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Four reasons that girls need to be raised differently than boys.










Raising girls is not the same as raising boys.  There are at least four reasons for this.  They are:

1. Girls will be the bearers of the next generation of human beings.  This is a very critical responsibility that few discuss today.

2. Girls are smaller, weaker, and prettier than boys.  As a result, they are much more subject to molestation and rape.  This is a situation boys do not share.

3. Girls’ energy centers at birth spin somewhat incorrectly. This causes serious problems for all girls and women.

4. Girls are more easily influenced by their peers and somewhat more emotional than boys.  To stay safe, they need extra protection and extra preparation.


Let us discuss each of these in more detail.




              This section will seem very sexist to some people.  However, we feel it is very important and the only way we will have a healthy and happy society.  We completely disagree with the modern attitude that “girls are just like boys and should be treated the same way as boys”.  We know this has led to the epidemic of rape and disease among the entire population. 

A very important teaching for all girls, from a young age and continuing throughout their childhood and teenage years, is that they are responsible for the next generation of children on earth.

            Parents need to explain clearly to all girls from a young age that this is a critical role for them that boys do not share.  Other roles, such as being a friend, a marriage partner, having a job or career, and more are shared by both girls and boys.

However, this role is theirs alone and it needs to be firmly in their minds at all times.

            This means that girls are to always think in terms of their optimum health and optimum safety.  For example, staying up late, going to parties, drinking alcohol, using drugs and more are absolutely horrendous for girls.

These are not good for boys, either, but they are much more important rules for girls.

Following these rules, we believe, will give a girl a lot of protection from rape and other traumas.  This is not the only reason for the rules, but it is an added benefit.

Girls also need to study and learn all about babies (The Baby Manual), pregnancy and pre-natal care, childbirth, breast feeding, care of children’s health, psychological difficulties of children, children’s education, and other topics having to do with children.




              This should be obvious, but many people do not like to discuss it.  It definitely has implications for how one needs to treat girls.  They need to learn about it, and about how to remain safe.  This is critical for all girls.  The suggestions in the next section basically discuss how to do this.




  This is a subtle energetic problem, but I am told it is true.  It may be due to attacks on girls by the group we call the Rogues. 

This subject is controversial.  However, the truth is that the entire planet is under severe attack and has been for thousands of years from a group of beings that are not from this planet.  On this website, we refer to them as the rogues.  The Bible calls the attackers Satan.

The problem of imbalanced energy centers may also be due to normal nutritional or physiological and hormonal differences between girls and boys.

This problem is not well known on earth because the entire idea of the energy centers is not well known.  For details, read The Energy Centers. 

            This imbalance make girls less coordinated, more gullible, more selfish, and sexy in an unhealthy way.  It also makes them more prone to anger.

            It easily leads them into unhealthy sexual relationships, and it sets them up for molestation and rape.  For these reasons, this is one of the most important articles on this website.

Anything that a parent, friend, husband or another person can do to help a girl or adult woman correct her energy centers is of great help.




            The preparation we recommend is discussed later in this article.




            The message is that, in addition to everything else you need to do as a parent, raising girls is a special task. 






Girls and women require a certain type of male or masculine love that is tough, yet compassionate and caring.  This is difficult for women to furnish, so allow your husbands, boyfriends or other male friends to be around your daughters – always making sure the situation is safe. 

Be sure the girls are not just flirting with the men, however.  Young girls do this all the time, and it is decidedly bad for everyone involved.  If a girl starts doing it, bring it to her attention at once and don’t allow it. 

We all know the signs of flirting: curl and twist the hair with their fingers, flash their eyelashes at the man, look coy, and perhaps stick out their chest or their fanny.  They may even paw their body in some way or lift up a skirt or shirt.  This is unhealthy, in all cases, and must be stopped.


Loving baby girls.   The male type of love is not always available to a baby girl, but often it is.  It does not have to come from her father.  It can come from a relative, or a grandparent, in some cases.

