by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Planet earth is plagued by massive brainwashing and hypnosis.  These two methods of manipulating others are yang and yin – meaning they are related.  They go on everywhere, in families, in schools, in politics and particularly in the sexual arena. 

Brainwashing is the more violent, yang, overt method of malevolently influencing people.  Hypnosis is a gentler, often stealthy, more yin and seductive method.  To read about brainwashing, which was formerly part of this article, please click on Brainwashing to reach this article.


I first learned about hypnosis from Mr. Roy Masters, and his website, www.fhu.com.  I am very grateful to him for daring to expose a lot of secret information about these subjects.

Hypnosis is a massive topic.  This article is just an  introduction, to make you aware of it on a mass scale on earth and how it may affect you, your friends and your family.  By being aware, you can start to undo some of the conditioning.  You will also understand and have more compassion for the behavior of others, and have more compassion for yourself as well.


Definition of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a very deep and subtle alteration or distortion of the brain of a human being so that it responds in certain ways and not in others.

This definition is vague, but it is the best I can find for the purpose of this article.  Other definitions, such as relaxing a person, or the ability to tune into the unconscious, are not sufficient for this article.

A helpful computer analogy.  Hypnosis is a type of derangement of the brain that is somewhat like a computer virus, but they have two special qualities:

1) They are implanted at deep levels.  The “virus” is at the operating system or more primitive programming languages in the computer like HTML, GW BASIC or DOS, for those with some computer training.  These languages on your computer are often completely unseen and usually not understood or even accessible for the average individual.  They are designed this way because it is not necessary to understand them for daily working on the computer.  Similarly, hypnosis works on levels that are hardly accessible by the average person.

2) The “virus” is designed so that later on in life a skilled person, such as a hypnotist or other manipulator, can piggyback other viruses or messages onto them.  These are called post-hypnotic suggestions.

This computer analogy can help one understand how and why hypnosis works, and its power and dangers.  Those who hypnotize others are like computer professionals or hackers that can sneak inside your deep programming languages and make small, but important alterations in the mind, somewhat like implanting a computer virus there. 

Such people include hypnotists, but also professional advertisers, sneaky politicians, trial lawyers, and even some doctors, salesmen, and sex-happy men and women.  Sadly, even some parents and teachers such as college professors are often adept at sneaking inside the operating system of other people’s minds and manipulating it to get what they want.  One often calls these people manipulators, jerks, sharks, ripoff artists, rogues, rapists, murderers or villains.

While this sounds a little diabolical, it is not far from the truth.  Calling in a hypnotist is a little like calling in a computer programmer who knows about some of the hidden programs running in the background of your mind, and who can change them somewhat.  This is why extreme caution should be used around hypnotists and all such people.


Con (or confidence) men and women.  This is another name given to those who act on people in hypnotic ways.  They are able to instill confidence and trust when it should not be there.  They are skilled at tricking people into thinking and doing things they ordinarily would not think or would not do.

 The only protections from these people are: 1) dehypnotize yourself, and 2) at least know that almost all people’s minds are in a slight trance state and therefore subject to what hypnotists call post-hypnotic suggestions.  Just knowing this fact can help you recognize the con artists.  Such people are common and some are hardly aware of what they are doing.  They may even say they love you – and they often do.


A Tarzan analogy. Many readers have seen movies such as Crocodile Dundee and Tarzan Visits New York, or a similar story line.  These movies are comedies, in part, because they are about men who are not hypnotized by Western “civilized” society.  The hero is usually very “sharp” because people simply cannot fool him as easily as they can fool everyone else in the big city.

The movies are funny to watch because they can help us appreciate how brainwashed or hypnotized many people are, and the silly problems they create as a result.  The hero of the movie is not as hypnotized, so he or she sees right through the idiocy and stupidity of most people and succeeds as a result.




            Hypnotists often do not reveal their secrets.  Here are some principles that Roy Masters and other hypnotists have shared that are somewhat disturbing, but true:


1. The dual nature of hypnosis. One is always dealing with two aspects of hypnosis.  The first is the original trauma or alteration of the brain.  This usually occurred very early in life.
            However, one is also dealing with post-hypnotic suggestions that were implanted by parents, teachers and others later in life.  They were only able to do this because of the first alteration of the brain that usually occurred very early in one’s lifetime.


