by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A Common Phenomenon

Others Who Have Written About Vampirism

How To Tell If Someone Is Attempting To Steal Your Energy

Origins Of Vampirism















Definition.  Energetic vampirism is the process whereby one person, through manipulation, essentially steals some life energy from another. 

This energy is real and physical, not psychological.  Our life and health depends upon having enough of a subtle life energy or adaptive energy flowing throughout the body and brain. 

This energy has been given many names such as vital force, life force, chi, qi and others.  Each person is born with a certain amount of it.  As we age, it slowly diminishes, eventually causing death of the body, unless something can be done to reverse the process.

Each person is supposed to live off his or her own life energy, happily and independently.  However, many people are not in touch with this energy, or have been violated or traumatized in certain ways that make it difficult for them to contact their own life force or energy.  These people may learn or be taught, often as children, how to steal energy from others.

Note that most people give away some of their energy to others.  This is fine if you are in control of the situation.  It is vampirism if you are not in control, and others essentially manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner.


Importance of the seventh energy center.  Subtle energy enters the body in a number of ways.  However, the seventh energy center at the crown of the head is an important place where subtle energies enter the body.  Those with a blocked or weak or toxic seventh energy center often end up as vampires because they cannot access enough subtle energy themselves, so they learn to steal it from others.


The rogues and vampirism.  The group we call the Rogues are energy vampires.  This is how they operate and it explains all of their unusual and often cruel and brutal activities.


Others who discuss energetic vampirism.  Some material for this article is drawn from the writings of Mr. Roy Masters, who discusses vampirism in detail in a number of his books and tapes.

The book and movie, The Celestine Prophesy, discusses it.  Another author who discusses it is M. Scott Peck in the books, The Road Less Traveled (1988, 2003) and People Of The Lie: The Hope For Healing Human Evil (1998) and perhaps other works. 




Among the simple signs are any odd, flattering, seductive, and sometimes disagreeable or eccentric behavior that obviously or subtly upsets you.  Most, if not all “drama” that one sees in politics, medicine, parenting, personal relationships, child behavior and everywhere else is related to this.

Another sign that someone is vampirizing you is a feeling of being tired, worn out or “drained” after being around certain people or even certain places such as bars or gambling casinos.  These are often designed to make you leave your money there.

Sometimes you may just feel disoriented, out of sorts or “shifted” in some way by another person’s energy.  These are indicators that you have been thrown off your center by another and have thus given up some energy to him or her.

If you can feel people’s energy fields, you may feel that a person has tentacles surrounding you or little suction cups that are pulling on you.  This topic is discussed later in this article in the section on The Energy Field And Vampirism.




Some people appear to know or learn about vampirizing others very early in life.  Many others are “trained” by their parents or other adults to become vampire victims or even little vampires.  The way the conditioning or training occurs is that a parent or perhaps a teacher tries to vampirize or steal energy from the young child.  The child either goes along and soon becomes a good little victim, or the child figures out what is going on and turns around and becomes a little vampire himself or herself. 

This parallels the mythical vampire legend that once one is "bitten" by a vampire, one often turns around and becomes a vampire oneself.  It is as though one develops a bizarre appetite for the energy of other people when one becomes separated or alienated from one’s own source of this natural energy due to a trauma.


Trauma often creates vampires and victims.  Traumas of all kinds, particularly sexual molestation and rape, but other types as well such as beatings and humiliations, often turns people into vampires and vampire victims.

The converse is also true.  As one heals old traumas, often one no longer feels the need to vampirize, and one may also wake up and stop giving one’s energy away to others.

It is as though trauma separates a person from God or from the almighty source of energy with which we are all supposed to be connected.  One can say that trauma “turns” a person away from God and turns the person more into an angry animal that must live by a “dog eat dog” philosophy.  Someone once described the vampire philosophy to me in a humorous way as “steal energy from others before they steal energy from you”.




Vampirism is all around you.  In fact, most of us have done it a little, at least.  For example, parents can do it to their children by upsetting them with harsh words, too much praise, or worse – physical violence, rape, etc.

An even more subtle form of it occurs when a parent identifies too much with one of their children.  The parent lives through the child.

Teachers often do it to their students, and some students learn how to do it to their teachers.  Lovers and spouses may do it to each other.  Dictators and rogue politicians do it to their subjects or constituents.

Doctors can do it to their patients, and sometimes patients do it to their doctors.  Friends can do it to each other, although it is not a gesture of friendship and one must avoid this type of “friends”. 

