By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is an unusual article concerning how people are influenced mentally by others.  It is not pleasant to write about, but it is important to know about and understand.  Such manipulations can be opposed and overcome, in many cases, if one knows it is occurring and how it works.




Before explaining the specific ways that mind control and manipulation work, a general comment is that any method or technique that lowers a personŐs energy level or vitality will make the person more susceptible to mind manipulation.

This is a common denominator of many of the techniques described below, even if this is not obvious from reading about them.  For example, radiation, rape, sleep deprivation, torture, malnutrition, viruses, chemical toxins, lying and confusing others will all decrease a personŐs vitality to a degree.




1. Operant conditioning (or just conditioning).  This is the use of many methods to reward desired thinking and behavior or punish less desired thinking and behavior.  For details, read Operant Conditioning.

Many of the methods below are simply aspects of operant conditioning.  Conditioning can occur on all seven levels of functioning of a human being: physical, emotional, mental, social, creative, ideological and religious or spiritual.


2. Mental torture.  This includes intentionally disparaging, discouraging, depressing or upsetting another.  It is a very effective and easy method to control another person.  It works especially well on children and women.

Just the wrong words can throw a person out of balance.  That is the goal of some manipulators, rapists, teachers or parents.  It can easily set the mind of the person to whom it is directed on a path of confusion and disarray.

This does not mean that parents and teachers should lie to children and to students that everything is wonderful when it is not.  However, there should be an underlying love, acceptance, tolerance and balance that others should feel about your words.  If there is not, then it becomes discouraging and not loving.

Making threats is a part of discouraging or intimidating another.  Its effectiveness depends on a personŐs situation, how isolated they feel, how prepared they are, and perhaps other factors.


3. Lying.  This is a basic form of manipulation and brainwashing that consists of teaching incorrect information to people, as though it is the truth.  This is done commonly by corrupt parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, leaders and others.  The reasons many people lie include:

a. To protect their professional status. For example, many cynical politicians lie to get elected, or to hide their past record of crime, and so on.  Teachers often lie to students to get them scared enough to study hard, they say.  Business people may lie to sell products or to cover up defects in their products or services.

b. To mystify their work or jobs. This is another way to protect oneŐs professional status, job or otherwise keep others in the dark about what they do and how they operate.  This is similar to the first reason above, except that it is a little more sinister as a way to deceive the public about who they are and what they do.

c. For fun and to confuse, upset and then steal some energy from people.  This is an intentional type of deception that is even more sinister.  This is the least common reason for lying, however.  The others above (a and b) are more common.

d. Sometimes people lie and deceive supposedly to protect others.  A parent might tell a child that if the child goes in a certain area that he could be killed by demons.  The parent knows this is not true, but wants to protect the child.  This type of deception and lying is not as bad, but sets a dangerous precedent for the future, so one must be extremely careful with it.  It easily degenerates into the other types above.

e. At times, people lie because they are ignorant of the truth.  For example, nurses might tell patients that vaccines are good and needed simply because they donŐt know the dangers of vaccines.

f. Exaggeration.  Some people lie in an effort to exaggerate the truth or make a point.  One might say millions were killed by a hurricane, when really it was just hundreds.  For more details, read Lying.


4. Hypnosis. Hypnosis consists of either inducing a trance state in a person, or perhaps just building upon a trance state that a person is already in.  Once this state has been achieved, which is a kind of seduction, then the operator or hypnotist implants new ideas that are called post-hypnotic suggestions.  These can be anything at all that the hypnotist wants the person to do or believe!

Hypnotic methods are standard ways that people sell themselves to others, that companies sell products, that the government sells their welfare programs, and so on.  Teachers may use it to induce students to study.  Parents use it to induce their children to behave better.  It is considered harmless, when it is not.

This is a large subject.  To learn more about it, read Hypnosis on this website.


