By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Friends are essential for all of us.  However, there are different kinds of friends.  This article is arranged according to the 7 system to understand the 7 kinds of friends.




            The seventh physical energy center has to do with spirituality and one’s connection to the higher realms.

A 7 friend is the best kind of friend to have.  This is a person who always keeps your highest potential in mind, and lets you know when you are not fulfilling it.

For instance, if you lie, cheat, or steal, this kind of friend will not go along and will let you know that you can do better.  If you are dating someone who is not such a wonderful person, this friend will immediately let you know that this person is not for you, no matter what he or she seems to offer you.  For women, especially, dating someone who is not of the highest quality is definitely dangerous these days.

7 friends are not easy to find, so count yourself lucky if you have even one of them.  They really care about you.  They are willing to risk the friendship by letting you know when you are not living up to your potential in some way.




The sixth physical energy center is located in the area of the forehead and has to do with thinking.  A 6 friend is not quite as good as a 7 friend, but is still quite good.  It is a person who thinks like you, has similar beliefs and goals, and usually shares the same religious, political and other opinions.  These people can make very good friends.




The fifth physical energy center is located in the area of the throat and has to do with expression.  A 5 friend is also a good friend.  He or she is someone you can do things with, work with, associate or team up with for various projects.  However, you probably do not share as much with this kind of friend, so the friendship is not quite as fulfilling as the ones above.




The fourth physical energy center is located near the heart, in the middle of the chest.  A 4 friend is a “buddy” or companion, but not a person with whom you share your deeper feelings and ideas. 

These are a common type of friend with whom you may chat online, go to the movies, go out for a meal, or perhaps with whom you vacation or relax.  For many people, these are the best friends they have. They will suffice, although they are not the best.  If these are the best type of friends you have, try to look a little deeper and join groups where you might meet people who share more of your values, ideas, goals and beliefs.




The third physical energy center is found between the breast bone and the belly button, in the middle of the upper abdomen.  It is concerned with power and control.

A 3 friend is actually someone whom you control or influence a lot, and he or she may controls you in some ways.  This is not a high level of friendship.  Employees and their bosses or supervisors often have this type of relationship.  The reason these friendships are not the best is because usually they are not between two people that are equal in stature or power.




 The second physical energy center is located below the belly button, about half way toward the pubic bone in the middle of the lower abdomen.  This is a rather low level of friendship, one in which each person makes the other person feel good, and that is the extent of the friendship. 

Some purely sexual relationships are of this nature, as are some others such as a drinking buddy.  You really have little in common with the other person other than to share or give each other feelings.




The first physical energy center is located near the anal opening and faces downward.  This is a very low level of friendship among two who benefit physically from each other. 

Some unhappy marriages are of this type.  Two people basically help each other to pay the bills and have and roof over their heads.  The “friendship” between a worker and the one who hires him is often of this type.  The worker fixes the house and the home owner gives the worker money, in return.  There is little more than this to the relationship.



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