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Definition.  Sexual fluid craving is a condition in which a person has feelings of depression, fatigue and even despair that are relieved when they absorb some sexual fluid, usually male sexual fluid.

The condition is most common among women.  It affects thousands of young women, as well as some young men.

The cause appears to be a nutritional deficiency.  Sexual fluid then becomes essentially a “food supplement” that some need.

Not all fluid is equally satisfying.  Most with this condition prefer the fluid of some men more than others.  The fluid they like best feels hotter and thicker.  They get less of a zing or high if the fluid feels cooler and/or thinner.

No Libido.  Many with sexual fluid craving report that they have little desire for sex.  They want the sexual fluid, and not other aspects of a sexual encounter.

Rarely discussed.  I have seen very little written about this condition, even though it is quite common.  For example, few counselors or doctors seem to know about it or understand it well.  This article discusses effects, causes and corrective measures you can take for sexual fluid craving.




1. Disease (STDs) if a woman becomes promiscuous or goes outside her committed relationship for more sex.

This spreads through the entire society as infected people use public and hotel pools, hot tubs and other places that diseases spread.

2. Depletion of health.  This is due to having a lot of sex with orgasms.  It  is also due to #1 above, and to iron toxicity (#6 below).

3. Addiction, and all the negative traits that go with it.  Addictions often cause people to lie, cheat, and steal.  If left unchecked, the addiction can ruin relationships and families.

4. Relationship disasters. There are often fights over how much sex to have, and a woman may have an affair to get more fluid.  Addiction is always hard on relationships.

5. Hooking up and possibly marrying an incompatible mate.  This is quite common.  The person only appears compatible because they offer sexual fluid.

6. More unwanted babies and abortions.  To obtain sexual fluid, some women insist upon unprotected sex.  This causes more unwanted pregnancies.

7. Iron poisoning.  This seems to go with the sexual fluid craving.

8. Greater risk of rape and death for women who are not careful enough about with whom they have sexual relations.

9. Vampirism.  Sexual fluid craving can turn nice women into selfish vampires.  They may “steal” seminal fluid any way they can, with no regard for their own dignity, or for the well-being of anyone else.  A separate article discusses Energetic Vampirism.

10. Dangers for men.  Single men can be fooled into thinking a woman is in love with him, when, in fact, she just wants his sexual fluid.  Married men become depleted trying to keep up with their partner’s desire for fluid.  Both single and married men will tend to contract more sexual diseases, as well.

11. Ruining teen chastity and morals.  Fluid craving causes thousands of junior high and high school girls to have a boyfriend and to “play house”.  This is a euphemism for having frequent sex together, at times without a condom so they can get the fluid they want.

To prevent pregnancies without condoms, the young women are often on birth control pills or patches, which are horrible for their health.  This is the fluid craving lifestyle.

12. Degrading an entire society.  On a larger scale, making women more sexually aggressive, more selfish, more sexually aggressive, less caring about their partners, and more infected has a very damaging effect on the entire society.

This may help explain why those who wish to destroy a society often rape women and even the men, as it is an effective and fast way to cause sexual fluid craving.  This, in turn, disrupts marriages, corrupts the young, encourages abortions, and leads to more lying and cheating on one’s mate.




The causes can be a combination of the following:


1. Nutritional depletion. Malnutrition is very widespread today, even among people who eat what they believe is a very healthful diet.  The sexual fluid provides needed nutrients, and this is the reason it provides a zing. 

In most instances, malnutrition begins before birth because most mothers are malnourished.  Things get worse from there due to a depleted food supply, junk food diets, and the use of vaccines and medical drugs.

Vegetarians seem very prone to sexual fluid craving because these are always deficient diets.  Click here to read more about the scientific effects of vegetarian diets.


2. An after-effect of a rape or even just too much sex. These can deplete a lot of sexual fluid, which is a nutritional disaster.  It worsens malnutrition, and that is the basic problem.  The effects of rape are discussed in depth in the articles entitled Rape and Healing Rape on this website.


3. Subtle chiropractic misalignments in the low back.  A spinal misalignment may irritate the genital area, or may interfere with the flow of nutrients to the pelvic area, contributing to sexual fluid craving.

A problem is that some chiropractors and osteopaths are not good enough to resolve the problem.  If you have not had good luck with chiropractors and osteopaths, an alternative method is to do the spinal twist I suggest every single day.  By gently stretching the low back, you may be able to release it.  To learn how to do this simple procedure, read How To Help Adjust Your Spine on this website.


4. A possible entity attachment situation.  When a woman experiences rape, for example, discarnate souls become attached to the body.  They can irritate the vaginal area or do other things that cause or contribute to sexual fluid craving.  For more on this topic, read Entity Attachment And Release.


5. Adrenal burnout.  The adrenal glands secrete cortisol and cortisone.  These powerful hormones can give a person a natural ‘high’.  They are “feel-good hormones”.  When the adrenal glands are depleted or weak, one does not have this natural ‘high’.

This can result in feelings of depression, despair, anxiety, feeling lonely, and perhaps other negative feelings.

One may also become attracted to substances that can provide a high or “buzz”.  One of these substances appears to be male sexual fluid - and to a lesser degree, female sexual fluids, as well.  For more on this topic, read Adrenal Burnout on this website.


6. An unusual viral infection.  This may be both a cause and an effect of sexual fluid craving.  Malnutrition may give rise to a viral infection in the brain that seems to be able to change a person’s attitude and behavior, in some cases.  People with this craving tend to become more selfish, for example, and even nasty and cruel. 

This is a hidden factor, but an important one to know about if you want to overcome sexual fluid craving.  The women become extremely angry, selfish and uncaring about their bodies, their spouses and boyfriends, and their morals.  It is an unusual effect that surprises many men and women.

