by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              How to dress can be an important area of lifestyle.  Here are suggestions:




Problems that occur when women wear sexy clothing are:


1. It is unsafe for women.  The reasons are that it excites men sexually very much.  This is never safe for women.  It also makes it easier for a potential rapist to undress you.  In addition, wearing sexy clothing is considered Òsignaling clothingÓ by male predators looking for sex.

2. It cheapens your look.  Most high-quality men are not as interested in a woman who does not know how to dress modestly and professionally at all times.

3. You may be cold, which is not helpful.

4. You will get more Prongs, which make you feel dirty and ill.


Wearing any of the following outside your home increases the risk of abduction and rape:


Short dresses

Shorts, especially if they are less than half thigh

See through

All tight clothing

Open backs

Suggestive designs – metallic, shiny, red, sheer, mesh, or emphasizing breasts or pelvis

Bare midriff

A few big buttons holding you together

Tattoos showing

The Òfalling offÓ look

The sexy sloppy look

Torn clothing

Not enough underwear – thong or a tiny bikini that can be seen through your clothes.


Other.  The following are also not recommended.  However, some women wear them to move menÕs attention upwards to their breasts instead of having them stare at their behind or crotch:


Ties or zippers on top, especially if they come undone easily.

Shoulders exposed with strapless tops or one-sided strap

No bra or a push-up or a padded bra

Bra straps showing

Sleeveless blouses

Showing cleavage

Tank tops with very thin straps

Low-cut blouses or other tops

On a blouse, an open top button or missing the top button

Other sexy tops – torn, sheer, see through, mesh or a sexy design.




The reasons are:

1. White and light colors tend to reflect energy.  Dark colors tend to absorb energies.  As you move about, it is best to reflect away most peopleÕs energy.  You will feel better this way.

2. Light-colored or white clothing shows the dirt.  Some donÕt like this, but it will help you keep yourself cleaner and you will know sooner if you have gotten your clothing dirty.

3. It is also easier for your guides and helpers to check you and remove tiny and hard-to-see objects that may attach themselves to you.

4.  White and light-colored clothing tends to contain fewer toxic chemicals such as dyes.  This is important if one is detoxifying the body.

            For more details, read Color.




Natural fiber clothing is generally best.  It does not block the flow of subtle energy and has other benefits, especially cotton. 

Be sure you wash ALL clothing first before wearing it.  Even organically grown cotton clothing may have chemicals added to it.  Ideally, leave new clothing out in the sun for a few days before wearing it.  If the clothing smells of chemicals, definitely leave it in the sun for at least 2 days.

This is also important if you ÒinheritÓ or buy used clothing, since you never know what sort of infections lurk in the clothing. 


            Organic natural fibers. These are very good.  However, they are more expensive, and are not needed, in most cases.  Buying organic clothing also supports organic agriculture, which is excellent.

Avoid permanent press, anti-bacterial, and other chemical additives.  This is a new trend in clothing, and getting more difficult to avoid.  However, the chemical-impregnated clothing usually does not breathe as well, and chemicals are absorbed into the body through the skin. 




Always dress warmly enough.  Wear socks if it is at all cold outside, for example.  If you do not dress warmly, the body goes into a fight-or-flight mode, and this is extremely harmful for health and development.  Hats are a wonderful idea to keep your head warm in the cold, as are long pants and long sleeves.

Always wear loose-fitting clothing.  Tight clothes are not only too sexy.  They can cut off your circulation and tend to transfer more chemicals from the clothing into your body.






We do not recommend that women wear dresses.  The reasons are:

1. Too open below.  This is always somewhat unsafe for women and makes rape easier.

Never wear a dress or skirt on a date.  It is definitely asking for trouble because you are Òwide openÓ.  This means that wearing a dress or skirt may be considered a signal that you want the man to put his hand up your dress or pull up your dress.  It does not matter that you are wearing it just for fun or because you have nice legs to show off.

