By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© March 2017, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Certain healing procedures are not recommended with every nutritional balancing program.  However, they can speed up the healing process greatly.


Warning.  Many doctors and others claim much faster healing using various herbs, vitamins, machines, homeopathy, exercises, and more.  I am open to learning about these.

The only methods and procedures for healing that we suggest are those on this website.  The others either are not powerful enough or are harmful and dangerous in some way.  Please be careful with other methods of healing.




At this time (March 2017), the accelerator methods used with nutritional balancing programs are:


1. The development lifestyle.  This includes:

- Do the Pushing Down Exercise an hour or more daily.  Two or three hours daily is best.

- Empty the body and mind when doing the pushing down exercise.  This takes a little practice, but is helpful.  It is explained in the Pushing Down article.

- Do the Neck Pull when you push down.

- Do The Spinal Twist, including to “pop” the toes, ankles and knees twice daily or more.

- Avoid regular orgasms.  Kissing, hugging and down sex are fine, however.

- Get 9-10 hours of sleep each night.  You can sleep a little less at night and make up the time with a nap or two during the day.

Also, go to bed by 9 PM each night.  Sleeping during the hours before midnight is much better for development.

- Drink a variety of spring waters.  Don’t just have only one brand.

- At each meal, eat 7-9 cooked vegetables, including some carrots, cauliflower (the orange and purple ones are also excellent), leeks, onions (red, green, white and yellow), red cabbage, daikon, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts and fresh green beans, if available.  These vegetables speed development more than others.

- Eat some animal protein every day without fail, but not more than twice daily and no more than 4-5 ounces per serving.

- Do reflexology daily.  Press hard on the top of each foot in the space between the metatarsal bones, from the front of the foot at least halfway back toward the heel.  Do this on each foot until you feel a little tingling sensation in the body.  This stimulates the major acupuncture meridians.

- Do coffee enemas daily.  One is adequate, and two is better.

- Use a red heat lamp sauna for half to one hour daily, or at least one red heat lamp aimed at the abdomen for an hour daily.

- Be happy, flexible, have a little fun, and stay relaxed at all times.

- Help others and keep a loving, giving attitude.  Do not become self-absorbed in your healing or anything else.

- Live alone or in a healthy relationship only.

- Position your bed and your work area, if possible, so that you are facing the ether flow of the planet.  In the Northern hemisphere, this means positioning your bed with your head to the North and feet to the South.  Sit at your desk facing South.  It is the opposite in the Southern hemisphere.

- Women should use the “reminders” to develop much faster.  These are described in the Pushing Down article in the section near the beginning of the article entitled “For Women”.


2. Ask for your controller souls.  The controller souls are two very important souls that are around your physical body.  If a person has had a trauma such as rape, they have often left.  When this happens, the person feels very disoriented and has trouble thinking.

Getting these souls back is often not too difficult.  Here is the procedure: 1) be on a complete nutritional balancing program for at least one or two months, and then 2) ask lovingly and persistently, “Please, all controller souls return”.


3. The toe trance and other trances.  This amazing method is explained in a separate article entitled The Toe Trance.  It is a simple, yet powerful healing method for traumas, in particular.  For more on trances, read Trance States on this website.


4. The aura trance.  This is used to provide insights, and these can also cause plenty of healing.  For details, read The Aura Trance.


5. Down sex.  This is not too easy for men, but it is a powerful healing method.  For details, read Down Sex.


6. The daily kelp wrap.  This procedure greatly speeds up remineralizing the body.  It is somewhat messy, but very helpful if you can pretend you are at the spa each day.

Most people do not need it for more than six to twelve months when beginning a nutritional balancing program. The Kelp article on this site explains the procedure.


7. Vaginal coffee implants.   This excellent procedure helps many women when they begin a nutritional balancing program.  Most women like using it for at least a few months or more.  For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implant.

Men who have had significant trauma to the pelvic area may benefit from the Penis Coffee procedure. 


8. The peroxide and ozone bath.  This procedure superoxygenates the body, but can only be done twice a week.  The procedure is explained in a separate article, Baths.  I do not recommend hyperbaric chambers or breathing pure oxygen, as these are too yin.


9. Ozone.  Two excellent and simple methods are: 1) use an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your home, especially, and possibly at work to increase the oxygen content of the air a little.

2) Drink oxygenated water.  For details, read Oxygen on this site.




1. The peroxide and ozone bath plus the toe trance (also called the water trance).  This is a combination of these two accelerator procedures.  It requires two people in the tub, with one administering the Toe Trance and one receiving the Toe Trance.


2.  The Toe Trance combined with the kelp wrap.   In this combination, one does the Toe Trance, as explained below.  However, one can also rub some kelp on the body.  It is not necessary to completely cover the body with kelp.  A little on the abdomen, for example, will enhance the Toe Trance.


3. Ozone with coffee enemas and ozone with vaginal coffee implants or penis coffee.  Adding ozone is a more powerful version of the coffee method.  However, it must be done exactly right to be effective.  The proper procedures have been added to the Coffee Enema article and the articles in the section above, so I will not repeat them here.

WARNING.  When using ozone with the coffee procedures, be sure to continue the entire nutritional balancing program, including taking trimethylglycine or TMG.  At times, using the ozone will cause a person not to want to take the TMG.  At this time, I do not think this is desirable.



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