by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.



A Personal Note


Three Paradigms Of Prenatal Care

Development Programs





Nutritional Supplements

The Detoxification Procedures







Large Eyes

Amount Of Meconium or “Water”

Defined Nose and Mouth


Practicing Breathing



Introduction To Souls

The Souls During Pregnancy

What Your Souls Want

Implications Of Knowing About Souls




Morning Sickness or Nausea


Weight Gain

Gestational Diabetes

Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

Ectopic Pregnancy





Safety Of Development Programs

Alterations Of Standard Development Programs During Pregnancy

Four Lows Pattern, Age 40 And Pregnancy

Age 40 And Pregnancy

Small Babies Due To Development Programs

Sex During Pregnancy

A Few Pre-Pregnancy Issues

Birth Options


Real Women’s Liberation


Inherited Versus Congenital

Over-The-Counter And Prescription Drugs And Pregnancy

Toxic Metal Sources





            1. We suggest avoiding whole food prenatal vitamins such as the following brands: Megafood, Standard Process, and New Chapter.  They may be too low potency.

            2. If you are following a development program, have a four lows pattern, and might become pregnant, add 1 Megapan tablet to your program to supply more folate and other nutrients.







              The situation of our mothers and babies is awful to anyone who understands much about nutrition.  We sincerely hope that the information in this article will help change this.




The situation of our babies and mothers is awful!  We sincerely pray that the information in this article will help change this.

In 1950, when there were only a few vaccines, no nuclear power plants spewing radiation, and before junk food and fast food were the norm, the United States had the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

By 1986, the US infant mortality rate had dropped to 17th place.

In 1995, there were 23 countries ahead of the United States, by then world-renowned for its appalling infant mortality rate.

Today, (2019), America’s infant mortality rate has declined to #54 among the nations, according to the World Fact Book.





To understand this article and current prenatal care, one needs to know that there are three models of prenatal care:


PARADIGM 1 – STANDARD MEDICAL PRENATAL CARE.  This is the care that 99% of mothers-to-be receive.  Prenatal care in this model or paradigm basically consists of a few blood tests, basic counseling about pregnancy and birth, a suggestion to eat a “balanced” or healthy diet, perhaps advice to avoid toxic situations, ultra-sound procedures, perhaps other medical tests, and a prescription for a pre-natal vitamin.


Problems with this style of prenatal care:


- It is much too little much too late.  In fact, prenatal care should begin when a girl is born!  At the latest, it should begin when a girl reaches puberty, but this is also too late. 

A baby is basically completely formed in the first three months or so of pregnancy.  After that, he or she grows larger but the organs are all there at about three months.  Modern prenatal care often does not even begin until the baby is approaching two months old because most women don’t realize they are pregnant until around that time.  So it completely misses a large portion of the formative months of pregnancy.

Wise societies care for their girls from a young age with the thought in mind that they will bear the children of the next generation and need special care for this reason. 

- A mother-to-be is healthy if she does not have a disease such as cancer, diabetes, or an obvious infection. 

We find that no mothers-to-be are healthy.   Healthy means well-nourished, with a balanced body chemistry, low levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body, and a well-developed brain and nervous system.

- A healthy, balanced diet with some meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables is sufficient during pregnancy and lactation.  We find this is not true and will not nourish the body adequately.  One reason is that most food is low in nutrients, even the finest organically grown food.

Also, certain foods are needed in greater quantity today, such as cooked vegetables, while others such as fruit, are harmful.  This topic is discussed later in this article.

- Nutritional supplements in addition to a prenatal vitamin are not needed, unregulated and a waste of money.   This is one of the worst mistakes of the medical community, in our experience.  This topic is discussed later in this article.

- Toxic lifestyles and toxic thinking are okay and do not affect a baby.  In fact, babies are very sensitive to everything from riding in cars to using cell phones and computers.

- Modern hospitals are safe places to deliver babies.  This is not always true. They can be full of germs, in many cases.  Often, there are also doctors and nurses there who are ill themselves. 

- Vaccines are good.  In truth, they are probably the worst feature of conventional medical care.  However, this truth and the statistics that prove it are kept from the public and from doctors, who are also forced by their medical boards to tell you this lie or they lose their license to practice medicine.  Nurses can also lose their jobs if they tell the truth about vaccination.  Vaccines are highly toxic and very dangerous for both mothers and babies.

- Breastfeeding is needed for only six to twelve months. This is one of the worst untruths if you want a healthy child.  Breastfeeding is needed for about 3 years, and occasionally a little longer.

However, one reason for this medical false belief is that most women’s milk is of such poor quality that the baby will begin to reject it after 6 to 12 months and it is not good enough to fulfill the baby’s needs after this time.

In our experience, order to produce excellent breast milk, a lactating mother needs to follow a Development Program, and nothing less. 

Other problems with the medical paradigm are the beliefs that:

- You can trust the media for health information.

- Raw food is usually better than eating mainly cooked food.

- Vegetarian diets are okay.

We find these statements are not true.


PARADIGM #2 - NATURAL, HOLISTIC, ALTERNATIVE OR NATUROPATHIC PRENATAL CARE.  This is a slightly expanded version of the standard medical approach.  It is often better, in that it may include more instruction about nutrition, although the nutritional suggestions are often incorrect.

It may also include other tests, more use of natural methods of healing, and instruction about natural methods of childbirth and child-rearing.

However, this group of doctors still usually believe that most mothers-to-be are healthy if they do not have a disease, which is not true.

Naturopathic and holistic doctors also often make people sicker, we find, although this may sound shocking.  They do this by using methods that sound good, but are not.

From the perspective of development science, natural doctors often make the following mistakes by recommending:

- Vegetarian-leaning diets

- Salads, fruit and other Raw Food regimens.

- Herbal Therapy, which today we find is toxic due to pollution of the planet.