In other words, the phenomenon occurs commonly.  However, it is rarely discussed and hence the need for this article.




As people age or if they become ill, they often need to steal even more energy from those around them just to stay alive.  This is a reason to avoid spending too much time around in hospitals or anyone who is chronically ill.  Not all of the sick and elderly steal energy, but many of them are vampires.


Women are often better vampires than men.  According to Roy Masters and some other authorities on this subject, women who are not well enough developed spiritually vampirize others more than men.  This may occur because such women, whom Roy Masters calls “females”, have their energy centers reversed, and they tend to absorb energy rather than radiate energy.  Also, they may steal some energy from others, particularly men, in an effort to correct their energy centers.

Once women develop themselves adequately, their energy centers change to a more correct spin and they cease behaving in a selfish or vampirish way.  This takes some work, however, so few women achieve it.  As a result, there are many more vampires among women.

For more on this interesting subject, read Women And Development, The Sexual Order and Male-Female Blending on this site.




The main way to extract energy from another person is to upset the person.  Two ways to do this are by:

1) Intimidation, threats or actual violence of some kind

2) Seduction, pleasuring, flattery or spoiling another.


These may be called the yang and the yin methods. In both cases, a person is thrown out of balance, and this is what causes the person to give up some life energy.  Many energy vampires combine the two in interesting ways.

Speaking more technically, what occurs is that the vampire interrupts the normal flow of subtle or etheric energy down the body from the head to the feet.  When subtle energy flows sideways or upwards to some degree, the energy centers spin backwards or abnormally in other ways.

As a result, some of the person’s subtle energy flows outward or upward to the vampire.  In other words, one person can steal energy from another by literally upsetting the other’s energy field.  This is related to the meaning of words and phrases such as uptight, mixed up, knocked up, stuck up, messed up, and other similar phrases.

To learn more about the natural flow of subtle energy on the body and how to enhance it, read Down Energy And Healing on this website.

Usually, vampirism occurs when two people are unequal in some way.  For example, one may be older and more “experienced” than another.  Or one may be physically stronger than the other.  Or one may be in authority over the other.  However, this is not always the case.

An experienced vampire can shift from one behavior to another in seconds, to see which method of upsetting another works best in a particular situation.  He or she may shout, cry, become sweet, touch you sensually, then argue or pull away - all depending on what is needed at the moment to extract energy from vulnerable and often gullible people, which is most of them.  Here are more details about very common methods of vampirizing others:


Sex.  I will not describe this in detail in this section because it is covered in more detail below.

Words.  This is probably the most common method used in modern society.  Words can easily be used to upset people, and moreso when combined with other methods discussed below.  Words can frighten, threaten, shock, flatter, seduce, and upset others in other ways.  Most are lies or half truths, although even the truth can be used to shock or upset people.

Parents may criticize a child needlessly, or raise their voice more than necessary.  Others praise a child too much, or give him everything he wants.  Even if this is done with good intent, it is still upsetting to a child and he or she will give up a certain amount of energy to the person who says praises too much, or threatens.

On dates and even within marriages, men and women may upset each other with words.  Men regularly flatter, lie and try out “lines” with young women to upset them a little to get dates and sex. 

Women, meanwhile, may play with words with men to excite them, and to upset them a little.  It is a dangerous game for women, however.  See the article on Rape for more on the consequences for women, too often.  Manipulative words and phrases are used by teachers, doctors, politicians, salesmen and saleswomen, and many others.

Non-verbal behaviors.  These are easy to use to vampirize others.  A simple one is just to tense the body or maintain an unusual, sexy or stooped posture.  This can induce tensions in the bodies of others that cause them to give up this life energy.  That is how easy it is.

There is no end to the ways non-verbal cues and gestures can be used to upset others.  A stare, a sexy walk, playing with one’s hair, and many other behaviors are used by authority figures, lovers and others to upset others.  Even just smiling at people too much or inappropriately is upsetting to others and can cause them to give up some energy to you.

Dress.  This is another way that some vampires extract energy from others.  The dress may be a uniform, like a military uniform worn by some dictators.  It can be scanty clothes worn by teenage girls to upset the boys, or other ways to make one “stunning” or just upsetting to others.

Color, texture, see-through, hemlines, bra straps, and many more ways are used by those who want to extract energy from others through their dress.


