by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Details About Curses

III. Prevention And Removal Of Curses




A curse is a general term for a type of toxin. The toxin is in the form of a shape such as a polyhedron. For details, read Shape Science.

Curses are made of a special material that is somewhat like a plastic, but more ethereal and delicate.

Hexes and spells are related to curses and are specific types of curses. A hex just means six-sided. Spells are a little different, but have the same general effects as curses.

Witchcraft. Curses are used in witchcraft, which is a science of mental influencing to harm others.

How curses are made. Certain people can create curses with their mind and then send them to others. At other times, machines are used to create curses and spread them around.


Putting curses on people is part of a very large process called forging.

Healing versus forging. Healing is helping a person to be the way God created them to be. Forging is manipulating people in many possible ways to alter them the way an oppressor wants them. It is always somewhat violent, although it might not appear that way. Only in some cases does it include intense violence such as beating, raping, and other tortures.

The goal of forging is always to produce a type of human being that an oppressor wants. To a degree, at least, it is always a sick, frightened, depressed and anxious type of person because they are the easiest to control. The Rogues do forging, not healing on people. For details, read Forging.

Forging includes all aspects of functioning – physical, emotional, ego, social, work-related, intellectual and spiritual. For example, brainwashing is a mental/emotional aspect of forging. For details, read Brainwashing.

Forging can include changing the shape or size of a person's body, changing their body chemistry, changing their personality and changing their ideas and religious beliefs.

Curses have been known for thousands of years. They are mentioned in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. They are widely used in witchcraft, black magic and voodoo.

While there are differences between curses, hexes and spells, they all share the same principles, so in this article I will lump them together.


1. All can damage the mind and body.

2. For them to work well, they must lower the body’s vitality and adaptive energy, at least to some degree.

3. All tend to move energy upwards along the front of the body.  This is the opposite of the correct flow of subtle energy.

4. They can be psychological only, or they can involve overt physical damage to the body and/or brain.  They can also work at other levels, such as a soul level, for example.



This type of curse is often even worse than just speaking words.  These curses are essentially twists or blocks in the body structure that occur usually after a rape or beating.  They are more difficult to undo.

These occur due to stress placed on the physical body by a rapist, or due to other kinds of torture.  The spine may become twisted or jammed in some way, the hips may be misaligned, the head may be forced backward, damaging the cervical intra-vertebral discs, or other damage may occur to the body. 

Mentally, the damage is due to intense fear, or perhaps humiliation, anger, the mixture of pain and pleasure during a rape, tearing and bleeding of the body tissues and organs, beating the head against a wall or floor that dislodges the brain from its proper resting place in the skull, shouting, screaming, firing a gun next to a person’s head, bullet wounds, or other types of acts or damage.

These maneuvers are well known among cults.  They are all used to “recruit” or “induct” new members.  This is a euphemism they use for capturing, raping, and/or beating a person until they accept membership in the cult.  These methods are also used by professional brainwashers of all nationalities to force others to believe certain ideas.

Unwinding these curses may require more than prayer or counseling, in my experience.   A nutritional balancing program, chiropractic, deep breathing, stretching, and more may be necessary to undo them. 

Often, one must improve overall health and energy before deep healing can occur.  Interestingly, however, I find that when the body’s vitality is raised high enough, extremely deep healing and processing of such traumas can and does occur spontaneously.


A psychological curse is another word for a negative post-hypnotic suggestion.  This type of a curse can occur, for example, when someone tells you that you will have an accident, or die, or develop a disease, or something else negative will happen to you.  Sometimes the curse is placed accidentally, while at other times it is done to a person quite deliberately to harm him or her.

For example, doctors often place curses on people when they say in an authoritative tone, for example: “You have cancer, and you may die of it.” Several reasons for this are possible:

1. The doctor is just trying to scare the patient into following the doctor’s orders.

2. The doctor is just sloppy with words, and does not intend to do harm. However, such words can instill needless fear and horror in a person – and this is quite common.