- Chelation therapy, which always depletes vital nutrients and is not needed to remove toxic metals from the body.

- Giving too many nutritional supplements that conflict with each other.

- Using intravenous vitamin therapy that always unbalances the body and is not needed, even if it renourishes the body.

- Not recommending nearly enough cooked vegetables, and recommending the wrong ones.

- The use of Homeopathy, which we find to be quite toxic, although the toxicity is subtle.

- At times, recommending vaccines and other toxic drug therapies that we find are not needed if the body is nourished and cared for properly.

 - Agreeing with the conventional doctors that breast feeding can cease after 6 to 12 months.  One reason is that most natural doctors do not know how to improve the quality of the breast milk sufficiently so that it will nourish a baby for 3 years or even slightly longer.

- Agreeing with the medical doctors that prenatal care should begin when a woman becomes pregnant, and not much sooner.


PARADIGM #3 - THE DEVELOPMENT METHOD.  This is the method we suggest and the main subject of this article.  Here are the premises of this method:


Most, if not all mothers-to-be are poorly nourished.  This is what we observe on mineral tests.  Also, when a mother is malnourished, her babies will be born deficient in the same nutrients that are deficient in her body. That is also our observation based on viewing mineral tests from mothers and babies for the past 39 years.  This is inevitable!  It means the only way to have healthy babies is to nourish the mothers-to-be much better than occurs in most instances today.


Most, if not all mothers-to-be are loaded with heavy metals and toxic chemicals.  This is what we observe on mineral analyses.  The way a woman feels or looks is not a good guide to the condition of her body.

ALL these toxic metals and toxic chemicals are passed from mother to child during pregnancy.  This is also what we observe on mineral analyses of mothers and their babies.


It takes a number of years to correct the above problem.  Therefore, prenatal care must begin before one becomes pregnant.


Eating a standard or “balanced” diet won’t remove all the chemicals and toxic metals.  It also will not renourish and remineralize a body.  In fact, it makes the problems worse.  A special program is required to detoxify and remineralize the bodies today.  This is discussed below.


All women’s bodies are too cold or yin in macrobiotic terms and this produces babies who are too big.  The word yin is a term of physics that means expanded, among other things.  One result of the yin problem is that most babies today are too large.  This is a serious problem of pregnancy that goes completely unrecognized.  Eight pound babies are considered normal.  We say they are not normal and are a major cause of problems for both mothers and babies.

A development program will make a woman’s body more yang or more compact.  This can enable her to have smaller babies – 5 to 6 pounds.  This makes pregnancy, labor and delivery much faster, safer and easier for her and her baby.


- Babies should be somewhat Developed at birth.  This means that their seven physical energy centers, also called the chakras in Sanskrit, are somewhat open and larger.  This is associated with a much healthier, smarter baby.  However, this idea is not recognized at all by either the standard medical community or by most natural healers.




The rest of this article describes the program we suggest for preconception and prenatal care.  These programs renourish and detoxify the body more thoroughly than any other healing system of which we are aware.  They also work at a genetic level to turn on genes that cause other helpful changes in the body.


Two versions.  Development programs are offered in two versions:

- A program one follows on one’s own.  We call this the basic or ‘free’ program.

- A guided program that requires a mineral analysis and is individualized and therefore much more powerful, safer and better.






              The following is a summary of the diet for rapid development.  For details and the reasons for the suggestions, read Food For Daily Use. 


            Eat mostly fresh food, not frozen, packaged or canned food.  An exception is 3-4 cans of sardines.  These are an excellent food and better eaten canned because fish spoil very fast and sardines are often canned right on the fishing boat or soon after.  We don’t suggest other fish, all of which are too high in mercury and dangerous for pregnant women.

Another exception is blue corn tortilla chips.  These are processed, oily and salty.  However, they alone contain certain selenium compounds that promote development, so we like them – about 8 to 10 per meal.

 All other frozen, packaged and canned food is not worth eating.  For example, frozen vegetables seem to lose their potency, in our experience.  They are often treated with EDTA to retain their color and this removes valuable trace minerals.  EDTA is not required to be on the label.


Eat three full meals every day and always take some ox bile and pancreatin with each meal to assist digestion.  If you only eat two full meals daily you won’t be able to even approach adequate nutrition.  It may take a while to build up to three good meals daily, but that is what is needed to renourish the body.


70% of every meal needs to be the preferred, vegetables, always cooked until soft but not mushy and discolored.

These include all onions such as red, yellow, white, green, sweet, Vidalia, scallions, shallots, leeks, chives and pearl onions.  These are helping people in many ways.

Other preferred vegetables are orange carrots (not the other colors), rutabaga, daikon or white radish, Brussels sprouts, green beans, red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, cauliflower (including the leaves and stems), and broccolini (also called baby broccoli or broccolette).  Also, have a little celery, ginger, and golden beets but not red beets.  Have these only in small quantity about three times a week.

It is best to have 10 or more of these vegetables at every meal.  Cooking at each meal is best, but if you are busy you can cook just once a day.  Pressure cooking for about 2 minutes 15 seconds is best, but steaming or crock pots are also okay.  Don’t fry, roast, bake, broil, or stir-fry vegetables.  These methods generate AGES or advanced glycation end products that are toxic chemicals.

Do not eat fermented food, as is popular today.  Most contains aldehydes, another important class of toxins that are damaging many people’s health.  Exceptions are some goat yogurt up to 8 ounces per week, miso, and sauerkraut.


Eat animal protein twice every day.  However, portions must be small – 4 to 5 ounces only.  Recommended proteins are lamb, grass-fed beef, chicken (only thighs and legs), sardines, and eggs (only 6 per week for women and only 8 per week for men and the yolks must be runny.)

Do not skip red meat.  Eat lamb twice a week and grass-fed or organic beef twice a week.  Lamb loin chops have the least lamby’ flavor.  Cheese is not needed, but you can have up to 4 ounces of all dairy products daily.