Many more methods and behaviors are used to upset others in society from the car one drives, to how one fixes the hair or the makeup on one’s face.  The list is quite endless, in fact, and looking around a crowd can make one smile a little when one realizes that an important reason people look, speak and act the way they do is to “impress” others and perhaps steal a little energy from them.




Vampirism is a major cause of many types of problems in individuals, families and society.  It causes a lot of cancer, for example, as well as other physical health conditions.  It is a major cause of depression, anger, and anxiety.  It also causes relationship difficulties, such as sibling rivalry and other types of family discord.

In the larger society, some political systems are set up as vampire-victim or oppressor-oppressed systems.  These are the dictatorships, monarchies, socialist nations, communist nations, military governments, and theocracies. 

Meanwhile, societies with more individual rights, capitalism and freedom have less “institutional vampirism”.  This means there is less vampirism built into the structure of society.  The more each individual is given control and responsibility for his own life, the less vampirism occurs.




Vampirism is associated with addictions.  Addictions may be defined as unhealthy attachments to habits and behaviors that provide temporary energy or a temporary “high”.  In fact, vampirism itself can be described as a type of addiction or craving for the vital energy of other people.

Vampires may be attracted to addictive substances because they are dependent upon outside sources of energy.  Some addictive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine and others may provide some temporary energy for them.

Vampire victims may be attracted to some addictive substances and habits because all of them are depleted of natural energy and they may crave substances or habits that provide temporary relief from their anger and depression, or provide them, too, with some “energy”.

Both vampires and their victims may also feel very anxious at times without understanding the reasons.  Depressing addictive substances like sleeping pills or alcohol may provide temporary relief.  For more details about addiction, read Addiction.




Another negative consequence of vampirism is picking up what are called entities or discarnate souls.  This occurs because:

- vampirism weakens the victim.

- those who are vampires often have discarnate souls around them that can easily move into others.

This problem causes some of the illness, depression and other problems for the vampire prey or victim.  For more details, read Entity Attachment And Release on this site.




Energetic vampires are common.  However, it is possible to steer clear of most of them.  Here are suggestions:


Think correctly.  This involves the following principles:

- ALWAYS be aware of the possibility of vampirism.  It can occur with even the nicest, gentlest people.

- Recall that energy vampirism is common.   It is found in families, other personal relationships, schools, business, politics and elsewhere.

- ALWAYS insist that people treat you with total respect and kindness.  Do others encourage you to be independent and think for yourself?  Or do they seem to discourage, intimidate, cajole, threaten, flatter, seduce or create dependency in you?  Often these are signs of an effort to steal your energy.

- Follow a development program.  This will help to restore your health and raise your awareness.  It will help give you a “baseline” so you can better notice how new relationships, new jobs or careers, new friends, new locations or living situations are affecting you.

- Go slow with new relationships.  One often cannot tell at the beginning of a relationship if the other person is a vampire.  The only way to find out is to get to know a person and note how you feel around the person, and if your health improves or declines since you have been in the relationship.

 - Ideally, have your own business.  This way you are more in charge in regards to with whom you will associate.  For example, you can choose your employees and often will have more control over other business associations. 






Many energy vampires are very skilled at stealing the energy of others.  Leaving or distancing yourself from them is usually the easiest and sometimes the only solution when dealing with an energy vampire. 

In almost all cases, the danger is not worth the risk of staying around an energy vampire at a job or in a relationship.  You may well have to give up some money, security or pleasure, but this is usually much safer and better.




1. Enhance your general awareness.  This can help you figure out exactly what is going on, including your motives for staying in vampire situation. 

Re-reading this article a number of times can help, along with the suggestions below. 


2. Correct your thinking.  For example:

- Entertain and cultivate the idea that there are no victims.  Each person is sovereign and responsible for himself or herself.

- Decide that you deserve to be treated very well by everyone, with no exceptions.  Some people are careful about this, but they make exceptions for family members, other relatives, a particular friend or someone else.

- Be careful about the way other people use words such as “love”, “caring”, “respect” or others.  These words are often used to manipulate people.

- In particular, practice the Pulling down Mental Exercise for at least two hours daily.  This has a number of powerful effects:

- It helps you detach emotionally from others so you will be able to see them clearly.

-  It brings much more subtle energy into your body that heals the body and brain.

- It helps you to feel when someone is stealing your energy because you will notice the difference in the way you feel around people as compared to when you are doing the pulling down exercise.

