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I. Trances Used In The Development Program

II. Trances Used By Others That We Usually Do Not Recommend

III. Definitely Dangerous “Therapeutic” Trances



Two trance states are included in the Accelerator Procedures of the development program. The accelerators are extra procedures that can speed up healing and development. The two trance states below are included because they are extremely safe, can be done at home without special training, and they are very helpful.

How the development trances work. I am told that during these trances, some of the director souls leave the body and other souls enter who are very skilled at certain types of healing. They take over the consciousness to a degree and this allows some healing to take place very rapidly.


This trance state requires two people.  One lies down and will go into the trance.  The second person sits at the other person’s feet and gently rubs the tops of the third toes of the other person. When done correctly, this induces a trance that is wonderful for healing.

In this type of trance, the one lying down actually loses some consciousness. The main soul leaves the body and the person cannot move. This is very frightening for some people who are not familiar with it. However, a lot of processing of traumas or other past events begins to occur quickly. For more details, read The Toe Trance.

THE HAND TRANCE. This also requires a partner. One person lies does comfortably. The other moves his or her hands downward from the head to the feet over the other person without touching the person. This induces a light trance state that causes faster healing. For details, read The Hand Trance.



Prayers. Some people go into a trance state when they pray to God or to the angels, or to Allah, or to the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, or to the Grandfathers in the native American tradition.  In fact, repeating any prayer or affirmation can do this.

Prayer is usually quite safe, especially when done properly. For more details, read Prayer.

Meditation trances. In contrast, mantra meditations used by some hucksters are generally senseless words that are designed to relax the mind because they have no meaning. They open the mind to entry by entities, or by a hypnotist, or by others. Therefore, they are far more dangerous and to be avoided.

These exercises tend to move subtle energy upward from the feet or hands or somewhere else, into the head.  This is always very dangerous. 

What occurs with these exercises is that part of the consciousness actually leaves the body.  This is very relaxing for people.  So people learn to stay in this type of trance state.  It can be addictive.  Make no mistake about it.

It feels so good it is like a drug.  It is also like a drug in that the more one does it, the less able one is to return to regular life and deal with one’s problems.  So one stays in the so-called meditative or trance state more and more.

Eventually, one cannot or will not come back.  The result can be a disaster.  The person can have a mental breakdown when they are forced to come back to earth, so to speak, to eat or use the toilet.  They are in a crisis, in other words, and they may commit suicide.  This is quite common in some religious communities, some cults, and in some religious settings and monasteries where these techniques are taught.

This type of trance inducement is relaxing because one “spaces out”.  However, it also easily becomes an attack on the body and brain because anything that dims one’s awareness and consciousness is really an attack.  The Pulling Down Procedure suggested on this website does the exact opposite.

Mantra exercises, relaxation, imagery and self-hypnosis, while relaxing, are generally used by all sorts of hucksters to control people. The most famous was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who died fairly recently. He taught millions to do TM or transcendental meditation.  It is a simple mantra meditation that is relaxing, and reduces blood pressure. However, it also dims the consciousness, and is therefore always dangerous and to be avoided.



This is entirely different from all the states described above.  I never suggest a person submit to hypnosis!  Standard hypnosis is a yin method, and not a good one, in most cases.  It is particularly dangerous for young women, who can easily be raped and even killed under hypnosis.

No hypnotherapist wants to talk about this, but it is easy for a hypnosis specialist to induce a state in which a young woman agrees to take off her clothes and to have sex with anyone the hypnotist decides.  Then they may kill the woman to get rid of the evidence.

Alternatively, they erase the memory of the entire event in the girl, and she goes home thinking that nothing unusual happened at all. This may sound amazing, but it is easy for some hypnotists to do.

Standard hypnosis can induce a trance state in which healing occurs. This is sometimes called hypnotic regression.  However, most of the time, with hypnosis, no healing occurs at all, and in fact, the hypnotist plants new suggestions in the person that just add to the person’s confusion and trauma.  These are called post-hypnotic suggestions.  They are used therapeutically to help people quit smoking, quit drinking alcohol, or other things.

This is not healing nearly at the depth that occurs when one follows the development program.

With the development program, the powerful healing intent can cause whatever state of consciousness is needed to retrace and process traumas.

However, during regular hypnosis, the conscious mind is excused or removed, and the hypnotist takes over the mind of the subject and does anything he or she wants with the person. He or she can create an assassin, for example, or a sex toy, or an idiot, or anything the hypnotist may want or desire to do.

Unlike the development program, the hypnotist is in charge.

Regular hypnosis is really a subtle type of attack on the person.  A very crude analogy is that regular hypnosis is like lying on an operating table and allowing someone to enter your brain and play with it.  It is an amazing thing, but quite dangerous.  While this method can be used for good, which is called hypnotic regression, it can also easily be used for evil.  So if you are smart, never, ever submit to hypnosis!


With these methods, the therapist or operator often taps on the body, may rub or touch the body in some way, or may just move the hands around the body in some way.  After a few minutes and up to one hour of this, the person enters a trance state.

We consider this a dangerous method.  Please be careful with the tapping methods.  They are energy medicine methods and can easily be used to manipulate a person.  Such methods are very common such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Callahan method, NAET Allergy Relief System, and a number of others.

These can help people in an interesting way.  They can induce a mild hypnotic state.  In that state, the operator can give suggestions about relief from symptoms.  When the session is over, the person actually feels better because he is under a suggestion to feel better.  This is a fascinating type of placebo effect, one might call it.  However, it is very powerful and is not really a placebo effect. 

It is really a post-hypnotic suggestion, although the person was not hypnotized in the usual manner with a watch or something to relax the person.  Instead, tapping or touching the body somehow was used to induce a hypnotic state. 

Any method that induces a hypnotic state is dangerous – end of discussion.  That is why EFT and other such methods will never be part of nutritional balancing, although we are often asked to include them.  They reduce consciousness, so we cannot include them.


It is possible to induce a trance state in another once in a while, if the person uses a multi-wave oscillator or perhaps some other electrical device. 

This is an unusual state, and not always safe.  So we do not recommend the use of this machine for this purpose.  It takes some training and awareness to handle the situation or it could have a disastrous outcome.  I do not recommend this method of inducing a trance state.

A related article about harmful trance states is Negative Trance States.

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