2. Most everyone is hypnotized to a degree.  That is, most people live in a light trance state.  Roy Masters calls this “the hypnosis of life”.  It is very real, and it explains a lot of odd behavior and human dilemmas.  In fact, it has to do with the nature of physical life, as will be explained in more detail later in this article.


3. A good hypnotist can make many people do just about anything, including have sex with a stranger or pick up a gun and shoot someone.  This is done by telling the person that the other is about to harm him or her, even if it is not true.  It is possible to induce a person to have sex with even an animal, at times, by telling the person it is not a dog, but a person.  This sounds very odd, but it can be done.
            I once attended a seminar by Mr. Masters in which he demonstrated, in a benign manner, how he could take random volunteers from the audience and cause them do ridiculous things they would never ordinarily do, especially in public.  It was so easy for him to manipulate their minds that it was quite shocking to me.
            Assassins that are trained under hypnosis have carried out murders in America and elsewhere, usually trained by the Russian or Red Chinese secret police forces.  This is just one example of how hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions are commonly used for bad purposes.


4. It is always dangerous to allow yourself to be hypnotized by anyone for any reason.  It is true that it can be used for healing, but be especially cautious and I do not recommend it.  This use of hypnosis is often called hypnotherapy or hypnotic regression, in which a person is taken back to an earlier time in his or her life when a trauma or illness occurred.  Then the hypnotherapist replays and perhaps reworks the incident with the person so that it is less traumatic and damaging.  Sometimes the entire incident or trauma can be cleared.  However, it is always dangerous to allow yourself to be hypnotized.
 In contrast, nutritional balancing science can often undo your past traumas, undo post-traumatic stress disorder, and bring about the same results as hypnotherapy in a much safer, though perhaps slower manner by nourishing the brain, balancing the body and through the use of the Roy Masters meditation exercise.  For more on this read Trauma Release on this site.


5. Television, radio and other advertising often use principles of hypnosis to entrain and then sell products and services.  To entrain people means to get them to think a certain way.  This is standard practice, and, in fact, is taught in schools of advertising and promotion.
            The idea is to begin with a mind that is already slightly hypnotized and add a post-hypnotic suggestion to buy a particular product or service.  Later on, when the victim is out shopping and encounters the product in a store, the subliminal message from the past will be triggered and the person will pick up the product and try it.
            Usually, advertising implants a post-hypnotic suggestion in a completely unconscious manner.  The secret of its success is that the person must already by hypnotized to a degree.  Some, who are less hypnotized, can see right through phony hype, but most people cannot.
            The same techniques are well understood by some corrupt  politicians who just seem to be re-elected year after year in spite of being liars or incompetents.
            Subliminal post-hypnotic suggestions are different from just announcing to the public that you have a product to sell or that you are running for office.  Post-hypnotic suggestions always play upon the emotions and use symbols and metaphors, because this is how the human mind works.


           6. How post-hypnotic suggestion works.  To connect with a person’s psyche, the advertisement needs to tap into themes and metaphors that have meaning for the target audience.  The most obvious one used in advertising is a sex symbol such as a scantily-dressed lady or man.  Another popular one is a smiling family with children.  Still another trigger is a display of wealth or opulence, such as a fancy automobile.  Advertisers spend a fortune figuring out which ads will be successful because the metaphors and symbols people respond to change somewhat over time.  This they call market research.
            However, lest you think that corporations are the culprits, governments are often far worse.  They intentionally upset, deceive, lie and in many nations oppress the people to wear them down and secretly control them, frequently using hypnotic techniques, either consciously or unconsciously.  For example, a government may entrain the people with symbols such as flags, warships, monuments, photos of the leader, slogans, and more.


7. Children are particularly vulnerable to post-hypnotic suggestions. The reason is that children have not developed their intellect to a high degree.  They are often more controlled by their emotions, which is a target of hypnotists and con artists.
            Advertisers know this and, for this reason, often target young children because if they can condition the children’s minds at a young age, they will often be in control of them for life.  Political leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tze Tung always targeted the young for their propaganda campaigns because they also understood hypnosis well.  The entire German population of World War II was quite mesmerized or hypnotized by the Nazi propaganda machine to such an extent that they looked the other way when thousands of their neighbors and countrymen were carted off to death camps right before their eyes.
            This is an example of mass hypnosis, a type of hypnotic trance that is probably the most dangerous for humanity.  It is the type that is used by many politicians.  It can be used for good, such as rallying the people to fight an enemy or to take heart when a disaster occurs.  It can also be used to completely dominate a nation and destroy it for selfish or other purposes.