- It teaches you to move energy downward quite forcefully all of the time.  This is the correct direction of subtle energy flow.  Energy vampires have hundreds of ways to reverse this and cause energy to flow upward, from the feet to the head.  This robs the body of subtle energy.

- It will help undo hidden traumas that maek you susceptible to energy vampirism.

- It relaxes you so you will be more conscious, less fearful and therefore able to make more rational decisions.

- It brings in etheric energy which actually replaces the need to please people or to need people for any reason.  In other words, it will make you more independent and nourished from within.

The pulling down mental exercise is specifically anti-vampire.  It will slowly connect you, or reconnect you, with your own source of energy or God, if you prefer to call it this.  This is critical in the long run to end the cycle of vampire and victim. 

  For details, read and/or listen to The Pulling Down Exercise.  Yoy may also benefit by reading or listening to Roy Masters talk about energy vampirism.  He understands it well.  Note that he writes about it in graphic terms, which may not be easy for some people to accept, but which is often helpful if you reserve judgment and just read it or listen to it.

- Learn to be alone happily or at least content on your own.  This is needed often in order to leave a situation that is not healthful.

- Prayer is very helpful, but the other steps described in this article are also often necessary. 

- Do at least one activity every day just for yourself.  It must be something you really enjoy.  It might be taking a walk, working in a garden, going to church or some other healthful activity. This helps you keep a healthful perspective on life.

In families or other relationship situations, insist upon having your private, personal space and your personal time.  If others don’t like it, that is their problem.  We call this your “maintaining your sanity zone”. 

- Be mindful of who goes in and out of your home, whom you allow to visit, and especially whom you allow to stay in your home. 

- Be careful with sex.  Completely avoid loose or casual sex, as this almost assures that you will come into close contact with vampires, who can seem like the most wonderful, beautiful people imaginable.  Also, hold on to your sexual fluid as much as possible.  (This topic is discussed in more later in this article.)

- Follow a development program.  This is not just about your diet and taking supplements.  It also means you will maintain high standards of integrity in your life, and you will restore your body to a high level of health.  The effect is that a vampire situation, should it arise, will seem much less compatible with your lifestyle and you will notice it sooner and get away more easily for this reason. 

It will also help undo traumas of all kinds that often predispose one to getting into vampire-like relationships.

You will also have more energy with which to oppose or get away from a vampire situation.  Many people stay in vampire relationships or other situations because they are so tired, or their impaired body chemistry is reducing their level of awareness, will, courage and drive.  For more on this, read Introduction To Development Programs and other articles on this subject on this site.

Development programs can also help those who are acting as vampires to change their ways.

- Be extremely careful about getting involved with others in business, churches, friendships and especially intimate relationships.  Get to know people well, test them over time, and never trust first impressions.  This is critical to avoid being sucked into a vampire situation. 

Young women, a common trap for you is  having a “boyfriend”, especially in high school and even in college.  We know that avoiding this is difficult and somewhat lonely, at times, but boyfriends usually result in becoming a vampire victim, sadly.

Instead, have friends and acquaintances, and keep them at arm’s length until you are ready to marry.  When you date, do it to find a marriage partner, and not just for “fun” or because you are bored, lonely or depressed.  For details, read Dating.

 - Work on clearing your early life traumas.  Vampirizing often occurs due to your hidden early life traumas.  It is often all unconscious, so never assume you are “done with your traumas”.  By the way, we all have them.  No one is without traumas, but some have worked on them more than others. 


Once again, being in a healthy male-female relationships, or even having a really honest friend of the same sex that you go places with, is very helpful to alert you to behaviors that are really results of traumas, though you may not associate the two.

The simplest and deepest way to clear traumas at their base is with a complete nutritional balancing program.  This method is slow, but very, very good.  Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and other methods may help, but do not often work as deeply as a properly designed nutritional balancing program.  This is because today the nutritional aspect of trauma release is so important for most people.  The bodies are so weak and out of balance that unless you address this problem head on and repeatedly for some years, it is difficult to really move beyond the superficial layers of your traumas.  This is a fact today, whether or not you believe it.

- Become aware of tricks that vampires use to hold on to you if you wake up to what they are doing.  For example, the vampire may suddenly turn nice for a while to confuse you.  Another trick is to argue logically that you are incorrect about the vamipirism.  Another trick is to do or say something to make you feel sorry for the vampire so you will stay around.  Another trick is to make you feel guilty for suggesting that another is a vampire or that the other is doing anything wrong.

