by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2023, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Table Of Contents


I. Introduction


II. The Seven Lower Physical Energy Centers


III. The Second Set Or Mental Energy Centers (#8-14)


IV. The Energy Center Of The Etheric Body


V. Other Topics Related To The Energy Centers

Development Programs And The Energy Centers

Energy Center Imbalances Through The Life Cycle

Qualities That Block The Energy Centers

Relationships And The Energy Centers

The Aura Concept

More Advanced Development Of A Human Being

Girls’ Centers

Poles And Climbers







The energy centers discussed in this article are spinning vortices of subtle energy.  Most people cannot see them, but they are real and very important.

All living beings, including humans, animals, plants and our planet has these centers. 

Terms.  The energy centers are also called chakras in the Sanskrit language.  This word simply means funnels.  They use this word because most of the centers look like funnels 

Generators of the body.  The energy centers are very important because they generate the physical body.  They spin in a special way and as they do, subtle energy condenses or precipitates to form the body.

How many?  All living beings including our planet have at least seven major energy centers located along the physical part of the body or planet.  In addition, all living beings have many smaller centers located in between the seven large ones.

All living beings including our planet also have at least one main energy center located along what is called the etheric body.  This is actually a fine matter creature who is associated with every living being. 

In addition, living beings generally have 14 other large energy centers located above the head.




Not much is known about these centers by Western medicine or most Western scientists.  The reason is they cannot be seen by most people, even with advanced viewing methods such as electron microscopes.

Some day soon, I hope, we will invent machines that can visualize these centers.

However, a few people can see the energy centers, and many books and charts are available about them on the internet and elsewhere.  One who has written beautifully illustrated books about them is Barbara Brennan, who wrote Hands of Light (1988) and Light Emerging (1993).




The opening and growth of the energy centers is critical for  development.  Development is the fullest unfolding of the human genetic potential.  It is the main goal of the nutritional programs offered through this website.

This goal is very different than most other healing methods.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.

Most of the remainder of this article is a more detailed description of the energy centers.






They are located at the midline of the body, along the spine.  There are seven physical level centers, and many minor ones in places like the elbows, the knees and around the head.

All are shaped like double funnels joined at the narrow ends except the first and seventh.  While they move separately, as a unit they all move back and forth in a rhythmic motion and they wobble together up and down.  As they move back and forth together, they all pulse bright to dim.

Every person also has another set of more advanced centers.  These are found above the head.  These are discussed later in this article.


The centers are “closed” in most people.  When the energy centers are smaller than about 2 inches long from the closed end to the open end of the funnel-shaped vortex of energy, energy centers are said to be closed.  This is common in most children and many adults, sadly.

Ideally, the energy centers should begin to open during the teenage years or before.  This means they begin to grow larger, and they begin to glow brighter. 

Some people are born with one or more centers open.  This is somewhat unusual and is often a mark of a more mature soul inside the person. 

In most people, one must work to open the energy centers.  Following a development program is one of the simplest, surest and safest ways to do this.


Factors that promote the opening of the centers.  Many methods have been used throughout history to help people open the energy centers.  They include prayer, fasting, simple living in monasteries, special diets, chanting, and other methods.

All major religions discuss this, although they may not mention the energy centers.  However, for a person to mature in wisdom and character, one must open the energy centers, at least to some extent. 

Things are different today, however, in at least three ways:

1. Most church leaders do not understand the energy centers and do not understand the reasons for certain of the older church rituals in Christianity, Judaism and even in Hinduism, which openly mentions the energy centers.

2. Some of the older methods of opening the energy centers do not work nearly as well today.

3. Today the main impediment to opening the energy centers is often a sick, depleted and toxic body.  Essentially, a certain level of physical health is needed to open the energy centers.




These are:


1. Make the body much more yang.  This is done mainly with a diet of cooked, not raw vegetables.  The diet must not include fruit, fruit juices, smoothies or sweets.  It must also include animal protein daily.  For more on this essential topic, please read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease.

2. Remove toxins from the body.  These include the toxic metals, the toxic chemicals, and biological toxins such as infections.  Others are emotional and mental toxins or traumas.

3. Remineralize the body.  This is needed today for almost everyone.  It may sound easy, but it is not.  We use kelp, sea salt, natural spring water, and large amounts of cooked, not raw vegetables to remineralize the body properly.  Do not just take mineral supplements such as colloidal minerals, electrolytes, sea minerals, drinking salt water, or others. These do not work well enough, in my experience, as they are not foods and most contain some toxic metals that we are trying to get rid of.

4. Study of certain information only.  The only material that will work seems to be the study of moral codes and texts such as the Bible.  Also, freedom-related material is needed, today, such as Austrian or free market economics, capitalist political philosophy such as The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, and proper history as found at

Also helpful is material about helping others, charity work, assisting orphans and the poor, and this type of material.

5. Moving energy downward through the body.  This is extremely helpful.  Nutritional balancing science uses the Roy Masters mental exercise (and no other meditations, please) to do this.  Also, the daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna (and not other kinds of saunas) has this effect.  Daily coffee enemas, but not colonic irrigations and not other types of enemas, are also very helpful.

