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Soul attachment and release is a topic that is not discussed much.  Yet it is real.  It is included on this website because it definitely affects some people’s health and well-being.  Soul attachment occurs when the soul of one person who has usually passed on or died, finds its way inside the body of another living person.

I realize that this phenomenon scares many people.  However, it can be helpful to learn about things that seem frightening or strange.  This is the purpose of this short article.

Many books and articles have been written about this subject.  A Google search of entity attachment or, as it is sometimes falsely called soul possession, yielded over 2 million results.

Scientific as well as popular books have been written about this phenomenon.  One that I highly recommend is called The Unquiet Dead by Dr. Edith Fiore.  It may be out of print, but may be available at used book stores.  Other books on the subject include Spirit Releasement Therapy and Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body by William J. Baldwin, Ph.D., Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala Modi, M.D., and Remote Depossession by Irene Hickman, D.O.

Here is a brief understanding of this unusual phenomenon as I understand it.




Discarnate souls can attach to a person for the following reasons:


1. Confused entities after death due to a quick accident or fast-moving illness.  In these cases, the discarnate soul attaches because it does not realize fully that the body it inhabited has died, because it happened suddenly, and the soul is basically confused.

2. Nasty entities.  These are discarnate souls that cause problems for people, for various reasons.  Often the discarnate soul was abused while its body lived, and it is angry, upset, resentful and wants to cause damage to others. 

Such entites are common, in fact, and can cause one to have an accident, be promiscuous, perhaps, steal, lie, cheat and even commit murder.  They can also cause your death by distracting you while you are driving, or in some other way, but usually by causing you to be careless.  This is why always being very careful when driving or doing anything dangerous is imperative.  You never know when “forces” are present that want to hurt you for some reason.

3. Females.  These are very special nasty entities that are here to defend children, interestingly, and they influence women to have children.  Unfortunately, they do it by making women more sensual, more sexy, and more provocative and “dirty”, one might say.  These are called female entities because they cause women to become “females”, or very attractive to men to have children with, have sex with, rape, and even murder, on occasion.  This is why they are dangerous.

4. Supportive or crutch entities.  These are discarnate souls that “move in” when a person’s body or mind are weak.  A crutch entity “fills a hole”, so to speak, and in some way supports the body.  It may act like the Amigos – Manganese, Iron and Aluminum and other minerals to support adrenal glandular activity.

During a nutritional balancing program, the program improves adrenal activity drastically in many cases.  As a result, a crutch entity will be no longer needed and will leave of its own accord. 

A second way crutch entities support the body is to prevent the entrance or attachment of nasty entities.  A third way is to move a soul in the right direction toward health and happiness when a person’s main soul, also called its coordinator soul, is damaged.

5. Mischievous entities. These are generally what may be called immature discarnate souls that float around and may attach themselves to attractive young men and women, for example, so they can experience sex vicariously, or just take a shower with a pretty lady, for example.

6. Aberrant, brainwashed and very damaged souls that attach after any rape or other trauma, or possibly during an illness.  When a body weakens for any reason, some entities can attach to the body more easily.  They are sexy and nasty.

When a woman experiences rape, for example, she always loses some of her souls and picks up thousands of harmful, nasty souls from the rapist.  These are just one type of poison a woman picks up during a rape. 

Another example are rapes of babies and children, which are common throughout the world.  This is not well-known, but the children are teleported out of their bedrooms during the night and molested or raped by what we call the Rogues.

Soul loss and replacement with bad souls is a major goal of many rapes.  For more details, read Rape.

7. Drug and alcohol-related entites.  Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, or stoned state of mind.  This can also occur with the use of some medical drugs such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.  This is a serious problem for those who need drugs for pain, for example.  It also makes places like bars and cocktail lounges quite dangerous for anyone to be in, as some entities hang around them, hoping to find someone to attach to.

8. Entities can enter easily if your thinking is deranged. Thoughts of weakness, fear, depression, frustration, hostility, resentment, victimhood, rage, anger and other negative emotional states can open a person up to entity attachment.  The reason is probably that the person is off balance, and these emotions weaken the body and mind. 

Entity attachment is far greater among secular-minded people for this reason, and among those of liberal and left-wing persuasion than they are among more religious people of any religion.

