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I. Introduction

II. Benefits Of This Procedure

III. The Procedure

IV. Other Aspects

V. Cautions




Vaginal reflexology is a newer development procedure (July 2021) used to help undo trauma to the vagina and surrounding tissues and organs.

The procedure is very delicate and not sexy. It is most like a lengthy pelvic examination, with which many women are familiar. However, it is done even more gently than a pelvic exam and it requires that the assistant know about the vaginal reflex system.


The author thought carefully whether to include this article on the development website. The reason is the focus of the website is not on the body, except as a vehicle for spiritual development. Also, the article sounds somewhat sexy, which is also not the focus of this website.

We want to make very clear that the intent of this article is healing and development, and that is all. Anything can be misused and misunderstood. I hope it is clear that this article is about a healing procedure that our clients tell us we need to present and teach.

Some clients believe that this article, along with the articles about down sex and down hugging, can lead to much healthier relationships between men and women, healthier children, healthier families, and a much healthier society.


Our bodies have reflex systems in different areas. They exist because of the fractal design of the body. The best known reflex systems are those of the feet and hands. The development program also makes use of the colon reflex system and others. For details, read Reflexology.

The vagina has an important and powerful reflex system. The basic set up is that the very back of the vagina reflexes to the head. As one moves forward, the tissues reflex to the various body organs going down the body toward the feet. The top of the vagina reflexes to the organs and tissues of the back of the body. The bottom or floor of the vagina reflexes to the organs in the front of the body.

The assistant needs to know this basic arrangement of the vaginal reflex system.


The procedure seems to be helpful on many levels. The benefits include:

- Physical massage of the vagina to help work out tight or damaged areas.

- There is a cleansing effect on the Prongs and the Wells.

- The procedure can help remove Points.

- The procedure can speed up development by helping to clearing traumas, healing the tissues, and more.

- Trauma retracing and psychodrama. This is a low body procedure that can be extremely helpful to retrace traumas.

- The procedure provides a pleasant sensation that seems to be helpful for women. It is not like sex and often feels more loving than sex. See below.

- The procedure is extremely relaxing and feels safe. With sex, women worry about pregnancy, spreading disease, rape, going out of control, embarrassment and more. None of these concerns occur with vaginal reflexology, so the woman relaxes more.

- The reflexology causes healing throughout the body.

- Stretching the vagina with the hand is excellent for it. It helps blood circulation and healing, and provides a pleasurable sensation.

- Improved lymph circulation, especially if a woman is not sexually active.

- The procedure may seem like a lot of effort. However, men get a massage of the genital area all day long that they enjoy and is probably helpful for them. This procedure is simply a way to allow women to have some of the same experience and benefits as men.



A glove. Glove material. One can use a vinyl, latex, or nitrile (latex-free) glove. Some women are sensitive to various glove materials, so experimentation with different glove materials may be needed.

Thickness. A regular kitchen rubber glove will work. A thinner glove such as a surgical type of glove is somewhat better.

Length. Ideally, the glove should be long and cover the entire lower arm, as well as the hand. The glove can be washed, sprayed with peroxide, and reused.

An assistant. A woman can do the procedure by herself to a limited degree. However, it is best done with a friend or partner.


The woman lies down on a low massage table, bed or other comfortable surface. She needs to stay warm, comfortable and relaxed. Most women say it is best if she is completely covered up for warmth and modesty. Wearing a dress is often best, with a sheet or towel covering her feet and legs.

The assistant needs to be sitting down and very comfortable because the procedure takes an hour or so.


1. The assistant puts on a glove. Peroxide is needed because most gloves are not sterile and could spread infection.

2. Spray the glove with 3% hydrogen peroxide all over it. Leave the peroxide on for at least one minute and do not pat it dry. Leave it wet.

3. Very gently insert the glove. Once inside, move your hand all the way to the back of the vagina. This takes a little practice to make sure you are all the way in the back. The assistant should feel the cervix as the hand moves in deeper. The woman can help the assistant to know when the hand is all the way in the back.

4. The assistant begins the therapy session in the very back of the vagina. This seems to be very important, so always begin the session in the very back of the vagina and spend at least 15 minutes there.