Do not eat a lot of grains and skip all sweets.

            Eat organically grown food if at all possible to reduce your pesticide load and increase your nutrition.  Organically grown food was  shown in a 1993 study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition (45:1, pp. 35-39) to contain an average of more than twice the mineral content of regular supermarket food.  More and more markets are selling organic foods.

              Stay away from all vegetarian, vegan, and semi-vegetarian diets.  These simply will not nourish you well enough.  A recent study showed five times greater likelihood of the birth defect hypospadias in women who followed a vegetarian diet during pregnancy.

Reduce or eliminate caffeine.  One cup of tea or even a small cup of regular coffee are okay, though not great.  Strictly avoid cappuccinos, lattes and expressos, which are too strong and irritate the digestive system.




Eliminate all wheat and spelt from your diet.  These are very hybridized foods that are irritating to the intestines, even 100% organic whole wheat.  Other whole grains are fair.  Blue corn is wonderful.

              The only juice to have is 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily.  Do not become a “juicer” and drink more.  More juice is much too yin and sugary, and upsets digestion and other bodily activities.

              Avoid fruit and have no fruit juices.  It is all too sugary and yin.  This is very important and we know it goes against the media version of good nutrition.

Eliminate all products made with white flour, white sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, glucose, malt sugar and other names for sugar.  This alone is a big step for many people.

Avoid all wheat and spelt products, which are all irritating today.

Also, avoid all processed meats, processed cheeses, candy, cookies, ice cream, pastries, donuts, and most processed and packaged foods.

              Do your best to resist the temptations of soda pop, Kool Aid and sugary foods or drinks of any kind.  Don’t cook with sugar, honey, maple syrup and don’t add it to anything you eat.

Other refined foods to strictly avoid include candy, cookies, ice cream, candy bars including health food bars, processed cheeses found in most restaurants, processed meats like bologna and salami, Pop Tarts, most cold cereals.  This stuff (hard to call it food) is barely more nutritious than its cardboard packaging!


Avoid “light” diets.  This means vegetarian food, salads and fruit.  This is not good food, no matter what others tell you.  Read Vegetarian Diets, Fruit-eating, and Raw Foods on this website for details.

You will lose weight on a proper development program if that is needed without starving yourself with light’ diets.  These diets do starve the body, and they are very bad for pregnancy.

            Avoid all pork, ham, lard and other pig products.  They all can contain trichina worm cysts even if they are frozen or well-cooked.

For many more details and the reasons for the suggestions, read Food For Daily Use. 




            Poor eating habits such as eating in the car or eating on the run will ruin even the best diet.  Eat sitting down, quietly, and chew your food thoroughly.

Do not eat in noisy, dirty or unsafe environments because doing these things stops the stomach acid from flowing properly and you won’t digest as well.  Often, you will get gas, bloating and a full feeling because you are not following healthy eating habits.

Animals know this and stop eating if they are anxious or upset.  Do the same as your cat or dog.  Only eat when relaxed, sitting down comfortably, quietly, and preferably with good company or just by yourself, but in a safe and peaceful place.




Live a wholesome lifestyle.  This means stay away from all drugs, even over-the-counter medication and recreational drugs.  Also, maintain high moral standards.  No sex until marriage.  No boyfriends, especially in high school or college.  Girls should not date in high school – it is very dangerous and most get raped.

Most parties in high school and college are also a disaster for women.  Lots of rape occurs there, too.  Extramarital sex and rape damage your future children because you pick up diseases that are near impossible to get rid of and that weaken you and your future children.  For details, read Rape. 

Also, observe the 10 Commandments Of Moses and the Golden Rule.  This means no lying, cheating or stealing.  Don’t smoke anything, and get rid of all tattoos, piercings, and other toxic habits.


            Rest.  Go to bed by 9 PM at the latest, and better by 8 PM.  The hours before midnight are critical for resting and restoring the body. 


Fitness. Do some gentle exercise such as walking, or use a treadmill or lift some simple weights.  Working out’ and other vigorous exercise are not needed or even helpful.  Most of the bodies are too weak for this and vigorous exercise just depletes them more.

Strictly avoid gyms and health clubs, which are ALL dirty and dangerous for young women.  Lots of rape occurs here or you are followed home by predators.  If you wish to use weights or a treadmill and don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, they can often be purchased used at a thrift store or second-hand store.  Just be sure to clean them up throroughly before using them.


            Body care products.  These are among the worst products for young women and girls!  Stay away from most all of them. These include most nail polish, perfumes, cologne, smelly soap, hair spray, all hair dyes, smelly shampoo, and all anti-perspirants (use a plain deodorant or some hydrogen peroxide or lavender soap, perhaps). 

Do not use a deodorant stone – they are also full of aluminum just like the anti-perspirants.  Avoid most makeup.  It is also toxic with lead in some lipstick and aluminum in most rouge.

Also, do not use toxic substances like pesticides and solvents at home or anywhere. 

Wash your hands immediately and thoroughly after using the toilet, after you are out with people, before you eat, and if you get your hands dirty at all.

            Also, do not smoke anything, and do not hang around smoky places like some bars, and some restaurants. 

Avoid swimming in pools, and definitely stay away from hot tubs, all of which are contaminated and can easily give you serious infections and compromise your ability to have a healthy child.

Also, do not wear dark colors – they are more toxic and you can’t see the dirt on them.

Do not trust most media sources to inform you about toxins in your food, water, and body care products.

Other baby-destroying practices include:

- Using cell phones, except for emergencies.

- Sitting right in front of computer screens.

- Dressing sexy, which is unsafe and often causes the body to be cold.


Relaxation.  Learn how to relax if this is difficult for you. 