2. It is difficult to run, kick or fight in a dress.  This is sad to have to talk about, but women should be able to handle themselves as well as possible.  Dresses and skirts make this more difficult.  Tight skirts, such as those worn by business women, are the worst in this regard.

3. Too sexy.  Most dresses and skirts expose your legs, which are usually bare, and the knees, which are another sexy area.

4. Somewhat dangerous.  Dresses catch on things more easily than pants.  They also can blow up if a gust of wind catches them at the right angle.

5. Harder to stay warm.  Staying warm is critical for womenÕs health.  Even on a warm day, a dress is much colder than wearing a pair of pants.

6. Harder to wear socks with it.  Socks just donÕt look as good with a dress, but socks will keep you warmer.

7. Sitting problems.  Unless it is a long dress or skirt, when you sit people will stare at your underpants.  The only solution is to cross your legs all the time, which is not ideal.




We do not recommend tight belts for women or men.  Women, however, wear them the most.  Tight belts can cut off circulation, impair digestion, cause constipation, impair breathing and impair your movement.  For women, they can make it difficult or even impossible to run fast.



This section is mostly for men, so they will understand women better.  The reasons women wear bras are:


- For simple modesty, as part of covering up.

- Protection.  The bra is another layer of clothing that makes some women feel safer in public, and it is true.  This is particularly true of the sports bras, which are hard to take off.  Wearing a bra on a date, for example, can be for safety and is always recommended.

- To hide their prominent nipples

- To stop larger or floppy breasts from bobbling around.

- To protect against excessive sweat or milk production during the day.  Some women release milk spontaneously, especially if they are breast feeding a baby.  Some women also sweat a lot and without a bra the sweaty breasts stick to oneÕs shirt, which is embarrassing and too sexy.

- Part of an outfit.  Some womenÕs clothing is cut so that they require a bra.  Otherwise the clothing does not fit, might fall off, or the outfit just does not work.

- To move menÕs eyes upward so as to avoid men staring at their crotch and vagina.  This is unpleasant for women, and quite unsafe since it tends to lead to rape.

- To reduce breast sensitivity.  Some womenÕs breasts are so sensitive to touch that if a woman accidentally runs into something or someone she can have an orgasm.  It may sound funny, but it is very unpleasant because she becomes wet down below and it can show through her pants or dress.

- To help her posture.  Some bras are designed to do this and really help a lot.

- For appearance to shape the breasts.  Many womenÕs breasts are triangular or other unusual shapes that are not attractive.

- To enhance sex appeal.  Examples are push-up bras, separating bras, padded bras and cleavage bras.  This is not just a superficial matter.  More attractiveness on top also keeps menÕs eyes looking up, and not on her crotch.

- Other.  Some women like wearing a bra as a location to store items such as an extra feminine pad or an extra ten dollar bill in case she loses her wallet.  Unlike menÕs clothing, some womenÕs clothing does not have pockets, or have fewer pockets than menÕs clothing.


General tips.  If the breasts are small, most women feel it is best not to wear a bra for optimum breast health.  If the breasts are medium to large size, a bra is helpful to keep the breasts from moving or bouncing around.  If the nipples are very prominent, a bra helps hide them from view. 

Try to find a bra that is comfortable first, and do not just pick one for good looks.  In general, push up bras are not comfortable and should not be worn.  Many kinds of bras exist.  Please check them out - do not settle for ill-fitting or uncomfortable bras.


Bra dangers.  Bras easily cut off blood and lymph circulation to the breasts if they do not fit well, are too tight, or the wrong shape.  Some have tight straps that cut into the shoulders.  Use pads underneath them if this is your problem.  Some make breathing difficult, which is not good at all.

Even if they fit correctly and are shaped correctly, if possible, always take off your bra when you come home at night to give the breasts time to relax and for circulation to be restored.  Do not sleep with a bra on, not even a small one.  Give the breasts a rest at night.



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