8. Cults often make use of hypnotic states to help control their members.  This is important to know.  The cult leader is often a charismatic fellow who can impress people with his supposed kindness, brilliance, charm or good looks, perhaps.  Cults also hypnotize people with slogans, phrases, words, political ideas like “equality for all” or “let’s save the earth”.


9. Physicality itself is a type of hypnotic state.  This is a more complex idea.  It really means that physicality is a limited state of mind.  Some magicians, for example, do amazing feats of escape, in part, because they are able to train their minds to transcend a type of trance state in which people believe they are limited.  Brilliant scientists and inventors are able, to a limited degree, to overcome this trance state and thereby tune in to new information to make their discoveries.
            Even some professional athletes are able to transcend this to a degree and can seem to fly through the air, for example.  They are not flying, but by transcending a limited mentality that most people have, they can perform better than the others.


10. Christianity helps break a trance state.  This may seem off the subject.  However, a reason why Christianity spread so fast is that the teaching that Jesus overcame death actually woke up a number of people from the trance that death is the end of one’s life.  This intrigued the Roman emperors, for example, and caused them to embrace and spread the new religion in the first few centuries AD.
            I mention this because anyone or anything that breaks a hypnotic trance has great power, just as those who can hypnotize people have a certain power which might be called satanic by some.


11. Organized religions often have the power to hypnotize people.  This helps keep the devotees in line.  The worst effects of this are when the people then go to war in the name of God or religion, even though they are not fighting for any worthwhile cause.  The best effect of this occurs when people do the right thing in a difficult situation, even though they are tired, weak, ill or would otherwise be unable to do so.  Thus religion is always a double-edged sword, in part because of the power of post-hypnotic suggestion.


12. A good hypnotist can implant ‘triggers’ or ‘cues’ in a person.  For example, the hypnotist can implant the suggestion that when the phone rings twice, or when the doorbell rings, a post-hypnotic suggestion such as to kill whomever is in the room, even if it is your wife, will go into effect.  This is used by some foreign police agencies to train hypnotized assassins.  It is also used by lawyers who hypnotize juries, and in schools to condition students, among other places.




In unusual ways, this induces the equivalent of eddy currents in the mind.  Eddy currents are currents of water that flow backwards and are small, but they suck energy from the main current of a river.

These backward flows upset the mind and effectively tend to separate a person from his or her own knowing, intuition, common sense and guidance.  They tend to make people neurotic and even psychotic.  This is a harsh truth, and one that is hard to accept for many people who believe they are fully conscious and in control of their bodies and their minds.  In fact, many people are quite affected by these forces.  Ridding the mind of brainwashing and post-hypnotic suggestions is extremely helpful and sometimes even necessary in order to progress on the path of health and mental development.




Beliefs of all sorts are, in a general way, a type of hypnosis.  Often, in order to progress, a person must leave behind his or her beliefs.  This is because beliefs powerfully limit the mind.  In this sense only, they resemble light hypnotic trance states.  All of us have dealt with individuals who are almost totally caught up with their own beliefs, so much that one cannot reason with the person at all.  This is what I am referring to when I say that beliefs can be a type of conditioning that goes deep, almost like a hypnotic trance.

The difference, however, is that most beliefs are easy to change, such as by presenting facts to the contrary for the person.  True hypnosis, however, is very difficult to overcome because it first occurred very early in life and, like the operating system of the computer, it is almost “built in” to the person’s psyche.  However, plenty of people wake up from their trance states, which is usually followed by some years of confusion and upset until a new “operating system” can be brought on line in the brain.

For example, I recall when I first awakened to the reality that doctors did not have the answers to many diseases.  The awakening was a shock that took me 10 years to move through.  During that time I often wandered about quite confused about how to think about health and disease.

