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WARNING. We use this article to teach about the disgusting treatment of women in the monarchies of many nations. It is not an article for children.

The story of Esther is found in the Book Of Esther, one of two books of the Old Testament named after a woman. It is a very important story for everyone today.

Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia, says the story is probably fiction. My information is that it is absolutely a true story! Wikipedia is often wrong on health and spiritual matters.

The Bible recounts the events, but not much about the underlying context and nothing about the abuse of women by the king and his men.


Around the year 400 BC, about 2400 years ago, in present-day Iran, there lived an orphan Hebrew teenager named Hadassah. Later, her name was changed to Esther.

She lived with her uncle, Mordechai. Her parents had been killed, as had been many Hebrew people.

Around the year 600 BC, the Roman Republic was suddenly taken over by thugs and changed into the Roman Empire, a frightful slave empire. They started attacking all good people around the world, including the Hebrews. As a result, many Hebrew people fled from Jerusalem to escape persecution and death, but many were killed.

One day, when Esther was 16, the king of her nation became dissatisfied with one of his wives, of which there were about 10. He promptly had her killed and issued a decree that he was seeking a new wife for his harem of women.

Mordechai went to Hadassah and said that God had told him that she must go to the king and become his wife, and that she would save the Hebrew people.

The idea sounded horrible to her because the king was a very cruel man. However, with some convincing, she agreed. Mordechai told her not to tell the king that she was a Hebrew.

She followed his orders and went to the king. He took a liking to her. They had sex, as was the custom.

Esther was a virgin at the time, and I am told the meeting was awful. The king “tried out” about 50 women and then decided to add Esther to his harem.

Soon after joining the harem, Mordechai learned of a plot to kill the king. He relayed the information to Esther, who told the king. The plot was foiled and the king was saved.

The main advisor to the king was a man named Haman. One day Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman. This angered Haman, who decided he would retaliate by getting the king to issue an order to kill all the Hebrew people in the land.

Mordechai found out about this scheme and relayed the information to Esther. Mordechai told Esther she must now tell the king that she is a Hebrew and he must not kill all the Hebrews.

She hesitated, but only for a few days. Then she set up a dinner with Haman, herself and the king. At one point she stood up and said, “Your majesty, there is a man who would kill me and all my people for no good reason.” The king said, and who is this man? She pointed to Haman and told of his plot.

The king remembered that Mordechai, another Hebrew mans, had saved his life. After some deliberation, the king ordered the death of Haman and the hebrews were saved.

Esther was also saved from death in the harem. Around the age of 30, an agreement was made with the king in which Esther was freed and a younger woman took her place in the harem. Unlike many in her position, she was able to return to a normal life.

In the Hebrew religion, a holiday called Purim celebrates the story of Esther.


I am told the Bible story of Esther is essentially true, but lacks certain important details about Esther's life.


Life in the king's palace was sumptuous with good food and nice clothing. However, the rest was pure horror. Esther and the king's other wives were treated as slaves and nothing more.


Any of the king's men could have her whenever they chose as long as the king agreed, which he usually did. The king's men were mainly rough soldiers - big, strong men who often despised women.

The rapes were of various types:

- Some were rewards for the king's men.

- Some were just something for the men to do when not in battle.

- Some rapes were to punish her if she misbehaved in any way. Misbehavior meant any questioning or not following orders exactly.

- Some were “contests” to see how virile were the soldiers. These rapes were particularly brutal because they went on for half an hour or longer.

- Some were “experiments”. This sounds cruel and it was. Occasionally a man wanted to “try out” a new rape technique and used her for this purpose.

- Some were “trades”. This means the king had a visit of a leader from another land. They often negotiated a land swap, a weapons purchase, or something else. As part of the agreement, the visitor got to rape Esther. These were also very nasty and bloody.

- Drunken rapes. Occasionally, one of the king's men drank too much. He would go on a wild rampage that included raping often many women in a short time.


The rapes occurred about once a week. Esther quickly became very ill and completely filthed. Fortunately, she was not exceedingly pretty. The pretty ones were raped more often, sometimes daily, and usually died within a few years.

The rapes were brutal and violent without exception. Esther prayed and often wondered low long she would last. Since little is known about life in a royal harem, we will list the fears she had about dying.


Among her fears regarding rape were:

- Death from perforation of the back of the vagina. This was almost a certain death and occurred easily because the men were big and strong.

- Death from broken arms or legs, or eyes poked out, or other diseases. These were common events during rapes by the big, strong men. There was little medical care at that time.

- Death due to a man in a bad mood. Things were bad enough when a rapist was in a good mood. If a man was angry or insulted, he turned particularly violent and often took it out on a woman during a rape. He would often bloody her, scream at her, and abuse her in every way imaginable.

- Death by toxicity. The men's bodies were extremely toxic. They would sweat all over her, spreading toxic metals to her. She became extremely ill with each rape for this reason alone.

- Death by beating. At times, men would show up who would not only rape, but beat Esther as well. This was worse than rape.

- Structure death. The rapes were very hard on the back. The women were often left with severe back pain and twists and shocks to the back. This could cause death if ignored.

- Aging death. All the women in the harem knew that they would remain until around age 30. Then the king would usually have them killed and find younger women to rape.



There is another type of sexual relationship between a man and a woman that is the exact opposite of that which occurred with Queen Esther.

It is called the science of tan (pronounced like dan). It is cooperative, extremely healing, very enjoyable for both women and men, much safer for women, and it heals the entire planet. It is not taught much on earth and it is suppressed knowledge.

This website is one of the few sites where it is taught. For details, read Tan Science. Other articles about it are Down Sex, Down Hugging, and Down Kissing.


You might ask, what could Queen Ether have to do with the American Revolution, which took place almost 2000 years later.

The answer is that the American founders recognized the horror of royalty or kings of Europe. They decided that America would not have a system of royalty, special titles, and special privileges for those in power.

The trend to do away with kings and queens continued with the French Revolution, and later with World War I and World War II. Doing away with royalty was a primary outcome of all of these important wars.

They helped end this disgusting system of government. However, the system continues yet today in some nations of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Some would say the system of women's slavery continues all over the planet because the alien group called the Rogues on this website or Satan in the Bible continue to beat, rape, poison and torture all girls and women on earth. For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet, Beatings, and The Rogues.

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