It can even come from a television or movie hero, or a hero in a book.  There are quite a few men around who can supply it, so it is not usually absent, but it should be encouraged and allowed.

In some families, the mother rules the roost and does not allow the father to have as much control over the children.  This is always a bad idea, unless father is cruel or abusive.

Often, however, mother is simply power-hungry and does not like male authority herself, so she keeps her husband away from the little ones, and this is a big mistake, ladies.  Let him get in close and do some disciplining.  It is much better for the girls.  Do not spoil girls!

            Girls older than age 5.  At this age, the male figure is also important.  Once again, it can be the father, but it can be another man in her life.  A grandfather is excellent, in fact, if he is close by and visits often.  If he is distant, it is not as good.

              Girls over age 12 or so.  Now the girls want a man even closer to them.  Unfortunately, this can mean a boyfriend if the parents are not careful.  Boyfriends are not good!  They are too yin, too immature, and too interested in sex.  So these should not be allowed to girls, although they will complain about it.

Dating.  We think this is almost always terrible for girls in middle school, high school and even college.  Some girls are ready to marry at this age and so they want to meet a partner.  However, most girls are not mature enough. 

Also, girls are easily overpowered by boys and often raped.  This is terrible for a girl’s energy centers and often wrecks them for life.  So we do not recommend dating at all, not even double dating, which can easily be a setup for rape.

              School boys.  Boys at school are too yin, too immature, too interested in a girl’s body parts, and not interested enough in a girl as a person.  They may be obedient and decent boys.  However, they are immature.  Keep the girls away from them as much as possible, and, if possible, school the girls at home.  This is for safety, in particular, but also to help change their centers.

Nerds.  The “nerdy” boys are better, by the way.  They are less interested in her body parts, which is an advantage.  If a girl has a male friend of this type, it is helpful. They can take walks together, and have minor dating, but do not allow romance, please.  It gets in the way of correcting the energy centers in teenage girls.

However, these friendships rare because these boys are extremely shy around girls.  They have lower male hormone levels, so they are not as interested in girls.  If they are interested, they do not have the courage or drive to pursue the girls as do the highly-sexed boys.  So the nerdy ones usually lose out.

            For moms: During the teenage years, do not keep your husbands away from their daughters.  This assumes you have good husbands.  Let them in close, ladies.  Do not get upset if he yells at them now and then.  The girls like the attention, and often it is the only way to reach the girls through all the hormones and other changes that are going on inside.  Now let us discuss other requirements for correcting the energy centers of all girls and women.




Some self-discipline is required to reverse the spin of the energy centers.  Girls are sometimes less interested in it than boys, so it must be cultivated in them.  Here are activities that help develop self-discipline:

A. Structured schooling. This is good for providing tasks, with time limits and performance evaluations (such as grades).  These are the three key elements needed to make learning a better self-discipline producer.

An example is reading good books.  This might include reading the Bible.  It is a chore.  One must go back and reread, one must try to figure out what was said to understand it well, and so on.  Just keeping magazines or books around the house is not enough, however.

B. Chores.  Requiring chores around the home is another good method to teach self-discipline.  It also gives girls tasks, time limits, and performance evaluations.

C. Pets. Another method is to have your daughter take full responsibility for a pet such as a dog.  The reasons are the same.

D. Hobbies that require self-discipline.  Examples are showing your pet animal at the state fair, playing a musical instrument, sewing, singing, painting or building things.

Building things, by the way, is excellent for girls.  Sewing clothing is okay, but not quite as good.  Actually building toys, model aircraft, model ships, or something else is very good for girls.  It is not just a hobby for boys.  Just be sure your daughters do not use toxic glues, paints or other materials.

E. Motherhood.  Becoming a mother definitely teaches self-discipline.  In fact, it helps many young women to learn this trait.  However, it is not the best idea for a young girl of 13 to 16.  As a result, we will not discuss it further.

F. Sports.  Doing sports is another way to teach self-discipline.  However, joining a sports team, even an all-girls team, presents many problems, so please do not allow girls to enroll in sports.  The reasons why are discussed later in this article.