Love yourself.  Make the decision to love yourself more every day.  This is how God sees you.  It is time to see yourself in the same way.  Say often, “I am loved, I am loving and I am lovable, forever.”  This is very important for young women because otherwise you will be tempted to roam the streets with friends, go out with men you should avoid, go to parties, smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, dress sexy and other bad habits.

Do your best to make your home and work environments safe, quiet, happy and low-stress.


              Drugs.  Forego alcohol and recreational drugs.  Alcohol not only kills brain cells and destroys your peace of mind.  It depletes zinc and magnesium, two minerals often in short supply and critical for a healthy baby.


              Loose sexual behavior. Being sexually loose is a killer of your health.  Young men and women who do this always pick up sexually transmitted infections, no matter how much you deny it. 

Many STDs cannot be healed with medical or natural methods.  They just hang around, growing slowly until they reach the brain and other vital organs, where they reduce your energy and that of your children.

Babies pick them up as they pass through the birth canal or even before.

This is the truth about STDs. We are sad that doctors, parents and others either don’t know the truth, or don’t care enough to warn you.

            If you are wise, do not have boyfriends or girlfriends in high school and even in college.  Dating is not important in high school or college (Some may think we are crazy for saying this, but it is true.)  Group activities are much better and much, much safer.  For more details, read Dating, STDs and Promiscuity.


            Girl’s sports. Competitive sports are not good for girls, even if it feels good to win, go on sports trips, and get trophies like the boys.  Too many rapes occur from girl’s sports teams. For more details, read Healthy Lifestyles.


Other healthy attitudes.  Let go of anger and resentment whenever if occurs.  Learn to forgive seventy times seven times.  This does not mean to forget or to excuse bad behavior.  However, do not hold on to resentments.  Forgive and move on, even if it hurts.

Keep a positive outlook on life and let go of negative thinking when it arises.  Read and listen to spiritually uplifting material as your mental diet’.

Stay far away from liberal, progressive and left-wing ideas such as socialism, communism, homosexuality, abortion on demand, identity politics, and worry over carbon footprints and climate change (read Climate Change).  They are all false and poisonous ideas designed to keep people weak and sick.  For more details, read Healthy Attitudes.




These are absolutely necessary and not an option.  We suggest two possible types of supplement recommendations: 


I. The Basic Supplement regimen must include:


- 900 mg of omega-3 fatty acids daily.  The best source is fish oil.  Flax oil or hempseed oil are also okay.  This is vital for pregnancy, especially.  Do not use krill oil, borage oil, primrose oil, which are somewhat toxic.

- Vitamin D3, 5000 iu daily.  This is also vital for pregnancy.

            If you eat 3-4 cans of sardines weekly, you don’t need the above supplements and, in this case, don’t take them because you will overload on them.

- Kelp, about 4000 mg daily.   This is a lot but needed.  Iodine, for example, is eseential to have a smart baby.  The brand of kelp matters.  We suggest Nature’s Way kelp capsules, Endomet brand or Frontier Herbs kelp granules or powder only.  Other brands may not be as good.


A multi-vitamin.  Don’t use whole food multiple vitamins.  Most are not potent enough.


About iron.  Standard prenatal vitamins are loaded with iron.  We find this is not needed and toxic during early pregnancy, especially if a woman eats 4-5 ounces of red meat at least three times a week.  Later in pregnancy, more but not all women need some supplemental iron.


Calcium about 450 mg daily and magnesium about 450 mg daily.  Chelated minerals, citrates, aspartates and hexaniacinates are good.  Oxides are okay but not as good.


Pancreatin and ox bile for digestion and liver detoxification.


Trimethylglycine or TMG.  This is a wonderful supplement that assist with liver detoxification and more.


II.  The individualized program:

This requires contacting any of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  He or she will have you fill out some forms and send in a hair sample.  This will allow us to set up a complete development program for you.  This is the best pre-natal care we know of, and will include about 8 to 10 nutritional supplements and a diet tailored to your particular needs.




During pregnancy, many women need to use a red heat lamp or they will not feel well.  Use it on your back only because it can be annoying for your baby.  Most pregnant women need it for at least 10 minutes and up to 1 hour daily.


The detoxification procedures are a set of at least five procedures that will improve anyone’s health dramatically.  They include the pulling down mental exercise, foot reflexology, coffee enemas, the spinal twists, and use of a reddish heat lamp on the back or abdomen or better a red heat lamp sauna.

All these procedures are excellent during pregnancy, with the caution above in bold print.  For details about the detoxification procedures, read The Procedures Handbook and other articles on this site about each of these procedures.




The following are signs that can be observed on an ultrasound taken around 8 months of pregnancy.  Very few babies today fulfill all of the conditions below.  However, babies of mothers who are on a development program often do show all the following signs. 

This is one reason we know that development programs are correct, while other diets and regimens are often incorrect, even if one feels well on them.


Pulse.  The pulse at 8 months or so should be around 130.

Hair.  The baby should have lots of hair.

Fingernails.  The baby should have long fingernails.

Size.  The baby should be less than 7 or so pounds.  This is more compact (or yang), which is better and makes labor and delivery much easier and safer for mother and child.

A healthy baby will also grow more slowly and weigh less as they grow than unhealthy ones.  This is because healthy babies are more compact (or yang).

Large Eyes.  The eyes should be large and well-defined.

Meconium.  There should be lots of meconium or “water”.  This worries some doctors who believe it is due to gestational diabetes, but this is not present with these pregnancies. 

Nose and Mouth. The nose should be large and the mouth not too large.

Fingers and toes.  These should be well-formed. 

Heartbeat.  This should be strong and clear.

Practicing Breathing.  Around 8 months or so, healthy babies often practice breathing so that when they enter the world, it is easier to take their first breath.  This can sometimes be observed during an ultrasound.


After birth.  When the baby is born, a healthy baby will also grow more slowly for about the first year of life.  Doctors usually will not understand this, and may suggest additional food or other therapy.  However, please do not do this if the mother is following a development program because it is perfectly normal.