5. Brainwashing.  Brainwashing is a very powerful way to manipulate and control people.  It is a very large subject, and is done all the time – by parents, teachers, doctors, politicians and in many intimate relationships.  For details about how it works and how it is done, read Brainwashing on this website.


6. Entity attachment or possession. Entity attachment is when a soul that is not supposed to be in a personĂ•s energy field or inside the body is placed there.  It can alter a personŐs thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavior.

This is a very powerful, very subtle, common and easy method of manipulating people.  Today it affects the thinking and actions of millions of people on earth.  It is used to control elections, influence all of societyŐs institutions, and much more.

This is a large subject.  For details, read Entity Attachment And Release on this website.


7. Electronic methods of mind control and manipulation.  This common form of mind manipulation is the use of specific frequencies, often very high frequency electric currents, both AC and DC types, to impact the electrical system of the human brain. 

This large area of electronics and brain functioning is called psychotronics or psychotronic warfare.  It can be directed to a specific person, a specific area of a nation such as its capitol, or the electronic signals can be directed to the entire planet earth and beyond.

America is particularly the target of electronic evesdropping, and radionic or psychotronic manipulation.  This is because America leads the world in peaceful efforts to stop wars and promote democracy, among other innovations that our world needs.  However, this angers those who prefer the chaos and horror of war, famine, and poverty.  A separate article entitled Psychotronic Warfare discusses this subject in more detail.


8. Chemical poisoning.  This is the use of toxic chemicals or biological toxins such as viruses and bacteria that have an affinity for the brain.  Once there, they can alter perception, thinking and sometimes behavior.  If this sounds far-fetched, it is not.

For example, I have read that both Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union added fluoride compounds to the drinking water of their own people, and especially the water given to prisoners of war.  They were not concerned about tooth decay.  Instead, they knew that fluoride is an enzyme poison that lowers the intelligence level and makes prisoners and concentration camp inmates others more docile and easier to control.

Some people wonder if this is not related to the strange push to fluoridate the water of America, even after many studies show that fluoride in drinking water, pills and toothpaste does little or nothing to stop tooth decay. 

I have followed the fluoride debate for years and read the medical studies, most of which does not support the value of water fluoridation.  Adding any chemical to the water supply except to purify the water is also technically illegal in America.  It is a direct violation of the Clean Water Act.

Another example of chemical manipulation of the people are the chemtrails in the skies over the United States.  These contain viruses, aluminum and barium – all poisons that help control people. 

Do not for a moment think that governments or terrorists are not capable of spreading viruses and toxic chemicals to populations by various means to just sicken the people or for mind control purposes. 

To learn more about the neurotoxic effects of minerals and how to remove them, read Toxic Metals on this website.  For a short article on what to do about chemical poisoning, read Toxic Chemicals And Their Removal on this website.


9. Anything that causes a personŐs basic chi or energy to move upward in the body (toward the head) weakens the person. Things that do this are insults, bullying, too much sex, rapes, physical violence, discouragement, too much time on computers and cell phones, and more.  This has to do with how our bodies are constructed in terms of acupuncture meridians and other considerations.  For more on this, read Downward Energy And Healing.


10. Low-level ionizing radiation.  One way manipulators can work is to expose people to low levels of ionizing radiation.  This tends to weaken the bodies and the minds, discourages people and can make them more easily manipulated by other means.

Always do your best to avoid ALL ionizing radiation exposure.  This includes x-rays, CAT scans, dental x-rays when not absolutely needed, x-ray machines at airports, living close to nuclear plants, and even excessive air travel.  X-ray exposure is higher at higher altitudes.


11. Damaging the nutritional and other qualities of the food, and allowing or encouraging poor nutritional habits.  This has been done in America and Europe, particularly, for over 100 years.  The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, for example, is one of the most corrupt agencies on planet earth.  In a recent news story, over 55% of the scientists at the FDA received some type of compensation from the drug and food companies they are charged with regulating.  That is corruption!