6. Equally important is to avoid the opposite of the items above.  These include all yin foods, and most medical drugs, almost all herbs, all homeopathy, and all recreational drugs.  Also avoid yin beverages such as alcohol and fermented foods and beverages, yin attitudes and yin philosophies such as socialism and victimhood. 

Also avoid toxic products, toxic foods and live safely to avoid accidents and infections from other people, STDs, etc.  Also, avoid anything that demineralizes the body, such as reverse osmosis water, too much distilled water, and other things. 

Also, do not waste time studying and learning false knowledge, of which there is a lot.  Also, avoid practices that move energy upward through the body.  This includes most meditations, most regular sex, anger and resentment, most yoga and even most acupuncture today.


Opening the energy centers faster is one of the main reasons the above procedures are so highly recommended in nutritional balancing science.  Now let us explore the energy centers in more detail.




In the following sections, you will notice that women’s energy centers tend to spin in reverse to that of men, unless the woman is mentally and spiritually developed fully.  I do not know the reason for this, but it is the truth.

It may indicate that women are more centered in relationships than men, because their “relationship centers” (numbers 2, 4, and 6) spin outwardly while those of men spin in an inward direction, in most cases.

In fact, however, few women have their energy centers spinning correctly.  It takes quite an effort to shift them so they spin properly, and perhaps 0.1% of women ever achieve this.  The reasons it is difficult include poor health, bad relationships, traumas such as rape and molestation, distractions such as shopping and social media, and perhaps other reasons, as well.

The way the reversed spin manifests is that often women are more gullible, less grounded and centered, more easily influenced by manipulators and predators of all stripes, and they are not quite as healthy, in some ways, as are many men.  This all works against women, so this section discusses how to change this fact.


Changing the spin.  It is definitely helpful for a woman to change the direction of her energy center spin.  To do this, the following are helpful, and perhaps necessary today:

1. Marriage to a good man.  This has always been very helpful for women, though not necessary.  Reasons for this include that women are more fearful, weaker and gain protection from marriage to a good man.  Also, sex with a good man, and even just living with him or being in his presence, helps change the direction of the spin of the energy centers.  There may be other physiological reasons, as well.

2. Having children.  For some reason, this is helpful.  It may fulfill a need in many women, or perhaps there are other reasons, but it works.  Usually, at least two children are needed to make it effective.

3. Having a career or job.  This is also helpful for most women, provided it does not exhaust the woman or damage her health or well-being in any way.  For example, if she must compromise herself in any way to keep the job or career, then it is less helpful.  However, it is a way many modern women begin the process of self-development that will eventually shift the spin of the energy centers.

4. Following a complete nutritional balancing program.  Just doing the “free program” described on this website is not enough today.  The bodies are all weak, and this works against women.  All of the program is needed, particularly the diet, but also the procedures, including the vaginal coffee implants.

5. Spiritual reading.  This is most helpful.  The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are wonderful, as are a few other spiritual texts.  However, be careful because most New Age literature is not good, and most secular books are not helpful at all.  They may even be harmful, teaching false doctrines to women and men.

6. Other spiritual activities.  These can range from watching spiritually-oriented television and movies, to attending a real church or synagogue, for instance.  Once again, beware of New Age churches and reform synagogues that have watered down the truth to the point that the doctrines are basically false or missing essential parts.

For more on this topic, please read Raising Girls on this website.




The first three physical energy centers are often referred to as the lower energy centers. They are concerned with physical and emotional survival of the body and ego self, and its growth and reproduction.  These dominate life as a young child.  Some adults remain stuck at these lower levels of functioning, as well.




This is also sometimes called the root or base center.  It is associated with survival and grounding.  It is most involved with one’s physical base or structure. This includes one’s nutrition and lifestyle, eating habits, physical environment, how, where and with whom one lives, and reproduction in both men and women.

Origin.  Its origin is about one inch directly above the anal opening if one is standing up.  It is just slightly in front of the anal opening, inside, between the scrotum and anus in a man, and between the vagina and anus in a woman.

Shape.  It is shaped like a funnel pointing more or less downward.  When closed, it angles forward about 15 degrees.

Size. When closed, it is about 2 inches long and about 2 inches at its widest part, which is just below the anal opening.  In a well-grounded individual or developed individual, it will grow to longer than one foot in many cases, and at its widest part may be one foot wide, as well.

Color. It should be a bright red or magenta color.

Sound. AH (as in the word Torah)

Spin. In most men, it spins counterclockwise when viewed from above.  In most women, it spins clockwise when viewed from above.  When a woman is fully developed mentally and spiritually, however, it spins the same direction as that of the man.

Movement.  In most men, it moves downward or away from the body.  In most women, it spins inward toward the body.  This is normal for a woman, even when fully developed spiritually.

Other movement. In harmony with all the other energy centers, it pulses bright and dim every two seconds or so, slightly faster in men than in women, and it rocks back and forth a little and may wobble a little.

Glandular association.  This center is associated with the testis and ovaries, and perhaps with the prostate gland, as well.

Disturbances.  As mentioned elsewhere, it is often too closed or small in today’s Western people.  In addition, it can be off center, spinning too slowly, or occasionally spinning too fast.  It is often reversed, or spinning backwards, due to severe traumas such as beatings, rape, and other traumas.

When a person is ill, it is often grayish.  If one is angry, chronically constipated or in a bad mood, it can turn a deep reddish brown color.  Women have more trouble with this center than men, as explained below.

