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1. Faith is following higher guidance.  The guidance can come in the form of a voice, or something else that directs your thoughts and actions.  For example, it can involve following your hunches or your intuition.

The very idea of faith implies the existence of a source of information beyond the intellect or rational brain.

2. Faith is seventh energy center living.  This means it deeply involves and requires a healthy seventh energy center.  This is the energy center located at the crown of the head.  This energy center connects us to the Holy Spirit, the divine, or the higher energy centers.

3. What faith is not.  Understanding the opposite of something is often helpful.

- Faith is not living by your physical desires.  This has to do mainly with the first energy center.  This center is located roughly in the genital area of the body.

- Faith is not living by your feelings.  This mainly has to do with the second energy center.  This center is located just below the navel.

- Faith is not living by your ego desires.  This involves mainly the third energy center.  This center is located near the solar plexus.

- Faith is not living by following the example of others (the herd mentality). This has to do mainly with the fourth energy center. This center is located in the area of the mid-chest.

- Faith is not living by what is just practical, pragmatic or creative. This type of living involves mainly the fifth energy center. This center is in the area of the throat or thyroid gland.

- Faith is not living just by the intellect or logic. This involves mainly the sixth energy center.  This energy center is in the forehead between the eyes.

4. “Living by faith” is a lifestyle.  It is not just an isolated action or decision.  It is a lifestyle in which one continuously asks for guidance from God, or from the Father in Heaven, or in the name of Christ. One asks about everything, all of the time.

This is unusual when you first do it. It feels as though you are out of control of your life.

However, this is reality! In truth, our very existence and everything about our existence is dependent upon God.  The ego mind does not like this idea, but it is the truth.  Once one gets used to this lifestyle, it becomes easier and more comfortable.

This is not exactly the same as repeatedly asking, “What would Jesus do?” or “What would Moses do?”  The latter are following the example of someone else.  This is fine, but it is not the same as getting your own answers to all questions by asking for guidance directly from the Father in Heaven, God, or the Holy Spirit.

5. Faith is “living in integrity”.  Integrity means that all parts of your life align perfectly or are integrated.  This includes your physical life, your emotional life, your social life, your work or job life, your ideas and your religious and spiritual life.

This is not easy for most people, but it is something to strive for and it is possible to live with very high integrity.  For more details, read Integrity.



This statement means that faith requires action to demonstrate it. This is very important.  Faith is not just a belief in something. It is a belief that results in action. Here are some qualities of this type of action:

- Acts in the world resulting from faith are not predictable from the earthly perspective.  This is because they come from higher levels of creation, and not from this realm.

- Action based upon faith is always somewhat mysterious and perhaps even somewhat outrageous, at times.  This follows from the statement above.  It means that it is okay to be a little outrageous when you are truly guided by faith.

- Action based on faith thus has an unusual quality that will never be fully understood by the secular world or natural world. This is why some people call this type of action “supernatural”.

- Action based on faith, when done properly, is perfect.  This means it does not leave a trace.  It is more like the wind, which just blows in and moves on in quite a mysterious way.

The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going;  So is everyone who is born of the Spirit ” – John 3:8.

In contrast, action based upon feelings, logic, ideas or the acts of your peers always leaves a trace or mark that eventually must be cleaned up.

Cleaning up the results of your actions is called retracing.  The above is a spiritual understanding of retracing, which we believe must occur at the physical or bodily level and at all the other levels such as the emotional and psychological levels, as well.


Eventually, yes. However, because our knowledge is always limited, finding the logical explanation or understanding for the insights and actions of faith is not easy and may occur much later in time.

Living by faith means that the intellect must be made subordinate and governed by faith.  Another way to express this is that the sixth energy center (the intellect), as well as the other energy centers, must be made subordinate to the seventh center.

The Pulling Down Procedure helps you do this. It moves subtle energy downward from the head (seventh center) toward the feet (toward the lower energy centers). This is the same as saying that the seventh center needs to control the lower centers.

An example. Mr. Dennis Prager wrote a book called The Rational Bible. We don’t like this title or his premise - that the Bible can be understood rationally. The trouble is it is only partially true.

It is true to the extent that many of the suggestions in the Bible make good sense. They include the Golden Rule - treat people as you would have them treat you. The Ten Commandments given to Moses also make sense - do not steal, lie or kill people except in self-defense.

However, the Bible is a book about faith, which is beyond the intellect. Unless one knows a tremendous amount about the higher realms, which no one on earth does, one cannot fully understand the Bible from a rational perspective.

