By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Here are suggestions for healthy positive attitudes that can help anyone survive and prosper in todayŐs world.


1. I am great.  Others may not see it, and may even mistreat me.  It is their loss.  I feel sad or sorry for them.  They just donŐt understand.  Their efforts to harm me are pathetic, sad and insane.  If only they knew the truth.


2. The body is not the only thing I am.  I donŐt like anyone attacking the body.  Even worse, I mind people attacking my connection with the Divine.  How dare they!


3. You donŐt want to get me angry.  I am not angry.  You donŐt want to see me angry.  You would not like it.


4. Whatever one fears tends to come true.  So I fear that I am getting well, and I fear that things are going well.


5. I stay in the present moment.  Anxiety is being in the future.  Regret is being in the past.  Everything is available in the present.  The past and the future are not real.


6. I focus on happy, simple things and sharing love and truth.


7. We are all confused and ill.  So I just focus on doing my development program and I know it will help everything.


8. If you are on a development program, it is all retracing!  Whatever happens, you can blame it on retracing.  Then just keep at it.

However, if you donŐt feel well, you may need an adjustment to your program, so contact your Helper and ask for a complete review of your program.


9. (This one is a bit philosophical).  At some level, healing and development have already occurred.  However, we must Ňgo through the motionsÓ of eating correctly, and caring for ourselves correctly in order to experience the healing and development.




1. Where there is life, there is hope.

2. My primary job is healing.  All else is secondary.  Keep priorities straight.  For example, do not let work, family, Christmas or anything else stop your healing progress. 

This may sound selfish, but it is absolutely necessary.  It is enlightened selfishness because as you get well, everyone around you benefits, so it is not really selfish at all.

If people ask what kind of work do you do, say that your primary job right now is healing and developing myself.

3. Keep a sense of humor.  A good way to do this is to watch funny programs on television, rent humorous movies or read humorous stories.  Anything too serious is not helpful because life is quite strange, in reality.  For more on this topic, read Humor on this website.

4. Do not analyze your health condition too much.  The reason is that it is a futile exercise because of the complexity of the body, and it is somewhat morbid. 

Instead, do the Pulling Down Exercise more often, and harder.  The more and the more forcefully, the better.  This brings up your issues, and will give you insights you need, when they are needed.

5. DonŐt compare your life to those of your ŇhealthierÓ friends and family.  This can be difficult, at times, but remember that:

A. You really donŐt know how healthy another person is.  People who look wonderful and run around all day and night can suddenly die of a heart attack.  It happens all the time.

B. In reality, we donŐt know the reasons why one personŐs life is different from anotherŐs. 

6. Remember the line from the Bible: ŇThose whom God cherishes most, He chastens.Ó  This means that because you suffer, it does not mean you are a bad or worthless person, and it might mean the exact opposite! 

Perhaps it is just the way that your Ňrough edgesÓ are being ground away.  This is like a diamond that must be cut and polished to be really valuable and beautiful.

7. Be willing to take help.  Realize there are people out there who want to help you.  In other words, it is a benign world and ask in prayer every day to connect to those wonderful people and energies that are just waiting to assist you.

8. Watch out with doctors, most tests, diagnostic labels, and prognoses.  They may mean well, but very few have even a clue about nutritional balancing, and they can easily scare you.  Realize that blood tests are often skewed by a development program.  Read about this in the article entitled Blood Tests And Development Programs.  Stay away from the medical paradigm as much as possible.

9. Decide that your illness is teaching you many good lessons.  These include patience, becoming more empathetic, becoming a better listener, and you will be much more able to help others in similar situations.

10. Go down swinging, if necessary.  When things get rough, decide that giving up is somehow not as much fun as keeping going, and doing your best each day.

11. Ask the Holy Spirit and the Masters for help, support and guidance each and every day.  You donŐt have to believe in these beings.  Do it, anyway.

12. If possible, take a slow, gentle walk every day for up to an hour.  During the walk, breathe very deeply and do the Pulling Down Exercise the whole time. 

If walking is not safe outside, maybe you can walk at a mall.  Or consider buying a medium-sized dog, and maybe a mean-looking dog, to walk with you.  Another option is to buy a simple treadmill and use it every day.  If they seem costly, look for one at a thrift store.

13. Stop listening to the naysayers in your family and among your friends and colleagues. DonŐt discuss your health with naysayers.  In some cases, you will need to cut them off altogether.

Instead, try to be around those who are on the same healing journey as you are.

Also, do not spend time with the whiners and complainers, but only with those who are actively healing their health condition and their life the way you have decided to do.

14. Read inspiring stories of people who suffered and overcame.  Watch movies of this type, as well.  There are many inspiring stories and biographies.  This website has a biography section of articles on the Read Articles page.

15. Do at least one or two coffee enemas every day, and an extra one if you feel very out of sorts or toxic.

16. Stay in touch with your Helper on your development program.  Never isolate yourself from your support team.

17. Keep a ŇtoolboxÓ ready for emergencies.  It should include very inspiring and uplifting reading material, maybe a CD or DVD, and reminders to rub the feet, pop the toes and knees, do an enema, push down, and call your Helper, if needed.

18. Know that healing can seem like spiritual warfare.  Some days you will win and some days you will have a setback or defeat.  That is okay.  Losing a battle is not losing the war. 

Never fight alone.  Be sure you are aligning yourself with the forces of light at all times by eating correctly, getting plenty of rest, taking your supplements, doing your procedures and keeping your mind positive as best you can.

This is not about denial of your pain and suffering.  It is about looking on the bright side and knowing that the ŇenemyÓ wants you to be depressed, sad, despondent and despairing – so donŐt give your foe that pleasure and victory.  Read the articles on this site entitled Commandos, The Secret Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors and The Warrior Path.

19. The twenty-third psalm is very powerful.  Repeat it often.  Read more about it in the article entitled The Twenty-Third Psalm.

20. Let go of anger.  I know it can be difficult, but it just makes you more ill.  So forgive everyone for everything – no exceptions allowed! You donŐt really know what is going on at deep levels, so stop judging others.

21. Let go of worry as best you can.  It accomplishes absolutely nothing.  A good way to do this is to stay in the present, and take one day at a time.  Living fully in the present is, in fact, the best way to prepare for the future. 

The pulling down exercise will slowly help greatly to keep you focused in the present.  In contrast, living in the future tends to cause anxiety and worry.

22. Let go of regret, remorse, guilt, and feeling sorry for yourself.  These do absolutely no good at all!  Staying in the present will help you with this, as well.  In contrast, living in the past leads to regret and remorse.

If you need to apologize to someone for something from the past, get it over with and do it.

23. Learn to love and accept yourself at all times, no matter how rotten, depressed, despondent or afraid you feel.  This can be done, I assure you.  You donŐt really know what is going on at deep levels, so stop judging yourself. 

There is nothing like despair to help wake a person up.  Perhaps the entire reason for your situation or illness is so you will wake up and not live or think like everyone else, many of whom are not as happy as they seem.

24. Ordinary sex is overrated, unnecessary, and can waste a lot of time and energy.  Down Sex is much better.  And Love is great.





































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