By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A superb procedure to speed up development and healing is the salt rub, also sometimes called the salt glow.  It helps detoxify the body, is very alkaline, and provides minerals, as well.

Salt is an interesting substance.  Salt is so important for health it was used as money in the past.  The English word, salary, comes from the word salt.  In Spanish, the word for salt is sal.  The Bible uses the phrase “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13), to describe worthwhile people.

Made of two toxic elements – sodium and chlorine – when they combine in a special way to form salt it is required for health.  The no-salt diet, in our view, is a mistake.  Unrefined sea salt is a very good food, even though refined table salt is not because many of its minerals have been stripped away.





Salt.  For the whole body, one will need about 2 pounds or 1 kilogram of unrefined sea salt.  For just the legs, one will need less than 1 pound or less than half kilogram of salt.

Any brand of sea salt can be used.  We like Real Salt by Redmond, but it is more expensive than some other brands, which also work very well.  The cost can build up because these should be done daily when one begins a nutritional balancing program.

Water.  Mix the salt with a little water to make a paste.  The best water to use, we find, is Ice Age Premium Glacial Spring Water.  However, this, too, is a bit expensive and not readily available in many areas.  Second best is another brand of spring water.  You can also use filtered tap water.

Flour.  Add a little whole wheat flour or white flour to the paste to make it more sticky.


The Procedure. 

Making the mixture.  Mix about a cup of water to 2 pounds of salt to form a sticky paste.  The mixture should not be too gritty, but it also should not be watery.  Add about ¼ cup of flour to the mixture to make it more sticky.

Applying the salt.  Sit in the bathtub or shower, preferably completely unclothed, and gently rub the salt mixture all over the body.  For a less powerful treatment, you can just rub the  salt on your legs or on another part of the body.

Let it dry.  Now let the salt dry on the body for two hours.  You need not remain in the shower or tub.  You can get out of the tub and do a coffee enema, vaginal coffee implant, talk on the telephone, read, or do other activities provided the salt stays on the skin.

Cleanup.  After two hours, rinse off the salt in the shower.  You do not need to use soap when you rinse off.




            The salt rub works by a combination of mechanisms:


1. Mineral nutrition.  Salt provides many trace minerals that can be absorbed through the skin.

2. Detoxification.  The salt seems to be able to remove certain toxins from and through the skin.  It has a drawing action.

3. Alkalinizing.  Salt is very alkaline and helps alkalinize the entire body.

4. Yang.  Salt is fairly yang in macrobiotic terms and can help make the body more yang.

5. Plasma nutrition.  Salt, with its cubical structure, seems to retain subtle energy, which is released into the body when the salt is applied to the skin.

6. Transmutation.  This is more esoteric, but sodium is involved in an important biological transmutation ending with potassium.  The salt rub may provide sodium to be transmuted into other elements the body needs.

7. Massage effects.  Rubbing salt on the body has a massaging effect on the body.  Massage can improve circulation, relaxes the body, feels good and may have other benefits such as relieving muscle tension, and more.


We are researching this newer procedure at this time.  However, clients report it is safe, powerful for development, and feels very good.  



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