This is a very important topic because it helps clarify many other topics related to pregnancy.

Souls are real and are the basic unit of consciousness in all living things.  Most people cannot see them.  However, we are told that they are alive and they think and speak just as we do.  The Hebrew and Christian Bibles discuss them, as do many other holy books around the world.  Here is a short description of them.  For more details, we suggest reading Soul Science and other articles on this website about souls.

Soul bodies.  We are told that souls all have tiny bodies shaped like ours with a head, limbs and internal organs.  However, the bodies are made of a hard crystalline substance called fine matter.  It can withstand extreme heat, extreme cold and requires much less water and food than our bodies.

As a result, souls are very hardy, live for millions of years, and can live in outer space as well as on planets.  We are told that they inhabit bodies, at times, but at other times can move freely throughout space.  Souls all look the same.  There are no races, regional differences or genetic differences between them, as there are with our bodies.

Sickness.  Most souls are not healthy.  They have been beaten and raped by the Rogues.  The rogues, or satans in ancient Hebrew, understand souls well and know how to hurt them and get them to do as they wish.  This is an enormous problem on earth at this time.

The fathers.  A soul body connects at the head by a very fine silver wire to a being they call their father.  There are many of these beings, each connected to several thousands souls.  The fathers are also weak and damaged today, another major problem on earth.  For details, read The Fathers.

Propulsion units.  Souls can walk as we do.  However, they can also move about using a propulsion unit located in the middle of their chest.  This is very important to know about because human beings can develop the same apparatus called a merkaba (emphasis on the first syllable).  This word is mentioned 44 times in the Hebrew Bible.  For details, read The Merkaba.

Ignorance about souls is intentional.  Our planet is kept ignorant about souls because it does not serve the interests of the rogues who currently control the planet.  For example, they do not permit people to build special microscopes that can reveal the presence of souls.  They usually murder anyone who builds these devices.




That which is called the body is only a shell or, more technically, a DNA configuration.  Within about two days of conception, one soul enters the developing DNA configuration.  It acts as coordinator and is called the coordinator or entity soul. 

Then there begins a lengthy process of bringing in about 100 trillion more souls that are needed to operate all parts of the body.  Without them, the body quickly dies.

The process of adding souls goes on throughout pregnancy.  It also continues for a number of years after birth as the body grows larger.




- They want you, their mother, to be happy.  They love you, mothers.  This is a great truth that needs to be taught widely.

- They want you to eat better and get more sleep.  They do not like travel, stress, staying up late to watch television and other ways you waste your time and waste your health.

- They do not want an abortion unless the new body is very, very sick.  In this case, they will often stop its growth.  In fact, human bodies are very scarce because there are currently many souls on earth.  So getting one is a delight for souls, even if Mom is not in good shape.

- Once in the world, they want to be breastfed if at all possible.  No formula and no adult food for several years!  To do that, however, a woman MUST be on a development program or her milk will not be sufficient to supply the needs of her baby.

- Souls hate doctors of all kinds!  This is not an exaggeration, so please listen.  They find most of them to be selfish, money or power-hungry, in a hurry, arrogant and quite ignorant about the body.  Their offices are also filthy and need spraying with hydrogen peroxide every single day.  They tell us this with total sadness.

The sprinkler systems in doctor’s offices and hospitals should be filled with a peroxide solution and turned on every morning just before the patients arrive!

Souls can see what happens inside the body when it is given drugs, herbs, vaccines and other procedures that are often not needed if doctors understood more about the body.  It sickens them because the body is amazingly beautiful and the health care is very poor everywhere on planet earth.

- They want their parents to force them to eat nutritional food after they are weaned.

- They want music in the house that is pleasant.  Souls love music!

- They want a loving, peaceful home life for you.  No drugs, no alcohol, no yelling, and of course no abuse.  They want your thoughts to be happy, uplifting, spiritual and never just physical, which is not the truth about life.

- Souls love the Bible and want one near you at all times – and read it.  DO NOT believe the media that the Bible is just a dusty old book or anything else like that.  That is a big, fat lie! 

The Bible is still the best guide for living, although it needs updating because it was written BJ.  This means before junk food.  Pastors, priests and rabbis, try to understand how important this is!

- Souls want you to know that life is not about going shopping, talking on the phone, fixing your hair or worrying about money.  Life is an absolutely amazing mystery!

(We could go on)




Implications for the loneliness of pregnancy.  Some women are lonely when pregnant.  There is often less sex, she does not look as pretty with a large belly, and there are often symptoms such as nausea, aches and pains, sleep problems and more.

However, the truth is you are never alone when pregnant.  In fact, you have a gigantic community of souls inside.  They love you and want to help you every day in every way!

Implications for abortion.  Your unborn baby is not a hunk of flesh’.  It is a structure filled with very special living creatures:

- The souls are extremely excited to have a body to inhabit.  This alone is a reason not to have an abortion – bodies are scarce.  Healthy bodies are a rarity.

- The souls have their assignments and jobs to do this lifetime.  Abortion wrecks all these plans!

- This setup is not exactly “yours”.  The shell contains half your DNA and half that of your partners.  The souls that inhabit the body come from elsewhere and are not “yours” at all. 

Thus, the idea that a woman “owns” her baby and should make the decision about abortion is completely incorrect.  The reality is she carries around a community of souls who have their own goals, values, lifestyle, abilities and much more.

- Having said all this, if a woman is very unhappy with her pregnancy, she can ask in prayer to speak with the community of souls inside and ask for their advice.  They may help her find a family who can adopt the child.  In some cases, they may agree to a miscarriage.

Implications for miscarriages.  At times, the souls decide that the body is not healthy enough and they terminate the pregnancy.  This is a good thing because it prevents many birth defects.  It is not a problem unless a woman is so unhealthy that she cannot grow a healthy body inside of her.