Energy vampires often know that you are at least somewhat conditioned to be a vampire victim and that you will feel uncomfortable NOT giving away your energy.  Please beware of all of this, as it can become involved.  Once again the pulling down exercise and the other suggestions in this section can help you become aware of your own motives and thought process.

- Do not willingly give up your energy, your rights, and your freedom to others for any reason.  Be wary of anyone who says you must give up your rights, your sovereignty or your freedom for any reason. 

If you are in a relationship of any kind, you cannot just do as you please.  You must take into account the needs and feelings of others.  However, this is different from allowing others to mistreat you or abuse you in any way.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “Those who give up their freedom for security will end up with neither freedom nor security.”

- Prepare to leave any unhealthy situation.  Vampires can become very sneaky and mean when you decide to leave.  So you must prepare. 

This means thinking about where you would like to live, and with whom.  Try to keep your needs in perspective – most people really don’t need a fancy home and it is often a burden. 

You may need to quietly remove objects from the home you are in so the vampire doesn’t seize them when you decide to leave and, in that way, holds on to you.  These can be photographs, financial records, or even a vehicle.  If your vampire questions you about this, make up any answer.  You don’t need to be too honest with a vampire because he or she will likely use this trait against you.

Secretly make a duplicate set of car keys and even house keys.  Perhaps duplicate CDs and DVDs that you really like in case the vampire seizes them in order to keep you around.

Secretly set aside enough money to leave.  If you have to take some from the other person, this is okay.  If you feel guilty about it, you can pay the other person back later, but the first priority is t be able to get out of a harmful situation.

Make sure you have checks, credit cards and other documents in your name, not in a joint account.  If you have a joint checking account, don’t keep much money there.  Secretly set up your own accounts and slowly move money into that account. 

- Cultivate a few solid friendships.  Often a person stays in a vampirish relationship, living situation or job because they feel they have nowhere else to go and no one to talk to about their options. 




Being a vampire.  Hair mineral patterns associated with being a vampire are:

1. An adult with a fast oxidation rate.

2. Double vampire pattern.  An adult with a fast oxidation rate with a sodium/potassium ratio greater than about 3.

3. Triple vampire pattern: An adult with a fast oxidation rate, an Na/K ratio greater than about 3, AND a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than about 9.5.

4. Four X or quadruple vampire pattern.  This is the same as #3 above.  However, in addition the person may have a four highs pattern or elevated levels of iron, manganese and aluminum.

5. Other patterns are possible.  One reason is that some of the above patterns can be temporarily obscured by the presence of other toxic metals, for example.  Look for nickel greater than 0.019 mg%, for example or cadmium greater than 0.01 mg%, or lead greater than about 0.08 mg%.

Other patterns may occur in vampires, but the patterns above usually signify a more successful vampire.  For example, a slow oxidation rate is present in some vampires.  However, it is a ‘lower amperage’ situation, and usually the vampire is not as successful.  As explained below, the person is more likely to be a vampire victim.


Hair tests of those who give energy to a vampire.  These are also called vampire victim patterns.  These are:

1. Any slow oxidizer with a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5.  This low ratio is a chronic stress indicator.

2. Any hair test with a sodium level of 1 or 2 mg%.  The pattern is more significant if the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5.

3. A deep bowl pattern in a slow oxidizer.  This means the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5 and the calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 9.5.

4. The calcium/magnesium ratio is greater than 13.5.  This indicates an important lifestyle problem we call spiritual defensiveness.  It means a person is defending a relationship that is not healthy for oneself.  For details, read Spiritual Defensiveness Pattern.

5. Many, if not most people with a four lows pattern (low levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, are living in a victim mode, as well.  This is more extreme if the second four mineral levels (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) are low, as well.  For details, read Four Lows Pattern.




An electrical analogy.  A vampire may operate in a similar way to an induction circuit, electrically.  In this type of circuit, electricity passes from one coil to another coil without the two actually touching physically.  The reason the transfer occurs is due to the size, shape, location and type of current passing through the coils.

We find that most successful vampires are fast oxidizers on hair tests.  This is a higher amperage state, electrically speaking, and this may be necessary to extract energy from another person.  It could also just be a result of the vampirism, but it is an interesting observation.


Development aspects.  Less highly developed people tend to be vampires more easily.  This may be because these individuals are less in touch with their divine selves, and their seventh energy center is usually more closed, allowing less subtle energy to enter their bodies. 

In contrast, more developed people are more giving, by nature, and tend to become victims of vampires more easily.  To survive, they must understand vampirism, identify it all around them, and get away from the vampires in their lives.