In fact, preventing entity attachment is one of the goals of all religions, along with helping people remove harmful entities.  This is discussed in the Bible and in many holy books of other religions, as well.  Even if the religious teachings are not all correct, having a religious attitude seems to help prevent entity attachment in some way.  Perhaps it relieves anxiety and helps control negative emotions in many people.

9. Entities that come in when a baby is born.  Unfortunately, newborn babies are vulnerable to entity attachment.  It could even happen before birth, but it definitely happens at and right after birth.

Most of these entities are placeholder, crutch or another type of beneficial entity today, but not always.  Having your baby at home, if possible, prevents some of this, but not all. 

Loving parents act as a protective shield to keep some entities away from babies and children.  This is one reason many babies like to sleep in the same room, or even the same bed as a parent.  It is also a reason to always watch your children carefully, and never let them out of your sight.  Also be very careful with whom you leave your children such as babysitters, day care centers, schools, etc.

10. Sexually related entities.  Some entities love being inside a woman’s vagina, or perhaps inside a man.  When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common.  It almost goes with the territory.

This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached.  It is very easy for entities to attach during and after sexual intercourse.  For one thing, the person is vulnerable.  For another, ordinary sex always depletes the body to a degree, and this greatly favors entity attachment.  Down sex is fine, however.  It does not deplete the body and does not open a person to entity attachment.  In fact, it is protective against entity attachment.

11. Stress entities that come in when one is ill, malnourished or hungry, dehydrated, angry, resentful or depressed. Whenever the body is out of balance, it is far easier for certain entities to attach themselves to that body.  This is an important reason to always keep yourself well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested and relaxed as much as possible.

Many people, for example, go on a vacation to relax.  However, the trip is stressful, the food is not as good as home-cooked, one drinks some alcohol, perhaps, and stays up late because one does not have to go to work the next day, and perhaps has more sex than usual.  The result is entity attachment, that can remain for years.

12. Meatless-related entities.  This will sound odd, but eating meat blocks the entrance or attachment of some types of entities.  One may call these vegetarian entities.  In other words, if one does not eat red meat, in particular, certain entities find it easy to enter the head area, in particular.  This occurs with many vegetarians, who find themselves less able to think clearly, for example.

This is an important reason to eat red meat twice weekly, and it is another danger of vegetarian diets.  Eating eggs, cheese, milk, or yogurt will not help.  One must eat meat, particularly red meats such as lamb. It is part of the special reasons why lamb is used in Jewish and some Christian and other religious feasts and ceremonies.  It is a method of exorcism or entity release.




Š           The temperament of the host soul. Some people handle entity possession far better than others.  This has to do with one’s state of health, one’s maturity level, the balance of the personality and other subtle factors.  In one case, it might not cause much of an effect, while in someone else it can cause frank schizophrenic tendencies, intense confusion or anger, or other symptoms.

Š           The temperament and personality of the invading soul. Attachment of a fairly benign and advanced soul may cause few problems, and as explained in the section above, the experience can be positive one.  However, if the invading soul is infantile, very angry or very mischievous, then the problems it can cause are far more severe.

Š           The age of a person at the time of attachment. If it occurs at a very young age, it usually causes more havoc than when it occurs in an adult, for instance, although this is not necessary the case.

Š           The age of death of the invading soul’s body, or state of maturity of the invading soul. The invading soul may have died as a child, and this will cause often infantile effects in the host soul.  If, however, the invading soul was old at the time it entered the host soul, the host may develop symptoms of aging at a very young age such as blurred vision, aches and pains, etc.  In other words, the ailments and thinking of the invading soul matter a lot. 

Š           Degree of possession. Attachment by an entity can be very mild or peripheral, or it can be very intense.  This has to do with various factors such as where the invading soul is, the time of attachment, the strength or power of the invading soul, and the strength and health of the host soul, among other factors.
            For example, if the host is weak, yin or ill, it is far easier for an invading soul to take a firm hold and be difficult to remove.  If a host uses drugs, even marijuana, it is far easier for an invading soul to take hold and the hold is deeper and harder to eliminate. 