The hand movement. The assistant uses the fingers to touch all the vaginal tissue very gently and slowly. Avoid any quick or forceful movements. This is very important.

There may be an exception now and then, but in general, very gentle touching with the fingers is all that is needed. The area is very delicate!! This is very different, for example, than foot or hand reflexology.

What the assistant will feel. In most adult women who are at all sexually active, the vaginal tissue will feel somewhat uneven, with spots that are somewhat harder than other areas.

The assistant may also feel lumps or a ridge that is a scar or an infected area. The assistant may be frightened by some of these sensations and needs to relax and realize that the glove will protect his or her hand from infection.

Very rarely, a woman has worms or other parasites living in the vagina that one may feel.

5. The assistant slowly works his or her way forward toward the opening of the vagina.

The ring. After touching all parts of the back of the vagina, the assistant moves forward a little and touches all around the area next to the back of the vagina. The assistant should feel an angled ring in this area that corresponds to the same shape found on a man’s penis just behind the head of the penis.

This is an area that is commonly traumatized by regular sex and definitely by rapes. It is also very sensitive and includes the G-spot. So be very gentle.

Ahead of the ring. After touching all around the ring area, the assistant moves forward, touching all the tissues all around the top, sides and bottom of the deeper part of the vagina.

The cervix. The assistant needs to pause when he or she reaches the cervix. This is the bottom of the uterus that sticks down into the vagina. It is another area that is commonly traumatized, damaged and diseased due to molestation and ordinary sex.

Go slowly all around the cervix, touching all parts of it. If an area is painful, it just means there is trauma or infection there. At first, the woman may not be able to tolerate much touch of any area that is painful. However, with repeated vaginal reflexology sessions, the sensitivity lessens.

Also, most all women need vaginal peroxide implants and perhaps vaginal coffee implants to heal the tissues.

Just ahead of the cervix. The assistant can move along this area slowly, working out

The labia. Finally, the therapy session finishes with very gentle touching of the labia or outside area of the vagina. This is also very important, so don’t skip it.


How long is a session? Most often, women report liking a session of about 40 to 60 minutes.

How often can one do the procedure? So far, most who have tried the procedure do it once or twice per week. Doing it more often will cause irritation of the vagina.

For how long does one need the procedure? This is a topic of research. However, we believe that ideally all women would benefit from this procedure their entire adult lives.

Does it matter if the assistant is a man or a woman? No. It does not matter.

Sleep. If the session is gentle enough, many women go to sleep during the session. This is excellent and not a concern. The woman may go into a light trance state that speeds up development.

Tuning into the souls. It is most helpful if the assistant can tune into the souls that are in the vaginal tissues. They will tell the assistant where to move the hand and fingers, how forcefully, how long to spend on each area, and more. The woman receiving the session can do some of this if she remains awake. However, many women go to sleep during the session so they cannot help direct it.

Sensations. The woman should feel little to no pain. There is some sexual stimulation, but not that much if the assistant is very gentle.

The exception is that if there is a lesion, such as an infection or other damage or trauma to an area, she may feel some sensation when the area is touched and rubbed gently.

She may also feel a sensation in the area to which the part of the vagina reflexes. For example, when the assistant touches the back of the vagina, the woman may feel something in her head.

Sexual stimulation. There should be little sexual stimulation. If there is a lot, the movement of the hand is too forceful or rapid.

Changing hands. If the assistant becomes tired, he or she can remove the hand and switch hands. If one does this, wash the glove with water and a little soap, and then dry it. Then spray it again with peroxide before inserting it.


Age. The procedure is okay at any age, but cannot be done in virgins. It also cannot be done in children under age about 13 because the vagina may be too small to insert the hand.

Bleeding. Some bleeding is normal if there is a lesion and the assistant’s hand touches a damaged area.

Menstruation. The procedure can be done during the menstrual period.

Vaginal dryness. If the vagina is dry, one needs to use a lubricant. It may help even if the vagina is normally not dry. Good lubricants include a little butter, cream or oil. You may need to add more if the lubricant is absorbed.

If you decide to try this procedure, we welcome your feedback.

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