This energy center needs the most work in the majority of the population.  Exposure to toxic chemicals, unhealthy food and eating habits, and stressful lifestyles prevent the development of this energy center.

When this energy center is not developed, as happens often, particularly in women today, a person is ungrounded and uncentered, and often lacks good survival instincts.  Truly, this energy center is one’s connection with the earth, with grounding and knowing truly how to care for one’s body. 

Psychological/spiritual aspects.  These are extremely important.  As stated above, this energy center helps one to be grounded and centered, and connected to the world and to the planet.  When it is not active, a person can suffer tremendously because one is not properly joined to the earth. 

Because this center spins outward/downward in men, men today are more grounded than women.  This helps men to survive financially, and perhaps in other ways as well.   Men can help women to be grounded by marrying the women and having sex with them, as this center has a lot to do with the sexual center, which is the second.

Hair analysis patterns.  A closed first center is common in slow oxidizers, and especially in those with the pattern called Sympathetic Dominance.  It is also commonly disturbed in those with a fast oxidation rate, but not as bad, usually, as with a slow oxidation rate.

Factors that help the first energy center.  Infrared light, loads of sleep and rest, a nutritional balancing program, and healthful, relaxed lifestyles help develop this energy center.



This is often also called the sexual center.  It has to do with male and female identity, sexual relationships, all one-on-one relationships and survival in some ways.

Origin. This center should begin at the spinal cord, about three inches below the navel.

Shape. In most people, it looks like two narrow funnels, one opening forward and one opening backward, joined at the narrow end right at the spinal cord.

Color. The color is light to dark orange depending on one’s toxicity level, amount of sex one has had or is having, and other factors.

Sound. EE (as in the word eel)

Size. In most people it is about 2 inches long from the narrow end to the open end.  As a person develops, or if a person has too much sex, it can grow to be a foot long or longer, and about 6 inches wide at its widest part.

Spin. In men, it spins counterclockwise if one views it standing in front of a mirror.  In most women, it spins clockwise if one stands in front of a mirror.  However, when a woman is fully developed spiritually, which is rare, it turns around and spins counterclockwise when viewed from the front in a mirror.

Movement. In men, it should move inward.  If a man is very sexual, it may move outward a little.  This is not normal, however, and indicates some sexual issues.  In women, it normally moves in an outward direction unless there has been sexual abuse, which is common.

Other movement.  Along with the other centers, it grows bright and dim every 2 seconds, or so, and it moves back and forth slightly, and may wobble a little, too.

Glandular association. It is associated with the prostate gland in men, and an equivalent structure in women that is located inside the vagina, called the ring.  Some call this the G-spot, as well.

Disturbances. This center is not healthy in most people.  This is due to aberrant sexual behaviors, improper attitudes about sex and love, media lies about the nature of sex and marriage, and other factors in some cases such as pelvic diseases, rape, homosexual sex, and other factors.

When unhealthy, this center often spins backwards, is too small, does not open properly, or may become too large in relation to the others if one has too much sex or homosexual sex of any kind.  Its color, when unhealthy, is often a muddy brown instead of a clear orange color.  For example, this occurs with prostate disease and pelvic inflammatory disease or STDs in women.

Women generally have a better second center than men.  This may be because there is less confusion about sex among most women, than there is among most men.  Women understand the importance of cleanliness in this area better, and that sex without love is not a good thing.

Psychological/emotional aspects.  This center concerns the balance of the emotions, and masculine and feminine energy.  Those with difficulty in this area often suppress either their masculine or feminine side with overdevelopment of the other aspect. This usually stems from childhood experiences, although it can be due to toxic substances causing sex hormone imbalances.

Hair analysis patterns.  This center is often disturbed when the sodium/potassium ratio is low, or a four lows pattern or perhaps a severe bowl pattern are present

Factors that assist the second energy center.  Infrared, red and orange light, mild physical exercise, the Roy Masters meditation and an entire nutritional balancing program are helpful for this energy center.  A healthy sexual life can help its proper development, although one can be celibate as long as it is not just suppressed.  Bodywork such as Rolfing and therapeutic massage may also help this center.



            This is also often called the solar plexus center.  It has to do with power, control over self and others, beliefs, judgments, and manipulation of the environment and of others.

Origin. This is about three horizontal fingers or two inches below the bottom of the sternum or breast bone and about 3/4 of the way through to the back along the spine.

Shape. It looks like two funnels that open to about 40 to 45-degree angles. One extends forward and the other opens backward, joined at the narrow ends. 

Size. In undeveloped people, it is about two inches long from the narrow to the wide end, and almost as wide at its widest point.  As a person develops, it grows to be at least one foot long and about 1 foot wide at its widest part.

Color. The color ranges from light to dark yellow depending on one’s toxicity level and other factors.

Sound. O (long O sound, as in the word alone)

Spin. In most men, it spins clockwise when viewed standing in front of a mirror.  In most women, it spins counterclockwise when standing in front of a mirror.

Movement. In most men, it moves outward away from the body.  In most women, it moves slightly inward toward the body.  However, in a fully developed woman, it moves the same as in a man.

Other movement.  In concert with the other centers, it glows dim and bright about every 2 seconds, it moves back and forth slightly with the others, and it may wobble a little.

