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Fear is a very harmful, chronic, paralyzing negative attitude that is always WRONG. It is a poison for the body and the mind.

Fear is not the same as the adrenal response called fright or fight-or-flight. Fear is an attitude or perspective. F-E-A-R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Many people are caught in the habit of fear. This means it is a way they think. This is a most terrible, destructive habit. One can choose again to let go of fear and the habit of fearful thinking.


The opposite of fear is FAITH. Learn to live by faith. This does not means to be stupid or careless. However, everyone must learn to live by faith. Faith is a quality of the seventh energy center. Think about faith, and read about it at Having Faith.


Spiritual love is also the opposite of fear. The love of the Creator is reality. Fear is not the reality. Read about this in Love Is The Answer.



If you find yourself in fear, you are living in the future. Fear and anxiety indicate living in the future. Guilt and remorse indicate you are living in the past.

The ideal is to live in the present. All knowledge is available only in the present and living in the present is actually the best preparation for the future.

Living in the present is not the same as living for the present moment. Doing the Pulling Down Procedure helps greatly to stay in the present.

Living in the present is a discipline. If you find yourself fearful or anxious, you need to pull yourself back from the future into the present. If you find yourself feeling guilty or full of remorse, you need to pull yourself back into the present. Everyone will need to do this thousands of times until the mind learns to remain in the present.

A number of authors discuss this topic including J. Krishnamurti in his books and Roy Masters in his books.


J. Krishnamurti, in particular, discusses in his books that there are fears such as fear of death, fear of illness, fear of loss, fear of poverty, and many more. However, there is also a larger concept of LIVING IN FEAR. This is a dwelling place of the mind or dimension of space.

He says if you are in this place, you will find something to be afraid of. If you are not afraid of illness, you will find something else to be afraid of. So he says the goal is overcome the FEAR PLACE. For details, read Fear Is A Dwelling Place Of The Mind.


Fear is about the worst emotion imaginable for your health. Everyone needs to become aware of fear and let it go if you want to have good health.

Also, realize that a lot of fear is simply due to negative messages sent from your cells to your brain telling you that you are not healthy. That is all it is!

As you become healthier, this source of fear goes away and you receive happy messages from your cells. Many of our clients report this to be true.


Copper is associated with fear. Zinc is associated with love and less fear. Other toxic metals are associated with fear to varying degrees.

As you alter the balance of minerals in your body, this will help reduce fear. However, one still has to let go of fear mentally. Otherwise, it is more difficult to change the mineral balance and healing is definitely slower.


If a person believes he or she is totally loved by God, he or she will have little or no fear regarding secular matters. For this reason, those who truly believe in God have less fear.

In some cases, the believers substitute fear of God for fear of death, illness, rape or poverty. We think this is better, but not ideal.

We believe at this time that the best attitude is “I and the Father are one. I am one with God.” (from the New Testament of the Bible).

This is not a fearful attitude at all, but rather one of Love and operating from Love and a feeling of closeness with the true power in the universe. In this state, one follows the Ten Commandments, for example, not out of fear but rather from a strong belief that they are valid and helpful.


Fear stops development. Let it go for this reason and the others above.


Those with less fear usually have a larger and healthier first energy center. The first energy center located between the legs and pointing downward connects a person with the earth and has a grounding and centering effect.

Ways to improve your first energy center include all of the low body healing procedures such as coffee enemas, the bidet procedures, vaginal and penis coffee and peroxide, and the genital bath.

Other ways are the pulling down procedure, walking, gardening and other activities that tend to connect one with the earth.

Other ways are to avoid wearing high heeled shoes and to live and work near the earth rather than in a high rise building. Another way is to work on being practical, grounded and “down to earth”, and to do things with your hands.


An observation is that those who have a large seventh energy center often have less fear. They also tend to be more spiritually-oriented people and one can say they are closer to God or the higher self.

Therefore, to help overcome fear, grow your seventh energy center. One does this by concentrating and spending time on spiritual matters. This can include reading and studying spiritual material, doing spiritual practices such as attending worship services, praying and doing the pulling down procedure. Also helpful is to think spiritually about everything at all times, rather than think about things mainly in a physical or material sense.


The author used the 23rd psalm of David from the Hebrew Bible for a long time to help overcome fear. It is very powerful, although it is just one of many prayers and affirmations that may be helpful.

Very important: It is not necessary that you believe the affirmation or prayer. The author did not believe it was true. He just knew he needed to overcome fear.

You just repeat the prayer or affirmation many times. It will bring up its opposite in your mind. This is sometimes called cognitive dissonance.

In other words, saying the prayer upsets the mind and this helps ob the mind out of its old habit. Remember, fear is just an old habit and a bad one.

When the author first used the prayer, it was just a bunch of words. One day, however, after saying it many times each day it actually made sense. This began his process of letting go of fear.

The process of overcoming fear. The process required some years for the author. Improving health by ridding the body of toxic metals and replacing them with the correct vital minerals was needed, as was overcoming a number of traumas.

It also required facing various fears – about people, money, the earth and more. So it is not going to be an overnight accomplishment. However, it is certainly possible and definitely worth the effort.


Anyone who wants to control you usually uses fear as one of their weapons. Don’t allow it!


The group we call the Rogues specialize in creating fear. We now think this is to help people overcome it. It is the indirect teaching method.


One technique the author has used is to talk to your fear. Tell it that you know its game – it is to stop development and happiness.

Tell your fear its days are numbered because you understand it and you will not let it stop you from doing the development program. Be prepared to say this many, many times.


Fear causes subtle energy to move upward through the body. Any procedure or method that moves energy downward – from the head to the feet – reduces fear. The entire development program is a downward-moving energy program. For details, read Down Energy And Healing.


Fatigue always makes fear much worse. Go to bed early and get plenty of rest and this will help with fear. Many people are chronically tired and in burnout. This is when sleeping does not relieve your fear. The development program will rebuild your energy system and restore your energy. For details, read Adrenal Burnout Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue.


1. The Way Of Mastery book and the Jeshua compact discs offered by the Shanti Christo Foundation. The author used this material to help overcome his fear. The book is simply a transcription of the compact disc programs.

2. The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. This little book has a page in it in which the characters discuss the issue of living in Fear versus living in Love.

3. Love Is The Answer by Dr. Wilson. This is a short summary of the Jeshua material with commentary. You can read it online here or you can buy a hard copy of the book inexpensively from Amazon.com or Analytical Research Labs at 1-800-528-4067. The title of the printed book is The Real Self.

4. The audio program on this website called The Real Self. To listen, click here.

5. Three articles on this website: Fear Is A Dwelling Place Of The Mind, Some Fear Of Death Is Good and an older article, The Universal Curriculum.

Many other authors have also written and spoken about the problem of fear.

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