Another way to say this is that the idea that Bible can be understood rationally may be true, in theory, but not in practice because it is a book of guidance from non-earthly sources. It can only be appreciated fully by faith at this time.


This is one of the most important questions that millions ask. Let us first explore the question.

We know - the rogues on earth tell you there is no such thing as faith and we are all their sex slaves and every other type of slave. But maybe there is more to life than this.

Asking how to have faith is not the same as asking how do I believe in God, or in the Bible, or in anything specific.  Asking how to have faith is asking a deeper question.

The deeper question is, “How to I connect to the Holy Spirit, God, or the Higher Realms Of Creation so that I will receive direct knowledge from these levels?”

The mental answer is one must let go of the victim mentality.  This is the same as the fear mentality or the rule by the lower energy centers (feelings, ego, peer pressure, etc.).

One must instead change to a different mentality - that one is a child of God, not a child of fear or a child of one’s feelings.

In truth, love and a happy life wait upon your welcome of them.  This means that they are there for you. All you have to do is accept them into your life.

One must stop thinking, “I am too sick to have faith”, I am too much of a sinner to have faith”, “God must hate me so I can’t have faith”, “My problems are too big for God to handle” or “God is definitely out of reach of such as creature as I”. All of these are wrong.

There is also another answer to the question of how to have faith. This is more physical.  It is to heal, activate and use the seventh energy center of the body.

The task then becomes how to do this.  This website believes that the way to do this, in large part, requires a healthful diet, plenty of rest and sleep, correct sexual activity with down sex and not regular sex, and it requires a mental exercise in which one moves energy with the mind from the head to the feet – or, one can say, from Heaven to earth.

This, we believe, is the meaning of the line in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy Will be done on earth, as it is (already) done in Heaven.”  It means that we are to bring Heaven to earth, which is to bring energy down from the top of the head to the feet and that this is the proper flow of subtle energy through the body. By following this procedure, we find that one will build faith. It is a type of healing work.

We also believe that this healing is related to the true meaning of the phrase “Truly, truly, unless one is born again of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” – John 3:5. To be born again means to open the seventh energy center and to live from this guidance.

We also believe that this is a deeper meaning of the idea of salvation.  This occurs through grace, which means it is a gift from God given to all human beings freely.

An analogy from the Garden of Eden story is that we need to return to the tree of life (the seventh energy center), rather than the tree of knowledge (the sixth energy center).

A psychological understanding is that we need to come to depend upon faith, rather than depend on our ego or intellect (knowledge) for guidance.


Restoring faith (relying on the seventh center) involves doubting the intellect or sixth center.  However, this must be done correctly. 

Usually, when a person doubts, it involves accepting someone's else's intellectual ideas instead of their own.  This, of itself, does not restore faith.  It merely shifts from one intellectual idea to another.  This kind of doubting isn't the answer, as it leaves the intellect in charge.

What is needed is to doubt the entire intellect. That which doubts correctly is the faculty that is of faith. It requires faith to question the entire functioning of the intellect, with all its defense and control mechanisms.


To doubt properly one usually needs a quiet time to observe and separate from thoughts.  Usually we are so identified with our thoughts that they appear to be "ours".  In fact, most thoughts are not ours. We simply take them on if they fit our belief structure.

The pulling down exercise is a way to practice separating from thoughts - learning to watch them come and go, learning to separate from the "dream stream", learning that ALL thoughts must be questioned.

As one does it more, one becomes aware of more of the subtle problems with the intellect or ego.  With each deeper insight into the workings of the intellect and senses, comes more faith because the intellect and ego lose power and control.

This is the essential process of restoring faith.  It can occur through a trauma, but usually such a "leap of faith" is only temporary.  One goal of this exercise is to separate from thoughts in order to be able to live in faith all the time, not just in a crisis.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.


An analogy that may be helpful is that the feelings and the intellect are like the autopilot on an aircraft. They execute commands, but they cannot set the course. The pilot must do this.

Unfortunately, most people have their “autopilot” programmed early in life by other people, and they stay on the same course throughout life. If the "setting" is fairly accurate, the life is "successful". If the "setting" is way off, the person experiences much confusion, disease, depression and misery.

Reprogramming the autopilot is not easy and requires healing the body and doing the pulling down exercise. However, if one desires it, it is very possible to reprogram it. We call this process getting on the path of development, also called the golden path. For details read the Path Concept.

Also read Faith And The Seven System and The Path Concept and the Seven System.

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