In a similar way, almost all of mankind has been hypnotized early in life or perhaps even before this lifetime, with certain ideas that run very deep, much like very deep computer languages or programming.  Most are totally unaware of this.  One purpose of this article is to awaken you from this trance type of state of living.  Common beliefs of this nature are:


Only physical life is real. This means that if I cannot touch, taste, feel, see or smell something, then it is not present or does not exist.  It does not matter that many books, such as the bible and many others, discuss other dimensions of reality.  Most people, however, just cannot believe it until, perhaps, they have a “spiritual experience”, such as seeing an angel or something of that nature.
            This deeply held belief or trance state is slowly changing thanks to electronic devices such as cell phones that clearly show that there are worlds that are invisible, yet very real.


Only earth is inhabited.  People are taught and conditioned from birth to think that the earth is the only planet that contains advanced human life.  Other planets, one is taught, might have bacteria or other primitive life forms upon it, but that is all.  This is patently false, but is promoted and taught because it protects the leaders from competition and it keeps the population from demanding and expecting more from their leaders.
            My own research and that of many others suggests that hundreds of planets have more advanced civilizations that could help the earth and her people, if only people were willing to accept the idea of advanced civilizations on other planets and relax with it.


Veils or imbalances due to what is called life planning before birth or at a young age.  This is a very complex phenomenon in which the mind is sort-of programmed very early that some people and events are important for oneself, while others are not.  This is not strictly a hypnotic situation, although it is totally unconscious, so it has some of the same qualities of hypnosis.


Other. Families, nations, tribes, and even the entire planet have subtle conditioning concerning their identities, abilities, intelligence, their worth, and so forth.
            For example, in the Middle East and other areas as well, women are taught they are inferior to men and that they are not smart or strong.  This becomes a kind of hypnotic suggestion for these women that is very hard to overcome because it runs so deeply in the family structure in some of these nations.


This will conclude this brief discussion of the nature of hypnosis in the general population.  Much more could be said, but I prefer to concentrate on what to do about your hypnotic trance states, which are always hard to overcome.




De-hypnosis means waking up from the hypnotic trances we all live with.  I will just touch upon some simple methods that work most of the time, if one is disciplined and willing to endure some confusion and ambiguity as the mind is de-conditioned or awakened from its sleep state.

The topic of de-hypnosis is critical today on personal, national, political and social levels.  It is the study of how to make yourself and your nation less subject to tyrants, cults, fake advertising, fake slogans, fake religions and fake everything that operates and controls through hypnosis.


Spiritual development.  De-hypnosis is also very important for that which is called on this website mental or spiritual development.  Development is much more than this, but teaching the mind to think clearly and not to be influenced unduly by others’ words, actions or threats is a key element in the development and evolution of a human being.  Without some awakening, most people cannot proceed far along the long path to develop their minds and bodies to their fullest extent.
            We often hear that a wise person is one who can “hold his ground” in an argument or discussion, for example.  He or she is also one who is not easily threatened, who has courage, and who can see clearly through false arguments to remain with truth.  These are evidences of a non-hypnotized or more alive and more awake human being.




Many methods can be of help.  I will just name a few that are simple, and are part of nutritional balancing science.


Seek to know THE TRUTH and holding fast to it.  Always seeking the truth about all things, of itself, has a way of waking a person up.  The truth may not be pleasant, but if one can hear it and hold fast to it, it has a protective effect against all post-hypnotic suggestions and against hypnosis, itself.

One of the most wicked tricks of the professional hypnotists, cult leaders and brainwashers is to teach the young people today that there is no such thing as the truth.  This is called moral relativism.  Instead, they teach that “you have your truth and I have mine”.  This is complete nonsense, but is taught on almost every college campus today and in most high schools as well.  It is just one reason to teach your children at home, and not send them to public schools, which are horrendous for any bright mind today.  You can often tell when you run into such a person because they hate books like the bible that teach specific truths.


Read the bible.  Some parts of the Hebrew and Christian bibles are designed to wake people up.  It certainly won’t do the whole job, but I have observed that those who are steeped in the bible and understand it are better off than those who have never studied it.  Interestingly, the most hypnotized are often those who do not like the bible, or have been taught that it is false or just an old history book.


Learn who and when to trust.  This is a tricky area.  It is said that no one really knows your needs and wants as well as you do.  So if something seems amiss, always pay attention and do not just allow others to talk you out of your own thoughts and impressions.