Implications for rape.  Women who become pregnant from rapes often fear that the baby will be a criminal or a psychopath.  Have no fear because your baby’s personality is determined mainly by its souls, not by its father or its mother.

It is true, however, that mother plays a much larger role in determining the personality of the baby than the father for two reasons:

- Her emotional and mental state directly impact the growing baby.

- Her nutritional condition, including deficiencies, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and infections directly impact the baby.

Implications for intelligence.  Souls are at various levels of maturity and development.  This greatly affects the intelligence and abilities of your baby.

If a mother cares for herself properly, as outlined in this article, she will have a much more intelligent and talented child.  The reason is unusual:

More mature souls want to live in healthy bodies.  They will not enter a sick mother-to-be because they know that this will limit their future life.

This is one more reason for girls and young women to follow a development program to drastically improve your health, and do it immediately because it takes a number of years to renourish and detoxify a body.  For more about souls, read Soul Science and Soul Upgrades.




Summary.  As you will read below, problems of maternal nutrition and health are the cause for most, if not all the common problems of pregnancy.


              Morning Sickness.  This is extremely common today.  The main symptom is nausea, which can last all day and can be so extreme that a pregnant woman begins to lose weight and become malnourished because she cannot hold down enough food to even maintain her weight.  This is damaging for both mother and child.

Copper imbalance.  The cause is often a copper imbalance that is associated with liver congestion.  Copper accumulates in the liver.  This can require months to correct with a development program.

Coffee enemas.  A safe and often very effective remedy for morning sickness is coffee enemas.  They help decongest the liver and improve its functioning.  They will often give a woman several hours of freedom from nausea so she can eat.  It is fine to repeat the enemas several times daily, if needed.

We have not observed any ill effects of coffee enemas on a baby.  Babies like the procedure because it improves maternal nutrition.


Miscarriages.  This is a serious problem for some women.  It is almost always due to faulty nutrition.  The problem goes away when the diet and the body chemistry improve.  For more details, read Miscarriages And Their Prevention.


Weight gain.  Some weight gain is normal during pregnancy.  However, many women gain too much weight and may have difficulty losing it again after pregnancy.  This has to do with a woman’s diet and is also often due to an unbalanced body chemistry.


Prematurity.  This often occurs when a baby wants to escape from a sick maternal body.  Correcting the health of the mother-to-be takes care of most instances of prematurity.


Gestational diabetes.  This is diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy.  It is often mild, but is a sign of ill health.  So far, it has not occurred in anyone who follows a development program.


Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.  These can be serious complications of pregnancy that only occur in unhealthy women.  So far, we have never had either of these occur if a woman follows a development program.


Ectopic Pregnancy.  This problem is also often due to nutritional problems that can cause inflammation or abnormal dryness of the Fallopian tubes or other problems.  As a result, the egg does not reach the uterus and implants in the Fallopian tube.


Infertility (both male and female).  These are also common today.  In our experience, an imbalanced body chemistry is almost always the cause. 

For women, infertility is often related to a sodium/potassium ratio on a properly performed hair mineral analysis of less than 2.5.  When this ratio improves, so does fertility.  For men, infertility is usually due to low zinc and/or overall poor nutrition.






              When we began offering development programs, we did not know if the programs were safe for pregnancy.  So far, however, our experience indicates that a development program is not only safe but greatly increases the safety of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Statistically speaking, standard prenatal care is not safe!


            Safety concerns.  We are often asked the following questions:

1. Can toxic metals from a pregnant mother’s body that are eliminated due to her development program find their way into the baby and cause problems?

This does not appear to occur.  In fact, the opposite occurs.  Placing the mother on a development program assists the baby to be born with fewer toxic metals.

            2. Can a healing reaction in the mother negatively impact her baby?

We have not had this occur, to the best of our knowledge.  However, unborn babies are impacted to a degree by everything that occurs in their mother.

            3. Does a development program provide all the nutrients a pregnant woman requires?

The answer is yes, except in a few cases discussed below.  A development program supplies many more nutrients than following a balanced and healthy diet’ and taking a regular pre-natal vitamin.

            Although we have never seen a problem, we continue to research and study pregnant women on programs to make sure they are safe and as well-nourished as possible.




1. Use a red heat lamp saunas for only about 10 minutes daily, and only on your back, not on your chest and abdomen.  The reason is that the frequencies penetrate the skin and, in some cases, babies don’t like it on the chest and abdomen.

2. If your body chemistry is in a four lows pattern when you are pregnant, add one Megapan tablet to your program.

This is because a four lows development program does not contain any folate or a multi-vitamin-mineral formula.

You will get a lot of folate if you eat plenty of cooked vegetables, but a supplement is for extra safety.

3. We do not recommend medically-prescribed pre-natal vitamins (but you must use a prenatal supplement).  The standard prenatal vitamins have the following problems:

- They are not formulated to balance your metabolic type and patterns, so they tend to unbalance the body chemistry.

- They do not contain enough of some nutrients. 

- Many contain cheap or less effective forms of some nutrients such as iron that are irritating or less effective for these reasons.

- Most contain too much iron for the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

- Other problems include incorrect proportions of nutrients such as too much calcium and not enough magnesium.

4. If you are pregnant and taking SBF on a development program, add a folate supplement to your program.  This is because SBF does not supply added folate, and this nutrient helps prevent birth defects.

You will get plenty of folate if you eat lots of cooked vegetables, but taking a supplement is for greater safety.

5. Iron.  Most development programs do not contain supplementary iron.  We find it is not needed in many cases of pregnancy if one eats red meat two or three times weekly, and eats the preferred vegetables at every meal (not salads).  In our experience, salads are irritating to the intestines, a waste of stomach capacity and do not provide much nutrition because human beings cannot digest tough vegetable fiber.

