By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure of any disease or health condition.


            A very interesting and advanced type of technology that is being used as a weapon against us on planet earth is shape technology.


Definition.  Shape technology is the use of specific shapes, usually polyhedrons, to transmit and receive information.  It is a control technology and a kind of resonance or correspondence technology.

The shape essentially acts as a carrier wave or carrier frequency of a radio.


And homeopathy.  Homeopathic remedies are shapes.  They lodge in the frontal area of the brain, where they are yin toxins.  This is why we avoid homeopathy in development science, even though it can be a powerful remedy system.  They make the body yin, and a yin state of body chemistry is a terrible health problem that stops development, no matter how well one feels.


And black magic.  Shape technology is used extensively in witchcraft and black magic.  Some readers are familiar with witchcraft terms such as hexes, tris, squares, pentas and more.  These refer to shape technology, and are the way that spells and curses are placed on people.  It is a powerful and very damaging method of controlling people.


And Spheres or cubes.  Anything spherical or close to spherical, or cubical or close to cubical is easier to adapt to shape control.  This includes the shape of a personŐs head, for example, the shape of a piece of equipment, or even the shape of a vehicle.  The reason is simple.  The polyhedrons fit inside most easily.


Opposing shape technology.  Good mineral nutrition seems to help.  It appears to be one reason why eating loads of cooked vegetables helps peopleŐs health so much.  It loads a person with minerals more than any other method we have found.

The use of coffee also helps, especially when used in an enema.  For example, it is well known that coffee can negate the effects of homeopathic remedies.


Factors that make shape technology work better.  These seem to include mineral malnutrition and an overall yin condition of the body.  The best way to make a body yin is to eat fruit, sweets, vegetarian diets and raw food.  This is one reason we avoid these in development science.



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