On the other hand, since most people, including most likely you, are somewhat hypnotized, your impressions and desires can easily be misguided.  For this reason, guidance from wise and mature adults can be essential.  Wise people trust themselves, but they also “take counsel” with others, because none of us have the whole picture.  A serious problem occurs when a person only trusts himself or herself, or only counsels with those who think exactly the same way as you do.  So be wise and take counsel with the smartest people you know.  If possible, consult different people so you become well-informed.

Picking your advisors carefully.  This is not easy.  Here are few tips.  Pick people who will be honest with you, and not the ones who just will say “fine” to whatever you ask.  Also, pick ones that really have your real best interests at heart, meaning they are willing to lose their friendship or relationship with you in order to tell you the truth.  Few friends qualify for this.  Also, pick advisors who are more mature and perhaps older, though age is no guarantee of wisdom.  Finally, try to find advisors who have a happy and fulfilling life themselves, meaning that they have made good decisions in their own lives.  They may not understand how they made these decisions, but they have a knack for making wise decisions.

These are often not easy qualities to identify, but some reflection will help you to determine them.  Know that those who are honest and truly care about us are not often the most pleasant ones to listen to.  They are not “the glee club”, there to share your enthusiasm.  They should be more sober, and may seem depressing or even harsh, or perhaps just no fun.

Be careful about listening to family members or friends who have hidden agendas, usually conditioned by their own hypnotic trances.  For example, a friend or family member might want you to take a certain job because you will have the weekends free to go out together.  This consideration is okay, but not totally honest because the friend is looking out for themselves, at some level, rather than what is completely right for you.  This is another large subject that has to do with guidance, the subject of other articles on this website. 

As you become healthier with nutritional balancing science, your inner guidance will improve.  Until that time, however, be careful about just listening to your “inner guidance”.  Also, be very careful about listening to psychics, counselors, psychologists, “friends”.  Also, watch out for New Age methods like using Ouija Boards, pendulums, The I Ching, Tarot or other cards, Runes, numerology, astrology and such methods.  Too often, these sources are not clear, and can be influenced in deep and harmful ways that you are not aware of at all.


De-hypnotize by learning specific facts or knowledge.  For example, knowledge of a situation such as buying a house or a car, will protect the buyer from a lot of slick sales talk.

Many articles on this website that may seem unusual are there to teach knowledge that can help protect one from subliminal and/or post-hypnotic suggestions.

For example, women need to understand men’s hormones and how they affect behavior and thinking.  This can help protect women from some slick sexual salesmen.  Likewise, men need to understand how angry many women are, and how to protect themselves from this sad problem of some women.

This article will help protect some readers just because it contains knowledge about hypnosis and brainwashing, and how it is done secretly.  Recalling what is written here might thus be lifesaving in certain situations if, for instance, you suddenly realize that someone is using the techniques described above on you.  By suddenly realizing what is going on, you do not need to listen further or go along.


De-hypnosis requires an open mind and critical, logical thinking.  Having an open and receptive consciousness is needed to really check out situations and people from many points of view.  Otherwise one can be trapped by appealing phrases or hearing ideas that one likes.

Critical and purely logical or deductive thinking help one to question and look for “red flags” and other details that one must notice when dealing with many situations.  This is another way to stop the liars and manipulators in our midst.


Inquisitiveness, patience, peace and a healthy skepticism.  These are other qualities of mind that help one to sort through a situation to discern the truth.  Ask a lot of questions.


Dating.  If someone wants to go on a date with you, don’t hesitate to ask a load of questions first.  And never, ever go somewhere alone with a person you do not know.  Meet for tea or coffee in a public place the first few dates and that is all.  I know this sounds very paranoid, one might say.  However, it might save your life if you are a woman. 

If you are a man, realize that many lovely women are scared of date rape because it may have happened to them, or they know someone to whom it happened.  So relax if you are questioned.  Also, men, know that some women are good at hypnotizing men with their smile, their bodies, their clothing, etc.  So be careful, check out the lady’s stories, go slowly with relationships, and try not to be ‘snowed’ by the sexy or perhaps “loving” faćade that some women put forth.