Š           Sex of the invading entity. This can cause odd effects of all kinds.  The invading entity may be interested in those of the same or the opposite sex, and may exert a strong influence on the person.
            The only way to find the truth is to have an entity clearing so that the living host can end any confusion due to invading entities.  This is often difficult because the host may be weak and there can be a slew of entities to remove.  Nutritional balancing is most helpful here, to strengthen the host.  Indeed, occasionally a person changes their sexual preference on a nutritional balancing program, and this is one reason for it.




These are many.  I will just outline a few of the major types of effects:


Addictions. This is a very important effect of soul possession or entity attachment, (a better word for it).  The invading soul usually wants more power over the host soul.  If the invading soul can convince the host soul to drink alcohol or use psychoactive drugs, including marijuana, the invading soul will have an easier time controlling the host’s body and mind.  Anyone who thinks that marijuana is benign please re-read the sentence above.

The invading soul usually does not care if the host’s body or mind are destroyed by the drugs, alcohol, cannabis or perhaps other items that alter the mind, including even eating too much sugar, junk food or using a lot of caffeine.  The invading entity only cares that these things weaken the host so the invading entity has more power over you.


Confusion. This is another primary effect of soul attachment of any kind.  For example, after such an entity attaches to oneself, one may start having thoughts that seem very foreign.  One may even believe one is hearing unusual voices, feeling unusual feelings, or struggling in some way that is very odd.  A man may start feeling like he is female, an adult may start feeling like a child, and so on.  All types of confusion can arise, as explained in the next few paragraphs.


Physical symptoms.  An invading soul carries memories of illnesses and is often damaged itself.  Therefore, one may suddenly develop aches and pains that are unusual and cannot be traced to any kind of simple cause.  Obesity, for example, is one type of problem that is often, though certainly not always associated with soul attachment.  If this is the cause, the symptoms usually vanish rapidly with depossession, also called exorcism or entity removal.


Mental and emotional symptoms and psychosis.  Entity attachment can result in any mental ailment or psychosis.  One may wonder why someone would murder innocent children at a school, for example.  The answer is often toxic metals in the brain, and in most cases the use of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac and the others.

However, the mechanism may be that toxic metals, a junk food diet, and especially medical drug use by teens and young adults can open a person to entity attachment by weakening the body and mind.

Indeed, this is one of the worst features of so-called modern or conventional allopathic medicare.  Nutrition and healthy living habits are hardly mentioned, and meanwhile poisonous drugs are doled out with impunity to babies, children and adults that weaken the body and mind.  This is a sure prescription for entity attachment.

Other common symptoms include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other ailments.  Rarely, one may have violent or even suicidal thoughts if the entity or soul who enters the body harbors these thoughts or perhaps wants to harm you.

It is possible, though not likely, that an invading soul will attempt to kill its host.  Usually, the invading soul enjoys being inside another person, so it does not wish harm to the person, but anything is possible. 

One way that nutritional balancing helps heal mental illness such as suicidal thoughts, violence and more may be by improving the vitality of the body and mind of a person so that an invading entity is forced to leave.  When this happens, one’s physical or mental illness can vanish literally overnight. 

The lack of attention and interest in the concept and operational methods of enhancing a person’s vitality or adaptive energy level in the conventional and even holistic medical communities is another of their weaknesses and a cause for exploding health care costs.  More on this subject is found in the article entitled Vitality And How To Increase It on this website.


Sexual problems. These are common with entity attachment.  It is usually due to entities that have been tortured and brainwashed.


In fact, this is a common way in which children are traumatized sexually.  For example, children often hate their parents when they are just touched inappropriately.  This simple misstep on the part of a parent or sibling can cause entity attachment.

Just seeing Mom or Dad naked in bed, for example, or having sex with each other can cause entity attachment.

A formerly sexually innocent child all of a sudden is much more interested in sex, becoming promiscuous or wanting to masturbate a lot, for example.  All the child can do is trace it back to the “incident”, which now feels like a rape because it changed one’s life.  In fact, it was just an incident that caused a mischievous entity to attach to the child, and the entity is causing the sexual problem.

