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To read about trances used with the development program, go to Development Program Trance Procedures.


One often hears of a person labeled as a “space cadet”, “dumb blonde”, “nebbish”, “clueless”, “upside down”, “bird brain”, “nincompoop”, “mentally challenged”, “dufus”, “dupe”, “off his rocker”, “absent-minded professor”, “crazy”, “hypnotized zombie”, “dim wit”, “meathead”, “schlub”, “half wit”, “playing with half a deck”, “not firing on all cylinders”, “little between the ears”, “potato head”, “dunce”, “pea brain”, “empty headed”, “stupid head”, “dumb”, “muddle-headed”, “brain dead”, “ditsy”, “bonehead”, “nobody home”, “out to lunch”, “living on another planet”, “dumbbell”, “foggy”, “idiot”, “numbskull”, “thick”, “pinhead”, “airhead”, “copperhead”, “blockhead”, “cretin”, “moron”, “nut case”, “fruitcake”, “not all there”, “psycho”, “iron head”, or even words like “demented”. 

In some cases these slang phrases are used just to put people down.  However, sometimes they refer to people who are in mild to severe trance states.  Such trance states are very common among all of humanity.

Definitions.  A trance state may be defined as a state of mind in which one is not fully awake to the outer world, yet not fully asleep.

Another definition is a mental state in which the consciousness is somewhat focused within, and somewhat disconnected from the outside world.  There is always some absence of response to external stimuli.

Trance states are a critical topic related to nutritional balancing science.  Trance states are really the opposite of the goal of nutritional balancing.  In order to understand this better, and to understand nutritional balancing better, it is helpful to discuss the many types of trance states that most people are in. 

A few trance states are therapeutic and related to a nutritional balancing program.  Most of them are not therapeutic at all, and are very dangerous and pathological.



Family squabbles and fights can easily induce a trance state in a person.  This may sound strange, but it is true.  What occurs is that the argument with a family member so ties up the person in the past that the person cannot live in the present.  Alternatively, the squabble so angers the person that the person is stuck in the argument and cannot get out.

This type of trance, by the way, occurs with anyone toward whom one cannot let go of anger and resentment.  It is, as Mr. Roy Masters calls it, the trance of resentment.  Millions live in this trance.

One can hate the boss, the work associates, the husband or wife, the children, the cousins, the government, the doctors who killed your son, and so on.  This type of trance can be more biochemically based later on because it damages the body, lowers the sodium/potassium ratio and may raise the calcium/magnesium ratio, causing a bowl pattern, which is a stuck pattern.  For more on this mineral analysis pattern, please read The Bowl Pattern On A Hair Mineral Chart on this website.

This type of trance state can occur with a family member, friend or other person even if the person is thousands of miles away, and even if the person died years ago.  One can even hold resentment against God, or the angels, or one’s former guru, for example.

There is no end to the ways people hold on to resentment.  It always induces a slight trance, or even a deep trance that is dangerous for one’s health because one is stuck in the past in a very unhealthy way. 

For example, this type of trance can attract a young woman back to a violent man to “make it right”.  She may have sex with an old boyfriend who raped her just to “get back at him”, in some strange way.

Many people become aware of their resentments and grudges as they retrace during a nutritional balancing program.  This is especially so if one practices the Pushing Down mental exercise every day.  It is scary and often disappointing to retrace and observe this in yourself.  However, it is also always wonderful to see it.  Be grateful to see it!  And forgive everyone for everything to finally let go of the resentment completely.

When you do this, you may be very tired for a while, as you have lost your former motivation for living, in some cases.  Don’t worry.  If you stay with your program, you will find a new motivation for living as a child of God who does not really need people in the old way, and can just live his or her life knowing that you are loved, and were always fully loved by your Creator.


Besides family-induced trances and some resentment-based trances, people can become caught in the past by great pleasures, or recalling Christmas with the family, or a wonderful job or career you had, or even recalling a wonderful automobile or home that you lived in.  You might live in the past because you want to retain more of your youthful beauty and sexiness, or because you were smarter then, or more healthy.