Self-knowledge of your personal areas of strengths and weaknesses.  This is extremely helpful, especially one’s weak spots.  For instance, if a woman knows that she just melts when someone praises her beautiful hair, she needs to exercise extra caution whenever someone wants something of her and starts praising her hair.  While a trite example, this is a common type of weakness for some women that is often exploited by manipulators.

For another person, a weak area might be calculating numbers, for example.  This can cause a person to buy too much that they cannot really afford. 

Any area in which you are weak can be exploited more easily by those who seek to implant post-hypnotic suggestions.  Whatever the weak area is, be extra careful in these areas, move slower, consult others who do not have that weak area, and back away if you feel you are becoming confused.

Of course, another solution when you identify weak areas is to fix the problem.  Take a math course if you do not like numbers.  Or just play with numbers with a friend who is good at it until you are not afraid of them anymore.  In other words, take other action so that the weak area will not hamper your life.  Self-knowledge is always helpful to deal with manipulators, seducers, advertisers, salesmen and post-hypnotic suggestions.

This leads us to a method to greatly enhance self-awareness and self-knowledge.



            Mr. Roy Masters claims that his meditation is the “anti-hypnosis”.  I agree.  However, I believe you also need to combine it with a nutritional balancing program to strengthen the mind and the body, and maybe other techniques to completely de-hypnotize yourself.  Otherwise your brain may remain too foggy because it is filled with toxic metals and chemicals, for example.  The mental qualities and good habits discussed in the paragraphs above are also needed or at least helpful, for instance.

To really wake up from our light hypnotic trance states, I believe people need to know the truth, and to be able to reason through every argument against it and still be able to hold on to it.  This takes more than a simple meditation exercise.

However, I agree fully with Mr. Masters that his particular exercise, and not others, is very helpful for the following reasons:


1. Calming and slowing the thoughts. Most people’s minds are racing from one thought to another without stopping.  The meditation practice he teaches is fabulous to gently and firmly slow the mind so that thoughts can be traced and moved about with ease to clearly reveal their source and their conclusions.

2. Relaxing. The exercise eventually relaxes the body and mind, and this also assists one to think and discern better.  The exercise is not relaxing at first, however, as it tends to bring up unhealed issues.

3. Grounding and centering.  This is another advantage of this particular exercise.  Grounding means moving energy in a downward direction.  This slowly and subtly balances the body, opens the energy centers, and can help connect a person with inner guidance.  This is a major reasons this exercise is recommended instead of other meditation practices.
            Centering means that the movement of the consciousness tends to occur within the confines of the physical body.  Most people’s attention is often outside of their physical body, particularly in children and women.  It is one reason that women, in general, are less selfish and care more than some men about relationships, an area that is outside of the physical body and in between people.  However, having one’s attention outside the bounds of the physical body can put one less in touch with some feelings from the body and also colors one’s thinking.

To read much more about the Roy Masters meditation-observation exercise, please read Meditation For Healing on this website.

            Boundaries.  Weak or confused boundaries of the self or ego is related to the problem of lack of centering and lack of grounding.  Alcoholic families, for example, are known for this problem, which is also called enmeshment and the tendency for enabling rather than relating to others from a centered and grounded place.  The Roy Masters exercise helps one center and ground, and this helps clarify ego boundaries.  A complete nutritional balancing program is also most helpful for this.


To dehypnotize, follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  Nutritional balancing science has opened many people’s eyes to the realities of the world.  This is the result of enhancing one’s adaptive energy or vitality, and renourishing and removing toxins from the brain to enhance the brain’s processing speed and ability, memory, mental clarity, focus, concentration ability, and more.  We often hear comments such as “this program opened my eyes” about some area of the person’s life that was unclear.

Nutritional balancing, by enhancing vitality and mental faculties, can even undo traumas of all types that are closely tied to the original hypnotic trance state.

Other subtle benefits include better self-esteem that comes with better health, more hopefulness, which we hear often from clients, and a sense of one’s ability to survive and thrive in the world.  Clients who stay on a nutritional balancing program for at least a few months to a year commonly report these kinds of mental improvements, many of which go far beyond simple nutritional correction of body chemistry.


              Other methods.  Many other methods can help one to de-hypnotize.  In fact, any method of healing that strengthens and balances the body and mind can help.  In addition, a healthful and peaceful environment is always helpful, as are healthful relationships and work that satisfies a person.



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