Excellent nutrition is very helpful to reverse the spin of the energy centers.  Most girls’ bodies are very deficient in a number of nutrients, especially minerals.  The bodies are also very out of balance and toxic due to eating the wrong foods.  Here are a few of the most important dietary errors:

A. No fruit.  Keep girls away from all fruit. Girls and their parents often love it because it is tasty and convenient.  However, fruit is too sugary, and the balance of minerals it contains is not correct.

We know this may sound unusual, but it is true.  Allowing girls to eat a lot of fruit is one of the biggest mistakes mothers and fathers make when raising girls.  For details, read Fruit-Eating on this website.

B. Eat meat daily.  Eating meat is needed to reverse the spin of the energy centers.  However, many girls fall for the vegetarian lie.  Few dietary errors can harm a girl more than this one.

Girls need to eat some meat or eggs twice daily.  The portion size for a teenager needs to be 4-5 ounces or 100-150 grams, and less for a younger girl.  Some girls just do not like it, but encourage them to eat it, please.

Many girls do not like eating meat because it causes copper elimination – which is exactly what they need.  However, this can cause temporary unpleasant symptoms such as acne, headaches, and perhaps spaciness.

Girls need and must eat some meat every day.  Mothers and fathers - please insist upon it.  It can become a psychological block for some girls, so just understand this.

If a girl refuses to eat meat, try negotiating with her.  Also, at times, parents can mix a little meat into dishes and children will not notice it.

C. Eat lots of cooked, not raw vegetables.  Many girls have very poor digestion.  As a result, they don’t want to eat meat, and they prefer to live on salads.

The trouble is that one cannot absorb nearly enough minerals from raw vegetables.  One must eat vegetables cooked.  Cooked vegetables are also much better for weight control, a concern of many girls today.  For details, read Fifty Reasons For The Cooked Vegetable Diet.

D. Drink more water.  Teenagers often do not drink enough water.  They are too “busy”, or they forget their water bottle, or have other excuses.

Teens need at least two quarts or two liters of water daily, and perhaps more.  Those living in warm climates or who sweat a lot definitely need even more.

In the USA, the best water to drink are spring water from the supermarket or tap water that has been filtered with carbon or sand only.  In many other parts of the world, tap water may not be safe to drink.

Well water is variable.  Reverse osmosis water does not hydrate the body as well, and is lacking minerals, so we would avoid it, if possible.  The same is true of distilled water.  Alkaline waters are not healthful, even though one will feel better on it for a while.  For details, read Water For Drinking.

E. Follow a complete development program.  This is the best complete nutritional program for reversing the spin of the energy centers.  Other vitamin and mineral, herbal and homeopathic programs do not have the same effect.  They are not the same, no matter what anyone claims.

F. Avoid vaccines, most medical procedures, and all drugs – both medical and recreational drugs.  Another giant mistake parents make is vaccinating their girls.  Vaccines are not needed or safe.  Their side effects are far worse than the benefits they may provide.

The vaccine onslaught begins at birth, and never stops.  It damages your girls’ health in hundreds of ways, and can stop the correction of the energy centers.

Please do not allow your children to be vaccinated at all.  Object strenuously to any laws that require this horrible practice.  Some doctors know how harmful vaccines are, but they lose their medical license if they say it.  As a result, many of them prostitute themselves and just keep quiet.  Shame on them!  For more, read Vaccination.

Medical drugs are also much overused.  Often, natural alternatives will work just as well, cost much less, and do not have toxic side effects that can stop the correction of a girls’ energy centers.

Prescribed drugs kill hundreds of thousand of people around the world each year.  You are not told this fact because it would end the insane practice of giving poisons to “heal” sickness.  In fact, most of them just suppress illness and make the body weaker.  They also damage the environment because they are building up in our water supplies wherever they are used.

Recreational drugs and alcohol. These are horrendous for girls!  It wrecks their brain and their energy centers. 

