregnancy, the main activity of the new person is gathering souls. It is not easy today for the souls to find enough high-quality and mature souls to fill up a body and assure that the person will have a long and productive life.

If there are not enough souls, the main soul or entity soul may decide it is better not to continue to the pregnancy at this time.

Nutritional problems. Most all women today are severely malnourished. We know this sounds controversial, but it is our experience and we assure you it is true.

Women (and men) are born malnourished due to nutritional deficiencies in their mothers. Reasons for this are improper diet, improper lifestyle, and because the food on earth is low in vital minerals.

The latter is a result of a deliberate effort by the alien group called the rogues or the Bible calls them Satan. They steal minerals from the earth in order to weaken the people, the animals and the plants and make them easier to control.

The present system of agriculture on earth is also not very good, and this is another reason the food is low in nutrients.

Birth defects. Miscarriage can occur because the person has a genetic defect and is not growing properly. This is also common today due to food irradiation and the use of irradiation for medical and dental x-rays and other purposes.

Traumas. A shock, accident, injury or emotional upset can easily cause a miscarriage. In some Native cultures, when a woman becomes pregnant, the entire community celebrates and special precautions are taken to enhance the woman's health and happiness for this important event. Our culture is seriously lacking in this area.

Terrible pre-natal care. Pre-natal care in our modern societies in our view can only be called INSANE AND THOROUGHLY DESTRUCTIVE. I don't like to talk about it because I become so angry with the medical profession, the media, parents and everyone else who advise and work with children and young adults.

- In our culture, young women are allowed to stay up late and eat very poor quality food.

- Many are allowed and even encouraged to use highly toxic nail polish, toxic shampoo, and a hundred other poisons in and on their bodies.

- Many are allowed to date at an early age and even encouraged by stupid parents and the media to have sex before marriage. This filths up the women and has other negative effects.

- Perhaps most important, in many instances girls and young women are somewhat ignorant about their important role as bearers of the next generation and how to have healthy babies. For details, read Pre-Natal Care.

The rogue rapes and beatings. In the past year or so, we figured out that ALL girls and women are raped and beaten by the alien group the rogues. They say they need to do this to control our planet.

The beatings, rapes, other tortures, screaming, threats and more do the following:

- Deplete every girl's nutrition.

- Filth up the bodies with dozen's of diseases, even if she has few symptoms. These are passed on to their husbands, boyfriends and children.

- Damage the uterus and vagina

- Remove important souls from the women.

- Substitute poor quality souls that alter the girl or woman's personality and often turn her into a little prostitute or worse

- Damage the body structure.

- Damage the brain and nervous system, and more. For details, read Rape, Beatings and The Rape Planet. These articles are not adequate to describe the horror of this situation.

Wait for pregnancy. All the above is one excellent reason why women may want to wait to get pregnant until they develop. I am told women can do this.

When developed, a woman can have hundreds of babies who will be much healthier and much happier because she will be much healthier and happier.

To do this, one needs to follow the development program. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Other causes. At times, the souls want a pregnancy timed so that the person will be born on a certain day or month. If the timing is incorrect, the souls may decide to miscarry and start over.


Some miscarriages occur at the critical period of pregnancy - about 8 to 12 weeks. These have to do with the transition from nourishment or the person by the trophoblast to nourishment by the placenta.

The system of nutrition of an unborn person is very interesting and vital to understand.


For the first eight to twelve weeks of pregnancy, there is no placenta. Instead, the fetus is nourished by an unusual tissue called the trophoblast.  The word trophoblast means to nourish the baby.

This tissue is invasive and burrows into the mother's uterus and extracts nutrients from it, which it sends to the baby.

Of interest is that it is identical to cancer. However, it is perfectly normal during pregnancy. Indeed, it is absolutely required.  It “invades” the mother, and steals some of her blood supply from the uterine wall. It passes this nourishment on to the developing fetus.

This arrangement is needed because the fetus is actually a foreign body in the mother. If it were not for the trophoblast, the mother would reject this foreign object, causing a miscarriage every time.

An abortion lie. Some people teach that pregnant women “own” their babies and therefore should have the right to kill the baby if they don't want it. However, this is a lie.

The child is a separate being from the start. The woman is the carrier or bearer – a very special role, but she is not in charge except to do her best to care for the body.

The pregnancy test. The trophoblast secretes human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the chemical that is measured in the common pregnancy test.  In other words, to detect pregnancy, one measures the amount of trophoblast present.  It rises quickly when a woman becomes pregnant because it is helping the fertilized egg to implant and grow.


A common cause of miscarriages is an inadequate amount of trophoblast tissue.  The question arises, why would this occur?  Here are some reasons:

1. Too much pancreatic and liver enzymes will destroy the trophoblast.  While possible, this is very rare.

2. Estrogen tends to support growth of the trophoblast. Thus, if a woman does not make enough estrogen, this can cause inadequate growth of the trophoblast. This is possible if a woman has exhausted adrenal glands, ovarian problems, or is in a four lows pattern or a very slow oxidation pattern on a hair mineral analysis.

3. If a woman eats a lot of raw nuts or seed oils, an interesting phenomenon may occur.  In particular, raw seed oils of sesame and flaxseed contain an estrogen-like substance that occupies the estrogen binding sites in the woman’s body.  When this occurs, the normal estrogens cannot do their job.

As a result, the level of circulating estrogens declines. This could cause a miscarriage.

This was exactly the situation with one of our clients. She had lost two pregnancies in the eighth week or so, in spite of having a healthful lifestyle and taking her supplements, as well.

However, she was a vegetarian so she was horribly malnourished. Also, she ate loads of sesame tahini. This is a wonderful product, but eating too much may interfere with pregnancy.

I advised her to reduce the tahini to two tablespoons daily and avoid other raw seed oils. Also, I suggested she eat red meat twice or three times weekly.  Meat contains some estrogen and other hormones that were in the animal. Then she became pregnant and now has two children.


To get rid of cancer and prevent recurrences, one method is to lower estrogen and to destroy trophoblast. For example, the Johanna Budwig anti-cancer protocol is to eat a large amount of flaxseed oil with cottage cheese every day.

This seems to inhibit estrogen for the reason described in the section above.  That is, it contains an estrogen-like substance that fills the estrogen binding sites and reduces estrogen effects, including growth of the trophoblast.

Choriocarcinoma.  One does not want too much trophoblast.  When this occurs, the mother develops a condition called choriocarcinoma.  This is a fairly rare type of cancer that occurs during pregnancy.  It can eat quickly through the mother and the fetus, killing them both sometimes in a few weeks if nothing is done to stop it.

However, in order to hold on to a pregnancy, a sufficient amount of trophoblast is needed.


One cannot totally prevent miscarriages and you would not want to! They are sometimes needed. If a person is not growing correctly, it is best to discard the body and start over.

To limit miscarriages, follow the development program as taught on this website and not others. People ask me often if this program is safe for pregnancy. My observation is that getting pregnant without the program is unsafe today.

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