Other identity and relationship problems.  Another type of confusion that arises involves one’s identity and relationships with others.  One may find oneself strangely attracted to people one was formerly not interested in.  Also, one may find oneself avoiding some people whom one was formerly quite interested in, for example.  Identity confusion can extend to one’s interests and hobbies, interest in work or family, or other aspects of a person’s identity.  The reason is that one’s identity becomes confused with the identity of the invading entity.

For example, a person who experiences entity attachment may find himself or herself with new interests and hobbies, while established hobbies, activities and routines may now seem unusual and less comfortable.  This is extremely odd to the person, and often even more so to one’s family and friends.  A person who hated cigarette smoke or marijuana may suddenly start smoking, for example, or a person who avoided bars and the social scene now wants to spend time in bars and lounges.  It can damage relationships terribly, and often counselors and psychologists are at a complete loss to explain it.

Cult behavior.  Entity attachment can also explain why someone goes to a cult meeting, for example, or is raped, and suddenly wants to join the cult and no one can talk the person out of it, even though the person was formerly very rational.

Perhaps an entity attached that likes the cult with its sex, drugs or hatred of foreigners, or whatever.  Or perhaps going to a meeting is enough, in some cases, for a person to be attacked and invaded by entities that the cult members share in some way.

This is an important reason to avoid suspicious people, harmful events like loud rock concerts, drug-laden parties, and even many spiritual groups that engage in events and behaviors that “wear you down” in some way, or preach vegetarian or other deficient diets, or have people perform sex together, or in any way weaken people even in the name of God or country or anything else.



Entity removal, also called de-possession or exorcism, is the removal of damaging entities or souls from the body.  It is not always an easy process.  The methods include:

Christian or biblical methods. The Hebrew and Christian bibles contain several passages describing entity attachment.  One of the main types of miracles that were performed by Jesus, and later by his disciples, was the removal of “demons and devils” from people.

Christians are among the most successful with de-possession.  Often one can watch this phenomenon on Christian television.  A person walks up onto the stage with a stiff neck or a limp.  The priest or preacher says certain prayers and perhaps others hold the person.  All of a sudden, the person collapses in the pastor’s arms and when he awakens in a few seconds or more, the symptom is better or even all gone.

Jesus of Nazareth spoke often about “possession” by devils and demons.  He appears to have understood this phenomenon better than almost anyone else among mankind’s teachers. 

He recommended private prayer, prayer groups or prayer circles, fasting, cleansing the body with healthful diets, and even the use of enemas and other simple means to cause entity release.  Other sections of this article may help to explain why these methods work.

Fasting.  Although recommended in the Bible, at this time in history, we do not do fasting for entity removal.  Today, fasts make people’s already nutrient-deficient bodies much more deficient and the results are not good!

Psychotherapy.  Some talented psychologists can help remove extra souls and hidden souls by talking to them directly.  This may sound unusual, and it is.  However, it is an ability that some people seem to have.

Hypnosis.  Once in a while, a talented hypnotist can gain access to the hidden invading soul through a hypnotic trance.  Then the hypnotist talks with the invading soul and convinces it to leave.  Often the invading soul is not given much of a choice because the hypnotist promises to tell the host soul what to do if the invading soul refuses to leave.  Many are happy to leave and were just waiting for someone to help them.  Some, however, are reluctant because they are enjoying the ride too much, or may even have a protective role and are needed, even if the hypnotist does not understand this.

The use of pendulums, muscle testing or kinesiology, or electronic machines.  These are sometimes highly successful, but often not so.  They work by a variety of methods.  For example, one can send frequencies into a person’s body that an invading soul finds distasteful and the invader will then leave.

Love.  Interestingly, loving a person enough can cause an invading entity to leave.  This is a secret of some doctors’ and counselors “bedside manner”, perhaps.  The entity finds that things are getting too ‘hot’ or uncomfortable, and just leaves. 

At times, a doctor, counselor or nurse takes on the entity and saves the life of a weaker person who could not shake off the harmful entity in this way.  This is why one must never mock or underestimate the effect of human love, parents love for a child, for example, brotherly love or love between spouses or even among strangers. 

Love is a most powerful force when harnessed and understood well.  Other articles on this website such as Love, And How To Discern It, discuss this all-important subject.