Also, girls become drunk or high much faster and easier than boys, which adds more hazards.  As a result, most girls will end up raped if they use drugs or alcohol to any extent.  A reason to avoid most parties is that alcohol or drugs can easily be added to drinks and food given to girls at parties in order to rape them.




This is an absolute requirement for correcting the energy centers.  Yang is a Chinese word that means warmer, more compact and with better integrity.  The bodies are all yin today, and it slows or stops the correction of the spin of the centers.  Making the body more yang is done in a few ways that have been discussed above, but we will mention them again for emphasis:

- Masculine love and self-discipline.

- A diet of mainly cooked food, with meat daily and no fruit.

- A complete development program.  Balancing the tissue mineral levels and ratios is a powerful way to make the body more yang.  One can begin with The “Free Program”.

- Few orgasms.  Another key to becoming and staying yang is to avoid orgasms.  This is easy for most girls.  However, a few learn about orgasms, and a very few develop the masturbation habit, which is very harmful for girls!  It is worse for girls than for boys, in some ways. 

Do not let it go if your daughters have this!  Please stop it.  Get all the help you need from counselors, doctors or others to figure out the cause and stop it.

Boyfriends.  Avoiding orgasms is why boyfriends in middle school, high school or college are always a bad idea.  If the boys don’t know how to give your daughter an orgasm, they soon learn.  Soon it is off to bed, and your girl will become much less bright, always diseased, less cheerful, and more sullen and angry.  Pregnancy is next.

Boyfriends are a bad idea for other reasons.  They teach terrible morals, they are usually the wrong man for your daughter – a hormone-filled man and not a love-filled one.  They usually could not care less about your daughter’s welfare as long as the penis is satisfied once every few days. 

Is this really what you want for your daughter?  Then stop it at once.  Make it the family policy, with no exceptions.  Sure they will object because the other girls are doing it, but so what.

A big problem for today’s girls is the craving for sexual fluid.  It drives them into the boyfriend’s arms and his bed, literally.  Parents, you must learn about it!  Read Sexual Fluid Craving.

The charging problem also complicates things for girls.  Please read Charging, too.

There are a dozen other reasons why girls may be attracted to sex, but these are among the most powerful and least understood.

- Sleep.  Another key to becoming yang is to get plenty of sleep, something that most teenage girls, in particular, do not get.  Do not let girls stay up at night.  Lights out at nine PM is best.  To do this, they must begin preparing for bed at 8:30 PM.  So the rule must be that the books, television, computers, telephones and all other distractions stop at 8:30 PM.

If homework is the reason for late nights, change schools.  We mean this.  That is how important it is.  Your girls will be brighter, prettier, happier and much healthier with 10 hours of sleep.

They will scream about this because their friends are all allowed to stay up later, but no matter.  It is pure stupidity!

Ideally, make no exceptions for concerts, movies, special television, New Year’s eve, or anything else.  That is our suggestion.  It will form a habit, and it will serve them the rest of their lives.

If your daughter fights you on this too hard, there is likely a brain implant directing her behavior that needs removing.  Let us know and perhaps help can be arranged.

- Reduce electromagnetic stress.  Another key to becoming more yang is to be exposed to a minimum of electromagnetic stress.  This comes from computers, televisions, and the worst is cell phones.  AVOID CELL PHONES!  Wired telephones are much better.

The only cell phone for a girl should be an emergency phone that only calls home and 911.  The pressure to have one of these devices to text friends will be intense, but they are very harmful devices, especially for girls.  For details, read Reducing Electromagnetic Stress.

- Reduce stress. 

Another important way to make the body more yang is to keep all stress low.  Parents, this means do not put pressure on your girls to excel in school or anything else.  We know this goes against the conventional wisdom.  However, it matters a lot.

Too much pressure will ruin a child.  Let your girl(s) experiment with different subjects and home school them.  Don’t worry much about school grades.  You will have a much happier child who is more yang and healthier, as well.

The pressures on girls are bad enough.  There is no need to add to them.