            Any of these things can keep a person fixated to the past, and this is definitely a kind of trance.  It is very dangerous because the past is dead and gone.  Living there, even for a few moments each day, leaves you vulnerable to stress in the present, and unable to cope properly in the present.

The pushing down mental exercise and a complete nutritional balancing program tend to pull you back into the present, which is not always fun, but is always a wise thing.  Becoming more yang on the program also tends to keep you in the present.


Another common type of trance is the result of living in the future.  Many people do this unconsciously.  They dream of their favorite sexual act, the favorite home they want, the car they want, the husband or wife they want, the health they will have, the money they will have when they are older, or something else.  It could be the college degree they will get, or the fame and fortune they will win by writing their book or getting on television, or getting elected so an office.

Fixating on the future in this neurotic and often unrealistic way is also dangerous for the same reason that fixating on the past is dangerous.  It does not prepare you to face the present.  In fact, it lowers your awareness and damages your ability to respond properly in the present.

This is a theme in the writings of Roy Masters and J. Krishnamurti, two of the men who influenced me and convinced me to do the pushing down meditation each and every day, without fail, for an hour or more, to slowly raise my awareness.


Many people live in their own little trance-like world because they are mentally fixated.  This is sometimes called being “too ideological” in your thinking.  Such people only think in a particular way or track.

For example, one’s thinking can be fixated on how all problems in the world are environmental, or due to economic oppression, or due to men oppressing women, or because the evil corporations rule the world, or how the government oppresses the people.

The stuck thinking becomes a mantra or repetitive pattern in which the mind is stuck.  The result is they are boring people, unaware people, and often they make poor decisions because they are not fully present.

The people do not live in the past or the future, but they are stuck in a mental world or an ideology, or theology, or viewpoint.  They are very much “up in their head” in some way.  As one speaks with them, they seem to live in a tornado or a storm that does not permit them to just relax, observe, and think and feel clearly.

It is sad because many of them are quite brilliant, but they cannot manage their thoughts.  Instead, the thoughts race from one to the next in a fixed sequence.   The person is out of control of the process, but often thinks it is normal.


These are states of lowered awareness due to constant emotional reactions.  They can be reactions to present events, words, or actions.  They can also be repeated reactions to actions or events or people from the past.  They can be reactions to possible events that could happen in the future.

Words used to describe these individuals are neurotic, compulsive, obsessive, defiant, oppositional, conformist, and narcissistic.  These and other emotional aberrations occupy the thoughts, distract the person, and therefore lower awareness and prevent a person from being fully present and aware.

Even more severe trance states can occur due to psychoses.  These are conditions such as schizophrenia, some bipolar disorders, psychopathology, borderline personality disorders, and other more severe mental illnesses.  These illnesses can and often do have a biochemical basis such as elevated tissue copper or elevated mercury or lead.  They can also be due to other physical diseases, extreme trauma or other things.


The word psychotropic literally means “to move the psyche”.  These are drugs that affect consciousness.  The most famous today is marijuana.  Others include alcohol, cocaine, heroine, Ecstacy, methamphetamines, some pain killers such as Oxycontin, and others.

Some mild ones include ADD drugs, and even kombucha tea, which apparently has an amphetamine-like compound in it that gives people more energy.  To learn more about this, read Kombucha Tea.

Some of these drugs work directly on the brain to induce a state of stupor, fogginess, or excessive stimulation.  Others are just toxic in a particular way that eventually filters through to the brain and causes an altered state of consciousness.

Many people ask me why marijuana, for example, is not part of nutritional balancing programs, since it can relax people and some say it is not too toxic.  The answer is:

1) Marijuana is very toxic (high in cadmium – the most toxic of the metals).  It is also being hybridized today to be stronger and more toxic.

2) It lowers awareness.  Nutritional balancing is all about raising awareness.

3) It is addictive, no matter what anyone says.

4) It is a remedy, and nutritional balancing is a whole systems method of healing and development, not a remedy system

5) It is often a gateway drug to even worse drug problems, no matter what the proponents claim.

