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              Definition.  Promiscuity means engaging in a lifestyle that includes any or all of the following:

1. Multiple sexual partners.

2. Casual sexual encounters.

3. Indiscriminate choices of sexual partners.

4. It may include an unhealthy focus on sexuality in one’s dress, mannerisms, speech and other behaviors.

5. The same word can also mean a disorderly mixture of things or people.




            It matters because some today teach that promiscuity is acceptable, and even to be admired.  They say that to be promiscuous just means that you are not intolerant, prejudiced, rigid or old-fashioned.

            In fact, this is becoming a common teaching in middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses.  It is also the accepted belief in Hollywood and much of the mainstream media.

            It matters because it is wrong.  Promiscuity leads to disease, low self-esteem, and rape.  It also causes unwanted babies, and lots of abortions.  It ruins the health of our women, and by doing so it ruins the nations.  This is why it matters.




Promiscuity is sweeping across the earth, and already affects the Western nations to a large degree.  It has affected the continent of Africa for a long time.  The Asian continent is also plagued by this problem.

The causes are divided into primary and secondary ones, as follows.


Primary causes.


1. The media.


2. The education system.


3. The medical and psychological professions.


4. General moral decline of the society.  Specifically, the loss or disregard for Hebrew and Christian values.


5. Bad health of young women and young men.


6. Bad thinking and inability to think clearly (brain fog).  Bad thinking today is due in part to ill health, and in part to bad education, bad upbringing and bad leadership of society.


7. Unhealthy economic patterns today such as two parents working just to make ends meet.


8. The welfare state and the socialist mindset.  These allows and even encourage idleness, pay for abortions, pay for single motherhood, reduce self-responsibility, and do not punish bad behavior nearly as much as a capitalist society.


9. Rape.  When a woman experiences rape, she may become promiscuous due to anger, apathy about her body, sexual fluid craving, a greater need for charging, shame and self-hatred, or due to hatred of men and a desire to infect them with diseases.  After a long and hard rape, the two etheric bodies of a woman only come together during orgasm, and this also encourages promiscuity.


Secondary causes.


1. Sexual charging addiction. For example, once a teenage girl experiences the thrill of charging, she is often somewhat “hooked”, and is much more open to having sex and having boyfriends in order to experience charging on a regular basis.


2. Sexual fluid addiction.  This also attracts teenage girls and older women to sex, sex with multiple partners, indiscriminate sex, and other aspects of promiscuity.  What matters is the fluid, and nothing else matters too much to those with a serious sexual fluid addiction.


3. General malaise.  This is due to poor health, which is mainly due today to horrendous diets, congenital bad health (problems present at birth due to poor health of the mothers today), and more vaccines and more medical drug use today.  These combine to worsen health among young women and teenage girls.  As a result, they feel and want charging more than in the past.




These include:


1. Many more sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs.  This is a serious epidemic throughout the world.  Many of them spread to the brain and impair their thinking.


2. More unwanted pregnancies and abortions.  These often cause psychological problems in some women, though some deny this fact.


3. A greater tendency to get into loveless relationships.  Focusing on the charge one gets from sex can take away from seeing whether the boyfriend or even the husband really cares.


4. More confusion and depression.  Sexual intercourse with someone who does not love you confuses a woman, in all cases.  This is often the “boyfriend” story.

The confusion occurs because women are extremely sensitive and easily pick up the energies of the men with whom they have sex.


5. More rape.  Women who essentially demand sex can cause anger and resentment in men.  It is selfish on your part, ladies, and the men figure it out.  It can cause a nasty backlash, at times.

Promiscuity causes rape for other reasons, as well.  Promiscuous women are often seen as victims to be used and abused.  They are “hungry” for sex, so mean men give them “what they deserve”, as they say.  The Rape article on this website discusses this topic in more detail.


6. Low self-esteem.  All the above can cause and definitely worsens low self-esteem.



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