by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Definition.  This article concerns the blending of male and female energies through visualization only for healing purposes.

It does not involve touching at all, and is perfectly safe and wholesome in every way.  It can even work well between an adult and a child, usually between a parent and his or her child of the opposite sex.

We include it because it is a powerful healing method that can save a life, even if this seems unusual.

Male-female blending of this type does not require a deep relationship.  It works between any male and female bodies.  Exactly how it works if little mysterious, but it does work.




Both participants lie down comfortably on their backs, preferably in the same room.  However, they need not be in the same location.  It will work long distance, though usually not as well as if the man and woman are close to each other.

Each then visualizes lining up or superimposing their bodies together – left arm to left arm, left leg to left leg, head to head, feet to feet.  This may take some practice.  If the partners are a parent or adult and a small child, do your best to imagine the other person the same height and weight as you are.

Many people will feel when they have lined up their body with that of the other person, though not necessarily.  The idea is to line up all parts of the body – hands, feet, face, head, arms, etc. - with those of the other person in your mind, and maintain this focus for at least an hour, ideally.  This is how to obtain the most benefit from this simple exercise.

Once you have lined up the bodies, the next step, if you wish, is to visualize moving energy in one direction only - down the bodies from head to toes.  Just keep moving energy downward in this way.  This is all there is to the basic exercise.

This exercise or blending process is quite easy and can occur spontaneously, in fact, in some couples and between a parent and a child of the opposite sex, for example.  The reason to discuss it is so that more couples, and children, too, will consciously work with it to improve their health.  The results can be quite amazing and safe.




A more advanced and more powerful version of the same exercise is to visualize your partner facing you, lying on top of you.  If the partners are a parent and a small child, do your best to visualize the bodies the same size.  Then move energy down the fronts of the bodies, from the head to the feet, in a fine line between the bodies.  The partners help each other to do this by using their minds to do the same thing at the same time with each other.  This is the power of the exercise.


EXERCISE #3 – THE HOOKUP.  Follow the same procedure as in exercise #2 above.  However, visualize the penis inside the vagina.  This seems to make the exercise even more powerful. 

Any one can do this with anyone else, even someone else of the same gender.  Just visualize that you have the opposite sex organs of the person you wish to blend with, and bring the bodies together in your mind.


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