Glandular association.  The third energy center is associated with the adrenal glands, and to a degree with the stomach, liver, spleen and pancreas. 

Disturbances.  This center often spins backwards in modern mankind on earth.  This is due to improper upbringing, manipulation of children by parents and teachers, oppression, rape, beatings and other things that weaken the third center.  When disturbed, it is often a muddy yellowish color, instead of bright yellow.

Psychological/emotional aspects.  The third energy center has to do with ego strength and issues regarding power over oneself and others, control of the environment, and manipulation of the physical environment.

It is also concerned with thoughts, beliefs and judgments.  Those with difficulty in this area hold powerful negative thoughts or beliefs about the self or others.  Some feel they must manipulate and control others in order to survive.

Men have more problems with this center than women, in many cases.  This is due to ego problems that make it somewhat more difficult for men to relax in this area of the body.  This is sometimes seen as a paunch or large belly.  This is more common in men, though it occurs in women, as well.

Hair analysis aspects.  Those with a fast oxidation rate and a low sodium/potassium ratio may have difficulty with this center.  We call this pattern I’d Rather Die or Stuck in Fast Oxidation pattern.  This means that one is very power-hungry and does not want to change.

Factors that help open the third energy center.  Infrared, red, orange and yellow light, spiritual reading, the Roy Masters meditation but only with my modification, some affirmations and prayers, psychotherapy and positive imagery may be helpful to correct imbalances in this energy center.

Many people simply do not understand the idea of sharing space with other people, and find themselves in continuous fights, arguments, and problems with others.  These people need to find peace within, and then this energy center will start to spin correctly.



            This center is also often called the heart center.  It is about give and take, true friendship, love, companionship and other important human concerns. 

Origin. This is at the spinal column, and in the center of the chest, just above the level of the nipples, close to the bottom of the breast bone.

Shape. It forms two funnel-shaped cones, one facing forward from the spine and one facing backwards.  The shape is sometimes described as a lotus flower, rounded and extending outward in front and in the back.

Size. When undeveloped, it is about 2 inches long and about 3 inches wide at its widest part.  As a person develops, it grows to an enormous size, at times, over 5 feet long and about 10 feet wide at its widest part.

Color. The color varies from light and emerald green to dark grey depending on one’s health and toxicity level.

Sound. OM (as in the word home)

Spin. In men, it should spin counterclockwise when standing in front of a mirror.  In most women, it spins clockwise when standing in front of a mirror.  However, when a woman is fully developed, it spins the same direction as in a man.  This is a difficult center for women to open fully, as it involves risking herself somewhat, sometimes called “wearing your heart on your shoulder for all to see”.

Movement.  In most men, it moves in an inward direction toward the body.  In most women, it moves in an outward direction unless there has been a lot of abuse.

Other movement.  In concert with the other centers, it glows dim and bright about every 2 seconds, it moves back and forth slightly with the others, and it may wobble a little.

Gland association. The fourth energy center is associated with the heart, lungs and thymus gland.

Psychological/emotional aspects. This critical energy center concerns relationships of a non-sexual nature, such as family ties, business ties, and social relationships of all kinds.  When working properly, it helps people have an easy time with relationships of this kind, giving and receiving easily and graciously.  It also has to do with fulfilling obligations and agreements, and receiving love and grace from other people and animals. 

It also has to do with boundaries.  People with difficulty in this area often feel undeserving of love. They have ‘hardened their heart’ for some reason.  Some are also selfish or lack motivation to accomplish tasks set before them.

The fourth is a transition energy center to the higher energy centers.  It is the first energy center that does not build the ego and instead, begins development of the higher emotions such as empathy, compassion and wisdom.

Disturbances.  This center should be one that is easy for women, as it spins outward in women.  However, women have more trouble in this area, sometimes due to fears of sexual manipulation by others.  Most people have some difficulty in this area, in fact, as it is a social center, an area that is hard for some people.  When it is not functioning properly, one feels alone, isolated, unloved, unloving, and unlovable.

Some people get into sexual relationships to open this center, but this is not the best way to accomplish this.  It is better to learn to like people, learn to get along with people and to tolerate others.

Hair analysis aspects.  Those with problems in this center may have a calcium shell hair mineral pattern.  Imbalances in this center may also relate to very fast or very slow oxidation rates, and copper imbalances.

Factors that assist the opening of the fourth energy center.  Infrared, reddish, orange, yellow and sometimes green light are wonderful.  Having pets can help some people with this center.  Stress reduction, prayer in groups, The Roy Masters meditation with my modification, psychodrama or acting, and other therapies can help develop this energy center.



This is often called the throat center.  It has to do with expression in the world, creativity, and the ability to display one’s abilities and talents.  It often has to do with writing, as well.

Origin.  It is at the level of the Adam’s apple, and its origin is along the spinal cord, about 3/4 of the way back through the neck.

Shape.  Its shape is like two medium-width funnels, joined at the narrow ends.  One opens to the front, and the other opens backwards.

Size. In undeveloped people, the size is about 1.5 inches from the narrow to the wider open end.  At its widest, it is also about 1.5 inches wide.  As a person develops, it may grow very large, over 1 foot long and 1 foot wide.

