by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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              Definition.  The oral coffee hold is an unusual way to introduce coffee into the upper part of the body for therapeutic effects.  While some coffee from a coffee enema or vaginal coffee implant can reach the head, the oral coffee hold can help more to reach the head area.

The procedure is to hold a mouthful of coffee for 15 to 20 minutes.  Then spit out whatever remains in your mouth.  Most will be absorbed in 20 minutes.  If you swallow a little coffee instead of spitting it out, it is also okay.




This procedure is not needed every day.  It is a specialized procedure that is helpful for certain problems. 

Oral coffee introduces coffee mainly into the head and the neck.  It can be an excellent way to help detoxify and alleviate all conditions in these areas of the body.  These include problems in the ears, nose, sinuses, teeth, eyes, brain, thyroid and neck area.

Oral coffee can also help change one’s attitudes.  The coffee will neutralize or remove attitudes that are mental toxins or thought forms.  This is particularly good for women to allow them to develop faster.

For healing reactions.  It can be excellent during healing reactions that occur during a development program that involve the ears, eyes, nose, sinuses, neck, thyroid or head.

How often.  Oral coffee can be done daily, or even twice or three times daily, as needed.

Toxicity.  So far, we have had no reports of toxicity.  Someone also asked if oral coffee dissolves the enamel on teeth because coffee is a little acidic.  We have not reports of this, either.  The coffee combines quickly with saliva, which is alkaline. 

We welcome all feedback since this is a newer procedure.




Staining the teeth.  Done every day, the procedure can stain the teeth.  Try to keep the coffee away from the teeth. 

Children.  This procedure is probably not for children under about the age of about 10.  Children are somewhat more likely to swallow the coffee, which is not helpful, so practice with children using water first, before doing the procedure with coffee.

Pregnancy.  So far, oral coffee holding is safe during pregnancy, and is safe for children over the age of 10.




Buy and prepare the coffee just the same as one would for a coffee enema or vaginal coffee implant.  For the instructions, go The Procedures Handbook.


Holding the coffee.  Drink a mouthful of coffee and hold it in your mouth.  Make sure you are relaxed, as this helps to hold the coffee in the mouth.  Holding a little more coffee by puffing out your cheeks is helpful.

You may walk around with the coffee in your mouth.  However, it is safer to sit or lie down while holding the coffee in your mouth.  To move the coffee the closest to the ears, sinuses or brain, lying down is best.

You can lie down and tilt your head so that the coffee naturally flows closest to the area that needs attention.

Caution.  Stay warm so you do not sneeze, as this causes coffee to go everywhere!  Also, do not get too distracted, as this can cause you to swallow the coffee.

Finishing up.  Spit out the liquid after 15-20 minutes.  You will absorb some or most of the liquid and this is alright.  Rinsing your mouth with water afterwards is not necessary.  It is okay to swallow the remaining coffee after 20 minutes if you prefer.




You can do oral coffee at the same time that you do a coffee enema, vaginal coffee, sauna therapy or other procedures.

A way to combine.  When you do a coffee enema, for example, a little coffee remains in the enema tube and some remains in the enema bag or bucket.  Hold the enema tube above the enema bucket and open the clamp. 

Some coffee will flow from the tube back into the bucket or bag.  This will be about the right amount of coffee for an oral coffee hold.  Just put this coffee in a little cup and put it in your mouth.  This may sound dirty, but it is not since the coffee that remains in the enema tube never touches your body.




            The effects are due to a combination of the chemical effects of the coffee and the fact that fresh coffee contains many souls who are extremely helpful for healing the body.  Drinking coffee does not provide most of these benefits because of the action of the stomach on the coffee, and some toxicity of coffee.



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