Whether the corruption of the food supply is intentional or just a byproduct of company greed and stupid government policies is not as important as the fact that it leads to weaker bodies and much weaker minds that are easier to influence and manipulate.  If you care about your health, do not just follow the guidelines of the FDA.  Stay away from most newer drugs, and do your best to eat a diet or organic, whole foods.  For details about diet, read Foods For Daily Use.


12. Rods, implants and beams.  These are more sophisticated methods of influencing others.  Rods are literally very fine metal rods that are inserted surgically or beamed into a person to make them into stooges or robots that take and carry out orders from another, even orders to kill others. 

The rods work by esoteric principles, and run up and down the body through the neck.  The only way to find them, often, is if the personĂ•s head is cut off, which will expose the rods.  They are too fine to show up on most x-rays or MRI or other scans.

Implants are well known on earth.  They are tiny radio transmitters and receivers that can easily be injected into a person or beamed in, and are very difficult to find because they are smaller than a grain of rice, in most instances, and can be placed anywhere.

However, when placed strategically in certain meridian areas, they cause a person to come under the control of another, who may be thousands of miles away.  For details, read Implants.

Beams.  These are various types of frequency weapons described in the article entitled Psychotronics on this website.  They can directly or indirectly affect the brain of a person, or masses of people, to influence their votes, their thinking, and their emotions in unusual and very predictable ways.

These methods may not work on everyone, but they work on most people except those who have a very strong will.  Even these people can be influenced, especially if they do not realize what is going on.  That is why this article is being written. 


13. Direct communication with souls.  This is possible and is used by rogues to influence the souls, and thereby influence the thinking and behavior of humans, animals and others.


14. Correspondence.  This is an unusual phenomenon that depends upon the holographic nature of the universe.  What occurs is that a signal or message that is broadcasted from a particular point can be heard and can influence humans or animals at a great distance away.  For details, read Correspondence on this website.


15. Voodoo and other methods of witchcraft.  These are methods of manipulating and harming people using mind power and unusual technologies.  They are widely used by the rogues against people.  For details, read Witchcraft.


16. Social manipulation.  This is the use of other people or crowds of people to persuade an individual to act in a certain way.  It is based on the observation that often, a person who would not do something on his or her own, will do it if everyone around them is also doing it.

This subject is called crowd psychology or group psychology.  It applies to everything from behavior at football stadium and political demonstrations to gang rapes. 


Other.  Other rather simple ways to influence people mentally and weaken them are to destroy their morals and ridicule their Judeo-Christian values.  Another method is to encourage drug use in any way, encourage loose sexual behavior, or encourage lying, such as by teaching children that truth is relative, which also means there is no such thing as the truth.

Another method is to diminish the integrity and importance of the family unit and remove the 10 Commandments from courtrooms.  Encouraging daycare and forcing two parents to work instead of caring for their children definitely sickens and weakens the children and weakens the family unit.




Concern is not paranoia.  Mental influencing is very real.  The mind of a human being is a very delicate and complex structure and mechanism. 

People with certain abilities, tools, machines and knowledge can influence it easily.  That is all you need to know.  Once you thoroughly understand this fact, then you are ready to take steps to protect yourself and those around you.




The answer is quite a lot.  I will list a few of the most important things that have been discovered to avoid, prevent, offset, and actually remove mental programming and influences.


1. Care for your health and mind with a development program, not other diets and other supplements or procedures.  We find that most holistic and naturopathic methods are not very good and, in the long run, are harmful.

Eat as we recommend (read Food For Daily Use, Food for Occasional Use and Forbidden Food), go to bed by 9 PM, rest at least 8-10 hours each night, drink spring water or carbon-only filtered or sand-filtered filtered tap water, and do not drink or eat other foods, especially anything yin such as fruits, juices, raw foods or other sweets. (read Yin Disease to understand the problems with yin foods.)

Be cautious with diets, herbs, many food supplements and practices like yoga.  Stay away from all vegetarian diets, raw foods, most fermented foods, all wheat, and all fruit.  Also, as much as possible avoid using prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and recreational drugs.  Almost all are subtle poisons, no matter what benefits they provide.  For example, avoid CBD.  For details, read The CBD Scam.