Color. This varies from a light bluish tint to a dark blue or almost black color depending on one’s toxicity level, health, thyroid health, and ability and willingness to express oneself.

Sound. OO (as in the word root or hoot)

Spin. In healthy men, it should spin clockwise if one stands in front of a mirror.  In most women, it spins counterclockwise.  However, in a woman who is fully developed or very creative and expressive, it will turn around and spin the same as a man’s spin.

Movement.  In men, it tends to move outward away from the body.  In most women, it moves slightly inward unless the woman is very expressive and creative.

Other movement.  In concert with the other centers, it glows dim and bright about every 2 seconds, it moves back and forth slightly with the others, and it may wobble a little.

Gland association.  It is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid glands, that sit right at the level of this center.

Disturbances.  In many people, this center is not well developed, particularly in women.  This is due to suppression of abilities and talents, traumas, disease of the thyroid gland, which is more common in women, and other factors, at times.  For example, tension in the neck and chiropractic misalignments of the neck are common due to accidents and falls, and can affect this center as well.

Psychological/emotional aspects. This is a very important energy center in modern Western society, in particular, because of its relation to expression in the world through one’s work, hobbies, relationships, speaking, writing and so forth. 

Those with difficulty in this area are inhibited or feel incompetent, stupid or otherwise unable to express their gifts.  Blocked expression harms this center badly and can contribute to problems with the thyroid, throat, tonsils and neck.

Factors that help open the fifth energy center.  All light helps this center.  Reaching out to help others is wonderful for this center.  This requires putting aside one’s fears of incompetence and stupidity, which is good.  Spiritual counseling may help it.  Taking many jobs and working in the world are often very helpful for this energy center.  Spending time alone in creative pursuits such as writing, drawing, painting and other things is also excellent for this center.  Reading about people who have overcome great hardships to succeed in the world is most helpful, as well.  This is found in many biographies in the library.



This is often also called the brow or third eye energy center.  It is also sometimes referred to as the wisdom and knowledge center, as it is concerned with the frontal lobe of the brain and its development.

Origin.  It begins at the pituitary gland, which is almost halfway back through the head, and approximately at the level of the eyebrows.

Shape., It appears like two very, very wide funnels, one extending forward and one extending backwards, joined at the narrow ends.  They resemble the light beams from a lighthouse, one shining forward and the other backward.  For this reason, some call this the lighthouse center.

Size.  This varies greatly.  In undeveloped people, it is about 2 inches long from narrow to wide parts, and perhaps 2 inches wide at its widest part.  As a person develops knowledge and wisdom, it becomes extremely wide, up to 5 feet wide at it widest point, and many feet long as well.  In fact, its size is limited only by one’s desire to learn, study and become wise.

Color.  The color ranges from light purple to dark indigo.  As it develops to maximum size, it turns almost a whitish color.

Sound. I (as in the word eye)

Spin. In healthy men, it spins counterclockwise if one stands in front of a mirror.  In most women, it spins clockwise when viewed standing in front of a mirror.  However, in a fully developed woman, it spins the same as the man’s.

Movement. In most men, it moves somewhat inward.  In most women, it moves outward.

Other movement.  In concert with the other centers, it glows dim and bright about every 2 seconds, it moves back and forth slightly with the others, and it may wobble a little.

Gland association.  This center is associated with the pituitary gland, and secondarily with the entire brain and the sensory organs such as the ears and the eyes.

Disturbances.  Problems with this energy center are very common in modern societies.  The main thing that upsets it is confusion, lies, deceit, and underhanded or secret agendas.  Since these are common, this center is unbalanced and off-center and often not well developed in the mass of the people.

In our politicians and leaders, this center is often undeveloped, as they do not think clearly and just “go with the crowd”.  Young people also have this problem, especially if one wants to be “popular”.  As one ages, this center usually improves. This is because in order to survive, one must learn a few truths as one ages.

The main problem with this center is holding on to improper thoughts, sexy thoughts, or just not using the brain very much.  Pituitary tumors, dementias and other problems can also affect this center.

Psychological/emotional aspects.  It is associated with wisdom and vision.  More specifically, it concerns the expansion and extension of consciousness in wisdom, good judgment, and possibly in competence, compassion or understanding. 

It can also have to do with seeing the “big picture”.  When this energy center is open, one develops a broad vision of the world and the universe.  Those with difficulty in this area are focused on their ego lives or on some lower aspect of the self.  They are often successful in the ego world and understand some truth.  However, they lack a broad perspective and a desire to share their knowledge in the larger world.  As a result, their actions are limited in their impact on the larger world.

Factors that help develop the sixth energy center. Light of all colors is helpful.  Travel, at times, helps this center as it gives one perspective and knowledge of the world and of other people.  The proper prayers can be helpful, as can reading works such as the Bible, in particular.  Reading other philosophy books is also helpful.  Working with one’s hands is particularly helpful in some cases, including learning to type. 

Giving in charity tends to help develop this energy center.  However, one must also desire at a deep level to share one’s wisdom freely in order for this energy center to develop fully.  This is actually rare on earth, where money and power are often concentrated in a few hands and they rarely desire to share what they know and have with others. 



This is also called the crown center.  It is concerned with one’s connection to the higher energy centers and to the High Self or God.  It is very important, as described below.