3. The doctor is projecting his or her own fear of death or of disease.

Teachers or parents sometimes inflict this kind of curse on students.  They make statements, at times in a loud voice, such as “You will become a bum”, or “You will waste your life”, or similar negative statements.

Once again, sometimes they say this to help a child to work harder in school, for example.  However, this is not the way to do it, in my view. Often, parents and teachers are just projecting their own fears onto vulnerable children, or worse, they are trying to upset the children and vampirize or steal energy from them.  For more on this common phenomenon, please read Energy Vampirism on this website.


When negative suggestions are spoken to you, the person making the negative suggestion may consciously or unconsciously use hypnotic methods to “implant” the suggestion of misfortune deeply in your subconscious mind.  This is an important part of black magic or voodoo.  It is also used in satanic rituals and cults, during rapes and beatings, and during brainwashing, which is related to curses.


In many cases, if the post-hypnotic suggestion or psychological curse is accepted by the subject, then a proportion of the people to whom it is spoken will actually go on to develop the problem that was spoken of. One hears about this often in psychological therapy sessions, for example.

A teacher may have told a student that she is stupid when it comes to mathematics, for example.  If the student accepts this, she mysteriously finds that cannot excel in this area.

An angry mother may have told her teenage boy that he will end up just like his drunken father.  If the boy accepts the curse or post-hypnotic suggestion, then he mysteriously finds himself drawn to alcohol.

This type of conditioning is extremely common, in fact.  Most people, I would say, must deal with these types of curses or post-hypnotic suggestions that parents, teachers, doctors, attorneys, and anyone else in authority hand out, often without thinking much about it.

When combined with a rape or torture of some other kind, these suggestions become even more powerful and this is used to control people, often for the duration of their lives.


Professional rapists know that by raping a person, hundreds of discarnate entities, which are usually angry and sick souls, will enter the victims energy field and body, and lodge there.  This occurs because:

1. The rape causes some sensitive souls to leave the person, leaving a void.  This particularly occurs if there is beating of the body, or a severe rape with damage to the body.

2. The rape makes the person much more yin and weak, allowing the entities to enter.

3. The physical proximity of the two bodies helps the entities enter more easily.

4. Other.  Some entities are carried in the male sexual fluid, or enter through the mouth through kisses, etc.

The entities, in turn, weaken the person further, and will often speak negatively and tauntingly to the person for the rest of his or her life, unless they are removed somehow.  For more on this horrible topic, read Rape and Entity Attachment And Release.


Curses can easily be placed on people using electronic chips or circuits implanted under the skin or even deep inside the brain by technically advanced, but spiritually bereft people. For details, read Implants.


These are curses that are spread far and wide among the population using radionic or other electronic machines that tune to the people’s brain wave frequencies and send them mass messages.

The message might be something like “Don’t vote Republican – they are bad people.”  This one is used every election day to keep electing rogue politicians who lie through their smiles.

Another common curse of this kind is “Take away the people’s guns – they cause harm.”  This is another lie, but it is broadcast throughout the world.  In fact, guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens save many lives each day.  Statistics prove it, but you won’t hear this on television because most mass media channels are controlled by those who don’t want the truth to be known.


In voodoo, for example, long needles are stuck in models or dolls that are made to look like a particular person.  Incantations and prayers are used to blend the energy of the doll with the energy of the person they want to harm.

Then they stick needles in the eyes or elsewhere, and in some cases, the subject feels this in the eyes, for example, although they cannot figure out why it hurts.

This method is sometimes called correspondence attacks.  The idea of correspondence can be used for healing or harming another, and basically has to do with blending of energies of two people.

This is related to psychotronic warfare, which uses this principle, as well.  Do not doubt that this is real – it is.



Here are some simple precautions everyone needs to take.

1. Pray daily and often. Ask for protection and the love and light of God to enter your life and that of everyone else. Do not just pray selfishly.

Do not take this lightly, as it is powerful and it works.  If you feel you are under attack, pray this way more!

2. Follow the entire development program. This will strengthen you and heal the body. Also, the coffee enema is excellent as a weapon to prevent and remove curses. The pulling down procedure is also excellent, as is balancing the mineral ratios in the body.