Later in pregnancy, some women will need an iron supplement as the baby will take on a three-year supply of iron from the mother.  In this case, we suggest adding 3 or 4 desiccated liver tablets or a chelated iron supplement to the program.  The liver tablets unbalance the body chemistry the least. 

Standard iron tablets prescribed by doctors are poorly absorbed and are often irritating to the digestive tract.  We would avoid them.




In general, we do not suggest getting pregnant if you are over age 40 or if your body chemistry is in a four lows pattern on a hair mineral test.  The reason is that these factors make pregnancy a little less safe, increasing the chances of complications and birth defects.

However, if one follows a development program during early pregnancy, usually the pregnancy will be normal.




When a mother-to-be follows a development program prenatally, often her baby will be smaller.  They are often between 5 and 8 pounds instead of between 8 and 10 or 11 pounds.

Some people are afraid of the idea of having smaller babies, so let us explain it.

Why these babies are smaller.  The babies are more yang in macrobiotic terminology.  Yang means warmer, healthier today, and also more compact.  That is the reason the babies are a little smaller. 

An advantage with no downside.  During pregnancy, a smaller baby means the mother will be more comfortable.  During labor, small babies require less dilation of the cervix and less stretching of the vagina.  This makes birth easier, faster and less traumatic for both mother and child.

The author worked with native people in Southern Mexico during medical school.  There were numerous stories of native women who took a break from their work in the cornfields, laid down in the field and delivered a baby.  Then they walked home with their baby.

One case stands out.  Early one morning a young woman came to our dwelling complaining of stomach pain.  Her belly was only mildly distended.  She did not know why she was having rhythmic pains.  When we figured out that she was pregnant, we began getting her ready for delivery.  Within an hour, the baby literally popped out with very little fuss.




            Start reading about the problems of vaccines now, preferably before you become pregnant. 

The author recently spoke to a mother whose child received the DPT vaccine at age one.  Soon after, the child contracted pertussis or whooping cough from the vaccine.

Afterwards, his development regressed, and he is now autistic with persistent developmental disability or PDD.  This is a very common and very sad story.

When the author was in medical school, he worked with a number of children who were paralyzed with polio.  He was told by nurses that most of them contracted polio from the polio vaccine.  This is another sad story that needs to be told.

              You will not hear the truth about vaccines from a licensed medical doctor, licensed naturopath or most other health professionals, because if they tell the truth, they will lose their licenses or their jobs.  That is the sad state of health care in America and around the world.

There is a push to make vaccination mandatory.  This is just a ploy to keep people sick and weak so they can be more easily controlled – a project of the Rogues.  It must be actively opposed.  We need to go in the other direction – outlawing vaccines altogether.

In his book, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality:  The Medical Assault on the American Brain, Dr. Harris Coulter wrote, "Developmental (learning) disabilities are nearly always generated by encephalitis.  And the primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program...

A large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other shoots and branches of the hydra-headed entity called developmental disabilities,’ owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases.  The so-called sociopathic personality,’ which is at the root of the enormous increase in crime of the past two decades, is also largely rooted in vaccine damage.  Thus, the vaccination program√Čhas contributed to the wave of violent crime, which is turning our cities into jungles where the strong and the vicious prey upon the weak and unprotected.

Vaccines are not responsible for the decline of major diseases, as the media teaches.  This was shown in a study of these diseases that is discussed in our vaccination article.

Problems with vaccines include:

- All vaccines contain stray viruses.  This cannot be avoided.

- Most vaccines contain mercury and aluminum.  These two toxic metals are used as preservatives and to kill off stray viruses.  They are especially toxic for babies and young children.

- Some vaccines contain other toxic substances used as preservatives or for other reasons.

- The structure of vaccines is such that there is no question that illness could be triggered by the use of vaccines.

- Many vaccines don’t work, especially flu shots.  Every year, drug company executives guess which virus will be the most important flu virus the following year.  They do not know!  They design the next year’s flu vaccine based on their guess, and nothing more.

- If vaccines do work, they do not give the same immunity as actually having the disease.

- Fifty years ago, doctors taught parents that the childhood diseases’ such as measles, mumps and chicken pox were good for children to contract at a young age because this confers lifelong immunity to these diseases.  The same diseases are possibly more serious when one gets them as adults.  Today, children receive vaccines against these diseases, which are not the same and not as good.

- Vaccine makers are exempt from lawsuits in the United States.  Instead, the US government (meaning the taxpayers) has paid billions of dollars to distraught parents who have lost their children to autism and other vaccine injuries.

This is outrageous, since no other companies are exempt from lawsuits.  If this were not the case, vaccine makers would be sued out of business.

- A development program can often help vaccine-injured children, but it is work and takes a few years on a program.

- Polio used to be a feared disease and doctors use this example to illustrate the benefit of vaccines.  Ninety-five percent of the cases are benign, but a few lead to paralysis.

One doctor realized that the polio epidemic that occurred every summer in the United States was related to feeding children ice cream, lemonade, and other sweets in the summertime.  He went on the radio and told parents to keep sweets away from their children.  That year, the polio incidence declined sharply in the area served by the radio station that issued the warning.

- Vaccines are especially dangerous for babies.  Besides autism and contracting the very disease one is vaccinating against, there are longer-term effects of vaccines due to toxic metal poisoning.

- The very worst practice is to give more than one vaccine in a single doctor visit.  This easily overwhelms a baby or child’s immune response.

            Please read Vaccination, Vaccine Horror Story, The Lancet Medical Journal Study and Vaccines Are Medical Genocide.  Become well-informed on this issue. 

Read the dark side of the story, not just what the health department and doctors tell you.  They are often simply wrong, and some doctors are in denial on the vaccine issue.

A few excellent books include Murder by Injection and The Poisoned Needle.  Health food stores often have books regarding the dangers of vaccines.  Books are also available from the National Health Federation, PO Box 688, Monrovia, CA 91017.