Living this way strengthens the mind significantly, making you more difficult to manipulate and control.


2. Protect your children.  We believe this is the most important thing parents need to do.  It means educating your children at home.  Definitely do not send children to public schools today in America and Europe.

Also protect all children from trauma of all kinds, such as bullying, neglect, strange influences, the internet, unthinking doctors and dentists, and all other possible harmful influences.  Always accompany children to lessons and other outings.  Check carefully about your childrenŐs ŇfriendsÓ to see they are influencing your child negatively.

Ideally, do not permit overnight visits, camping trips and other events unless you go along and watch your child or children carefully.  Sadly, there are too many parents who either do not care enough about childrenŐs safety and welfare, or are too tired or have improper values that are harmful for chidren. 

Today children need protection as never before.  Their minds are very delicate and their health is often not very good, dulling the mind and making it more prone to mental influencing.

Protecting your children also means definitely avoiding vaccines and most medical drugs, whenever possible.  Use natural methods, as described on this website, first and always before resorting to drugs.  Do not be intimidated by pronouncements that drugs are needed and that natural methods will not work.  In almost all cases, natural methods are much safer, less costly and often just as effective or moreso when applied correctly.

Protecting your children also means never to allow them to eat junk foods such as soda pop, sugars, candy, ice cream, candy bars, donuts, caffeinated beverages and most processed flour products.  We know this can be difficult, at times, but is worth the effort.

You must teach by example. Be sure your childrenŐs friends have to follow the same rules in order to reinforce your rules.

Feed your children and yourself correctly.  If you donŐt want to follow a complete development program, at least put yourself and your children on the basic development program found in the article entitled The Healing Lifestyle.

A development program, especially a complete program, will drastically improve their physical and mental health and vitality of any child today.


3. Practice yourself and teach your children Judo-Christian values and not liberal, progressive or new age values.  In our experience, values such as the Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule and related ideas strengthen the mind and body better than liberal values such as moral relativism, diversity, political correctness and gender politics.


4. Practice the pulling down exercise.  This is powerful!  It is explained fully in the article entitled The Pulling Down Exercise.


5. Read certain information to become informed.  Red the articles on this website (  Among the very few other authors who address these issues are Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled and People Of The Lie), Roy Masters (How Your Mind Can Keep You Well and his other books) and a few others.

Also, avoid all fear-mongering websites.  These are plentiful.  Keeping you in fear is always one of the hidden goals of the manipulators and vampires.


6. Avoid loud and vulgar types of music, and perhaps minimize all musical entertainment.  This is unfortunate, but music, for some reason, often ungrounds people, uncenters them, sends their energy upwards, and therefore opens them to more negative influences.

This is especially true of rock n roll and other noisy types of music.  However, it even applies to listening to a lot of classical or other types of music.  Christian music is somewhat better.


7. Strictly avoid all intoxicants and stimulants.  These include sugar, alcohol, all drugs including medical drugs, recreational drugs, cannabis, and other hard drugs.  Drugs not only are toxic to the brain.  They open up the aura of a person and this makes a person much easier prey for brainwashing and other types of mental attacks.


8. Learn mental and emotional control.  You are most easily influenced when you are upset emotionally.  In fact, a trick of all mental influencing is to upset, destabilize, depress, or anger a person.

Very often, emotional sensitivity and upset are caused by chemical imbalances in the body.  The pulling down exercise, eating well, plenty of rest, and following a development program are most helpful to balance the body, the emotions, and the hormones in the body. 

Other simple habits and attitudes can also help control the emotions such as regular gentle exercise, staying positive at all times, and surrounding yourself with inspiring reading and inspiring people.


9. Learn about sexual control.  Be very discerning with whom you have sexual relations.  Sex spreads diseases very easily that are subtle, but weaken the mind and are difficult to heal.  Sexual relations also cause you to mix your energies with another, which is often harmful for development.