6) It is still technically illegal in the USA and some other nations.  The current governments just do not bother to enforce drug laws they don’t like.  We never suggest illegal substances or methods.


When a person is “possessed” or has an entity attached to him or her, the person often goes into a type of trance state.  This is very dangerous, as anyone knows who has had this occur.  The entity somehow displaces the person’s main soul to some degree, and starts directing the person’s behavior, activities, thoughts and feelings.

For example, a young woman who is normally modest and shy may become sexually aggressive.  A man who normally would never harm another may become belligerent and violent, or he could withdraw into a deep depression for no apparent reason.

Entity-induced trances are not really trances, in that they are worse.  They are actual displacements or even replacements of the main soul of the person, with varying results.  The new ruling soul could go itself into a trance, for example.  However, this is a type of trance state in that the person is not fully awake as himself or herself.  For more information on this important topic, please read Entity Attachment And Release on this website.


Sex is one of the easiest ways to lower your awareness.  It is probably the oldest method used by mankind and other species to reduce awareness or limit awareness, or just to distract a person.

Sex is used in many ways to do this:

a) Just the thrill of the pursuit is distracting for most people, and keeps them occupied - sometimes for their entire life.

b) The loss of sexual fluid has a numbing effect on the body.

c) Actual sexual acts also wear out the body and some people find this numbing, and a wonderful escape. 

d) Orgasms, especially for women, but also for men, can alter the energy field and the energy centers in ways that usually, but not always, dim the consciousness for a time.

Pornography and other sexual fixations such as wearing women’s underwear, reading sexy or racy novels, and watching sexy movies, also serve as distractions for some people.

The exception to this is down sex, discussed in a separate article.  Most sex moves energy upward from the lower organs to the brain.  Upward-moving energy is always a dumbing down energy and always harmful.  For more on this, please read Down Sex and Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.


Exercise, especially when vigorous and sustained such as running a marathon, is well known to induce a type of trance state, also called “runner’s high”. 

Reasons why this occurs with running, biking, or other vigorous activity are various.  The exercise can cause a buildup of lactic acid that alters the pH of the body and brain.  Exercise also stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, and depletes thyroid and adrenal hormones, and this may cause the trance state.  Other chemicals such as endorphins may also be involved.


We lump these together because both are chemically-induced trance states.  They differ from number #13 above (drug-induced trance states) because toxic and depletion-induced trance states are not caused by drugs.  Instead, they are the result of simple poisoning of the body (toxic trance states) or other chemical imbalances in the body.

Anesthesia.  For example, anesthesia, one could argue, induces a type of toxic trance in which one does not feel pain.  It is not really a sleep state, though it is somewhat similar.  It is more of a toxin-induced trance state in which one feels no pain.

People are somewhat suggestible during anesthesia trances, and can be manipulated mentally, for this reason.  This is a reason why surgeons, for example, should be careful what they say while operating on a person who is asleep.  The person may hear every word and react to them.

Brain fog.  In some cases, brain fog is a kind of trance state due to biochemical imbalances.  Hundreds of chemicals in use today can also poison the brain and induce certain types of toxic trance states.  Technical terminology for such trances include words such as malaise, spacey, living in a cloud, brain fog, impaired cognition, impaired memory, attention deficit disorder, mild dementia, stupor, and comatose.

Other.  If we want to be very technical, any toxic metal or toxic chemical can cause a trance state because these can upset brain chemistry.  However, many are so mild they do not have this effect too much.  We only worry about the most severe ones.

Many people who begin a nutritional balancing program tell me they suddenly or slowly begin to think more clearly, remember better, and perform better in school and work.  They realize, they tell me, that they were living in a kind of cloud or trance state before they embarked on the nutritional balancing program, although they thought they were “normal”.


Implants are tiny electronic circuits or computer chips that are injected or beamed into people’s bodies.  Most people in the Western nations have a few of them, at least.  They are often shaped like a grain of rice or a tiny sphere, and are very hard to detect.