- A good male role model.  To become more yang, a good man in her life (even on television) is also most helpful.  From him she learns yang attitudes of self-reliance, individualism, self-dignity, self-restraint, integrity, commitment and conviction.  These are helpful for everyone to become much more yang.

- Do the pulling down exercise.  Moving energy downward is another extremely powerful way to make the body more yang.  Parents, please do this exercise with your girls every day, at the dinner table, sitting on the couch, or anywhere else you can think of.  Even while you drive them to school.  It works, and there is no substitute.

Girls often have their energy moving upwards, especially after a molestation or worse, a rape or any scare.  This must be reversed or your girls will not correct their energy centers.

A vaginal object.  Keeping a small piece of styrofoam or similar material inside the vagina helps with the pulling down exercise.  Just remove it once daily and wash it off with soap and reinsert it.  It is not necessary to sleep with it.

This idea is somewhat frowned upon on earth at this time.  However, it works and it does not hurt girls one bit.  It will remind the girls to push down all the time.  For details, read The Vaginal Object.




- Keep the hair short (ideally what is called a “boy haircut”).  Long hair is very sexy and attracts all the wrong kind of attention.  Washing it and brushing it also wastes a lot of time and is an incorrect focus for one’s life. 

Long hair is also very unsafe for girls and adult women.  A favorite trick of rapists is to walk up behind a woman and grab her long hair, and she is helpless.  Keeping the hair very short (a boy haircut) is one of the most important lessons for girls and all women to learn.

Dressing properly is also vital for girls and adult women.  Important concepts are:

- Wear light colors only.  For the reasons why, read Color.

- Wear clothes that cover up the body well.  “Showing skin” is sexy, dangerous, and will interfere with the correction of the energy centers.

-  Wear loose-fitting, modest, and simple clothing.  This is also vital for correcting the energy centers and for safety.  Avoid see-through, nets, tight clothes, shorts, sleeveless tops, flip-flops, high heels, and most “athletic” clothing.  Always wear socks for warmth.  We do not recommend dresses.  They are cold and sexy, in all cases.  For many more details, read Clothing.




Mild exercise helps correct the energy centers for young girls.  So encourage them to play outside.  Walk and play ball, badminton, and other games with them.  It will be good for both of you. 

Swimming is always somewhat yin because it takes place in water.  However, for very young girls, learning to swim in a lake, river, or in the ocean or a clean hot spring is good for safety in case she is ever on a boat and falls overboard. 

Swimming is less recommended once a girl reaches the age of 10 or so.  Girls this age take more chances, making it a more dangerous sport.  Often, girls enjoy showing off their bodies and wearing skimpy bathing suits.  This should be forbidden, as it is very unsafe. 

Avoid swimming in pools and avoid hot tubs due to the toxic chemicals used in these environments and because they are all filthy with germs, no matter how they are sanitized.  Many girls contract sexually-transmitted diseases from these locations.

Please avoid all dangerous exercise such as all skating (ice, roller, in-line or other), skiing, water-skiing, lacrosse, and horse-back riding (which girls love).

Organized sports teach many lessons such as teamwork, following orders, paying less attention to appearance and paying more attention to performance.  However, girls’ sports teams are fraught with problems, so we cannot recommend them.

Problems with girls sports teams.  The problems include walking around in skimpy outfits, and hanging around with the jock-boys who have high hormone levels.  Rape is much more common among girls on sports teams for this reason.

Locker rooms are also notoriously filthy and infected with fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Most girls who join sports teams pick up these infections and they last a lifetime.

Performing in sports events for the public is also quite dangerous for girls. 

Other problems are disturbed eating schedules due to practice, and showering with other girls who teach your daughter all about orgasms and sex.  Rarely, a girl is beaten up or raped in these showers, as well.

Another serious problem is over-exercising.  Most girls today are tired and malnourished.  It is easy to overdo with practice sessions and games.  Coaches often push the girls to work harder in order to win.