Down Sex is best and very healing.  If you are not familiar with it, please read this article and learn about it.  In contrast, ordinary sex with orgasms depletes the body nutritionally and weakens your will.  Also, it opens up the energy field to harmful outside influences, particularly for women.

Sexual relations also cause many people to pick up discarnate souls.  These can be very damaging or even fatal.  For details, read Entity Attachment And Release.  


10. Women need to know that they are often more vulnerable to mental/emotional programming and influencing than men.  This has to do with many factors, including a more sensitive nature and a slower oxidation rate.

For this reason, women need to be extra careful about the company they keep, and their sexual activity.  They also need to avoid stimulants, sugar, alcohol, and drugs, including recreational and most over-the-counter and medical drugs.

For women, having a high-quality man in your life is a real asset.  He need not be a sexual or live-in partner.  He can be a friend, or a relative, perhaps.  It is just someone who is very down to earth, very grounded, who will discuss what is going on in your life, what you are feeling, whether your friends are, in fact, good for you, and other such matters.


11. Watch out for your ego desires, ego needs, or strong aversions.  These are often exploited by manipulators, energy vampires, and mental programmers and used against you.  If you find yourself pulled toward or away from certain things and you donŐt understand why, learn to question this, rather than just go along.

It can be difficult to discern what is best because sometimes your instincts are valid.  However, often our desires, needs, aversions, etc. are just manifestations of old programming or traumas from childhood.

12. Avoid cults and any group that even remotely seems like a cult.  This is difficult, at times, as many groups seem okay, but are not really healthy for your mind.  Here are a few simple guidelines that may help:

a. Do not join any groups quickly or easily.  This does not mean never join groups.  Just be careful about any group, particularly ones that seem rather all-embracing and spiritual.

b. If you are considering joining any organization or group, discuss the idea with several trusted friends and family members.  Ask people who are grounded and tend to be skeptical of groups.  Cult leaders will often tell prospective members not to do this, but it is an excellent idea. 

It may seem silly and not necessary, and it is certainly not foolproof, but it can and will help avoid some horrible experiences.  Particularly avoid any group that encourages sex, allows drug use, alcohol use, and tells you that you must be taught or indoctrinated with new ideas.

Also, beware of any religious organization that is all-encompassing.  It is easy to become caught up with the group and forget your own identity.

c. If you are contemplating joining any group, look on the internet under the name of the group and then type a comma, followed by the word ÔCautionsŐ or ÔDangersŐ.

d. Be careful of anyone who offers money or other benefits.  This is one of the oldest trick of manipulators used to bring people into groups of various kinds.




Most of us are influenced mentally.  Methods of deprogramming that we recommend are:


1. Read the articles on this website and faithfully do the pulling down exercise each day.  This may not always be easy.  The exercise will bring up attitudes and feelings for review.  You may not like what comes up for you.  Do not stop, however.  Ask for guidance and keep doing the exercise and you will get through your feelings, memories and thoughts.


2. Follow a development program.  Do it completely, including the use of a near infrared light sauna, and no other, every day and coffee enemas daily as well.  This is much more powerful than one might think, because toxic metals definitely block brain activity and can severely affect the emotions and behavior as well as cause physical problems.


3. Avoid intoxicants and toxic substances and habits as much as possible.


4. Quality chiropractic can help deprogram the mind.  Be careful, however, as there are few practitioners who are deeply aware and trained and able to really deprogram and release mental influencing and mental trauma.


5. Take a walk every day for 15 minutes or more, if at all possible.  If it is not safe to walk outside, perhaps walk in a shopping mall other safer location.  Walk slowly and do the pulling down exercise while you walk, saying the word down with each step.  Become aware of and release all tension in the body as you do this.  You will feel subtle energy moving more easily from the head to the feet as you do this.

Walking with another person can be safer and more enjoyable.  However, do not talk!  Focus on moving energy downward, instead.



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