Implants are placed inside the body by various methods:

1. They can be beamed into the body very precisely using advanced machines.

2. They can be put into vaccines or other shots.  This is an important reason to avoid vaccination!

3. They can be placed surgically.

These computer chips can send messages to the brain that can induce various levels and types of trances.  This sounds like science fiction, but it is fact and it is proven.  For more on this, please read How People Are Influenced Mentally and Implants on this site.


Psychotronics is the use of frequency machines and radionic machines to send messages to the brains of people near and far from the machinery.  This method of mind control is in widespread use throughout the world, although very few people are aware of it. 

In fact, some of those who are aware of this phenomenon are labeled schizophrenic because they “hear voices” in their head.  What they are hearing are manipulative messages designed to control them.

The goal is to influence and manipulate the thoughts, feelings, cognition and memory of people, especially our leaders and other influential people in the community. 

Psychotronic machines can induce trance states to force people to believe a certain way, vote a certain way, feel a certain way, or act a certain way.  It is a very important method of subtle mind manipulation. 

A very powerful psychotronic method is that each soul has a unique frequency.  If one knows the frequency, one can send messages just to that soul very secretly and powerfully.  For more on this topics, please read Psychotronics on this website.


These trances are very common, and often used by advertisers, sales people, politicians running for office, and others.

Body parts.  A good example of very powerful trance-inducing images are those of body parts.  Pictures of women’s breasts, vaginas, penises, legs, and even shoulders and backs are used in ads, movies, books and elsewhere to sell products or otherwise induce hypnotic and trance states. 

The reason these work so well is that they are somewhat programmed into our brains either by instinct or experience as pleasurable or unpleasant, so they trigger memories or instinctual responses that are not conscious or based on full awareness.  In other words, they lower our awareness for a time.

Women, and predatory men, often use this trance-inducing method to attract the opposite sex.  Clothing is worn that exposes part of the body, or shows its outline very clearly.  As one observes this, one goes into a light trance without realizing it.  Young women are often masters at this technique, not realizing they are “playing with fire” because some men don’t like being forced into a trance, and will act violently and rape them, or do some other kind of harm to them.

Sounds.  We are also conditioned to be attracted to certain sounds, frequencies, or kinds of music.  These are also used to induce trances at rock concerts, classical music concerts, and everywhere else music or sounds occur. 

One can even go into a light trance sitting in the woods, listening to a babbling brook or to the wind whooshing through the trees.  Such is the power of sound.

Odors.  Odors may also be very powerful and may induce a light trance state in some people.  In fact, this is the goal of wearing some perfumes and colognes. 

Many odors can do this, however, especially if they trigger memories for a person.  It could be the odor of your mother’s kitchen, reminding you of how much she loved you.  It could the smell of gasoline from the car where you first had sex, and so on.


All traumas induce a light trance, at least, and in some cases, a very deep trance state.  This may seem like a generalization.

However, by definition, trauma alters the body and brain in powerful ways that may be called trance states. That is, they lower consciousness and awareness in some way, either by damaging the body and brain, or by shocking the system in another way.

A common example is rape, explained in depth in another article on this website entitled Rape.  Rape always alters the body and brain, and often leaves a person thinking differently, feeling differently, numb in certain parts of the body or brain, damaged, infected, humiliated, embarrassed and more.  All this is used by professional rapists, which are most of them, to induce trance states in those they attack.

This is a highly developed science designed to condition a person, manipulate a person, and sometimes destroy a person using trauma to induce trance states.  A woman may wake up after a rape and strangely decides to become a whore.  A man may become an unwitting KGB agent, and hardly realize how this occurred.  A politician may become an unwitting dupe or accomplice to some scheme the operative desires without even realizing what is going on. 

Much milder traumas can also induce trance states.  A very common one is that a dog accidentally bites a child.  The child then develops a phobia related to dogs that is actually a mild trance state in which the child cannot be near a dog, or the child loses awareness and goes into a fear or even a panic state of mind.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.  This was formerly called battle fatigue, shell shock, and other names.  It refers to a kind of trance state that can occur if one is exposed to the loud noises, odors, danger, and other situations of war.  It plagues millions of men, mainly, who fought in wars around the world.