Relax. In particular, stay rested and relaxed. Avoid stimulants such as drinking coffee or green tea or maca or kombucha tea. Keep relaxing tea around such as chamomile and use it to stay relaxed, if needed.

3. Do not stay around negative or parasitic people.  This means avoid anyone who seems threatening, including your doctors, teachers, chiropractors, “friends” or anyone else.  Anyone who is feeding you negative suggestions is not your friend, and you should distance yourself immediately from that person.

This can also be difficult if it is your boss at work, or a co-worker, or a teacher if you are a student.  However, it is wise to avoid the naysayers and others who inflict their negativity on you, either deliberately or unconsciously.

NOTE:  Often those who bring truth can sound negative, so be careful.  Someone who warns you of danger to your body or mind, is not necessarily harming you, but may be saving you. 

So do not just run from people who sound negative.  Try to be discerning about this or you may not survive long.  Truth sounds negative until you understand it, just as this article may sound negative until you understand it all.

4. Avoid dark, negative and/or scary books, music, movies, videos and other things.  These can and do implant curses even if you are not aware of it.  Some of the modern “music” such as hip-hop, rap, and other is horrible in this sense.  Even some Christian music is too noisy and blaring, and can upset the body, even if the words are soothing.

5. Steep yourself and surround yourself with positive, uplifting, inspiring and spiritual people, books, movies and other materials.  For example, most Christian books are excellent.  Attending positive worship services and other uplifting activities is also very good.

This will arm you or cover you with a positive protective shield.  When negative suggestions are made, you will immediately see that they conflict with your belief in God, goodness, grace, faith, love and your total potential as a soul.  This will help prevent the negative suggestions from taking hold.

6. Read truthful websites, like this one. This is so that you are also armed mentally when broadcast curses or others are sent out and you know immediately they are lies.

7. Do not lose your temper.  One goal of the devil worshippers is to make you lose your cool, as they say, and become angry with them.  This way you are off balance.

Instead, I suggest you pray for your enemies with all your heart, that they be saved and rescued from their mischief, as they are the real victims, not you.

One of my teachers, Roy Masters, suggests “You understand them, even if they do not understand you.  You love them, even if they do not love you.”

However, loving them does not mean to condone, excuse or even to tolerate their behavior.  If they must be put in jail, so be it.  If they must be put to death, so be it.  But do not do it with anger, but with compassion and love for all.

I cannot emphasize enough how important all of these preventive measures are for anyone.


If you have been affected by a curse placed upon you, several methods that may help release it are:

1. A complete development program.  This can help by:

1) Raising one’s adaptive energy level and vitality.  This is a key!  It causes entities to leave, allows one to process traumas, improves mental clarity and memory, and more.  For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

2) Making the body and brain much more yang in macrobiotic terms.  Traumas and curses make the body more yin, and this opens the body to entities, disease and more.  Reversing this is often another key to removing curses.  For more on this, please read Yin Disease on this site.

3) Acting as a counter-trauma. This is a somewhat unusual idea, but the development program does exactly this by:

a) restoring nutrition

b) moving energy downward

c) removing toxic metals and toxic chemicals

d) making the body more yang

e) other

The program must include the use of a near infrared lamp sauna twice daily, and two coffee enemas daily, as these are powerful aids.  The Pulling Down Exercise is also most helpful for everyone.

The development program is much better than other herbal, medical and nutritional therapies, in my experience.  Its effects can be remarkable in what it can do.  It is particularly helpful to offset the effects of a rape.  For details, read Healing Rape.

2. Prayer. Prayer is particularly good for breaking some curses. It sets up opposing patterns that finally can break through the curse.  Both asking for the curse to be broken, and asking that “Thy will be done” can be powerful types of prayers.

However, prayer works much better when combined with the complete development program.

3. Quality spiritual counseling.  The trouble is finding the right counselor.  Be careful, as most counseling is not that good, in our experience.

4. Other.  Other helpful activities may include taking a slow walk while breathing deeply, taking a warm bath, or even just talking with a friend.  These are usually not enough, but they can help.

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