by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The 7 system describes ways in which our bodies and minds handle new information.  The process of moving from one stage to the next may be called “growing” into a new way of living such as that of a development program.




The seven stages of commitment to anything are:

Stage 1. “I am willing to try it.”

Stage 2. “ I take it in and become more intimate with it.”

Stage 3. “I add more self-discipline and control myself to conform with my commitment.”

Stage 4. “ I become more relaxed or at home with what I am doing.”

Stage 5. “I am getting into the rhythm, the business or the groove of what I am doing.  I am partnering more with what I am doing.

Stage 6. “I am adding more mental understanding and impact to my commitment.”

Stage 7. “What I am doing has become my lifestyle and a total commitment.  I am connecting with it at a very high level.  I am one with it.”


II. MORE DETAILS ABOUT EACH STAGE (with examples from personal relationships and the development program)



The first energy center has to do with grounding and centering. 


Personal relationships. This is getting acquainted and might take several weeks or months.  It is superficial, with not much commitment.  It involves reaching out to another person, giving him or her a chance to get to know you.  It is a stage of experimentation.

            It should feel fairly good, although it may feel somewhat uncomfortable because it is new and you have no experience with this person. 


The development program. This is becoming acquainted with the program, which can seem unusual.  It is allowing the program to touch you, but not too deeply.

One must step away from old habits and be willing to experiment and take a chance with something new.  It requires a leap of faith, one might say.

This stage is not one of intimacy with the program.  It is more stand-offish or superficial, sort of a testing phase.  This is where many people are with the development program.



The second energy center has to do with an emotional connection.  This means one going beyond just casual acquaintance.


Personal relationships.  This is a deeper stage of involvement or engagement with another.  Some people become sexually involved at this early stage.  This need not be the case and we don’t recommend sexual involvement at this stage.  However, it is a stage of taking a deeper interest, often emotionally, in another person.


The development program.  This is a more emotional connection with the development program.  One becomes more intimate with it.

This is where many people are caught.  This stage requires “joining with” the program at a deeper level and making it an important part of your life.  It is sort of like wrapping the program around yourself like a cloak.

            Most people will feel something from the program if they do this correctly.



(down movement). 

The third energy center has to do with control, power and self-discipline. 


Personal relationships.  At this stage, one changes one’s life to include the other person much more.  This usually requires new habits, and a new discipline level.  You adapt yourself to the other.  Perhaps the other person likes to celebrate the Sabbath day, so you change your life to accommodate or blend better with the other person.


The development program.  This is where one’s commitment deepens to the point that one is willing to absolutely cook the food and do the procedures properly.  It is a stage of discipline. 



The fourth energy center has to do with friendship and a certain relaxation. 


Personal relationships.  At this stage, one relaxes more with the other person, who is now a friend.


The development program.  At this stage of commitment one relaxes with all the discipline required with the program.  It is a stage of friendship with the program, which involves greater trust in the development process.

            You come to appreciate the program almost like you appreciate a good friend.


STAGE 5. IN THE GROOVE OR IN THE ZONE (back and forth wobble)

            The fifth energy center has to do with business, partnerships and creativity.


Personal relationships.  Some people get married at this stage, although we don’t recommend it.  It is much better to wait and complete all seven stages of commitment.

However, at this stage, one feels like the other person is your ‘steady’ or your boyfriend or girlfriend.


The development program.  At this stage one feels that the program is more than a friend.  It is “my frequency” or my vibration.

One usually becomes more creative with the program, such as doing the spa morning routine where you combine the procedures to do many at once.  What was “a friend” becomes more of a “partner” or team.

Another way to say this is the program becomes a sort of business activity.  This is not about earning money.  It is about becoming very organized, efficient, having clear goals you measure, and other aspects of “doing business”.


STAGE 6. DEEP UNDERSTANDING The sixth energy center is about adding impact and intellectual understanding.


Personal relationships. Wise psychologists tell us this is an important stage of a relationship. One should not move ahead with marriage or even sex unless one achieves this stage of one’s relationship.  This would prevent many heartaches and divorces.

It is best described as feeling the impact of the relationship upon you and accepting it and loving it.  You are much more connected to the other person.  For more description, see the section just below.

In many cases, this stage does not occur during dating because the two are not that compatible.  However, most people ignore this problem and move ahead with marriage.  They figure they have put a lot of time and effort into the relationship and they don’t want to just discard it.  However, this attitude definitely causes problems later on.


The development program.  At this stage, one adds a power to doing the program.  One has an attitude we call being fierce for the program.

There is an urgency to pursue the program and not allow anything or anyone to get in the way.  It is the idea of “Lookout, world!  Here I come with the program and I’m not stopping.”


STAGE 7. I GET IT; I AM ONE WITH THE PROGRAM (up and down wobble).

            The seventh energy center has to do with integration, integrity and is also a culmination of the first six stages.


Personal relationships.  This is the point at which two people should consider marriage and forming a family.  They feel quite totally committed to the other.  One can say one has integrated the other person quite completely into one’s life and lifestyle.

Our wise psychologists say that this stage is also important for a happy marriage and happy life.  The previous stage is a “power stage”.  This stage is a relaxation and “oneness” stage, which is different than the previous stage and very important to feel with another.

One could say it is a twinning stage.  This is a soul term.  Souls are very aware that they have a twin.  This is another soul that is of the opposite gender who was born at the same time as they were.  The twin shares many qualities with them and they almost always get along quite well.

For human beings, finding one’s entity twin soul is almost impossible.  However, finding a “twin” is not impossible and is a very worthwhile pursuit when seeking a marriage partner.  The twin is your friend first and always.


The development program.  At this stage of commitment, the program is integrated into your life and becomes your lifestyle. 

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus says “I am one with God.  I and the Father are one.”  I believe this means he was totally identified with God or the Father, and this is the idea of this stage of commitment.

To paraphrase the words of Jesus, one’s feeling and attitude at this stage is “I am one with the program.  I and the program are one.”



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