These individuals cannot be around certain places, situations or people without it triggering horrible memories, trembling in the body, and perhaps intense fears and anxieties.  Clearly this is a state of lowered awareness.  A nutritional balancing program, and especially the pushing down exercise, can often clear this trauma-induced mild trance state.  For much more about trauma and its healing, please read the article entitled Trauma Release on this site.


This is also a rather common trance state, although it is completely secret.  What occurs is that a person is beaten and raped, usually, to lower their health level significantly.  Then a tiny microchip is placed in the brain to keep the person alive and functioning more or less normally.  The person becomes a type of zombie or slave. 

At one level, a number of souls are beaten out of the body, and other souls or entities are placed in the body through the rape or other trauma.  The person cannot think clearly, and usually just follows orders given by an operative.  The operative controls the person through mental telepathy,  radionic methods, or by using implants inside the body.

While this all sounds like science fiction, it is not.  It is done around the world by rogue governments and others to manipulate people and create slave-like human beings.  The technology for doing it is well-developed, and is the subject of large books.  For more on this topic, please read The Walking Dead on this website.

Some ISIS fighters are radicalized and moved to places like Turkey and Syria using these methods, as well as other types of subtle brainwashing methods.  For more on this topic, please read Brainwashing on this site.


One can say that regular sleep is a type of trance state in that when a person is asleep, the consciousness is lowered, as is the level of awareness.  This can be used for purposes such as sleep-learning.  Here one listens to tapes of lectures while asleep, for example.  In some cases, one learns faster this way.

Sleep states are sometimes used by manipulators to influence people.  It is true that when one is asleep, the mind is more open to manipulation.


These methods can alter the consciousness and induce trances, at times, in people.  They generally use raw mind power, combined with rituals, gems, herbs and other things to attempt to influence another person.  For more on this subject, please read Magic and Witchcraft on this website.


In this type of trance, the main soul does not leave.  However, it steps aside and another soul temporarily takes over control of the body.  The voice intonation and strength usually changes, and one can tell that another soul is in charge.  This is not really a trance state as we have defined it, and I include it because it is a misnomer.

Done correctly, there is no trance.  The main soul of a person simply steps aside, and another soul begins to speak through.

The most famous case of this was that of Mr. Edgar Cayce, who lived in Virginia Beach early in the twentieth century.  He would “go to sleep”, meaning enter an altered state of consciousness, and another person or soul would speak through his mouth, offering medical and other healing advice.

This is not a healing state of mind, but simply a replacement situation, although the replacement soul may give healing advice.


This is a phrase that Mr. Roy Masters used a lot. He was referring to a quality of the physical world that seems to create a trance state in everyone, to some degree.  It begins almost at birth, and continues throughout everyone’s lifetime.

The Pulling Down Procedure helps neutralize this trance state. 

J. Krishnamurti also believed that life, itself, exerts a sort of hypnotic influence that causes most people to live in a light trance state all of the time.  The cause may be the almost continuous demands by the body and brain for food, drink, distraction, sleep, and more.

This imposes a type of burden on our conscious mind that is extremely distracting.  It seems to lower the awareness level of everyone.  Full awareness requires a certain peace and quiet to contemplate and appreciate our world.


What tends to occur is that the two people cannot communicate, as they have little in common, in a mental way. Some would say “they speak different languages”. 


The most important ways to break out of trance states are:

1. Increase the adaptive energy or vital force of the body.  This is called the bioenergetic approach to healing trance states.  It is how a nutritional balancing program breaks through hypnotic and trance states, often easily.

2. The pulling down mental exercise.  There is no substitute for doing this exercise that I know of.  Even the best nutritional balancing program will not do what this exercise can do.  It increases the control of the mind over the body, brings up traumas for review and processing, teaches emotional detachment that helps heal all states of consciousness, and more.  For more, please read The Pulling Down Procedure.

3. Other therapies that relax and can take a person back into his or her past in a therapeutic way.  These may include cognitive therapies, biofeedback and other methods.  Just be careful with these, as they are not as effective or as safe as the first two methods above.

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