Origin.  It begins in the pineal gland, which is close to the middle of the brain.

Shape. It resembles a single, narrow funnel opening upwards from the middle and crown of the head.  It usually angles backward about 15 degrees.  The familiar halo seen around figures such as Jesus has to do with the interaction of a brilliant seventh energy center intersecting with the brilliant Merkaba of a developed human being.

Size.  In babies and children, it is usually small, no more than 2 inches long.  However, today more and more children are being born with this center wide open.  In these cases, it can be 1 foot long or longer, and about 6 inches wide at its widest point.  By age 30 or so, it begins to open somewhat, at least.  However, it often does not open fully due to living in a secular society, not believing in God or spirituality, and perhaps due to traumas.

Color.  Its color ranges from light to deep violet.  When fully developed, it turns a golden color, and then a whitish color.

Sound. A (long a, as in the word hay)

Spin.  In healthy men, it spins clockwise when viewed from below.  In most women, it spins counterclockwise when viewed from below.  However, in a mentally and spiritually well-developed woman, it spins like a man’s.

Movement.  In men, it tends to move slightly outwards, away from the body.  In most women, it moves somewhat inward.

Other movement.  In concert with the other centers, it glows dim and bright about every 2 seconds, it moves back and forth slightly with the others, and it may wobble a little.

Gland association.  It is associated with the pineal gland, a very special gland that helps connect a person with God, guides, masters or the high self.

Disturbances.  These are very common in modern society.  Secular thinking kills this center!  This means believing that there is no God, there are no souls, and there is nothing but the body.  This kind of thinking is rampant today, and totally wrong.  One can tell those who think this way, as their seventh center is usually less open.

Society today often tries to block the seventh center because a person with an open seventh center cannot be manipulated and controlled as easily by any government or leader. 

One feels more independent and more free, even if one is in prison.  It is a wonderful state of mind that governments across the world really do not favor for their people.  America is supposed to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  However, even here, the government has grown so large that it tries to control every aspect of life.  This has a dampening effect upon the seventh center.

Religions are supposed to develop this center, but even here, most do not want it because the people become too independent.  Jesus expressed how to develop this center when he said “Be in the world, but not of it.”

Traumas often affect this center.  The worst is rape for women, especially.  However, any insult, injury, car accident, even serious illness can depress the person and damage the quality of this center.  In part, this occurs because any trauma can upset one’s belief in the benign nature of God and soul.

Women do better with this center than men, in many cases.  This may be because women are physically weaker, so they must learn to trust in God, rather than trust in their muscles or their ability to run faster than an attacker.

This is a wisdom center, so acting in stupid, dumb, insane, drunken ways always damages it.  In contrast, acting in wise, sane, thoughtful, and courteous manners always helps it along.

Fear shuts down this center badly, while love opens it up wide.  Habitual fearful thinking is very common, and encouraged by the media to sell books and news.  This is very harmful for this center in those who get caught up with the media.

Psychological/emotional aspects. It is associated with conviction, love of mankind and of God, knowingness, and alignment with purpose.  Opening the seventh energy center is necessary to receive greater knowledge and wisdom that is beyond the level of the physical body.

Conviction.  Those with difficulty in this center may be aware of the truth, but don’t always practice it, especially as it affects physical health.  They may live on poor quality food or exhaust themselves, for example, although they know better. They may waver or allow others to influence them against their best interests.

Factors that assist the seventh energy center.  All colors of light are helpful in the extreme, such as sunlight.  A strong desire to connect with the higher self and practice what one knows helps develop the seventh energy center. The use of the antenna of the multiwave oscillator also helps develop the seventh energy center. 

Many other methods can also be used, especially The Roy Masters meditation with my modification to bring energy in from the head downward to the body.  Eliminating fearful thoughts or substituting thoughts of faith, courage and hope are most helpful.

A wonderful way to develop this center is to think often about Jesus, Allah or Buddha.  This helps connect a person with these individuals and other wise beings who can help us.  Thus, a true religious conversion and a good life according to one’s religion is quite helpful.  Christian thinking, as described in the article, is also wonderful for it.



This is the second set of seven energy centers associated with the physical body of every person.  These are numbered 8 through 14.  They are located along a vertical line above the head. 

            Several thousand people on earth are  developed enough that their 8th through the 14th energy centers become active. These energy centers are not found on the physical body.  Instead, they are located above the head. 

In order for the energy centers 8-14 to appear, one must have a somewhat developed etheric energy field or body.  The etheric energy field is an electrical field that appears around a person’s body as one develops.  One must reach Stage 10 of development, more or less, for this to occur.  For details about the etheric energy field, read The Aura. 

Children, as a rule, do not have much of an etheric body.  It develops starting as early as age 18 or so, but often not until age 30.  So this section does not apply to children or even to teenagers.


Location of the upper seven centers.  As the etheric body grows to a size of about 1 mile or two kilometers, centers 8-14 appear in a straight line upward above the head of the physical body.  They extend up to about a mile over one’s head.




The 8th center.  This corresponds to the first energy center to a degree.  However, it is not about physical life, but about mental life.  It is a new beginning and concerned with mental survival, mental grounding, and basic mental fitness.

  The 8th in most people is not well-developed.  This means they do not think very well and their life is mainly physical and not mental.  There are exceptions, but the number of people with a developed 8th center is very small on earth, perhaps 1 million or less.  These are mostly older people because the etheric body only develops after age 30 in most people.

