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            This article suggests that most sports teams for girls, especially in middle school or high school, are not a wise idea.  The only exception is if there are no boys around, and if it is gentle exercise only.

              I know this goes against the trend today.  I believe women should have just as many opportunities as boys in society - but not most school sports!

            Problems with girls’ sports teams are:


              1. Girls today are all malnourished.  It does not matter how good they look.  Their hair tests tell a different story.  As a result, their bodies cannot handle the heavy physical exertion as well as can the boys’ bodies.  (However, many sports for boys are also much too much.)


              2. Being on the sports teams is often a nutritional disaster.  The girls (and boys, too) eat health food candy bars, which all are too sweet and bad combinations.  They drink Gatorade, Recharge and other “sports drinks”. which are too sweet and too yin.  They miss healthier meals with their family because they are at practice or at a game.  They also run around, keeping tight schedules, which is just extra stress on the body.


              3. Chumming around with the boys, which a lot of the girls love, is not good.  Girls who do this are almost always raped.  This is the truth.

            Reasons it happens include:

a) wearing the short shorts and halter tops or “sports bras”,

b) riding with the boys on the bus to the games,

c) hanging around the boys locker room areas,

d) going to the parties of the “sports crowd”

e) the worst – dating the hunks and the jocks.


            All of it is very dangerous, no matter how much fun it is!  Parents, please beware and do not allow your daughters to do school sports.




            First, a great deal of exercise is not needed.  With nutritional balancing programs, we don’t like or need much exercise.  I know this goes against the advice of many doctors, but it is explained more fully in the article entitled Exercise, on this website. 

            Many gentler activities are fine.  They can work in the garden, or walk the dog.  They can help with chores around the house, which is excellent learning for both girls and boys.  For more exercise, they can go hiking with you, or perhaps good friends.  She could take tennis lessons, if desired. These are all excellent.

            Gentle swimming would be okay, except that the pools are loaded with chlorine, bromine, and germs that are not killed by these chemicals.  Please avoid swimming pools.  Lakes and the ocean are better.

            Activities like dancing are somewhat safer, but today a lot of the dancing is sexy, and the girls may “dress down” for it, which is not good.

            Sometimes, a girl will want to go to an exercise class.  The problems here are that many are held at health clubs, which are prime locations for sexual predators.  I would strictly avoid these places, no matter how safe they seem.  Also, health clubs and gyms are loaded with germs, from the showers and locker rooms to the treadmills and other equipment.




            1. Everyone needs some physical activity.  This should be obvious, but it is not obvious to some people.  Reasons girls may do no exercise at all include fatigue, busy lives, or perhaps dislike of exercise.

            Exercise is helpful for all parts of the body.  One of the “diseases of civilization” is that we live in our automobiles or other mechanical means of transportation, we don’t climb stairs because we live on the ground floor, or we use elevators in the big cities. 

              The result is that the muscles become flabby and weak, the bones also weaken, the ligaments may weaken and so on.  Also, the structure of the body becomes distorted from just sitting in front of computers, for example, and not stretching and toning the system.


              Walking – an excellent and simple answer.  The simplest answer is to walk every day for at least 15 minutes at a stretch.  This is not hard to do.  You do not have to race walk or get all sweaty.  I do not believe that you must get your heart rate up high in order to benefit.

              Where to walk.  First, DO NOT JOIN OR GO TO GYMS OR HEALTH CLUBS.  This is because sexual predators often lurk in these places.  Please avoid them!

            You can walk on the street in good weather.  However, women should always be with a friend, and preferably a strong man. 

            A covered mall is an excellent place to walk.  Advantages are that usually there are other people around, so it is fairly safe.  You can duck into stores, if needed, for safety.  Also, you can walk in all weather, the climate is controlled, and you don’t have to dodge vehicles, bicycles, or breathe polluted air as you do on some streets.  Women must be careful in malls, however, if you are alone and there are not many people around.  Malls can still be unsafe in this regard.  Also, always wear shoes that you can run away in, if needed.  This is sad to have to discuss, but important nevertheless.

            Some people have learned to park their car at the far end of the parking lot when they shop or at work, so they walk a ways to and from their car.  This is excellent, as long as it is safe.  Parking lots are not the safest places because cars suddenly appear, seemingly out of nowhere.  However, it is one answer to the question of how shall I get my exercise several times a week.

            Other people walk on treadmills or use exercise bicycles at home.  This is fine, too.  If possible, have an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in the room or in the home, as this will enhance the effects of your exercise.

            Walking is probably the best overall, simple, inexpensive and safe solution to the exercise problem for most people.  No special equipment or space is needed, you can do it alone or with others, and it gently moves the spine without stressing the joints, tendons or ligaments excessively.  More on how to walk so as to use walking as a very useful method of healing and development is found in the article entitled Grounding And Centering on this website.


              Other forms of gentle exercise. Other good forms of exercise are gentle weight lifting, bicycling if done safely, which is difficult, swimming in safe, non-polluted, non-chlorinated water, and perhaps some light sports such as gentle tennis or racquet ball as long as it is gentle and you do not become exhausted.

              Notes on rebounding.  Rebounding is a decent form of exercise.  However, it always moves subtle energy in the wrong direction.  It is possible to mentally move energy downward from your head to your feet at the same time you are using a rebounder or mini-trampoline, but it takes a lot of concentration.  To read a lot more about the importance of moving energy in a downward direction please read Downward Moving Energy and Healing on this website.


            2. Vigorous exercise is not needed. Most people are not well enough to be doing heavy exercise, such as intense running, intense weight lifting, and other vigorous sports.  This may sound heretical, but it is our observation.  Even Kenneth Cooper, the founder of aerobics, near the end of his career sounded the alarm about too much and too vigorous exercise routines.


              Vigorous exercise routines:

1. Cause severe oxidative stress that can lead to a heart attack or other catastrophes.

2. Weakens the adrenals and thyroid gland by simply overstressing them.

3. Often damages tendons and ligaments if they are already weak and compromised, as they are today in many people.

4. Can cause some young women to stop ovulating, which is awful.

5. Waste your energy, no matter how fun or exciting they seem.

6. May deplete dozens of vital nutrients.


            Please listen, those of you that love long distance running, for example, as in running and training for marathons.  Please listen.  For a short article on running, read Marathon Running Can Kill on this site.

            More on the technical aspects of oxidant damage due to vigorous exercise is found in the article on this site entitled Glutathione, A Master Anti-oxidant.




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