Worst of all, most girls who engage in high school sports end up raped.  This is horrible to have to say.  However, it is true and the schools will not divulge this information, in most cases. 

Sports, sadly, teach loose sexual habits. There is too much showing of skin, and too much chumming around with male athlete counterparts.  It occurs while riding on the bus together to out-of-town games, and at the parties after the games.  You must know this, parents, and keep your girls out of these situations.  For more on this topic, please read Girl’s Sports on this site.




This was mentioned in paragraph #4 above.  Many ignore this part of the development program. 

Do not ignore it with your girls!  Do it as a family, if it helps.  It does not matter if they don’t like it or if they think it is stupid and a waste of time. 

In fact, it is never a waste of time, and it helps a lot to change the centers around.  Use whatever visualizations help your girls – sitting under the biggest waterfall they can imagine, or a vacuum cleaner at the feet pulling the energy downward, or one of the others in the Pulling Down Exercise article. 




This is essential if girls and women are to reverse the direction of their energy centers.  It is difficult for some families, but is always worth striving for.  Seek to create a safe, loving environment for your girls.  Also, teach them many rules of safety. 

Clothing. Among the most important safety areas for girls is how to dress.  For details, read the Appearance And Dress section above.  Dressing properly does not make girls safe, but it helps a little.  At least they won’t be “advertising”, which young teens like to do, and which is one of the most foolish things they can do.  Most who advertise are raped, as a result.  So drive the safety point home in many ways.  For more details, read Clothing.

Other safety measures are to always lock doors, don’t get undressed for anyone, anywhere, unless someone else is present, and be careful with “friends” you don’t know too well.  Many are up to no good, these days.

Cut the hair short.  This was mentioned above and is an excellent safety measure.  It also speeds up development, although we are not sure why this occurs.

Friendships.  One or two very good friends is enough.  Mom or dad needs to investigate all “friends” right at the beginning of the friendship.  Call the parents, and ask about their attitudes about sex, dress, alcohol, drugs, and more. 

Then decide if this is a good person for your daughter to hang around with, or not.  If the friendship does not sound wholesome, explain this patiently but firmly to your daughter and end the friendship.

  Outings.  We do not recommend allowing girls to go to parties or any large gatherings, especially when boys are involved.  The same is true of camping trips, concert and swimming parties, and other group situations that are not that wholesome.

Your daughter does not need these, no matter how much she protests.  Too often “friends” teach your girls about sex, boys, dating, and even drugs and alcohol, these days.

Lessons.  It is also not wise to just drop your daughter off for her music, dance, singing or other lessons.  During the first few lessons, at least, you, the parent, must stay around and watch.  Do this periodically, at the very least.  Just because someone is a well-known piano teacher does not mean he or she is a good person for your daughter to be around.

Also, do not leave your daughter alone with the pleasant-looking singing instructor – male or female.

Keep fear low.  If you notice that your young or older girl is fearful of anything, you must take the time to investigate. 

If your daughter is in school, it often involves the school.  A boy has asked her out, or someone has hit her, threatened her, or even molested her in the bathroom.  Perhaps a teacher has smiled too much, made a pass, or treated her badly.  Girls need to be educated at home!!!

Rarely, she has been molested or even raped behind the school building in the bushes.  This happens, and is the main reason never to send girls to any school, sadly.  Educate them at home and do not make excuses about why you cannot do it.

So if your daughter even appears afraid, find out why.  Get to the bottom of it and solve the problem.  This is one of the most important jobs of a parent.

If necessary, call the police.  Do not fool around in this area.  Do not let fears smolder in your girls!  They always ruin the changing of the energy centers.

Here is a quick personal story.  A colleague’s daughter experienced rape at age 15.  The girl was told not to tell her mother.  Mom knew something had occurred because her daughter was sullen, angry, depressed and her school grades dropped.  The mother found out about it two years later when she walked by her daughter in the house and heard a whisper “I was raped.”

This was a thoughtful, intelligent mother.  Do not assume you will know if such a thing happens to your child.  Far better to prevent it.