Keyword: Mentally grounded and clear.


The 9th center.  This corresponds to the second center, to a degree.  It has to do with emotion, but in this case it is mentally driven and mentally oriented.  Once again, few on earth have this ability.  These are people who feel deeply about a cause or subject.

Keyword: Feeling strongly at a mental level.


The 10th center.  This corresponds to the third center, to a degree.  It has to do with power and control on a mental level.

Keyword: Mental control.


 The 11th center.  This corresponds to the fourth center, to a degree.  It has to do with a more social or larger attitude about things mentally.

For example, a person with a well-developed 11th center is very concerned with the well-being of millions of other people, not just his or her own.  This has nothing to do with politics, but rather concern for others.

Keyword: Social concern.


The 12th center.  This corresponds to the fifth center, to a degree.  It has to do with mental expression. 

Mental expression is different than physical expression, with which the fifth center is concerned.  For example, those with a developed 12th center often become authors, orators, deep thinkers, or work in other mentally-focused expressive or creative arts.

Keyword: Mental expression.


The 13th center.  This corresponds to the 6th center, to a degree.  It has to do with mental extension or wisdom.

Keyword: Wisdom.


The 14th center.  This corresponds to the 7th center, to a degree.  It has to do with a culmination mentally of the previous 6 centers.

For example, it has to do with a healthy and complete mental ability to deal with the world. Unlike the 7th center, however, the 14th does not open upward like a funnel with the open end upward.  Instead, it opens all around, so it is shaped like a sphere.  This indicates that it gives a person an all-around mental outlook that is quite wonderful.

 Keyword.  Mental integration.




Men’s upper seven centers.  In men who are sufficiently developed, the energy centers 9, 11, and 13 spin outwards.  In women, the energy centers 8, 10, 12 and 14 normally spin outward.

Men’s upper center strengths. In men who are sufficiently developed, the 9th energy center has to do feeling things mentally in a strong way.

The 11th center has to do with caring for others in a mental way.

The 13th center has to do with extending one’s mental focus outward to the universe in various ways, and becoming wise and knowing.


            Women’s upper center strengths.  In women who are sufficiently developed, the 8th center has to do with a well-grounded and well-established mental focus.

The 10th center has to do with mental power and control.  It is a very important trait.  Aberrant forms of this include witchcraft and voodoo, which involve mental control over others for bad purposes. 

An active 12th energy center has to do with mental expression. This trait, when active, is called visionary ability.  It is the ability to imagine a project on a mental level and then go ahead and create it.

The 14th center has to do with a culmination of the other mental centers and a well-integrated mental focus.




Women really shine in the realm of the upper energy centers.  However, they must first develop and this takes some work.  Unfortunately, getting started with development is by far the most difficult part of the task.

Being with a good man at the early stages of development is helpful for most women, and it is one reason we suggest getting married.  Having a boyfriend does not work as well, and this is one reason we discourage boyfriends.

A decent man provides a type of grounding and focus that can allow his lady to really come into her own power and knowing.  Women need to keep this in mind when dating or otherwise considering whom to associate with, and whom to marry. 

Even if the man who is interested in you is not perfect, if he is mature and stable he will often facilitate or enable you more easily to develop.  This is another meaning of the phrase, “men are like poles, and women are climbers of the poles”.

For details about the energetics of relationships related to the centers, read Poles And Climbers on this website.




            Location.  This is near the top of the head, slightly toward the front of the head. 


Significance. This center concerns receiving guidance, comfort and direction in one’s life.


Relation to the physical body.  The etheric center is related to the pituitary and pineal glands inside the brain.






I was surprised to find out that development programs do not just cause physical healing.  They also allow the energy centers to open.

This is important because it helps us understand why biochemical knowledge alone cannot explain why one should eat only certain foods, take only certain supplements and not all the others, and so on.  The real reason is that the others do not integrate and cause development and opening of the energy centers, although they may heal the body physically, to some degree. 

One may say, but who cares if the energy centers develop, as long as the person feels better?  This is a valid argument from a physical standpoint.  The answer is that development actually brings a higher level of health than is even conceivable or remotely possibly with just physical or biochemical healing.

Since the energy centers are not visible to most people, this idea is hard to prove.  The only proof is that people feel better in unusual ways, such as more vitality, a better attitude, able to undo serious traumas easily, emotionally more stable and other more subtle and often less tangible results.

More advanced development.  As the centers begin to grow and balance out even better, they begin to overlap and the overall color of the upper energy centers take on a whiter glow or appearance.  Anyone can develop their energy centers to this degree with some effort and persistence.

It may take at least 20-50 years of diligently following a development program that we set up for people to achieve this, however.  It is the reason that we encourage everyone to remain on a program, even when your physical or emotional symptoms have disappeared.




Prenatal Influences. Energy center imbalances often begin before one is born, although babies generally have energy centers that spin evenly and with great intensity.  If one’s parents were in poor health, unbalanced emotionally, angry, very fearful or depressed, distraught or genetically weak, the child’s energy centers are affected before birth by induction.

The mother’s health, fitness and emotional balance is most important, as the unborn child is so close to her all of the time.  However, the father’s influence is also strong at all times due to his genetic influence and often due to his proximity and his effect on his wife.