Fortunately, this infection or effect on the brain and personality goes away as one renourishes and balances the body using nutritional balancing science only.




Eating a little red meat every day, particularly fatty beef such as ground chuck meat, seems to be helpful.  A complete nutritional balancing program is also excellent. 


Christian thinking.  Christian young women who do not want to have sex before marriage are still affected by sexual fluid craving.  However, they seem to be able to put up with the condition without too much trouble, in many cases.  Becoming Christian seems to help with the feelings of depression and fatigue that give rise to the craving.


Nutritional balancing is discussed in several articles on this website such as Introduction To Nutritional Balancing and others.




            1. To be most effective, the nutritional balancing program needs to be followed in its entirety – but especially the diet.  VERY IMPORTANT IS TO AVOID ALL FRUIT.  Fruit seems to make the condition worse.


2. Red meat daily or at least several times per week is absolutely necessary for correction.  Beef seems best, but lamb or wild game are also okay.  Do not eat buffalo or bison.

Eat it even if you don’t like it, which is common in those with sexual fluid craving.  If it feels heavy in your stomach, eat it alone, start with a small amount, and take several tablets of digestive enzymes with it.


3. Kelp, which supplies iodine and many other minerals, is very helpful.  It must be taken in a dosage of about 3800 mg or more daily.  Some kelp brands are better than others.  These are listed in the article entitled Kelp.  Another sea vegetable from Japan called hijiki is also good, and can be used, too.  However, it is higher in mercury and lower in alginates than kelp, so kelp is preferable.


4. Lifestyle.  Less sex is best.  Engaging in regular sex weakens one further and makes the problem worse.  Less sex can feel like “drug witdrawal” that is hard at first, but gets easier as health returns.


2. Avoid all things yin, including foods, supplements and yin thinking.  Yin items include eating sugar, fruit, salads, juices, and distilled, reverse osmosis or alkaline drinking waters.  It also includes all vegetarian and raw food diets.  See the article entitled Yin Disease for a full discussion of yin.

3. Truth. One must realize sexual fluid craving is a disorder, not just a craving for a good time, or a “healthy addiction” to sex.

One must learn to think clearly and logically, and must uphold high ethical standards.  This may sound a bit unusual, but one effect of the virus involved in this condition is that it can make one more selfish or self-centered, and this makes the condition worse. 


4. FOR WOMEN: Do not ask your husbands to have sex daily or too often.  This just wears out the men’s bodies and strains your relationship badly.  Male sexual fluid is very special.  Men need to retain it, not spill it a lot.  


Random vitamins and minerals, or other holistic healing methods. Just taking supplements of zinc, selenium, B-complex vitamins or other nutrients does not seem to work very well.  I have heard that taking a lot of zinc may help, but the amount needed upsets the stomach in most cases, so this is not a good option for most people.

Also, clients report that common natural therapies such as chelation, special drinking water, special supplements, antioxidants, bio-identical hormone therapy, herbal therapies and others do not work well at all, and can make the problem worse!






Women with fluid craving tend to develop a mild iron toxicity.  It is not severe, and thus it is usually not revealed on blood tests, for example. 

Iron toxicity may help explain why:

1. The women become more selfish and even aggressive sexually.  Iron settles in the amygdala and can have these effects.

2. Loss of desire for red meat, (which is high in iron).  Unfortunately, avoiding red meat makes the condition worse.

3. An unusual brain infection.  High iron supports excessive growth of some bacteria and viruses.

Excessive iron in some forms in the body may also drive down copper and zinc, and this may have something to do with characteristics of this condition as well.  To read more about subtle iron toxicity, see the article entitled Acquired Iron Toxicity.




A worsening over time is the hallmark of all addictions.  This situation is no exception.  Addictions always cause a “high” that later becomes a “low” so another fix is needed.

Addictions also are situations in which a person feels out of control, and the substance or behavior begins to control them.  The craving for sexual fluid can have this quality.  It can cause several vicious cycles, as do all addictions:


Vicious cycle #1. The craving causes a person to have more sex.  Having more sex depletes the person nutritionally even more.  This causes more feelings of depression and anxiety.  This, in turn, further increases the need for sexual fluid, and the cycle begins all over again.

Vicious cycle #2. Some of those with sexual fluid craving report that they lose their taste for red meat.  Eating less red meat reduces one’s intake of zinc and other vital nutrients.  This, in turn, can worsen the fluid craving and the cycle continues.

Vicious cycle #3.  Sexual fluid craving causes a woman, for example, to insist upon more sex with her husband or partner.  Over time, however, the partner begins to “burn out” nutritionally due to having too much sex.  As a result, his semen is “cooler” and “thinner”, and provides less of a boost or zing for the women.  As a result, she wants even more sex, and the vicious cycle continues.




Many people with sexual fluid craving have yin disease.  This is a constellation of symptoms that occur as the body becomes more yin in macrobiotic terminology.  It is a physics quality of the body.  For details about it, read Yin Disease on this site.




Sex fluid craving affects some, and perhaps many same-sex couples.  In fact, sexual fluid craving can help one understand some homosexual behaviors as attempts to obtain more sexual fluid. 

These may include smearing the fluid on one’s body or the body of one’s partner or mate.  One can absorb the fluid through the skin, in the anus, in the mouth, swallowing it, and a very effective way is to rub it in one’s eyes and ears, and on other delicate parts of the body.

Craving for female sexual fluid.  While less common, some men and women crave female sexual fluids.  This has a cooler quality and is more yin in nature. 

Sadly, it can cause some women to go after and to rape usually younger and more virgin girls and women to obtain their sexual fluids.  This phenomenon is discussed in the articles entitled Rape and Healing Rape mentioned above.



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