Mutual vampirism.  It is possible, especially in some sexual and other situations, for two people to each be part vampire and part giver of energy.  That is, each steals some energy from the other.  This could be called a type of co-dependent relationship that is not healthy, even if both participants appear to be enjoying it.

In a sexual scenario, the woman may be weakening her husband by taking more of his sexual fluid.  He may be using his wife for sexual pleasure without really loving her.  Many other examples could be cited in which both people in a relationship of some kind may upset the other, taking a little energy from the other.




Real love and vampirizing are the exact opposites!  Loving means giving forth an energy of God that you share with others.  Vampirizing means stealing energy from others, and it can be done in the name of “love”.

This vampirish “love” is purely selfish.   The vampire “loves” what he or she gets from the other person.  Often, this is what a person means when he or she says  “I love you”.  So beware!


Mixed up vampire victims.  At times, those who give up energy to vampires think they “love” their vampire.  This is usually a result of hypnosis or brainwashing. 

The giver has become convinced that to give up energy to another is holy, special or makes him or her a good person.  Sometimes the feeling of giving up energy, which is a tired feeling, is misperceived as loving, when in fact this is never the case.

Once again, giving energy to another voluntarily is fine.  However, having another person steal some energy by upsetting you to get it is not healthy at all.




Secondary gain for givers.  There can be secondary gain for the giver.  This means that the giver of energy is getting something that keeps him or her giving away more energy.  He or she may feel needed, safer, more loving, superior to the jerky, idiotic vampire, or something else. 

These reasons are important to watch in yourself if you are the type that tends to give energy to others.  Why do you do it?  Ask this question often and you will get the answer.  It can help you stop giving away your energy and substance to others.




Some people can see or feel the electrical energy field around each person.  Everyone has an energy field around their body because we are electrical and frequency beings.

If one can see the energy field, energy vampires generally have little tentacles that extend from their bodies to the bodies of others, particularly those closest to them such as family members and “friends”.  They also may have little suction cups on the ends of the tentacles that literally suck energy from others.  This topic is illustrated in a book called Hands of Light and other books by Barbara Brennan and Joseph A. Smith.

Meanwhile vampire victims often have an energy field that is full of holes and often have a number of “tentacles” in the holes, sucking out their subtle energy.  These people are usually quite unhealthy.




Co-dependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional relationship in which the partners do not actually help each other grow in a spiritual direction.  While this is a vague definition, it will suffice here.  Vampirism fits into this definition, as it is the interaction between two or more people that does not serve the highest interest of either person.

Co-dependent relationships are often the result of trauma, and this is often the case with vampirism.  For details, read Co-dependent Relationships.




If you are to become free, you must let go of the vampires in your life.  This is not easy for many vampire victims.  The victim has been conditioned, in most cases, to give up energy to others.

When the vampirism stops, one feels somehow uneasy, lonely, uncomfortable or even guilty.  This causes many vampire victims to return to their captors or vampires.  For example, it is the reason why battered women may have trouble leaving their rotten husbands or poor-quality boyfriends.

For these people, living with a normal, happy, loving person seems odd or strange.  It can seem like the person does not love you.

Normal, healthy relationships may seem boring, or just “missing something”.  YES!  They are missing the drama and horror of vampirism.




Vampirism is generally less in America than in nations currently or formerly ruled by dictators, kings, queens, or military juntas.  The reason is that America’s founding documents stress the sovereignty of each individual and the right of each individual to the pursuit of happiness, provided one respects the rights of others.  This is the opposite of vampirism.

In economic terms, free markets and a capitalist society with individual rights, not group rights, is the way out of vampirism on a societal level.  Otherwise, society basically consists of one group or social class feeding off the others. 

Some people will not agree with this.  They believe that a capitalist or free market society is the worst vampire situation imaginable – a dog-eat-dog competitive economic system.  While capitalism and free markets are not perfect, they give people many more opportunities to build businesses and succeed.

The ‘capitalist vampires’ are actually much better than the totalitarian vampire of the socialist and communist nations.  In these places, a small group of elites make most political and economic decisions.  Opportunities are limited and vampirism is built into the system in the form of cronyism, corruption, lies and propaganda designed to keep the people subjugated.




The recent Chinese virus scare called covid-19 is a good example of a serious vampire situation.  It is supported by a corrupt medical profession and thoroughly corrupt politicians and other leaders who created and are taking advantage of the situation to vampirize their populations.  They are stealing people’s money, jobs, happiness, and more.