Birth and childhood.  At birth, the energy centers are narrow and less than two inches in length.  They spin fairly evenly and brightly, and are in the correct alignment.  Babies used to be in fairly good health, but today most are not in good health.  This will be reflected in energy centers that are damaged-looking, dim, deformed in shape, spin unevenly or slowly, are reversed in their spin or inward-outward direction, or darker in color.

As a child grows up, physical and emotional stress and trauma diminish the intensity of the energy centers and distort and damage them in many ways.  They usually spin backwards and their color usually darkens due to improper food and emotional shocks to the system that disturb the delicate functioning of the energy center system.  This is the typical pattern that develops by the time a child has reached the teenage years.

Adulthood.  By the time one reaches adulthood, the energy centers are usually distorted in their shape and most often, all of them rotate backward, unevenly and fairly slowly, which is not good.  Also, their brightness is diminished.  Their location is often off center and their color is often dark or grey.  Those that should rotate inward may rotate outward and vice versa. The result is toxicity, low vitality, and physical and emotional imbalances.  This is a harbinger of disease, depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other problems, since the energy centers must function properly for health and healing to occur.

Causes of these distortions and imbalances include fatigue, which slows the energy center spin.  Emotional trauma is another important cause of imbalances.  Today poor quality diets affect the energy centers greatly, as do injuries, accidents, traumas such as Rape, illnesses, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress and emotions such as fear, worry, unhappiness, anger, guilt and other negative emotions.

Low self-esteem and school or work problems may also greatly affect the spin of the energy centers.  This is why the emphasis today on self esteem is not all bad.

However, self esteem must be real and based on real achievement.  Just rewarding children for fake achievements or phony grades or other reasons does not do much for the child’s real self esteem. 

Far better would be real challenges for the children that are geared to their level, so they could really earn a level of self esteem from their works.  This is provided in places such as the military, and is one reason for the popularity of the military, although of course it is a dangerous way to achieve it.

Later adulthood.  In most cases, the energy centers just continue to lose intensity and lose their brilliant colors as life goes on.  This is sad, as it means that life is just ebbing away, even though the person may claim to be happy and may earn lots of money, raise a family and learn all manner of wisdom and knowledge.  What is missing is what is called development.

Development is a special type of integration of the energy centers that allows them to open, meaning become much larger, spin much faster and achieve a brightness that they cannot achieve each on their own.  This is the process that nutritional balancing can help with greatly, and it almost assures a more healthful and longer life.




The blocking qualities for each energy center are:


First. Feeling deprived and oppressed.

Second.  Feeling raped or violated sexually somehow.

Third.  Feeling out of control or powerless.

Fourth.  Feeling totally alone, lonely, unloved, unloving, and unlovable.

Fifth.  Feeling stifled creatively or unable to express your feelings and talents.

Sixth.  Feeling confused, lied to, deceived, or raped intellectually or spiritually.

Seventh.  Feeling betrayed or let down, or lied to by God or the higher self or your religion.




            Relationships either can be used to open and grow and balance the energy centers, or too often, they contribute to shutting them down and causing disease and death.  This is a large and important topic.  It is discussed in a series of articles on relationships on this website.  They include Deep Loving Relationships 1 and Deep Loving Relationships 2, and about a dozen other articles.  A very interesting one related to this article is called Poles and Climbers.




The word ‘aura’, as used here, refers to the glow that is around all human beings, and indeed around all living things.  It can be measured or photographed using Kirlian photography and other methods. 

The aura is made up of the glow of the energy centers or energy centers, and also the glows of several other energy fields that are in and around the physical body of every person and other living things.

The energy centers and the subtle bodies form an unseen anatomy and physiology that will take on greater importance in the years to come.  To learn move about the aura, read The Aura on this website.




A theme of this website is that if a person eats and lives correctly, and rests enough, and if one can stay alive by avoiding accidents and injuries, the body will undergo genetic changes that toughen the body and help it to last much longer.  This process is called development.

This is very ancient knowledge that is sometimes called the “golden path” in spiritual and religious books.  However, following the development program does not require special permission or religious affiliation. 

In fact, some religious people do not get far on this path because our religions are mainly old, and not up to date on how to stay healthy and develop today.  We live in an extremely toxic world with a very nutritionally depleted food supply. 

There are many new hazards such as ionizing radiation, electromagnetic stress from cell phones and computers, and much more.  These are not, unfortunately, discussed in the Bible and other texts that were written thousands of years ago.  This is one reason why development programs we set up tend to work much better than many older healing methods.

The main reason to mention this is to let everyone know that human beings are much more than a “bag of bones” or “an animal”.  You are a wondrous being who carries within the seed or plan of a great advanced master, no matter how frail and ill you may be right now.

We encourage everyone to begin the development program, stay the course, and care for yourself wonderfully and lovingly at all times.  Maintain your dignity and your internal peace no matter what occurs, and you will slowly develop in wonderful ways.  For details, read Introduction To Development.




An interesting topic is the difference between the energy centers of girls compared with those of boys.  For details, read Girls Centers.




This is the title of an article about male-female relationships that involves various aspects of the energy centers of men compared to those of women.  For details, read Poles And Climbers.



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