Attractiveness. Other girls’ fears come from not being attractive enough, not being tall enough, or being too tall, too big around the chest, not big enough around the chest, and so on.  These must be dealt with, too.

If your girl is too heavy, usually her diet needs adjusting.  More fat builds breasts and hips.  Less fat reduces their size.  A development program usually thins them down all over, which is healthy but may need adjusting if they are string beans and hate it.  So work with these fears.

Brain fog.  Another set of fears for girls has to do with not thinking clearly.  This gets worse, of course, with menarche (start of the menstrual period).  Many girls have this fear.

A development program is by far the best answer, as it will reduce PMS and other menstrually-related problems and it will clear brain fog that many girls suffer from today.  However, it can be a slow process, so you have to keep them on the program, somehow.

Negotiate.  One way to keep a girl on the program is to negotiate with her.  If they follow their development program completely, you will do something for them. 

If your daughter fights you, you will not be so nice to them.  If they want privileges and responsibilities, (they all do), show them that they can have them if they follow the rules of the house.




Intellectual learning and the disciplines of studying and reading are very good to correct the spin of the energy centers.  Intellectual learning is more yang, but only if the material is truthful.  However, this is a big “if” because the schools and the media teach a lot of nonsense!

Just a few of their pernicious doctrines are multi-culturalism, gender identity, political correctness, diversity, communism, progressivisim, liberalism, homosexual values, and socialism.  Others are social justice, climate change, use of marijuana, that condoms work, and the value of vaccination.

Classes.  A problem for older girls is that no class at a high school, college or elsewhere is safe!  This is a strong statement, I know, but we warn you. 

The problems range from the attractive male teacher of any age, to the aggressive boys sitting behind your daughter commenting on her butt. 

Other girls may not be much better.  They may mock, bully or even molest your daughter.

We do not like to say such things, as they sound quite negative.  However, until the values of most nations improve, the risk to teenage girls is high.

Your girls are precious.  Don’t take risks with them, even if they want it badly.  In particular, molestation and rape are horrible, and set in motion a whole set of problems from which most women never recover.

A complete development program can assist recover from these traumas, but it is not an easy program for some to follow.  Prevention is much better than having to undo a problem that could have been avoided.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Only take classes or go to college online, or use other home-schooling options.

2. Pursue intellectual activities with your girls.  This should include reading famous books together, such as the Bible.  The Bible remains about the best book to study for a lifetime.  We also recommend the articles on this website, and not most others.

3. Attend community and church functions as a family, rather than by herself.




Parents must set the example for everything in this article!  You cannot stay up late and expect your girls to go to bed early, especially once they reach the age of 10 or so.  It does not work.

If you want them to do chores, then you do chores with them.  If you want them to cook dinner, teach them by example.

The same is true with their diet, lifestyle, the “boys night out” or anything else.  Girls do what you do, not what you say, in many instances.  If you “walk the talk”, they will understand your words much better.






Most girls are somewhat molested, and not just the very beautiful ones.  This is the truth, even if you don’t like it.  All little girls are attractive creatures.  As a result, men and even other women are drawn to them.

They smile at them too much, and of course some undress the girls in their minds and have sex with them in their minds.  All of this harms girls, especially visualizing having sex with them.  Some mothers do this with their daughters.  If you are one of these men or women, stop now!

A development program can often undo these insults, and that is a great benefit.  It is not fun to go through, in some cases, but it works, and it often happens within a few months to a year of starting a program in many young girls. 

It takes longer for older girls and teenagers to retrace their traumas, but they can clear them out, as well.  This is also essential to correct the centers.


More on the rape problem.  Most girls are raped today!   It occurs at parties, on dates, slumber parties, on school trips, on camping trips, on girls’ sports teams (not advisable at all), and around schools these days.  It is part of living in a post-Christian world.

Parents need to know this and need to know the horror of it.  It is often done by professionals posing as young men or high school boys.  It is truly a horror and it is the reality today.  For details, read Rape.




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