Shamanism. This is an older science of soul recovery and soul retrieval used by the native Americans and most other indigenous tribes around the world.   Most of them were and are aware of soul possession and have evolved techniques to remove entities.  It can be a specialty area of some shamans and medicine men. 

They may use herbs, rituals, talking therapy, sounds, chants and other methods to extract invading souls.  This is not a Western method and should usually be avoided because they can be dangerous if not done well. 

For example, an invading soul could be made very angry and take action to harm the host soul.  Please be very careful with shamans, many of whom are not well trained enough and some of whom are charlatans who easily take advantage financially and otherwise of gullible Westerners.

Electrical or other types of machines and devices.  This is another dangerous area.  While electrical gadgets and machines can, in fact, cause de-possession, they are usually unreliable.  Please be careful with anyone who claims to use electrical devices for de-possession.

Development. This is discussed in the section below.  It is notable because it is the only permanent method of de-possession.

Other. I once went to a well-respected acupuncturist in Phoenix and when I left, I noticed I did not feel right.  I happened to go for a swim in a pool later that day, and when I got in the water, I distinctly felt something leave my body.  When I left the pool I noticed I was feeling better.  Most likely I had an accidental de-possession.

I ignored the episode and about two weeks later returned to the acupuncturist.  This doctor worked on several people at a time and did not wash his hands between patients.  When I came home, again I did not feel good.  I recalled the earlier incident, and decided to take a swim again.  Once again, when I entered the pool, I distinctly felt something leave the body and when I emerged from the pool felt much better.

This may have been a de-possession.  Water has traditionally been used for this purpose.  The entity is attracted to the water for some reason.  I wonder if baptism may have once involved de-possession or clearing of entities.


Although one may clear a discarnate with any of the methods above, the invading soul may return or another one invades.  As a result, the host person reverts to their previous health condition or habit such as drug use or something else.  This is a terrible problem on earth.

Factors that seem to contribute to reattachment.  These include poor health, fatigue, illnesses, depression or a yin condition of the body in Chinese medical terminology.  Another factor is a lack of grounding and centering.  People who are sick or yin, have too much ordinary sex or use drugs “invite” invading souls into their lives.

Other risk factors for repossession include the same ones as those listed above, such as spending time in hospitals, bars, brothels, or cemeteries.


Nutritional balancing practitioners occasionally observe radical changes in a client in a short time that cannot be explained as nutritional effects alone. 

For example, a long-standing problem may suddenly disappear overnight, and remain gone forever after.  This might be due to clearing out a nutritional deficiency or a toxic metal.  However, it is also possible that somehow the diet and nutrients caused the release of an entity.  Nutritional balancing encourages de-possession very powerfully by several means:

1. Strengthening the host body. The invading soul usually has a much harder time remaining in the healthier host body.

2. Balancing the oxidation rate. This definitely empowers the host, which diminishes the power and control of the invading soul.  This occurs most likely because balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios at a cellular level clear many toxic metals, infections, and other things that weaken the host.  Also, it enhances adaptive energy or vitality of the host person. 

3. Making the body more yang.  Yin and yang are Chinese words meaning cold and hot, expanded and contracted.  They are physics qualities of bodies and of other things. 

Most people’s bodies are very yin today for many reasons including their diets, lifestyles, radiation toxicity, and the presence of toxic metals and chemicals in the environment.  Nutritional balancing is excellent to help make the bodies much more yang.  This makes it much more difficult for invading entities to gain access and remain in one’s body.  For details, read Yin and Yang Healing.

4. Enhancing mental functioning.  This also helps greatly to keep some invading entities out of the body.

5. The procedures used in nutritional balancing all favor the host and help get rid of invading souls.

6. Development. As the host soul develops, which occurs if a person stays with a nutritional balancing program for a few years, in most cases, invading souls simply cannot hold on, and are forced to leave.
            This is a slower way to remove discarnates.  However, it is permanent as long as one remains healthy, and this is a great benefit.

This is an important advantage of nutritional balancing programs offered through this website compared to many other methods of healing such as drugs, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and others.  For details, read Introduction To Development.


            Chiropractic can be helpful, but only if it is done well.  Yoga is harmful because twisting the body into postures and holding them can open the body to entity attachment.  The Spinal Twists we suggest are not held and do not have this effect.



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