By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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An excellent addition to the Pushing Down Exercise is the neck pull.  It is a very powerful method of moving even more subtle energy down the body from the head to the feet. 




1. This procedure is done while lying down comfortably.  Do not have a pillow under your head.  Also, have your legs extended straight down away from the head, and fairly close together.

2. Begin by breathing in, using toe breathing.  This means that you imagine the breath entering your body through your toes.

3. As you breathe in, you must do two things at the same time.  These are:

a) Extend your neck.

b) Push your shoulders downward toward your feet.

4. As you do this, a point should come when you hear and feel a slight pop in the neck area, although it can occur in your back rather than in your neck.

This sound and feeling is an opening of the vertebrae in the neck or upper back.  It is somewhat like “popping” your toes or fingers, which is also helpful.  It releases stuck energy in the neck area.

5. With a little practice, you can improve on the above by making the “pop” that occurs in the neck gently move all the way down the body to the feet.


You can then continue to breathe in.  If you have completed breathing in, you can then gently breathe out and begin again. 

This is all there is to it.  Please repeat this procedure at least 10 times daily.  In fact, if you do it gently and sensibly, I find that it cannot be easily overdone and many people can do it many times, for half an hour or longer.




The neck pull moves more energy through the body in a rather unique way.  If it is done right, the energy moves mainly downward, which is the desired direction.  To do it properly, the shoulders must drop, or move downward as you breathe in.  This is not so easy, at first, but it becomes much easier with practice.

If your emphasis is on extending your neck, more energy will move upward.  This is not all bad, but is not as good as moving the bulk of the energy downward by focusing on moving the shoulders downward.



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