            Real women’s liberation is to free oneself from all of society’s bad habits, instead of copying men’s bad habits.  So be different from your friends!  Maybe you will start a trend.  For details, read The Real Women’s Liberation.




            More and more health conditions today are blamed on faulty genes.  This fatalistic idea is not only depressing, but also usually incorrect.  The fact is, nutrients are needed to activate genes. 

If the proper nutrition were present, many if not most birth defect would not occur.  Folic acid and zinc are just two among many vitamins and minerals that can, in fact, prevent birth defects.  This is well known in medical science, but is basically ignored by doctors who tell young women they can eat what they want and live unhealthy or stressful lifestyles that deplete zinc and dozens of other nutrients.

            Toxic metals interfere with nutrients and are closely associated with genetic defects.  Published research proves that toxic metals such as cadmium, copper, mercury and others pass through the placenta, affecting the health of the baby.

Textbooks on toxic metals refer to babies as "sinks" for toxic metals.  Genetic research is wonderful, but it will never replace improving the health of the parents in order to produce healthy offspring.




            The “medical drug culture” contributes to many birth defects and problems of pregnancy and birth.  A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine found that common prescription and over-the-counter medications increased birth defects in 8000 infants by 120 to 240%.

            Many prescription medications antagonize or deplete nutrients.  For example, folic acid antagonists include tripmethoprim, triampterine, carbamazepine, phenytoin, penobarbitol (Dilantin) and primidone.

Antibiotics often kill the beneficial bacteria that produce folic acid, a vitamin necessary to avoid birth defects. 

            Other problem medications include Aspirin, barbituates, over-the-counter cough medicines containing dextromethorphan, Celebrex, cholestyramine (Questran), Cimetadine, Colistipol, corticosteroids, ethosuximide, hydrochlorthiazide, indomethacin, methotrexate, methsuximide, nizatidine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, birth control pills, ranitidine bismuth citrate, ranitidine hydrochloride, and valproic acid.

The best idea, by far, is to avoid all over-the-counter and all prescription medicines unless absolutely needed for a limited time for a definite physical disease.

            Also, avoid most skin care products and cosmetics unless they contain only completely natural ingredients.  Common products such as hair dyes, nail polish, lipsticks and others often contain toxic chemicals that can harm a baby as it grows inside the womb. 

It is not only that the products contain poisonous substances.  It is the combination of products used for months or years that makes them much worse.  There are no long-term studies on these products, and they would be impossible to run studies of combinations of all the products young women, and some men, use on their bodies today.

All we know is that more and more children are being born defective and prone to many ailments that did not formerly occur.  Poisons tend to accumulate in the body, so why take chances.




Regular sex is not a good idea because it could cause injury to the baby.  However, down sex side by side is excellent and will help the baby grow and develop better.  For details, read Down Sex.




Do you have a good marriage? Before becoming pregnant, look at your relationship carefully.  Is it stable?  Some people falsely think that having a baby will fix a bad marriage.  This rarely occurs, in our experience. 

              So ask yourself honestly, before having a child, whether this is the man or the woman, perhaps, you want to be the parent of your child?  If not, begin counseling or make another choice now, rather than get stuck later with a child and a partner who is immature or otherwise non-supportive.

Do not allow romance or even feeling sorry for a partner blind you.  Once again, having children usually does not fix a bad relationship.

            Also, religious and spiritual values become much more important when a child is involved.  Now is the time to think about the values you and your partner will teach your child. 

Be sure the two of you are “on the same page” with important choices in life.  These include your religious and spiritual values, parenting style, whether to vaccinate the child, and how to feed yourselves and your child. 

Also very important is whether you will home school your child or send the child to a private school or other school.  All of these are good to think about right now, not when you are pregnant or later.  Start researching these issues now.  This website can help a lot.

            For example, we don’t recommend public schools if you can possibly home school.  It is much cleaner and safer for girls, in particular.  Also, your children won’t learn incorrect liberal values that are now the norm in most schools, even private schools.


            Are you financially able to have a child?  Having a baby means a woman should not work much.  Mothers should stay home with the baby for at least three or four years, and preferably a lot longer. 

Plan ahead, if possible, and save some money.  Having a child is always a little bit risky, as things can go wrong that cost money to fix.  So plan things, rather than allow them to happen haphazardly.


            Is at least one parent willing to stay home with a child?  Babies need a lot of love.  Dropping them off at daycare centers, even if it is “free”, is not good.  Daycare centers are usually filthy and spread infections.  Also, day care workers often do not love your child to the same degree that you do.  Babies and children usually want to be around their parents, not strangers and other babies.




            Where to have your baby, birthing practices, and more are discussed in a companion article entitled Childbirth on this website.




            When a person doesn’t ingest enough essential nutrients, the body absorbs more toxic metals from the environment.  For example:

- Aluminum is found in all regular anti-perspirants.  A few in the health food stores do not contain aluminum, and you must read labels.  Aluminum is also found in anti-acids, and the use of aluminum cookware and aluminum foil to wrap food.

- Mercury is used in amalgam dental fillings and as a preservative in vaccines and flu shots.   It is also high in all fish except for tiny fish such as sardines.

- Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, marijuana, CBD, and junk food such as candy.

- Lead is found in some lipsticks, other makeup, old paint, and some hair dyes.

- Nickel is found in cheap jewelry (costume jewelry), rooibos tea, and some faucets are coated with it.

- Arsenic is used commonly as a pesticide, particularly on grapes and other fruit.  It gets into most wine, for example, for this reason.

- Toxic forms of copper increase in the body when one has weak adrenals or is deficient in zinc, manganese and a number of vitamins.  Excessive copper is associated with morning sickness, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and post-partum depression.

All of these metals are highly toxic to the unborn, and pass easily through the placenta from mother to child.



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