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4/18/19. Watch out for Dr. Eric Berg, DC. He is an imposter and he is being paid well to tell people that our program is wrong. He is the one that is wrong.

3/18/19. DO NOT exclusively stir fry your vegetables. A little stir frying is okay, but not a lot. It generates too many AGES. Cook with water – steaming, pressure-cooking or a little boiling only for most of your food. Also, as mentioned below, do not heat olive oil or cook with olive oil. It produces a poison when heated.

2/6/19. The article in the Featured Articles section of this web page (below) about marijuana and violence is must reading!

1/8/19. Do not do castor oil packs. The oil is somewhat toxic.

1/8/19. Do not use olive oil for cooking, and especially for baking. When heated, olive oil produces toxic chemicals. The olive oil in sardine cans is fine, however, because it was not exposed to the air when cooked.

1/8/19. Many detergents used on dishes, clothing and general cleaning contain a liver toxin. It is also found in some baby wipes and many other products that contain soap or detergents. This applies to natural products, as well. For details and recommendations, read Detergents.


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What Are Development And Nutritional Balancing?


Development is the activation of the full genetic potential of a human being.  It requires specific nutrients found in certain foods.  It also requires plenty of rest and the thorough detoxification of the body.  Development also requires making the body much more yang, a word that means warmer and more compact.

Development improves the brain and nervous system, along with causing deep healing and life extension. It also causes the growth of the Merkaba.  This is a Hebrew word found 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible, and is a protective envelope around the body.  Development science has been known for millennia, but is not taught widely on earth.

Nutritional balancing is an older term we formerly used to describe development science. The term is less than accurate because our program is more than nutrition. Many articles on this site provide details about development and about nutritional balancing.  For a list of them, go to Read All Articles.



It contains 1) a Judeo-Christian focus, 2) health and nutrition research, 3) updates about the cleanup of planet earth, 4) articles explaining less known sciences such as development, 5) practical application of this knowledge, 6) training programs for those who wish to assist others.

Disclaimer.  All information on this website is only the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  No statements on this site have been evaluated or approved by any government agency. Development science and nutritional balancing are methods to reduce stress on the body and help people reach their full potential.  They are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any health condition, mental or physical, real or imaginary.

Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, and prefers to work as an unlicensed nutrition consultant.


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