by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A secret of the effectiveness of development programs is they tap into the human system at what are call control points in the language of general systems theory.  This may sound esoteric, but it is really quite simple:

              Every system has places from which one can more easily alter and control the entire system. 

This is a key principle used in development programs.  Finding these points is not easy, however.   They can be unusual or strange, and they may not make much sense.




The use of a trim tab is an example of a powerful control point on a large ocean-going ship.  Controlling the movement of a large, heavy, ocean-going ship is not easy.  Sailors know that even holding the rudder steady on a small sailboat can be difficult in a heavy sea.  A solution to this problem on big ships is to use a small structure on the tip of the rudder called a trim tab.

The ship captain turns the trim tab, which is easy because it is small.  Using BernoulliŐs principle, this turns the rudder.  The rudder then turns the entire ship.  We would say that the trim tab is an example of a control point for steering a large ship.

(The trim tab of a ship is somewhat like the hair sodium/potassium ratio of a person.  The rudder of a ship is somewhat like a personŐs oxidation rate.  Hair samples must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate mineral readings.)




Like trim tabs, certain aspects of a development program may seem ŇsmallÓ or of minor importance, when in fact they are critical for success.  These aspects we call control points.  Clients who pay close attention to these aspects of the program progress well and develop quickly. 

Those clients that deviate from our suggestions usually do not do nearly as well.  We call these people self-styled.  They often are intelligent and believe they can enhance the program by adding or deleting various parts of it.  While we respect everyoneŐs right to experiment, this very rarely works.

What usually occurs is either:

1. The program needs updating.  Body chemistry has shifted and the program needs adjusting.  This can happen at any time during a program.

2. Retracing occurs.  This means that the program brings up old physical, emotional or mental issues for healing.  When symptoms flare up, a person believes that the program is flawed and we donŐt know what we are doing.


In either case above, one must ask their Helper to check with Dr. Wilson to see what is going on.  At times, figuring out the problem and the solution is not complex.  Occasionally, it takes time to check carefully and make the needed adjustments.

However, instead of checking in, some clients alter their program based on their reading or the suggestions of others.  A good alteration is to reduce the supplements or stop them altogether until the problem can be corrected.  Other alterations, however, in our experience, rarely work well.  Here are some major control points with a development program.




Refer often to the article Food For Daily Use.  We keep it updated with new research.  Here are the main dietary considerations:


1. Eat loads of cooked vegetables at least three times daily.  We find that if one does this, the entire program works well.  If one does not do this, for whatever reason, then the entire program does not work as well, and healing is much slower.

2. Avoid all fruit, sweets and sugars.  Once again, this rule works well.  Ignore it and healing slows dramatically.

3. Drink 3 quarts or 3 livers of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water daily – and drink water away from meals.  This is another key to success because it seems to control many aspects of body chemistry.  Drinking more than this, by the way, is not desirable because it makes the body too yin.

4. Avoid all vegetarian and vegan diets.  These diets will dramatically slow healing progress, no matter what other benefits they appear to have.




1. Forgive everyone for everything.  This works, even if you donŐt want to do it.  It does not mean to condone any behavior, nor does it mean you must stay in touch or even be nice to anyone.  However, one must forgive and move on.

2. Strive to be happy and content, no matter what is your situation.  Look for the positive things in life, let go of the negative, have a sense of humor, and relax and enjoy life.

3. Go to bed by 9 PM, and get at least 9 or ten hours of sleep each night.  This may be inconvenient, but it works, as do all the control points.  Focus more on rest, and less on exercise.

4. Limit sex with orgasm to once a month or less. Regular sex depletes sexual fluid and nutrients, and makes the body too yin.  This is especially true if one is older than about 30 years of age.

5. Gentle exercise only.  More than this has some benefits, but they are outweighed by the fact that vigorous exercise uses up a lot of nutrients and stresses the glands.

6. Avoid all vaccines and most medical drugs.




1. Everyone needs nutritional supplements today to be optimally nourished.  This is still controversial, mainly because the truth is kept from the public by either ignorant physicians and health authorities, or by some who have a stake in keeping people sick.


2. Most everyone needs some of the same nutritional supplements.  This is a very important control point or principle of development science.  They include omega-3 fatty acids (about 900-1000 mg daily of EPA and DHA, not 1000 mg of fish oil or other oil), vitamin D (4-5000 iu daily), a powerful digestive aid, kelp (2000-4000 mg), 500-1000 mg of trimethylglycine, about 600-750 mg of chelated calcium, about 300-450 mg of chelated magnesium, and at least 20 mg of chelated zinc daily.


3. Other supplementary nutrients need to be based on the results of a hair mineral test.  We are less impressed by other methods of testing nutrients such as blood serum, red blood cells, urine, saliva, kinesiology, or electrical machines, although all methods have some value in some cases.

The hair analysis must be done by a lab that does not wash the hair, and it must be interpreted according to the method we use.


4. Take the fewest supplements possible because all of them are yin.  This is a very difficult concept for some people.




1. The Pulling Down Exercise is primary.  Other meditations, visualizations, affirmations, self-hypnosis or any other mental exercises do not cause development to nearly the same degree.


2. Coffee Enemas and Vaginal Coffee Implants are excellent adjunctive procedures.  They are not at all like drinking coffee, or other types of enemas or implants, which should be avoided.


3. Red Heat Lamp Therapy and Sauna Therapy using these lamps only is needed and very helpful.  Other light therapies and other types of saunas do not have the same development effects.


4. Foot And Hand Reflexology is an excellent, safe and simple healing modality.  We recommend it daily for everyone.


5. The daily Spinal Twist Exercises and regular excellent quality chiropractic care are also very helpful for everyone.


6. Other very useful therapies are Down Sex and the Trance States.  Some people also benefit greatly from Kelp Wraps when beginning a program.   These can accelerate healing greatly.


7. Stay away from other detoxification and healing procedures because they are too yin, slightly toxic, or have other problems.




- Be grateful, not hateful.

- Forgive everyone for everything right now – with no exceptions and no excuses.

- Turn all your worries, fears, anger, and other problems over to God and keep doing it.




- Keep correcting the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral analysis.

- Keep correcting the oxidation rate on a hair mineral analysis.

- Oxygenate the body better with deep breathing and oxygen therapies such as using an ozonator air purifier.

- Hydrate the body better with spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water, but not reverse osmosis or many other types of water.

- Restore key minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium and chromium.



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