Touching and vampirism.  Any time two people touch, or there is any close physical contact, the energy exchanges we call energy vampirism can occur a little more easily.  Just beware of this fact. 

Examples of this are during a massage, during body work, while someone is instructing you in learning a sport, a dance or an exercise or yoga routine, or other such situations.

In fact, any time you “rub elbows” with others you become more easy prey for vampires, so be careful with any situation in which you are in close contact with others.


Sex and vampirism. Powerful energy exchanges occur between people during sexual encounters.  Even just spending time around those of the opposite sex can cause vampire-like energy exchanges, so powerful is this force.  Several types of vampirism are common with sex.


1. Basic energetic vampirism during sex.  This happens often during sex, and even more so during a rape.  One of the partners causes the energy centers of the other person to spin backwards.  When this occurs, the person always gives up some etheric energy to the other partner.  Some people who are very sensitive can feel this.  There are techniques for doing this that some men and women learn and do well, either consciously or unconsciously.


2. Sexual fluid vampirism.  Some women, usually, crave a substance found in the male seminal fluid.  This is not uncommon.  The fluid somehow nourishes her, giving her more energy and perhaps taking away feelings of depression, anxiety or loneliness.

If the situation is mild, it does not disrupt a man-woman sexual relationship or marriage too much.  The woman will want to have sex without a condom so she can absorb the man’s sexual fluid.

However, some women crave the fluid so much that they want to have sex every day or two, or even more often.  This weakens the man very much, and will shorten his life if he goes along, which many do, at least for a while.

The latter amounts to a type of vampirism that has little, if anything, to do with love or caring.  It is really just a way some  women “use” men to obtain some chemical substance.  The women do not even necessarily enjoy the sex, but merely want the sexual fluid.

The answer for this is that the men must not allow ejaculation more than once a week, and less as a man ages.  Women (or men) with sexual fluid craving must also limit sexual intercourse to once a week or less.  Also, those with the craving must eat more red meat such as lamb, beef or perhaps some wild game several times a week or even more for a while.  Often, those with the craving do not like red meat.  However, they seem to need some nutrient that is in red meats in order to overcome the sexual fluid craving

Rarely, a man will crave and be addicted to female sexual fluid, but this is less common. For more on this general topic, read Sexual Fluid Craving on this site.


3. Prostitution, abuse and use of another sexually for money and power.  Prostitutes may be victims, whose careers start with early childhood sexual abuse or rape as a young girl or teenager.  After the abuse, the person is somehow addicted to sex and wants more of it, for reasons she does not understand.

While some become prostitute victims, others turn the tables and use men for money or power.  They may marry rich men and then divorce them to obtain money, or they may overpower men in other ways using their sexual charms.  In fact, this is not uncommon.  While it may seem like the women are the victims of vampirism, it is not always so simple.  The men may be giving up money, power, prestige and sexual fluid to the woman.


4. Giving others sexually transmitted diseases, and harming another during sex by going too long, being too rough, or in some other way.  These are all ways that men and women can vampirize each other during sex and during rape.  For details, read Rape. 


5. Sexual distraction and use of sexual energy or sexual desire to sell products or services, or ideas.  Sexual images, scantily clad bodies, sexual innuendo or even sexual jokes are used to distract people and persuade people to buy everything from soap to cars.  This is a mild form of vampirism.


6. Personal sexual distraction.  Many women today enjoy wearing short shorts, or tight pants, sleeveless tops, tight blouses, see through clothing or mesh clothing because it distracts the boys and turns their heads.  This is a form of vampirism.

This type of dress is very unsafe for women because it angers some men who may then rape the woman.  Women need watch the tendency to want to extract a little “juice” from men by just walking around looking sexy.

Some women love to flirt – innocently, they think.  It just feels good, they say.  Stop it.  Also try to stop fantasizing when you see a handsome man.

If you are in a relationship with a man, or if you have an honest friend, ask that the person stop you if he or she notices you are flirting in any way, shape or form.  Flirting is never okay outside of your primary marriage or committed relationship and always tends to ruin it.

Other vampirish bahaviors include having long hair – yes – wearing makeup, and using sexually stimulating deodorants, soaps and lotions.  Also, avoid staring or even looking too much at men of any age for any reason whatsoever.

Men.  Some men know well how to look or stare at, speak with and behave with women walking down the street in such a way that the women lose a little energy.  They often flatter women, or they might make a nasty comment.  Some men are very good at upsetting women in this way.

Men need to stop their vampire activity, as well.  Avoid staring at women’s private parts or breasts.  Don’t fantasize about women, about touching them or having sex with them.  Learn to watch your mind and catch yourself when you do this, which is somewhat natural for men.  If you are in a relationship with a woman, ask her to stop you if you are doing it.  Women are often very aware when a partner has taken his attention off of her and on to other women.

Same-sex vampires.  Women can vampirize other women, and men can vampirize other men.  Women do it often to other women with their stares, comments, social media posts, and more.


In all of these cases, one person gains energy and the other gives up some energy, which is why it is a vampire-like exchange of energy.  Please beware of this problem.  If a couple is aware of it, they may be able to change it.  However, if it remains a mystery, hidden or secret, it can often lead to depression, illness, fighting about sex, sexual affairs, divorce and even death of the  partner who is being used in a vampire-like way.

Both men and women should notice if they feel very drained after sex, for example, or just after being around certain people of the opposite sex.  Some depletion is normal after ordinary sex, especially for men.  But if it is extreme, a problem of this nature may be occurring.

Take care to strictly avoid people or places that induce fear, that cause stray sexual feelings, or other unhealthy things.  This is sometimes difficult to do, because you may be completely unaware when a problem exists.  With some reflection and a development program, however, most people begin to feel when they are afraid, sexually excited in an unhealthy way, upset, angry or otherwise out of balance.  You must protect yourself as you would protect a newborn baby!   




Some readers will realize they are acting as vampires, and will want to change.  To do this sometimes takes some work.  An important step is to follow a complete development program.  This can undo traumas that often lead to vampirism.  The program can also restore your natural energy and improve mental clarity, both of which are often necessary to give up vampirism. 

Vampires may also need to spend time alone in order to develop their own center and to be able to tune into their own energy instead of taking that of others.  However, they don’t usually like this one bit.  So force yourself to spend time by yourself and doing things by yourself.

Be sure to do the pulling down mental exercise each and every day.  This will help open the seventh energy center so that you can receive enough subtle energy by yourself so you won’t need to steal it from others. 

It will also help you realize that you really don’t want others’ energy, as it is not pure at all.

Also, make a habit of catching yourself each time you find yourself saying or doing things that you have realized are designed to upset another, “get a rise out of someone”, or otherwise vampirize others in some way. 

This will be a slow process of gaining self-awareness of how, when, and why you act the way you do.  Doing the pulling down exercise and taking time alone are essential for this process to build and develop.  Do not be upset when you notice behaviors and attitudes that are not very healthy or loving in yourself.  Just observe them and let them all go.

The development program will help you let go of very deep levels of imbalance in the body and mind.  Other healing methods and programs, do not do this as well.

Practice love for all beings.  This is complex, as it does not mean to allow others to take advantage of you.  This is about learning to radiate your own love, rather than to seek to gain something, absorb energy, use others or beat others, or overcome them in subtle ways.

Also, as with all problems in life, pray daily for guidance and help.


Visualization during sex.  To get rid of a vampire habit during sex, always visualize energy moving downward between you and your partner.  Never visualize moving energy up the front of your partner’s body, as this is backwards and a cause for vampire-like energy exchange.  You may visualize it moving up the partner’s back, but always down the front of both bodies.




            Some people say they are happy being vampires.  We recently had a client report this.  She told us she has a very dim view of humanity and feels people are stupid fools.  So she takes advantage of them.

She has honed her vampire skills and practices her “evil stare” daily in front of a mirror to perfect it.  She says she is a more powerful and confident person if she cuts her hair very short, although she loves her hair, as do most women.

She knows that long hair makes a woman more of a victim because rapists often grab a woman’s hair to control her and prevent her from running away.  So she cuts her hair short and feels safer and more powerful.

She also told us that wearing thick lipstick and eating bread and one brand of tunafish helps her vampirize better.  We are not sure why, although the high mercury content of the tunafish may cloud her mind and help her to keep harming others.




At times, one may be able to tolerate some vampirism if other aspects of a relationship are working.  For example, it may be worth staying at a job for a while, even if you have a vampirish boss, if one wishes to learn a particular skill.

Another example is that one may choose to stay in school in order to obtain a degree even if conditions are not ideal.  However, do this only short-term to get what you need from the situation.  It is always best to get away from vampires.



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